You were the Trigger in live shows and rodeos millions of fans came to love. You travelled here and you travelled there, even to countries far from here. Adorning fans looked at you transfixed by the scene of polish and gleam. Their minds ablaze with the rapture of golden horse to ride off with a cowboy a top, whose presence of personality and courage none could stop, would blind them to look closer, an see that the original Trigger you were not.  

Or did it daunt you that you were supposed to be another horse, taller and more majestic than you, used in movies with your master rider, though loving you, loved him the best, I don't think it made you blue.

Yes little golden horse with your white mane and tail, you did

your part to bring some kids a happy memory of a fancy cowboy with a fancy horse, who brought justice for those who had thought it lost. You stirred the hearts of all who came to see you perform, in rodeo shows or just out by the barn. Those who worked and trained you so, say you could do more fancy tricks than anyone will ever know.

If you do not know, if you were never told, well it was you in so much of your best, that made "Trigger the Smartest Horse in the Movies" in the West, the slogan we all knew was the test.

It's said by those who were close to you, that there near was a

horse with so many tricks; you acted so great when it seemed that fate had to star you in the "Son of Paleface" -  with Bob Hope you made us laugh - it was a wonderful show you put on, so we'll remember your fame as it's out there on film, for all to see till the right horses come in.

Do you remember how you chaced Bob upstairs, he jumped off the balcony to land  "splash" in the water barrel below, and how you cam back down with your big teeth horse laugh in tow.

Oh we cannot forget the "rumba" dance you did for us when Roy was singing "A Four Legged Friend" - how it just seemed natural for you to prance, music with such a beat, was surely meant for you as a treat. 

Once you lay in bed with Bob the Hope, who figured the bedsheets he would steal, you showed him you would not stand for that, and had a good twisting neck with fine teeth in your mouth, to pull them back.

They say you did not always behave when you should, nipping at Roy, or doing nothing when you should. It's said some times you pretended to be shot and started to limp, down you went with your eyes in a squint. Up you jumped when not told, leaving Roy in a frustrated facial hold.

No horse is perfect and you were not, but a full bag of tricks ... you sure had the lot. So we will not forget you little Trigger the horse; you were indeed a wonder in your own very right, and you will be remembered as sure as there is day and night.

KowboyKeith (2008)