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Joshua 5 - What Day?

The idea of Sunday

                   JOSHUA 5 AND PENTECOST



                         Keith Hunt

     If you have never seen the movie (based on a true story) "A
CRY IN THE DARK" then do yourself a favor and go out and rent it,
and see a CLASSIC example of "emotions" and "dumb so-called
experts" that make a simple truth into a stupid falsehood. An
innocent woman gets put into prison and the majority for a while
believe the silly notions in their head are the facts of truth.
And also the majority includes the dumbness of experts (but you
know what an expert is do you not? Well an "ex" is an unknown
quantity, and a "spert" is a DRIP UNDER PRESSURE!).
     Besides the innocent woman and her husband and the church
they belonged to (which was Seventh Day Adventist), her lawyers,
and the "judge" (who could see the simple truth from the word
go), just about everyone else "read into things" and came up with
their own silly WRONG ideas and conclusion, which eventually put
the woman in prison. The truth did come out at last and a whole
bunch of people (with their experts) had a dozen eggs smashed
over their faces.
     Meryl Streep plays the woman and Sam Neill her minister
husband, and I think they act to their fullest talent, a super
job they indeed did.

     Well, what has all this to do with Joshua 5 and Pentecost? 

     First, try and clear your mind of anything to do with Joshua
5 and Pentecost. Sorry to say but for many this seems to be
impossible to do, especially IF you already have certain
teachings you've had installed into your mind by so called
"experts" of theology. For you who have had no thoughts of Joshua
5 and Pentecost, and have had no "experts" telling you what it is
supposedly saying (you remember the saying that goes, "tell a lie
enough times and people will believe it as truth"), this will be
pretty easy, so try to bear in mind some have been fed things
about Joshua 5 and counting to Pentecost, over and over again, to
where they read the words and what they have been taught just
locks in ... they can't see the forest because of the trees.

     What do some want you to believe about Joshua 5. They want
you to believe the Passover took place on a Friday evening (or
Saturday evening if you go with the sect of the Pharisees
teaching) and the day after the Passover was a SUNDAY, the first
day of the feast of Unleavened Bread, and that it is from that
day (the first day of UB feast) you begin to count 50 days to
Pentecost. The rest of the time in counting to Pentecost, they
are quite willing to take the Sunday AFTER the weekly Sabbath
that falls during the UB feast. But when it comes to the first
day of UB feast beginning on a Sunday, they say Joshua 5 proves
conclusively we should start to count from that day to Pentecost.
     They are usually reluctant to tell you that the Sadducean
sect (who were the priestly class of the Temple in Jesus' day)
did NOT count it that way at all, when the first day of the UB
feast came on a Sunday. The Sadducean sect of priests simpley
stayed with the basic rule and waited until the weekly Sabbath
came DURING the UB feast, and counted from the Sunday after that
weekly Sabbath to Pentecost. So in such years as when Sunday is
the first day of UB, the Pharisees and Sadducees disagreed by
about ONE week, but actually there is more to it than that,
explained in other studies.

     Now back to Joshua 5. Read verse 10. What does it say? And
what does it NOT say? It says that Israel observed the Passover
on the 14th of the month (we know from other Scriptures the
Passover was to be observed on the 14th day of the FIRST month).
Do you see ANY calendar date here given? It is NOT there. Oh,
please do not try and give the "Jewish perpetual calendar"
answer, as saying you use it and go backwards and can known the
date. The Jewish perpetual calendar did not come into existence
until WELL into the Christian age, about two thousand years after
Joshua 5.

     How on earth people come up with the Passover on a Friday
(or Saturday) evening, and hence the day after (the first day of
UB feast) being then a Sunday, just BOGGLES my mind. I sit and
read verses 10 to 12 and scratch my head, twist my mind, do spins
and loops, do hand stands, and flip flops, stand on one leg while
I close one eye, and for all the life in me and CANNOT find ANY
DATE OR DAY OF THE WEEK in those verses.

     We then have some kind of argument about "OLD" corn of the
land being eaten, and with another twist of the mind, this is
also supposed to add up to a day of the week, the day being
Sunday. Again for the life in me I do not see where old corn
eating proves it was eaten on a Sunday. I mean I can take old
corn from anywhere and eat it on the day after the Passover when
Passover falls on ANY day of the week. So what on earth has old
corn eating on the day after the Passover got to do with Sunday?

     Still further, the argument goes that old corn eating was
the Israelites going out and harvesting the corn (or barley or
wheat or whatever) of the land. Again somehow this has to do with
a Sunday ... scratch, scratch my head again, do another hand
stand, loop the loop, and stand on one leg ... I do NOT see any
word here about going out and harvesting a crop. Why they hadn't
yet really inherited the land. But besides that, it certainly
does not say one word about the Israelites going out into the
fields to harvest a crop.

     I can eat "old" anything if it is already there, already
harvested, and put in bins, or sacks, or cereal boxes and stored
away, so I can go and eat from that old stuff, if and when I need
to. Old is NOT new, and new is not old, unless you figure
language can mean anything you want it to mean, and if that is
so, then truly as some say, "You can prove anything from the

     But let's run with the argument for the sake of running. We
will say the Israelites did go out and harvest what was new so it
DAY OF THE WEEK** mentioned in these verses.

     The simple fact of the truth of the matter, the plain truth,
if you will, is that these verses DO NOT GIVE ANY CALENDAR DATE,

     To try and use these verses in Joshua 5 to prove the first
day of the UB feast BEGAN on a Sunday, is like all those
emotional people and dumb "experts" in Australia, trying to prove
from silly unrealistic evidence, made in the human mind, that
this woman killed her 10 week old daughter, in the movie "A Cry
in the Dark."

     If you go back to Leviticus 23 and read about the feast of
Unleavened Bread and the wave sheaf day of verses 10 to 14, you
will clearly see (that is if you want to see) the instructions
were for WHEN they had come into the land and had planted and
were harvesting their crop, they were to bring the wave sheaf to
the Lord on the day after the Sabbath. Of course we now enter the
question of "the Sabbath" and which Sabbath. The Pharisees and
the Sadducees strongly DISAGREED on this issue. I have gone into
all that detail in other studies on the Pentecost topic, on this

     But whatever you want to argue on this matter, the fact is
still just as clear, NO DATES ON THE CALENDAR, as for calendar
dates, but we do have a specific "on the morrow after the
Sabbath" - such specifics are NOT found in Joshua 5. Joshua 5 has
no word "Sabbath" in it, hence it is simply not possible to
determine on what day of the week the Passover fell, or what day
of the week "on the morrow after the Passover" was. Nothing in
Joshua 5 gives us ANY clue as to the day of the week on which
this Passover was observed.

     For anyone to try and prove a SUNDAY for the first day after
the Passover, from Joshua 5, is like all (the majority of people,
jury, and prosecuting lawyers) those in Australia, in about 1980-
82, reading into things, making up things, ideas, and stories,
from the imagination, and emotions,  trying to say this woman
killed her baby and not a wild dingo.
     The truth was what all those people thought what could never
be done by a wild dingo, proved only one thing in the end, the
wild dingo was wiser and more astute than they were, it was they
who were dumb and the dingo made then all look silly, and their
"experts" .... well you can guess what.

     Once more in the year 2005 the counting to Pentecost will be
lost on most branches of the Church of God who have their roots
in the Worldwide Church of God.

     I explain the truth of the matter in full in-depth detail
with Pentecost studies on this Website.


February 2005

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