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Depth of Jesus' sacrifice

He was not

                                HE WAS NOT!

     Jesus Christ is the center of the Christian Gospel. His
words and life are read, proclaimed, and announced, by Christian
preachers around the world. All Christians recognize Him as the
Savior of mankind. They acknowledge He lived and died about 2,000
years ago. But, few ever stop to REALLY meditate upon what that
was all about - His living and dying and resurrection. 

     To those who are new to Christianity, and to reading the
Gospels, to those who are just finding out about the Christ
Savior of the world, then on this Website you will find in-depth
studies of the Scriptural truth of Jesus the Christ. 

     He was and is, a member of the very GODHEAD! He was the God
of the Old Testament Scriptures. He was and is the YHVH of the
Bible (and so is His Father also YHVH). Christ was ETERNAL - He
is Eternal, as the Father is also eternal. Christ was sinless and
HOLY and PERFECT in past eternity. He was GLORY. He was ALMIGHTY.
He was SPLENDOR. Christ was the one person of the Godhead who
CREATED ALL that there is today, seen and unseen! 

     All of this is CLEARLY proven by the Bible Scriptures. This
GLORIOUS PERFECT ONE, was WILLING, to put aside all that
perfectness, and all that glory, and come to earth as a little
baby, born of a woman named Mary, grow up as a human person, live
a sinless life, and then was willing to take ALL the SINS of
anyone and everyone who has and who will live, upon Himself, die
on a wooden cross or stake.

     But that's where most stop. They do not understand WHAT
DEATH is all about. Most Christians believe mankind (hence Jesus)
has an immortal soul that continues to live on after the human
body dies. So they believe Jesus was not really dead, only His
body was dead, but He Himself was still alive. Some then teach
Jesus was down in the depths of the earth preaching to departed
spirits or to fallen angels, now called demons. Or maybe He was
standing above His body looking down on it, or back in heaven
waiting for that Sunday morning, so He could appear to His
     All of the above is untrue! The Bible supports none of it,
and even shows that such ideas are FALSE!

     On this Website, you will discover the truth of DEATH, what
happens after you die. When you know this truth, then you can
come to see and understand how GREAT the sacrifice of Jesus was.

     He not only gave up the GLORY He had with the Father from
the beginning of eternity, which had no beginning, He also was
willing to DIE, NOT EXIST in any thinking or moving form, for 3
days and 3 night - for 72 hours, as we humans count hours of the

     Yes, Jesus, who existed from eternity with the Father, was
for 72 hours NOT existing. He literally, gave up His VERY LIFE,
His thinking life as well as His breathing life, for the sins of
yours and mine, for the sins of the whole world.

     When you come to know the truth of what the Bible teaches
about the death of humans, you will come to stand in silent awe,
at the realization Jesus the Christ DID NOT EXIST for 3 days and
3 nights. He had to have complete FAITH in the Father above to
RESURRECT Himself 72 hours after His death. 

     There is a tiny space of time in all of past eternity and
all future eternity, a tiny space of time of 72 hours, when Jesus

     If the Father did not resurrect Him from the dead, Jesus the
Christ would not exist today. And if that was true, there would
actually be NO salvation for you or me or any other human, before
or after us.

     The studies on this Website will prove to you that
"RESURRECTION" is an absolute part of salvation.

     But you need to come to see that for the salvation of human
beings, the sacrifice of a member of the Godhead MEANT NO LIFE AT
ALL for 72 hours. As you meditate on that true fact, you will be
stunned to silent awe in the realization of what that Godhead
person GAVE UP. What He was WILLING to GIVE UP so you and I could
live forever more.

     Then you will really be HUMBLED and will really PRAISE His
wonderful name!

Keith Hunt 

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