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KNOWING the True God #25

His mind and nature in the Psalms #1

                              KNOWING GOD #25

                           THE PSALMS - Part One

     The book of Psalms is perhaps the single largest section of the
Bible to learn about what the Lord God is like, in thought, mind-
set, action, character, and emotions.


   If you believe the Psalms are a LIVING work on the ways and mind
of God, then this first psalm will blow away the crazy teaching
of some, trying to use the New Testament to "do away with" the
LAW of God. First, just look at the law of God as found in Exodus
20. Why would anyone want to "abolish" such a law? If the world
was observing it ... my what a different world it would be! There
is a reason why so many in Christendom want to "obliterate" the
law of God from New Testament theology. It is the FOURTH
commandment they do not like, do not want to observe, and do not
want to teach others to observe. In this "modern" rush-here and
rush-there; work-here and work-there, busy mad-dog life that most
in the Western world want to live; being a taxi for their
children who want to do this and do that, be in this activity and
that activity. People by and large today want to have EVERY
minute of every day FOR THEMSELVES! To teach that, NO, there is
ONE day, the 7th day of the week, that is NOT YOURS, but belongs
to God, and He tells you to observe it to worship, praise,
meditate, on Him, and to STOP and read His word; to use that
Sabbath day to grow in grace and knowledge of Him ..... well that
is just not very popular to teach in most circles of
     And so people come up with every argument under the sun to
"do away with" the law of God so the 4th commandment can be
     If you believe the Psalms are a LIVING view of the mind and
attitude of the Eternal God, then you have no choice but to
DELIGHT in the law of God, to meditate on it day and night. The
whole context of Psalm one is righteousness as opposed to sin;
godliness as opposed to un-godliness. The un-godly will not be
able to stand in the judgment; they will be blown away with the
wind that they use to try and blow away the law of God. The
attitude of the righteous is clearly given in verses 1 through 2.

     Psalm one is knowing the Eternal in respect to His law,
which by the way, you can see what the apostle Paul had to say
about it in Romans 7.


     A Psalm devoted to the Kingdom that the Son of God will one
day set up on this earth. Pompous man, vain man, those with crazy
teaching like evolution ... God just has a good belly laugh at.
One day He says He will have the nations in derision and vex them
in sore displeasure. God will not sit back and be quiet and do
nothing; He will one day rise up and send Jesus the Messiah back
to earth, to break the nations with a rod of iron. It will be a
time that man should "kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you
perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little" -
and that little will be more than enough to shake rattle and roll
this earth, into subjection. The nations do not want to
experience anything but a "little" of God's wrath, that is for
sure. We see here the emotions of the Lord can be anything but
gentle and sweet, if the situation warrants it. And would you
believe we find in the book of Revelation that even after God
steps in to shake rattle and roll this earth and the nations upon
it, many people will still curse God to His face and NOT repent!
But the Son will have the heathen for His inheritance, and the
uttermost parts of the earth for His possession. A cry goes out
to kiss the Son, otherwise it is perish through His wrath.
     There is a side to God that we must give honor and respect
to; we need to have a respectful fear of the Lord; there is also
a side of the Lord we need to put trust in. You might say what we
find in this Psalm is a "respectful repentance of sin" and "faith
in the Lord as our Savior."


     Ah, we have a God here who can fight our battles, deliver us
from our enemies, WHEN He sees fit to do so. We should be able to
see from reading the Bible, that sometimes we may not be
delivered. Paul was delivered a number of time. Then at the end
of his life, under Roman rule he was not delivered; he died as a
martyr. With this Psalm we must keep in mind Hebrews chapter 11.


"But know that the Lord has set apart him that is godly for
Himself ... Stand in awe, and sin not ... Offer the sacrifice of
righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord" (verses 3-5). What
is sin? Answer: 1 John 3:4 with Romans 7:7 with Exodus 20. What
is righteousness? Answer Psalm 119:172. The Lord interprets
Himself in His word. This is the working of Himself.


"For you are not a God that has pleasure in wickedness: neither
shall evil dwell with you ... you hate all works of iniquity"
(verses 4-5). Answers to those verses above in Psalm 4, just put
in a different way.
     The Lord will bless the righteous; with favor will you
compass him as with a shield (verses 11-12).


     Verse 5 from David is the truth of the matter concerning
death - there is no remembering or giving thanks to God! Easy to
understand what the teaching of the Lord is on the subject of
death. That is why the subject of the resurrection was so
important to the first apostles.
     Sometimes the Almighty lets us swim in our tears before we
are delivered from the enemy (verses 6-10).


     God knows the righteous and He is angry with wickedness.
Iniquity and falsehood will our God judge and finally destroy out
of the earth (verses 11-17).


     The nature all around, the heavenly stars that now with
space telescopes, we are able to see the breathtaking and mind-
numbing sight of the universe, near and far. Why did God create
mankind is the question. The answer is in Hebrews 2. God
interprets Himself. You need to study my study called "A
Christian's Destiny" - it is mind-bending as to WHY you are here;
why you have been born.


