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Japan's Plans in World War Two


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     In February 1941, Japan's expansionist policy was publicly
elaborated upon by her Foreign Minister, Matsuoka, who stated
that "the white race must cede Oceania to the Asiatics". The
following year, 1942, a top Japanese military spokesman revealed
that they would eventually claim the divine right to control the
entire world:

     "We will carry the war to London and Washington, and we will
     destroy all traces of European culture, and we will make our
     Nipponese spirit dominate the world" .868

868 Daily Sketch, 14th April, 1942

     Most people today are unaware that the Japanese had their
own "Mein Kampf" in World War Two. It was known as the "Tanaka
Memorial." This work revealed that a terrible plan had been
developed for almost four hundred years. It emerged from a
document dated 18th of May 1592. Japan's great hero, Hideyoshi,
set forth in this document a plan for world domination and for
establishing the Mikado Plan to rule the world.
     The leader (Shogun) of the warrior class or Samurai, was
dictator during the period known in the West as the Middle Ages.
This class was abolished in the 1860s by Emperor Meiji, but Japan
merely built up a modern military in lieu, which proved its
capacity in 1895 when it took the world by surprise by defeating
the Chinese in 1895 and the Russian armies in 1905. Later it
seized the German Pacific islands during World War I. But 20
years later Japan teamed up with Germany to form the Axis
alliance which included Italy.
     On 25th July 1941, Baron Tanaka, Premier, presented the
"Tanaka Memorial" as a blueprint for world empire under the
Mikado which led to the attack on Pearl Harbour. In fact, it was
their religious belief that the Mikado is directly descended from
the Mother of Heaven. As he was the Son of Heaven, the Emperor
had to be world emperor and worshipped as very God. (cp II
Thessalonians 2:1-5)
     General Tomoyuri Yamashita, Japanese Supreme Commander in
Malaya, in an interview prior to his execution as a war criminal
in the Philippines in 1946, outlined what were his
recommendations for a Japanese invasion of Australia. His desire
was to push on to Australia after the fall of Singapore but
Japanese Prime Minister Tojo opted instead for Burma and India to
appease Hitler. Yamashita said that he planned to make dummy
landings to draw away the "pitifully small number of Australian
troops" followed by landings on either side of the major cities
of Australia and cut them off. With only Sydney and Brisbane
occupied, it would have been simple to subdue the rest of the
major population centres. He felt that the actual conquest of all
of Australia was not feasible as it was too large; in addition
supply lines would have been extremely difficult to maintain.
He told the interviewers that the Japanese government machinery
for ruling Australia was prepared and several diplomats who had
previously represented Japan in Australia had been briefed and
were standing by to follow the Japanese armies into the country
to rule it with an iron fist.
     Documents discovered in military archives in 1993 uncovered
a Japanese plot to attack Sydney and Melbourne with bubonic
plague, the black death. In its Harbin biological warfare centre
in Manchuria, the infamous Imperial Army Unit 731 succesfully
bred plague bacteria (in addition to cholera, typhoid, anthrax
etc) and deliberately infected 3,000 Chinese, Korean and
Mongolian civilians with the diseases from which they died
horrible deaths. Plague-infected fleas were dropped over Changde
in Hunan Province and elsewhere, resulting in an epidemic which
killed several hundred in a few days. As the war was drawing to
an end, they planned to send plagues into Samoa, Guam and the
Philippines as well as Dutch Harbour in Alaska. Journal records
show that Unit 731 was ordered to ensure that the bacteria could
be taken by ship or submarine to Sydney, Melbourne and Hawaii and
released to kill hundreds of thousands. 869
     At the Battle of Sekigahara (20 October 1600 AD), one of the
most significant wars in Japanese history, leyasu Tokugawa
destroyed the opposition and became the Shogun three years later.
He united the country and it closed up to the outside world,
taking on the characteristics of a hermit.

