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KNOWING The True God #2

Sex, Salvation, and Limit

                          KNOWING THE TRUE GOD #2


     Just about everyone who says they are "Christian" knows
about the first human sin - the eating of the fruit from the
forbidden tree in the garden of Eden.
     We pick it up in chapter 3 verse 8. Adam and Eve HEARD the
voice of God as He was walking in the garden in the cool of the
day. God is quite prepared at times to come and walk upon this
earth among His created mankind. We shall see lots more of this
reality in other books of the early Old Testament. I'm not saying God
has done much if any of this in the last 2,000 years, but in the
beginning and in the days of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses,
God did it quite often. He does it here with Adam and Eve. God is
a personal being and certainly as the creator of everything, can,
if He so desires, make Himself into flesh and bone, and walk and
talk with the human race.
     Adam and Eve had sinned, they now had Satan influencing
them, putting wrong ideas into their minds. They hid from God,
did not want the Lord to see them in a naked flesh manner. God
asked them who told them they were naked. Up to now they were not
ashamed of themselves being naked in the presence of each other.
God had made them, brought them together, said they should be one
flesh. Now that the Devil had entered their minds, they were
looking upon their naked body as something unclean. Sex had
become something other than what it had been and something other
than what God had given them, and taught them.
     Their response to God was a sure give away that they had
disobeyed the command not to eat of the forbidden tree.

     Sex was created by the Eternal. The very anatomy of the male
and female body is made for each other. It was the Lord who put
within human kind the sex hormones, so in the fullness of time,
the sex hormones kick into play, male and female are attracted to
each other in a physical way. God created the sex attraction, but
also put down the right and proper and good way to use sex. The
Bible is very clear that sexual union between male and female is
only to be entered into when male and female are brought together
in marriage, when a man shall leave his father and mother and
shall cleave unto his WIFE! 

     Within the confines of marriage sex is good, proper,
blessed, and is a wonderful bond as well as a wonderful physical
pleasure. There is nothing wrong, dirty, or unclean, with the
sexual act in marriage. 
     When the Eternal created sex he gave to the male and female
perhaps the most physically thrilling experience the human body
can feel - orgasm - the explosion of the physical body into a
physical thrill that is as the common expression goes "out of
this world."
     God is not against pleasure, and to prove it He created
sexual orgasm. In fact He created a part of the female sexual
organ with an area that is specifically for physical pleasure in
the whole sexual act. It is simply an establish fact that the
female gets sexual arousel by touch. Just about all of her body is
a nerve button to sexual arousal if touched and caressed. But
there is a part of the female sex organ that is especially
sensitive to the touch. 
     The foreplay that leads up to full sexual intercourse and
orgasm is designed by God to give the maximin physical pleasure.
God is not against physical pleasure. And He showed us that in
the creation of sex between husband and wife. He could have
created it so it would be just mechanical for the only purpose to
keep the human population going on and not dying out. Certainly
sex does fulfil that purpose, but it is not just mechanical, it
is LOADED with physical thrills for physical enjoyment. And
modern science now claims and proves that when sex is undertaken
in a slow and meaningful way, it produces good healthy chemicals,
flooding into the blood and cells of the human body.
     The whole creation of sex between husband and wife was
designed to give both health and physical enjoyment to male and

     We also see here in this part of Genesis that for a man and
woman in the confines of marriage with no other person around,
there is no shame in being naked with each other. 
     Yet, we will notice in the context of "others" (i.e.
children) coming along it was God Himself who "made coats of
skins and clothed them" (chap.3:21).
     There is no teaching in the Bible about it being just fine
and dandy to have "nudist clubs" or "topless beaches." The whole
teaching from the Bible is that it is WRONG to EXPLOIT sex
outside of the private "behind closed doors" of husband and wife.
It should be clear to all who read the Bible (I presume they will
read it from cover to cover) that the bodily sexual parts of the
male and female are not to be displayed for others to see, and
the act of sexual foreplay and sexual union are only for husband
and wife, within the marriage bond.


     If you read Genesis 3:22-24 you will clearly see that God
sometimes DELIBERATELY keeps people from the "tree of life." In
plain terms, the Lord keeps people, in this lifetime, from having
salvation through grace. The tree of life is NOT offered to
everyone who has lived or will yet live before the 1,000 year age
that is to come.
     Does this shock some of you? If you are reading this series
of studies before other studies on this Website, then it could be
a sock to you. But if you will take the time to now read Romans
chapter 9 to 11, you will find what I have said is the very truth
of the matter. From Adam to the coming of the Messiah in glory
and the 1,000 year age, salvation is NOT being offered to ALL
     God is a God that has a SALVATION PLAN. All will be offered
salvation eventually, but in God's own time plan. Other studies
expound this truth. We find if first proclaimed to us here in
Genesis 3.


