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A Teenager Writes a Letter

May WE be as her in Faith!

From "Thy Kingdom Come" (June 2008)
A publication of The Assiciation of Covenant People, Burnaby,
B.C. Canada


She was only seventeen and she was sentenced to death. How many
thoughts must have gone through her mind, yet, God was her
anchor. She wrote a letter to her sister just before her
execution. She began with the simple salutation, "Good sister

     I have here sent you a book, which although it be not
outwardly trimmed with gold, yet inwardly is more worth than
precious stones. It is the book (dear sister) of the law of the
Lord. It is His testament and last will, which He bequeathed unto
us wretches; which shall lead you to the path of eternal joy;
and, if you with a good mind read it and with an earnest mind do
purpose to follow it, it shall bring you to an immortal and
everlasting life. It shall teach you to live, and learn you to
die. It shall win you more than you should have gained by the
possession of your woeful father's lands. For as, if God had
prospered him, you should have inherited his lands, so if you
apply diligently this book, seeking to direct your life after it,
you shall be an inheritor of such riches as neither the covetous
shall withdraw from you, neither thief shall steal, neither yet
the moths corrupt. Desire with David, good sister, to understand
the law of the Lord God. "Live still to die, that you by death
may purchase eternal life." And trust not that the tenderness of
your age shall lengthen your life; for as soon (if God call)
goeth the young as the old; and labour always to learn to die.
Defy the world, deny the devil, despise the flesh, and delight
yourself only in the Lord. Be penitent for your sins, and yet
despair not: be strong in faith, and yet presume not; and desire,
with St. Paul, to be dissolved and to be with Christ, with whom
even in death there is life. Be like the good servant, and even
at midnight be waking: lest when death cometh, and stealeth upon
you as a thief in the night, you be, with the evil Servant, found
sleeping; and lest for lack of oil, you be found like the five
foolish women, and like him that had not on the wedding garment,
and then ye be cast out from the marriage. Rejoice in Christ, as
I do. Follow the steps of your Master, Christ, and take up your
cross; lay your sins on His back, and always embrace Him. And as
touching my death, rejoice as I do good sister, that I shall be
delivered of this corruption, and put on incorruption. For I am
assured that I shall, for losing of a mortal life, win an
immortal life, the which I pray God grant you, and send you of
His grace to live in His fear, and to die in the true Christian
faith, from the which (in God's name) I exhort you that you never
swerve, neither for hope of life nor the fear of death. For if
you will deny His truth to lengthen your life, God will deny you
and shorten your days. And if you cleave unto Him, He will
prolong your days to your comfort and his glory; to which glory
God bring me now, and you hereafter, when it pleaseth Him to call
you. Fare you well, good sister, and put your only trust in God,
who only must help you.


So wrote seventeen year old Lady Jane Grey just prior to her
execution by beheading in the Tower of London, February 12th
1554, upon the order of Queen Mary. One wonders what today's'
"teenager" might write to his or her sister if placed in the same



Born 1537. Ascended throne 1553. Reigned 9 days. Executed 1554
aged 17 years. At Edward VI's death, the next in succession was
his sister, Mary. But Northumberland, anxious for his family's
advancement, persuaded the dying Edward to exclude Mary from the
throne on the grounds of religion; she was a staunch Catholic.
Lady Jane Grey, daughter of Northumberland's tool the Duke of
Suffolk, was named in her stead, and was now married to
Northumberland's own son.
On Edward's death Jane was proclaimed Queen; but Northumberland
was bitterly detested by many, and saw his coup collapse. Ten
days later Mary entered London with her supporters; the people
were anxious to keep a Tudor on the throne. Northumberland was
imprisoned and executed. The pathetic Lady Jane and her husband
met the same fate a year later. (Courtesy Eric R. Delderfield's
"Kings & Queens")


Entered on this Website June 2008


Reading that letter from the teenager Lady Jane Grey bring tears
to my eyes .... 17 years old she was, what a love and faith she
had in our Father, His Son Christ Jesus and their Word called the
Bible. I pray all of the Father's children scattered around the
world today, will have such a faith as Lady Jane Grey.

Keith Hunt 

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