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KNOWING the True God #27

He is always Near for the Humble

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #26


     The works and wonders of the Lord; the thoughts and plans
towards His children are more than can be numbered. 
     God does not want only outward worship towards Him, but He
desires people to have the mind-set of delighting to do His will
and to have His law within their hearts. He wants His
righteousness preached out, not just hidden in a person's heart.
He wants His faithfulness and salvation and loving kindness and
truth, to be given to the great congregation of peoples around
the world (verses 5-10). 
     This Website is part of salvation and truth of God going out
to the world.


     The Lord has delight in those who consider the poor, and/or
weak and sick (see KJV margin).


     The Lord knows the deepest thought of our heart; surely
indeed there is nothing that can be hid from Him (verse 21).


     Verses 6 and 7 were a prophecy about the One who became God
in the flesh; we know Him as Jesus the Christ. He came and He set
the example of loving righteousness (again see Psalm 119:172) and
hated wickedness (see Psalm 119:53). 
     Over and over again the Word of the Lord upholds the law and
commandments of God.


     God will yet shake the earth, rock and reel the nations; He
will yet melt the earth with His power; He will cease war unto
the end of the earth. God will be exalted among the heathen; the
Lord will be among His people.
     This psalm is a prophecy of what God will yet do - bring His
Kingdom to earth and rule all nations.


     Another prophecy that one day God will come with a shout,
with the sound of the trumpet. He will yet be King of all the
earth; He will yet reign over the heathen.
     You will find many studies on this Website dealing with the
subject of this Psalm. It not only fills many a psalm but all the
Old Testament books of prophecy.


     To the Eternal it matters not how much wealth you have, a
house full of gold bars, a room full of diamonds, boxes of pure
silver; no amount of anything physical can redeem anyone (verses
     Salvation is God's gift, coming by the way of grace, through
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. See my study "Saved by Grace" and
get the truth of the matter - made simple to understand.


     The first part of this psalm is the powerful glorious reign
of God on earth, as He brings in the age to come, the 1,000 year
age mentioned in Revelation 20. The last part of this psalm is
the attitude of mind God has towards the wicked, the ones who
hate instruction, correction and teaching from the Lord. 


     The famous "repentance" psalm of David. God will have mercy;
He will show grace and forgiveness, to those that show a "broken
spirit; a broken and contrite heart" (verse 17).

     It is the story of the whole Bible; those who will humble
themselves, admit they are a sinner; those willing to be shown
what sin is; those willing to be corrected and led into the truth
of God's word; those willing to serve and obey the Lord, will be
shown mercy and grace.


     Once more we see what God thinks of the wicked, those who
will not humble themselves in repentance. They will be plucked
out of the land of the living. Yes, as made clear in many other
parts of the Scriptures, they will be destroyed, they will be
thrown into the lake of fire, the second death, and will never
live again. This is the fate of "the man that made not God his
strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and
strengthened himself in his wickedness" (verse 8).
     Those not classified as "wicked" will be as the green olive
tree in the house of God (back to Psalm 1 once more).


     The Psalm inspired by the Lord to say that only the fool has
said there is no God!

PSALM 54 - 65

     Psalms about the enemy, evil, sinners. The fight God's
children are in and the victory over the enemy through the power
and mercy of the Lord.


     The time when God shall reign among the people of the earth,
and all the world shall worship the true God (first half).
     Notice verse 18. If we regard iniquity in our heart (that is
a deliberate turning away and practicing sin) then God will no
longer hear us. Truth is truth - once enlightened - once the Lord
has shown you what is the truth of His word, and you reject it,
you cut yourself off from Him in a way that He has no choice but
to leave you. The Eternal will not force you to accept and obey


     One day indeed all nations shall praise the Lord and He
shall judge the people righteously - the ends of the earth shall
fear Him.


     The Eternal God is MIGHTY, and TERRIBLE in His works. The
angels of the Lord are thousands and He works in them; we see
some of that as in the book of Daniel.

PSALM 69 - 71

     The Lord is our victory. He will deliver from the enemy.


     The Lord will rule on earth; He will have dominion from sea
to sea. The kings of the earth shall fall down before Him; all
nations shall serve Him. The earth shall be filled with His


     There be some of the wicked who prosper in this physical
world. They are vain, they are corrupt, they are the wicked. It
is hard sometimes to see such people in physical riches. But they
who are far from the Almighty One shall eventually perish, for it
is still true, the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

PSALM 74 - 76

     God will be victorious over His enemies, over the wicked.
The horns of the wicked will be cut off. The horns of the
righteous shall be exalted (Psalm 75:10).


     We should remember the MIGHTY deeds and works of the Eternal
God. He is still in control. He may seem to be far off, quiet,
standing back, but at any time He can take control, show the
world His awesome power. He can use the forces of nature any time
He desires. We need to remember; we need to talk about His mighty
wonders of old, for they will be again.


To be continued

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