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Jesse - in MEMORY of

She ENDURED to the end

     It is with great sorrow that during the night of March 28th
I learned that Jesse, my co-worker in the Lord's work, quietly
fell into the sleep of death at her home in Calgary, Alberta, in
the year of 2003. She was with her immediate family of her
husband, and her only child and daughter.
     Jesse had been fighting cancer for the last two years. She
fought as hard as she could against this terrible disease, but it
finally took her life. She was 46 years old.
     In the last number of years she told me she was concerned
about "making a difference" in this world. She so desperately
wanted her life to mean something, she wanted to make a
difference for others, to leave something that would live on
after she was asleep in death.
     I told her that she had already made a difference with the
articles and studies she had completed (she did so want to do
more, but it was not the Lord's will at this time). I told her
that her Website, contained within mine, would live on, and would
serve and help thousands who would yet need her wisdom, guidance,
information, instruction, enlightenment, and help, as they came
out of falsehoods and lies and the cunning deceptions of men and
organizations, that follow the broad path to spiritual
     The Apostle Paul had a number of women that served with him
in doing the work of preaching and teaching the good news of
salvation through Christ Jesus, and the coming Kingdom of God age
on this earth. He highly respected and praised them, knowing that
they were indeed co-workers with him in God's work.
     Jesse was one of those bright minded Gospel workers, very
intelligent, well-informed, prudent, astute, and as we may say in
down to earth words, just very "brainy."
     She did much of the designing and hands on work for this
Website, a work that was beyond my knowledge and skill. And then
she taught me how to maintain it. For her skill in this area
alone I shall be ever grateful to her.
     All of us who knew her within the Calgary area of the Church
of God, will miss her warmth, her clear-mindedness, her astute
wisdom in the way and truths of God. I will deeply miss her not
only as a friend but also as my co-worker in teaching and
spreading the wonderful Gospel of our heavenly Father and our
Lord Jesus Christ.

     Your pain and suffering in the flesh is now over Jesse. Rest
in peace dear saint of the Most High. You have endured to the
end, you have kept the faith, your place in the resurrection when
our Lord returns in now assured. I will look forward, as will
others, to seeing you again when our bodies shall be glorified
and when we shall be like Him (1 John 3: 1-3) who died for us.

     Thank you dear sister for all the work you did in God's
service. Your work will continue on as long as God grants my
Website to live on the Internet, which I pray will be until our
our Lord and Savior returns.

     Goodbye for the present Jesse, thank you again for setting
an example of what true Christianity is all about. We shall keep
you in our hearts and memories, until we meet again on the bright
shore of the resurrection. 

Keith Hunt

March 28th 2003

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