     The Lord destroys; He rebukes at times; He turns back the
enemy at times; some cities have gone, and their memorial is all
be perished. God will judge the world, in righteousness. He does
not forget the cry of the humble. The wicked will be snared even
by his own hand; they shall be turned to hell; all nations that
forget God  are on a path to hell in many ways, what we sow we
reap. God will not forget the needy: the expectation of the poor
shall not perish. We cry for man not to prevail; for the heathen
to be judged; and to know they are but physical men.  


     The Lord is sometimes as if He stands far off in the time of
trouble. The Eternal abhors the covetous. 


     The Almighty hates wickedness and violence. He will pour
fire and brimstone in a horrible tempest, upon the wicked. The
second death awaits those who will not repent of sin and serve
the Lord. The Eternal loves righteousness (see Psalm 119:172) and
He looks with favor the upright (see the first chapter of Job).


     Those that use "flattering lips" and "speak proud things"
shall in the end, if they do not repent, be cut off. The words of
the Lord are "pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times."


     God is "mercy" and "salvation."


     The Holy One can and does look upon mankind and sees that
all have gone aside, all have sinned.


     The Lord will only let the upright, the righteous, and those
who speak the truth in their heart, abide, dwell in His holy hill
and tabernacle. Only those who come to understand and follow the
true way of salvation will dwell with God. And that true way of
being saved by His grace is fully expounded to you on this


     Verse 10 is a prophecy of the resurrection of Christ from
death. The Father is able to say it will be before time (millions
of years before if He determined it be so) and it comes to pass.


     By the word and very nature of God we can be kept from
destruction (verse 4). Then notice verse 15. It is God's will,
His plan, His purpose, to have mortal man, those who become His
children, literally born to be LIKE HIM, in His very likeness.
This is the truth inspired to be said again in the New Testament,
by the apostle John - 1 John 3:1-2 - to be like Christ NOW IS,
when we shall see Him AS HE IS! And Revelation chapter one tells
us what Christ now looks like! We were created not to be on the
"angel" level but on the "God" level of existence. We were
created to be part of the very Godhead. This is clearly what
those two passages tell us. Just BELIEVE it folks, just read it
as a child and believe it. It say what it means and means what it
says. Many things in the Bible are just that simple to read and
believe. If you have not done so, you need to study my study
called "A Christian's Destiny" and come to know the mind of God
on the reason He created mankind.


     With the merciful God will show mercy. With the upright man
God will deal uprightly. With the pure the Lord will look upon as
pure. With the rebellious, they shall be dealt with accordingly
as they deserve.. God will save the afflicted and humble, but
will bring down the pompous and proud. God's way is perfect. The
word of the Lord is the light as a candle, and will give that
light to those who do not want to stay in darkness. The Eternal's
way is perfect; His word is refined and pure as gold. The Lord
will give strength for the battle. It is He that can deliver from
the enemy. This also is the Lord. This also is knowing the true
God (verses 25-50).


     God, the Almighty One is shown to us in the creation of the
heavens, the universe. There is none like Him that can set the
course of all that is.

     What does God think of His law? Why He says it is PERFECT,
CONVERTING THE SOUL! Yes it shows us that we are sinners. The
very testimony of the Lord makes WISE the SIMPLE - those of a
child like mind, will read and understand. What does God think of
does Gods think of His COMMANDMENTS? He says they are PURE,
ENLIGHTENING the eyes! What does the Eternal think of giving Him
a RESPECTFUL FEAR? Why He says it will make you CLEAN! What does
the Lord think about His JUDGMENTS? Why He says they are
RIGHTEOUS! They are more to be DESIRED than much pure gold. They
are SWEETER than the honeycomb! 

     That is all in Psalm 19 friends. 

     Do not let anyone tell you the law and commandments of God
are "done away with" or "abolished" - such theology is the
doctrine of demons! Without the laws of God we would never know
what sin IS! That is the clear teaching of the great apostle Paul
in Romans 7, where Paul calls the law and commandments of God,
     Yes, we are saved by GRACE through FAITH, no amount of law
keeping can wash away the stain of our sins. Only the blood of
Christ can do that. But the law of God REMAINS! In Psalm 19 you
have heard, you have come to know what the mind of God is towards
His law, commandments, statutes.

     The question is friend, do you feel the same way? If the
mind of Christ is in you (Phil.2:5) you WILL feel the same way.
You will also at times shed tears as David did, when you see the
world disobeying the law of God: "Rivers of water run down mine
eyes, because they keep not thy law" (Psalm 119:136).
     And you will also know that righteousness is everlasting,
and righteousness is the commandments of God (see Psalm 119:172,
   Then also the law of the Lord is TRUTH (Psalm 119:142). All of
God's WORD is truth (John 17:17). And Jesus taught man should not
live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth
of God (Matthew 4:4).

     Do you study the Eternal's word from Genesis to Revelation?
Are you willing to order your life around and within the word of
God? Many call themselves "Christian" but only the very few
really KNOW the true God, and know His mind and will, as to how
people are to conduct their lives from his word, as they call
themselves the children of God.

     If you have not done so, you need to study my study called
"Saved by Grace" and come to understand this vital truth for your

     Wow .... we have only covered 20 or so Psalms, but what we
have found about KNOWING God IS AMAZING!

     We have many more Psalms yet to cover.


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