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KNOWING the True God #21

The Eyes of the Lord roam....

                         KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #21

                        GOD'S EYES ROAM THE EARTH?

EARTH ....."

"For His eyes are upon the ways of man, and He sees all his
doings" (Job 34:21).

"For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He
pondereth all his doings" (Prov.5:21).

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and
the good" (Prov.15:3).

"For mine eyes are upon their ways: and are not hid from my face,
neither is their iniquity hid from my eyes" (Jer.16:17).

"Great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are upon
all the ways of the sons of men: to give every one according to
his ways, according to the fruit of his doings" (Jer.32:19).

     So is God busy with His eyes every day, every second of the
day, looking at all the doings of the ways of man, be it evil or
     I guess you could argue that as nothing is impossible for
the Lord, such could be the case.
     But what He can DO is really not the question here. We have
seen in earlier studies in this series, that the Lord chose NOT
to see from heaven the iniquity of Sodom and Gomorrah, but wanted
to come down to earth to see for Himself what had been reported
to Him (Genesis 18 and 19).
     So we have seen that God often WILLS Himself to see or not
see, to hear or not hear. And we have seen in previous studies
that the Lord has "spirit beings" relating to Him certain things
that are happening on earth.

     Let's not jump too quickly from the verses above to suppose
God is Himself spending every second watching, meditating on,
working out the right retribution for every single thing, every
single man, woman, and child, as to what they are doing every 
minute on earth.

     Here is the telling Scripture in Zechariah 4:10, "For who
has despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice, and
shall see the plumet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those SEVEN,
THEY ARE THE EYES OF THE LORD, which run to and fro through the
whole earth."

     We need to look at the CONTEXT of this verse to understand
what God is saying.
     There is a candlestick, with a bowl on top, there are seven
pipes to seven lamps (verse 2). In verse 6 we read: ".....Not by
might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT, says the Lord of hosts."

     In the context it is Zerubbabel that is to do a mighty work
in the hands of the Lord, in rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem
under the now returned Jews from Babylon. And it was not so much
the power of humans as it was going to be the inspiration and
driving force of God's Spirit in those human persons that was
going to finish the job of building the Temple after it had come
to a stop. You can see the Bible Commentaries for the historical
aspect of Zechariah 4.
     The top bowl of the candlestick is obvious the Lord Himself
from whence flows His Spirit of His will into seven bowls, which
are said to be the "eyes of the Lord." and it is those eyes that
run to and fro throughout the earth.

     We find a similar type of symbol in Revelation chapter 1:17-
20, where Jesus is telling us about the mystery of the seven
"stars" and seven golden candlesticks (not the candlestick of
Zechariah, for it was ONE candlestick, here it is seven
individual candlesticks). The seven stars represent as Jesus
tells us, the seven angels of the seven churches of chapter 2 and

     What should be getting clearer for you is that God has at
least SEVEN angel type creatures that can and are in the earth,
executing certain responsibilities of overseeing certain things
happening on the earth. 

     Hence the "eyes of the Lord" can be not Himself per se, but
spirit created agents that are instructed to move around the
earth looking at this and looking at that, taking note, guiding
and serving in whatever way they have been instructed to guide,
serve, note, and report back to God, as He and they have

     We are not given all the nitty-gritty details in God's word
as to the detailed ways the Lord's spirit beings work, for
whatever work God has instructed them to do. We are given a
little glimpse of the Eternal's world here and there. Enough for
us to come to realize that there is a vast unseen world (most of
the time) out there that is much fuller and busier than we could
ever imagine.

     Yes God knows every person who has ever drawn breath or
still in the womb. As Jesus said He can know every hair on your
head, if He so desires to. He is that personal, but I do not
think He spends time counting hairs per se, there are I'm sure
way more important things for Him to do. But Jesus was teaching
that God the Father is a very personal God and is very interested
in every human being, be they doing right or wrong. Jesus also
said that a bird does not fall to the ground that God does not
know about.
     The Father's mind is something we humans cannot possibly
know in our flesh, how large and all-encompassing it is. Yet we
clearly see from Scripture that the Father has created spirit
beings to do a work for Him.

     Once more it really is not what CAN God do, it is what has
God WILLED Himself to personally do, and what He's willed that
other creatures He has created will do, in service for Him.

     And with that insight, it should not lessen our
understanding of a God that "nothing is impossible for the Lord"
as much as loving Him the more for making Himself intertwine, and
loving to intertwine, with what He has created for Himself to
intertwine with.

     In a small human way, God has revealed to us, His nature,
His personality, His innermost self, and shown that He is a
literal personal being, who is very much like us in so many ways.
All of course we are like Him, for it is written that He made us
after His IMAGE, and LIKENESS. 
     The natural way of humans is to want and desire to
intertwine with others, and we serve others and others serve us,
in a loving and harmonious and friendship way. So it is with God.
Jesus said, I have not called you servants, but I have called you
FRIENDS! (John 15:15).


     Is it not that most parents desire to also become their
children's friends, which sad to say does not always happen.


     This is also KNOWING the TRUE God!


Keith Hunt (March 2009)

To be continued

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