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KNOWING the True God #30

Over and over in the Psalms

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #30


     The time will come when God will have mercy upon Zion. Today
the Holy Land is fraught with conflict and killing. The day is
coming when the heathen shall fear the name of God, the kings of
the earth shall give Him glory. When God comes in gory then Zion
will be built up. This prophecy and will of the Lord is written
for all generations to come, until the people praise Him when it
fully takes place. The Lord's name will be in Zion and He will be
praised in Jerusalem, when all peoples and kingdoms are gathered
together to serve the Lord (verses 13-22).
     From way back, of old, God laid the foundations of the earth
and the heavens are the work of His hands. But the Lord has
determined that what we see now shall wax old and will perish, in
a change that is to take place. This is what God has said in
Revelation 21,22 and 2 Peter 3:9-13. There will be a new heaven
and new earth. What is today will not be what is when the plan of
God is finally all fulfilled (verses 25-27). Nevertheless, the
Eternal will remain unchanged and have no end of days.


     The Lord is full of many benefits. He can forgive all
iniquities; He can heal from diseases; He can redeem your life
from destruction; He is crowned with lovingkindness and tender
mercies; He can provide good and healthy things for your mouth,
so youth is renewed like the eagle.
     There is so much of importance in the verses of this Psalm I
will simply quote it:

"The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous
in mercy. He will not always chide: neither will He keep His
anger for ever. He has not dealt with us after our sins; nor
rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is
high above the earth, so great is His mercy towards them that
fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, so far has He
removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth his
children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him/ For He knows
our frame, He remembers we are dust.... But the mercy of the Lord
is from everlasting upon them that fear Him, and His
righteousness unto children's children; to such as keep His
covenant, and to those that remember His commandments to do them
(verses 8-18).

     How plainer can the God of heaven spell it out to us? Do you
see and comprehend what you have just read? It is simple, why a
child can understand it. God is great in mercy towards those who
will respectfully fear Him, and who will remember His
commandments to do them. The Gospel and letters of the apostle
John also show this truth in easy to understand language. The
COMMANDMENTS of God have NEVER been "done away with" as some wild
"Christian" theology teaches. The TEN commandments as the apostle
Paul said in Romans 7, holy, just, and good. Not any one of them
has ever been abolished or changed. This Psalm makes it
abundantly clear that if you want the love, mercy, forgiveness of
God, you must have the mind-set of wanting obey Him; your mind
must be set to keep His covenant and to remember His commandments
to do them!
     You need to make sure you study my study called "Saved by
Grace" on this Website.


     This is the Psalm that tells you God is the CREATOR! This is
the Psalm that tells you all that can be seen around us, had a
creator. This is the Psalm that laughs at the idea and the
teaching of evolution. The nature and laws of nature show the
power and handiwork of Him who created it all and sustains it
all. The last verses tell us to sing praises to God, and they
also reiterate that unrepentant sinners will be consumed out of
the earth, and the wicked will be no more. Once more the truth of
Romans 6:23 is in many places of the book of Psalms.


     Some of the deeds of the Lord towards Abraham and the
children of Israel are here recounted. We need at times to talk
about His deeds among the people. We are to remember His
marvellous works that He has done; His wonders, and the judgments
of His mouth.

PSALM 106 - 108

     The Lord does punish at times, but He also has mercy and
also delivers, just as the example of dealing with ancient Israel
is here thought about.


     It is okay to ask God to deliver from and punish the wicked,
who come against us. No child of God has to be a door-mat for
others to wipe their dirty feet on. 
     This is also knowing the true God.


     It is God the Father's will and plan to make His Son rule
over all the people of the earth. A rod of strength will go forth
from Zion. Wrath of judgment will be upon His enemies, even unto
death. The Lord has set His course. His mind and will for the
nations of this earth, and what He will do to bring them under
His rule, has been determined. It shall be as He has written.


     We may not always understand fully the way and works of the
Lord; as the apostle Paul said, we sometimes are looking through
a glass darkly, we know in part only in some things of the
Eternal. Those things that are revealed to us, we can know, but
some things are not revealed to us, or are only partly revealed
to us (Deuteronomy 29:29); one day we shall know even as we are
     Which ever way it may be, we can know that His work is
honorable and glorious, and His righteousness endures forever
(verse 3). His works that can be seen or are recorded to be
remembered are wonderful. He is gracious and full of compassion
(verse 4). Yet within all that it is written once more for us,
"...all His commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and
ever, and are done in truth and uprightness (verses 7,8).
     I grew up in a "Church of England" school - the Bible was
part of our school day work, in fact the first half an hour of
each school day was set "within the Bible." I was taught that the
commandments of God were to be obeyed; I was taught to recite
them as found in Exodus 20. I knew exactly what the FOURTH
commandment said, as found in Exodus 20. I presumed as an
innocent child that all the Christianity I knew around me was
observing the 7th day of the week - Sunday being that 7th day. I
was told no different, never heard any different; the subject
never came up. I was 19 years old before my landlord told me that
Sunday was the FIRST day of the week. I was shocked at first to
hear this, then my shock turned into wonderment, then wonderment
turned into anger, that the Christian world could be deceived
into changing the words of the fourth commandment, or "doing away
with it" completely. These two verses alone (7,8) in Psalm 111,
would prove all by themselves that God never had any intention to
"do away with" or "change" any of His Ten Commandments. Reading
the Bible from Genesis we would them come to the New Testament,
with one thing very clear in our mind, the Ten Commandments,
every one of them, stood for sure, would stand fast for ever and
ever, and are truth and uprightness. Now that's how a child would
read the Bible; that's how I read it as a child; that's how I
read it as an adult. Sure, it may be fine to have someone like
Samuele Bacchiocchi explain in a PhD book of his (From Sabbath to
Sunday) all the details of how the Sabbath was moved from the 7th
day to the 1st day of the week; but for a child reading the Bible
the truth of the matter is very simple. Oh and by the way, if you
are wondering how we can know which day is the 7th day of the
week, just go ask any "religious" Jew - the Jew was there with
Moses, the Jew was there with Christ in the Gospel accounts and
the Jews is still with us today.

