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KNOWING the True God #35

The last Psalms

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #35


     The Psalmist will sing praises to God while he lives, for it
is useless to put saving trust in a man/woman, for they shall die
and in death there is no thoughts (verses 1-4). A simple to
understand verse (of which there are many more) that tell you in
death you do not continue to think. Death is a SLEEP! Yes, your
"spirit" goes back to God at death (Ecc.12:7) but that spirit is
like a CD or iPod, it stores your personality, your character,
your righteousness; it stores what is YOU without sins; it is
pure holiness. The God of heaven keeps that CD spirit safe with
Him in heaven. You are sound asleep in death (see John 11 and the
raising of Lazarus). You do not have thoughts, you are not
walking and talking on the streets of the heavenly Jerusalem. 
     The truth about death is found in the detailed studies
"Death - then what?" on this Website.
     It is a blessing to have the true God on your side. He can
be with the oppressed; He can give food to the hungry; He can
loose the prisoners from many of the prisons, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually, that people get into in this lifetime.
He can open the eyes for the blind, the spiritual blind. He can
raise up those who are humbled by their sins and iniquities. The
Lord loves the RIGHTEOUS! Go back again to Psalm 119:172 - the
Lord loves those of a correct holy mind-set that want to serve
God by living by His every word. God can work for the stranger
(whatever strange situation they are in); He helps the fatherless
and the widow - the poor and needy He does not forget; He calls
people to various "charities" to serve and help those in need.
You my read reader should be part of giving what you can give
(time, money, food, clothes) to good charities. The Lord does not
forget such that are in need.
     The Eternal will turn upside-down the way of the wicked. In
the end the wicked will be destroyed from off the face of this
     The Lord shall reign for ever, even for all eternity.


     It is the plan of God to build up Jerusalem, to gather
together the outcasts of Israel. That full time has not yet come,
but it will. The humble and broken in heart, He will heal with
his grace and salvation. He knows the number of stars; He calls
them all by name. That alone the human mind cannot imagine, they
say there are perhaps BILLIONS of Galaxies out there, with some
having billions of stars. Our God is great of power - the
explosion of a star and the creating of stars through black holes
is also so powerful the human mind cannot really imagine the
power that is involved. The Lord is infinite in understanding;
how does infinite in understanding work? Again we now look
through a glass darkly. 
     The Lord lifts up the meek in spirit (Isaiah 66:2 again),
but the wicked will be cast down to the ground, they will one day
be ashes under the feet of the righteous (Malachi 4). 
     It is God who covers the heaven with clouds; who sends the
rain; to makes the grass to grow. Right now in Alberta, Canada,
the landscape is all brown, or white if it has snow on it; Yet in
April all that brown will turn into lush green, and the cattle
and horses will florish from the grass. God provides for the
birds and the beasts of the field. Even in the heart of winter,
when it's bitter cold and the snow could be deep, we have some
birds in Alberta that stay around all year long; it blows me
away, but I then remember it is the Lord that provides for them.
     With all that God has created, the strength of the legs of a
horse or even of a man, whatever it may be, the Lord does not
take pleasure in that compared to what really gives Him pleasure.
He gets the ultimate pleasure in seeing people give Him
respectful fear, and in people who come to Him for mercy, people
who have found the true way to salvation as given in God's word,
and who will accept it. Now that REALLY gives Him pleasure!
     The Psalmist looks at how God has dealt with Jerusalem and
Zion, and how He will yet deal with that part of the world and
the whole 13 tribes of Israel. Prophecy will be fulfilled.
Jerusalem will yet be a praise in the earth. There will yet be
peace in the borders of the Holy Land, and physical blessings for
the children yet to come. The Kingdom of God on earth is
everywhere mentioned in the Psalms and the Prophets. The Lord's
commandments will fill the earth, His word will run like a swift
     The Almighty is in charge of the snow and the ice - mighty
they be at times. Then He sends forth His word and the snow and
ice are melted and the streams and rivers flow openly once more.
     He gives His word and statutes and judgments unto Israel.
What nations in history have ever been founded upon and given the
word of the Lord, as like the nations of North-West Europe, the
British Commonwealth, and the United States of America? There has
been none. It is the English speaking peoples above all others
that have printed and published and distributed the Bible, around
the world in the last 300 years.
     The God of heaven has not dealt with any other people in the
way He has dealt with the nations of Israel. The nations of
Israel have known His judgments and commandments like no other
people in history.


     ALL people, nations, everyone everywhere, kings, young men,
maidens, old men, and children, should sing and praise the Lord.
In a figure, even the sun, moon, stars, heaven, waters,
mountains, hills, fruit trees, the trees of the forest, the
beats, all cattle, creeping thing, the flying birds, should all
praise the Lord. The fire, hail, snow, vapors, stormy winds,
fulfil His word.
     We may not know how much of a direct hand God is in via the
physical storms of this planet, but we do know He ALLOWS them.
Nevertheless, all and everything should praise the Lord.
     The children of Israel are dear to Him, and He will yet
fulfil all He has chosen them for, which was to be a light of His 
truth and glory and commandments.


     God is to be praised with song and dance and music. He will
give the meek of spirit, salvation. His saints are to be joyful
in glory towards Him even from the bed. When we wake up each
morning we should be thankful for another day, to praise Him and
to show forth His love and glory in the way we live. The saints
will have the two-edged sword - the word of God in their hands,
what they work with, so the enemy will be in chains; they will be
our captive not the other way around. And one day the judgment
written for the unrepentant wicked will be carried out, and the
saints will be part of executing that judgment.


     "Praise you the Lord. Praise God in His sanctuary: praise
Him in the firmament of His power. Praise Him for His mighty
acts: praise Him according to His excellent greatness. Praise Him
with the sound of the trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and
harp. Praise Him with the trimble and dance: praise Him with
stringed instruments and organs. Praise Him upon the loud
cymbals: praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals. Let every
thing that has breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord."


To be continued    

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