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KNOWING the True God #26

From the Psalms #2

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #26


     The Eternal God is tender in mercy, He is lovingkindness. He
is good and upright, and will teach sinners His ways. Yes, He
will guide the meek - the humble - in judgment. The way of the
Lord is mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His
testimonies (verses 6-10). God will teach those who fear Him. The
secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him, and they are the
ones who will find the covenant of God (verses 12-14).

     Once more we are told about the love, the mercy, blessings,
that will come from the Lord to people who truly give Him
reverent respectful fear. Those who are humble, teachable, who
admit they are sinners, they shall from the Almighty be given
mercy and will be taught the right way to go. As Jesus said,
those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.
It seems only the few today have that attitude of mind. Jesus
said they were the little flock, the salt if the earth. You can
be one of them, if you will desire to be, if you will love the
Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and life.


     David cries out for God to judge him and examine him, to
know his heart, for he has served the Lord the righteous way; he
has lived within the right and holy frame of mind. The Eternal
One does know the heart. He knows your inner most being, attitude
of mind, even when you have no words to describe your feelings.
If you are as David was in this psalm, you will be judged with
favor, you will not be accounted with the wicked and sinners who
refuse to be humble and to walk the way of God.


     Once more we are told that those who will submit to the will
of the Lord, to them He shall be their salvation. He will be in
the long-run of everything, guide, teach, help, and give the
victory over all that is the enemy of the Holy Righteous God.


     God's children will with David cry out not to be with the
workers of wickedness and iniquity. David saw that God would one
day pay the wicked, those who will not repent and humble
themselves, the reward they deserve. Those who will not submit to
the works of the Lord, will be, by the Lord, destroyed. And that
is still the teaching of the Lord way unto the end of the book of
Revelation, the last verses of chapter 20.


     Oh yes, David makes it very plain in this psalm that the
Everlasting One is in charge of everything physical, the waters,
the fire, the forests, the wilderness, even the floods. There is
nothing the Lord cannot control. We may not know when He controls
or when He allows physical nature to exclaim itself, in its
various forms. We may not know every time for what reason God
uses nature for His purpose. But we are told in Scripture that
the Creator of all things is in control and is more powerful that
anything He has created.


     Yes, the Lord can be angry. He does indeed have that
emotion, but in comparison to His love, mercy, deliverance, and
joy, His anger is but for a very short time (4-5).


     We are reminded that: "O love the Lord, all ye saints: for
the Lord preserves the faithful, and plentifully rewards the
proud doer. Be of good courage, all you that hope in the Lord"
(verses 23-24).


     The Lord is merciful and forgiving upon ... well it is:
"Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he that trusts in the
Lord, mercy shall compass him about. Be glad in the Lord, and
rejoice, you righteous; and shout for joy, all you that are
upright in heart" (verses 10-11).


     More of the character of God is revealed in this psalm. The
WORD of the Lord is RIGHT. His WORKS are done in TRUTH (and His
word is truth - John 17:17). He loves RIGHTEOUSNESS (see Psalm
119:172 for definition of righteousness) and JUDGMENT. The earth
is full of the GOODNESS of the Lord. It was by the "word of the
Lord" that the heavens were made. He it was that gathered the
waters of the sea together, and he created the deep. He spoke and
it was done. It is He who can bring the counsel of the heathen to
nothing. But His counsel stands forever. He can, if He desires
see the sons of men. He knows their heart; He considers all their
works. The Lord's eye, favor, is upon them that FEAR Him (a
respectful reverence), and upon those who hope and trust in His
mercy, to deliver their life from death, and to keep them alive
in famine.

     Certainly the true children of God look to His mercy to save
them from the SECOND death of the lake of fire and eternal
destruction. And those who have the right fear and obeying trust,
will be saved by His grace. I refer the reader to my study called
"Saved by Grace."


     Even more of the character of the Eternal is given to us in
this psalm. 
     The angels of the Lord help and serve those that fear Him
(see also Hebrews 1:13,14). 
     If you desire life, eternal life, your tongue He expects you
to guard. You must depart from evil and do good. Seek peace and
pursue it. The Lord' s eyes and ears are upon the righteous. The
face of the Lord is against them that do evil, they will be cut
off from the earth, even remembered no more. The Lord is nigh
unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a
contrite spirit. The wicked will be slain, and those who hate or
will not do righteousness shall be desolate. But the life of His
servants shall be redeemed, and none who trust in Him shall be

     Here again the true and right attitude of mind is expected
from the children of God. They are to be humble, teachable,
willing to be led and corrected, will to practice righteousness -
the keeping of the commandments of God (Psalm 119:172). If you do
not have this mind-set you are part of the wicked, who remaining
so, will be finally killed and desolate, in the second death
(Revelation 20).


     Here we see from the inspiration of David, that at times the
Lord has no problem with His children praying for just reward
upon those who seek their downfall and would do them evil. But be
it known that sometimes the Lord will answer that prayer in a
most dramatic way. So be careful how you pray. Please read my
study called "Be Careful how you Pray!"


     The Lord's mercy is as high as the heaven; His faithfulness
unto the clouds. God's righteousness is like a mighty mountain;
His judgments like the depth of the seas. Those who put their
trust under His wings shall have the fatness of His house, and
drink of His pleasure. With God is the fountain of life; in His
light shall they see the light. The workers of iniquity shall be
cast down, and one day be cast down so they will never rise

     This does not mean saints are not going to have troubles and
persecutions, for history is ripe with saints who even suffered
death for the faith once delivered to the saints. It does mean
that the children of God will have the fatness of truth and the
pleasure of KNOWING the true God, and the joy that eternal life
will await them in due time. It does mean that the un-repentant
workers of iniquity will one day be destroyed, and will never
rise again in a resurrection to life. 


     The Lord will often give the desires of the heart to His
children. This is a general statement, and is not a blank slate
promise that everything God's children would desire will be given
to them. But often it may be so. From a small child of 7 years of
age, I wanted a beautiful golden Palomino horse, a fast one, a
smart one. I had to wait until I was 63 years old before it was
granted to me. But I've now had her for nearly 5 years.
     We are again told that evildoers shall be cut off, but those
who wait on the Lord, shall inherit the earth and peace (verses
1-11). The Almighty One says it is better to have a little in
this physical life, but be righteous, than to have all kinds of
physical riches and be wicked (verse 16).
     God tells is here in no uncertain terms that the WICKED
shall PERISH and the ENEMIES of the Lord shall be as the fat of
lambs, they shall consume away as into smoke (verse 20). It is
the truth that the un-repentant wicked shall one day be BURNT UP
in the lake of fire, which is the second death - the truth of
Revelation 20 and Malachi 4. 
     Those blessed of the Lord shall inherit the earth. They will
inherit it for the 1,000 years with Christ (Revelation 20) and
inherit the new earth for all eternity with the Father and Christ
(Revelation 21,22). 
     The Eternal loves judgment, and will not forsake His saints,
they will be preserved forever in salvation, but the wicked shall
be cut off forever (verses 29,34-40).
     Here we have the simple truth of Romans 6:23 - LIFE or DEATH
- living for all eternity, or death for all eternity. 

     This also is KNOWING the true God.


To be continued

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