Keith Hunt - Jeremiah 33:14-26? Restitution of All

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Jeremiah 33:14-26 ?

A dual prophecy


                         Keith Hunt

I will attempt to answer this section of prophecy.

With the basic rules of understanding the prophetic books and a
little history in our mind, let's tackle somewhat difficult
section. We know from history that the physical Levitical
priesthood doing literal sacrifices did not continue during the
70 year captivity of Judah in Babylon, YET the Levites did live
as a people. We know from history that in 70 A.D. the Levitical
rites at Jerusalem came to an end, they are not being done today,
YET some Jews are no doubt Levites(they may or may not know who
are, some claim they know).

This we can know from history. We can know from other scriptures
(Ps.89 for one) that David's throne was to CONTINUE without
interruption and given to Christ as His return(Luke 1:31-33).
Jeremiah was living when it looked like the throne of David would
end. Many people must have thought so, yet they knew of the
prophecy in Ps.89. Big doubts! Big questions! Much puzzlement.
This section of prophecy in Jeremiah is a DUAL prophecy, for the
then time of Jeremiah and the time yet to come at the end of the
age. As with some others this prophecy BLENDS from one to the
other. It is not in neat little boxes. We must look at it as a
whole from the perspective of two fulfilment, and some aspects
belong in the one fulfilment only, while other aspects belong to
the second fulfilment. With a few verses at the end to zero in on
the concern of Jeremiah's day - the throne continuing.

With all this in mind. Let's take the basic message for
Jeremiah's day. Verse 14-16 not included(they are part of the
second fulfilment). God tells Jeremiah and those concerned about
the throne, it will continue,verse(verse 17). Verse 18 was not
for then, for the sacrificial system at Jerusalem was going to
come to an end for 70 years (and for our day of 2,000 years).
Verse 19,20, and all of verse 21 but the last 8 words, was FOR
THAT TIME, a comfort to them that the throne would continue. The
Levites would not continue as before during the captivity. Yet
verse 22 was for them, to assure them that the Levites would not
die out, nor the house of David. The final assurance is given to
them for Jeremiah's day in verses 23-26. The people then believed
God had finally had enough with the two families - Israel
(already in captivity over 100 years earlier) and Judah(now going
into a 70 year captivity) - thought it had all come to an end,
once and forever. God tells them as long as day and night
continues the seed of Jacob and David will continue, and some
seed of David will sit on the throne ruling some part of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob.

History and other prophecies in the Word(the everlasting throne
of David teaching) tells us David's throne CONTINUED and is on
this earth today, ruling over part of the seed of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob.

Now back to the prophecy again. This time in the CONTEXT of the
whole prophecy that started back in chapter 30. Israel and Judah
will AGAIN, at the time of the end, the latter days, go into
captivity to their enemies, the time of Jacob's trouble. None
before or after it will be like it - (chap.30:1-7).
They will be saved out of it and David will be RAISED UP - the
resurrection at the coming of Christ (verses 8,9). We go on, and
into chapter 31; 32; 33. Prophecies about the RESTORATION of
Israel and Judah back to the land of promise - Palestine,
Samaria.  Wonderful words, wonderful promises. Chapter 33:7, "And
I will build them, as at the first" (Read verses 8-12).

Then we come to verses 14-16. For the END TIME.  The parts of
this section must now be gleaned out as for what belongs for the
end time, latter day events.

Verses 14-16, Jesus, the Branch has come, Judah and the Jews have
blindness removed (as Paul told us in Romans 11:25-27) and they
are saved.
Jerusalem dwells safely, and the throne of David is given to
Christ(Luke 1). So then verse 17, "....David shall never want a
man to sit upon the throne of the House of Israel."

ALSO at that time, the time of the end, verse 18 will apply, the
Levitical priesthood will be RE-ESTABLISHED at Jerusalem, the
sacrificial system will be re-established once more, as a number
of other prophecies also proclaim (Ezekiel chapters 40 through 48
is one). The son to sit on the throne at that time will be THE
son of David and the Levites will again perform their function at
Jerusalem in the Ezekiel Temple that will be built after Jesus
comes again (note verse 21).

The people of Israel and the seed of David will again multiply.
The house of Israel and the house of Judah, that people will have
thought had been cast off in Jacob's Trouble, will again take
root and flourish.

WHAT A PROPHECY! Dual in application. One fulfilment for the days
of Jeremiah, and a SECOND fulfilment in the LATTER DAYS, and on
into the Kingdom age of the Messiah and the restitution of all


Written 1996

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