     "Holy" and "Reverend" is the name of the Lord (verse 9). Now
do you think any physical man/woman should be called "holy" or
"reverend" - like "holy father" or "reverend so and so"? 

     Who is it that shall understand? Who is it that shall have
correct wisdom? Is it someone who has 4 or more years in
"theology school"? I cannot find anywhere in the Bible that says
it is "theology school" that will give us correct wisdom and
understanding. I cannot find anywhere in the Bible where it says
reading all the books by popular Christian authors of various
"denominations" is the way to good understanding of God. The Lord
Himself tells you what the way is: 
"The FEAR of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom: a GOOD
UNDERSTANDING have all they that DO His COMMANDMENTS..." (verse
     The correct respectful fear of God starts you on the road to
wisdom, and then doing His commandments gets you "good

     Sure, there are a few other things that get you good
understanding of the Bible, and those ways are fully explained to
you on this Website. But it all starts with humble fear - humble
repentance, then moving into humble doing of God's commandments.
And so the Lord moves us on to Psalm 112.


     Again what does God tell us? "....Blessed is the man that
(verse 1). How many times do we need to be told? Well, it would
seem MANY times, for MOST of Christianity, with all the times
told, STILL DOES NOT LISTEN, well maybe they listen, but it seems
like listening flows off them like water off a duck's back. For
it seems they continue to do their own thing anyway.
     To those who will go in the upright direction, God is a
light in a dark place: He is also full of graciousness and
compassion to them. The righteous will not be moved, they know
what righteousness is (Psalm 119:172 tells you) and their
righteous serving of the Lord will be in everlasting remembrance.
And because his heart is fixed on trusting the Lord, he shall not
be afraid of evil tidings. Whatever comes along in life his heart
is established, he shall not be afraid. And such a child of God
will see the results of the second death - the wicked being
grieved, gnashing their teeth (we have Jesus talking like that in
parts of the Gospels), and MELTING AWAY: and the desire of the
wicked shall perish (verses 4-10).

     If you haven't yet studied "Death - Then What?" you need to
do so. 


     There is nothing or no one you can compare the Lord with. If
you humble yourself and behold the things on earth and in the
heavens, you can find the One who is the Almighty. Today we have
DVDs on the UNIVERSE and what that universe is like, what is out
there, what distance the expanding universe is, that they know at
the present, is MIND-BENDING, mind-numbing. With such mighty
power God is able to do anything He desires, and helping people
out of the dunghill and dust and providing the barren woman with
children, is well within the gifts He can give to people. As it
is elsewhere written, "Is anything to hard for the Eternal?" No!
not at all! And so we are reminded again of the miracles of the
Exodus of Israel from Egypt in Psalm 114.

     We need to give glory for the mercy and truth of God. The
god and idols of men, well they are useless, they have no power,
they did not create the universe nor do they uphold it. The Lord
is mindful of His children. He will be with them to bless them in
many ways; not always in physical riches, but certainly in the
most important blessing - spiritually, with truth and knowledge
of the destiny that lies ahead for those who fear and trust in
the Lord. for the present time we have this earth, and the
universe belongs to God, but one day His children will also
inherit all things that are His. Many passages in the New
Testament books show us this promised truth.

     We are given another verse that is clear and plain, easy to
understand, even for children, as to what is death:

"The dead praise NOT the Lord, neither ANY that go down into
SILENCE" (verse 17).

     Yes, there it is - death is quietness, silence, there is no
praising the Lord in death. It is SLEEP in silence. You do not
see or think or talk in death. And only Jesus Christ of ANY moral
man was raised from death to IMMORTALITY. Moses is not alive in
heaven. Elijah is not alive in heaven. Enoch is not alive in
heaven. No moral man except Christ Jesus has ever been raised to
immortal life. That is why the first apostles preached so
powerfully about the RESURRECTION to eternal life. They
personally KNEW it was true because they SAW with their eyes the
Christ who was raised from death to glorious immortal life.
     This Website gives you many studies on God's truth about


     The Eternal can save and deliver you from whatever the
enemy, but remember it is in His time and His way the deliverance
comes. For if it is through death, even that is very precious in His
sight, and we have the sure promise of the resurrection.
     To walk before the Lord, He wants you to give the sacrifice
of thanksgiving, and call upon His name. And calling by His name
means you come to KNOW Him and how He wants you to live and set
your mind, which comes down to doing what Jesus taught in Matthew


     We are to praise the Lord for He is "merciful kindness" and
the TRUTH of the Lord endures for ever.


     The Lord is good. His mercy is for ever. With God on our
side, we need not fear what man can do to us, even unto death,
for precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints
(Psalm 116:15). Better to put your trust in God than in man. The
Lord can and will destroy the enemy. The eternal may correct us,
but the gates of righteousness shall be open to us to enter. God
is our salvation. Verse 22 is the prophecy of Christ being the
stone which the builders refused (the Jewish leaders) and is head
of the corner. And it is a blessing to have the true servants of
the Lord come in His name. God is the Lord, and He it is that
shows us the light. We thank the Lord for He is good, and His
mercy endures for ever.


To be continued

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