     This is the first REAL EYE OPENER to God as I will present
it. The majority of Christians have been taught that God is so
"beyond human conception" that anyone trying to say otherwise is
out of touch with spirituality. It seems that to many
"spirituality" means you just cannot, even dare not, try to
understand God. Frankly, it blows my mind that some think God is
a "nothingness" and is to be NOT understood, nor even should it
be attempted by anyone to try and understand God. 
     Then, we have the argument that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for
God, as so it is written, so again people say we just should not
try to limit God in any way. To them if God wants to stand still
and at the same time run the 100 metre dash, then He can do so,
for they say, as it is written, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE to God.

     If that is the case, then it can also be argued that God
COULD, if He so desired, PUT LIMITS ON HIMSELF! Yes, think about
it, nothing is impossible for the Lord, so that being the case,
then He could LIMIT Himself if He so wanted to do so. Right? Yes,
of course it is right!

     What IF God does not desire to want to know EVERYTHING that
happens in the universe at the same time. Could God, LIMIT
Himself to know what's going on every second in every place in
the entire universe? Could God decide to LIMIT Himself to knowing
what MAY happen in any future second or month or year or
     If you want to argue that there is NOTHING impossible for
God, and the Scriptures do state that, then it can rightfully be
argued that God could decide to LIMIT Himself in whatever ways He
decides to limit Himself.

     Now, with this in mind, let's suppose when God decided to
create mankind, with human nature, that can be influenced to do
wrong, or as the Bible puts it, to sin, that He also decided He
did not WANT to know HOW wicked the human could become. Is it
possible that that could have been done by God? If nothing is
impossible for God, then you would have to argue that God COULD
decide to LIMIT Himself in knowing how wicked mankind could
become given enough time.

     Well, I submit to you that in Genesis 6:5-6, that is exactly
what God is telling you about Himself. God LIMITED Himself to
know how evil, how wicked, that human kind could become. Without
any fancy "theology" being sounded out, just read it for what it
says: God REPENTED that He had made man on the earth. It not ONLY
"grieved" Him in heart, but He was SORRY, TURNED AROUND, and was
REPENTANT (certainly not in the way of it being sin, as we use
the word "repented" in salvation circles) that He had made man on
this earth. 
     In other words, it SHOCKED Him so much, it was something he
did not realize in its playing out, that man could become SO
     God had LIMITED Himself to know HOW sinful human beings
could become. And when they became SO SINFUL in the reality of it
all, God was so grieved at heart, He had wished He had never made
man on earth. And for that society that was so wicked in the days
of righteous Noah, God would obliterate it from the face of the
earth. I submit to you, that God wants you to know He is more
like us, or I should say, we are more like Him, than many
"religious" people want to believe. He said in the beginning,
"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." And one of
the likenesses is that we as humans do not see in technicolor
terms HOW EVIL the human heart can be. Did we as humans ever
really see the EVIL that people could do in the Second World War
to other humans? I do not think so. Killing in battles of war is
one thing, but the shocking and wicked things done to people in
the Second World War is beyond the human mind. Then again, so is
the horrible things that the Roman Empire did to its captives at
times, and so what was done in "torture chambers" in the so-
called dark middle ages.

     God created human beings in MANY WAYS like Himself. God had
determined, had chosen, had decided, when creating what He
created that He did not WANT to know every single detail to its
depths, that would come about in the future of time.

     We shall see in other verses in Genesis this fact of God
limiting Himself, in certain ways. 

     I believe when God created the glorious covering Cherub that
was perfect in his ways TILL iniquity was found in him (Ezekiel
28), God did NOT know that covering cherub would SIN one day, and
would take ONE THIRD of the angels with him in rebellion to God.
I believe God does LIMIT Himself in ways He decides to limit
     Now that to me makes God very real, someone I can personally
have contact with, for I am then made in so many ways, as He
Himself is. I cannot see if my child will turn out to be a serial
killer, or serial rapist, NOR DO I WANT TO SEE THOSE THINGS! I
believe the Lord also does not desire to KNOW how evil His
created humans can become. And when He does see it, it makes Him
have genuine grief, not just some kind of outward pretence and
certain words on paper, just to make us "feel like He MAY be like
us." If verse 6 of Genesis 6, does NOT really mean what it says,
then why put it so? If it does not really mean what it says then
God is LYING to us! And the Bible says God cannot lie! So if
verse 6 is a lie, then God also lies to us when His word says He
cannot lie!

     Friends, I do not find it at all "blasphemy" (as some would
call it) to say that God shows us in His word that He has decided
to LIMIT Himself in certain ways. To me it is much more logical
and reasonable to understand such verses (and we shall see more
very shortly) as God CHOOSING to indeed LIMIT Himself to some
things that would otherwise surely cause Him anguish of heart for
hundreds of years before the reality, if we are to understand God
as having a heart and mind of emotions that He also created in
us, as making us after His image and likeness.

     If what I have written under this heading is still hard for
you to grasp as yet, I would like you to be patient, and to be
willing to read on as God does not just give us this one example
as part of Himself, but we have other examples, that can only be
understood in the light of God wilfully deciding to LIMIT Himself
in some things.


To be continued

Entered on this Website during the Feast of Tabernacles 2008 

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