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KNOWING the True God #29

He made everything - He will come to earth!

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #29


     If you are called and are willing to dwell in the secret
place of the Lord, you shall abide under the shadow of the
Almighty. God can be our refuge and fortress. He has the power to
deliver you from the enemy and from all other troubles. Sometimes
you must remember that the deliverance is by death, just as
Daniel's three friends said, when they faced the fiery furnace
for not bowing down to an idol. God meant to them that live or
die they would obey and serve the Eternal One, no matter how He
delivered them.
     Many times God does cover His people with His feathers and
under His wings (an analogy of love and care - not that God has
literal feathers and wings). Then also what defends us is the
Lord's TRUTH, it is our shield and buckler - with it we need not
fear what the enemy and the deceiver can throw at us. A thousand
demons can throw a thousand deceptions at us, and they will fall
to the ground and will not get through to you. And one day you
will indeed see the reward of the wicked given out; as we have
seen in other Psalms, the wicked will die and will not inherit
the earth or eternal life. As Revelation 20 says, they will be
thrown into the second death of the lake of fire (verses 1-9).

     The Lord gives us a general statement in the next four
verses (10-13). He can and often does protect His children from
the plague, from accidents (the times He has protected me from my
errors of driving cars and riding horses is numerous), even
protecting from wild animals, sometimes when we had no idea
protection was given us. Yes, it is possible for the Almighty to
do all this for us. This was the verses Satan threw at Jesus when
telling Him to jump off the top of the certain part of the
    Jesus answered by saying it is also written "You shall not tempt
the Lord your God." Like many other verses in the Bible, these
verses must be taken into context of the whole Bible. Hebrews 11,
the faith chapter as it is called - sometimes it must be that
some of God's people in standing with the shield of truth, the
dart of the enemy strikes us down because of the truth. The
apostles Paul and Peter and others, finally had to face a martyrs
death. Yet in it all, we can know God has set His love upon us.
Then often the Lord does deliver and can give long life to those
who really know what He is all about. The apostle John was one
individual who was delivered and lived a long life to bear much
fruit in the work of the Lord (verses 10-16).


     What a Psalm to show that when all is worked out within the
plan of God, all who come to know the true God and are faithful
to Him, will see the end of the wicked - they are like the grass,
they may for a while continue in their works of iniquity and
wickedness, but they will finally be destroyed.
     And the saints of God will be as the horn of the unicorn,
anointed with oil. The righteous shall flourish like the palm
tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that will plant
themselves in the house of the Lord shall flourish - they will
ever increase with the fruit of the Spirit.
     The Lord is upright, He is a solid rock, to those building
their house upon Him. And there is no unrighteousness in Him.


     The Lord Eternal reigns - it is He who has the strength to
rule and establish this earth and the universe - nothing can be
moved without He first must allow it. His throne is from
everlasting. The human mind cannot comprehend everlasting. They
say they have now looked into the heavens with their space
telescopes and can know the universe is BILLIONS of light years
in expansion. Light travels at 186,000 miles a SECOND - BILLIONS 
OF LIGHT YEARS ... the human mind cannot fathom such a distance. 
     We have the power of water - storms of it - floods of it -
waves of the sea of it - the power of water is as nothing to the
power of the Everlasting One. His testimonies are very sure, and
HOLINESS is the substance of His house.


     The Lord knows the heart of man. It is a blessing to be
corrected by God, and to be taught "out of thy law." A pit will
be dug for the wicked, but the Lord will preserve His people. We
see again the truth of Romans 6:23 - the wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life. The righteous can delight in
God, but the wicked and all who practice iniquity (who will not
repent) shall be one day cut off for eternity (verses 15-23). That
is the bottom line of the character of a Holy God.


     Those who do know the true God, are to sing and praise Him
for all His mighty works, and we are to not harden our heart as
the ancient Israelites did. God will see and He will reward


     The Eternal is the Almighty, there is no God beside Him, all
other "gods" are mere idols that mankind has formed from their
darkened minds. One idol that comes to mind right away is the idol
of "evolution" now being taught as if it was fact. TV news casts
and interviews with "scientists" just talk as if it is known fact
that we evolved over billions of years. The latest on a news
program is that chickens have descended from the Dinosaur. Some
of the interior of Dinosaur bones have the same likeness as
chickens, and chickens walk on two legs and the dinosaur upper
arms became the wings of the chicken, and the head of some
Dinosaur turned into the head of a chicken. They now say that
when the Dinosaur was obliterated en mass, some few kinds
escaped, and the chicken came from them. They never stop to think
there was ONE creator behind all physical beings. Just because
the fruit fly as nearly as many genes as the human, does not mean
we evolved into a human while the fruit fly never became anything
but a fruit fly. All physical creatures are made form the dust of
the earth, the physical matter. So some things that science can
see and figure out can be, and indeed are found in the fruit fly
and humans or the cat and dog or horse and etc. and etc. Why
there are bones in the cat and bones in the horse and bones in
the human. All that shows is ONE Master mind behind it all.
     The day will come when all kindreds of people will give God
the glory; the heathen will be literally ruled by Him. He will
come to judge the earth, and He will personally in the form of
Jesus Christ, come to judge the world in righteousness, and the
people with His truth. 
     The day will come when people will see in full color the man
made "god" and "idol" of evolution, is nothing but utter trash
from a demonic mind-set.


     The day will come when the words of this Psalm will be
LITERAL; when Jesus the Messiah comes it will be with clouds and
darkness, with fire before Him, to burn up His enemies. Mighty
lightnings, the earth trembling, the hills melting as if wax
heated by the fire. Those who serve man made images of different
kinds of idols, will have to worship Him as the true God. Those
that love the Lord, are to hate evil. And His saints will be
delivered from the wicked. It will be  a time of light indeed for
the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart.


     The Lord will come to save and to shown His salvation. He
will give mercy and truth to the House of Israel. All people and
all created things should in a figure of speech, make a joyful
noise unto the Lord, for He comes to judge the earth: with
righteousness shall He judge the world, and the people with


     The Lord will come to reign in Zion. He is HOLY. He did
reveal Himself in many mighty ways to people like Moses, Aaron,
Samuel. He gave them laws and testimonies and ordinances; they
observed them. He showed them His mercy and forgiveness. He is a
God that is HOLY.


     The Eternal God is the ONE who made us, not we ourselves. He
wants us to know we did not evolve from tiny ... whatever, from
the sea, then into ... whatever, and then into the monkey and
ape, and finally into human kind, over billions of years. 
     We are to know that the Lord is God: we are the sheep of His
pasture. He is good, and His mercy is everlasting. And His TRUTH
stays solid to generation and generation.

     The truth of God's law, the truth of His Ten Commandments,
the truth of the little observed FOURTH commandment (which people
in mind and practice believe is the least of the commandments,
and can be cast aside), is TRUTH, and that truth will be for all
generations. As Psalm 100 says, serve the Lord with gladness:
come before His presence with singing: enter His gates with
thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto
Him, and bless His name.


To be continued 

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