869 Hills "Japan's wartime plan for Australia" plague rats",
Sydney Morning Herald 17 August 1993

     Of this behaviour, historian Malcolm Kennedy wrote:

     "Had she not remained cut off from the outside world during
     the vitally important years when the colonial empires of the
     Western Powers were taking shape, Australia, New Zealand,
     Malaya, and other territories in the Pacific area might well
     have fallen into her hands rather than into those of
     others". 870

     In the book of Psalms, David wrote that God "breakest the
ships of Tarshish with an east wind" (Psalms 48:7). This prophecy
indicates two things: firstly that Tarshish is the eastern branch
spoken of and secondly, they are a great maritime nation which
Spain is not today. But the Good News is that Japan will repent.
God says that, during the millennial reign of the Messiah, that
He will send His people:

     "Those that escape of them unto the nations, to Tarshish and
     Javan, to the isles afar off [not Spain which is relatively
     nearby Palestine], that have not heard My fame, neither have
     seen My glory; and they shall declare My glory among the
     Gentiles" (Isaiah 66:19).

     This prophecy cannot refer to the Spaniards, for most of
them have heard at least something about the God of the Bible.
Not so the bulk of the Japanese.
     Finally, Isaiah prophesied of the "isles" and the ships of
Tarshish, during the Millennium, returning to Israel her wealth
and taking the Israelites on their ships to Palestine (Isaiah
60:9). Diodorus Siculus, a most reliable historian of the
Augustine Age, says that the term "isles" here refers to lands
which at that time were undiscovered, unlike Spain which was well
     Japan's and Spain's repentant attitudes show through clearly
in chapter thirty-eight of Ezekiel. In this prophecy, Gog and
Magog will attempt to wrest this wealth from Israel, but Tarshish
will challenge them and take Israel's side (Ezekiel 38:11,13). 

(The so-called "challenge" that White says, is only in words, it
is God that supernaturally destroyes the hordes of Gog and Magog
and others - see the context. But it does show they will not be
"with" the armies of Gog and Magog - Keith Hunt)

     In the words of the Psalmist again:

"The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents to
God. Yea, all kings shall fall down before Him: All Nations shall
serve Him" (Psalms 72:10-11).

     Japan will repent and learn to serve God, like all peoples
will eventually do.

870 Kennedy 1968:107


In 2010 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a series of
DVDs called "Love Hate and Propaganda - presented by George
Stroumboulopoulos" (ya I still have trouble pronouncing his last

The propaganda shouted to the Japan people from their Government
was "Japan has never lost a war!" The people by and large
BELIEVED IT - that this war with the USA would be won by Japan.
When Japan raised the white flag to the USA after two nuclear
bombs were dropped on Japan, the people were STUNNED that their
country was DEFEATED, they never believed their country would be
defeated in a war, as they had been brain-washed by their
Government, that history showed Japan had never lost a war. 

The fact of Bible prophecy is that Japan was NEVER to be a World
Ruling Empire..... and it never will be. Finally after hundreds
of years, the Japan people have come to realize they will never
rule the world, or even any large part of it.

I also have the DVD called "Pearl Habor - From Sword to Zero -
Flights Beyond Pearl Harbor." It tells the rise of Japan from
feudal times to the rise of a mighty war machine that was undefeated
in wars with China and Russia and other parts of that area of the 
world. It documents the rise to super flying planes, the destruction
at Pear Habor, and the victories they inflicted on the USA and Britain
in the first years of the WW2. Indeed with the cult religion Japan had
and the brain-washing they gave themselves that they had never lost
a war, they finally found themselves on the ropes taking a beating
by the USA. One final card they held - The Kamikaze - meaning 
"Divine Wind" - the last false religious idea that you sacrifice
yourself for the nation and Emperor, to have great reward in the 
after life. The Kamaikaze did great damage to the wooden decks of
the USA Aircraft Carriers. Moving on in the blindness of "We've
never lost a war" it took two Atomic bombs on the land of Japan
before they would raise the white flag to the USA.

Keith Hunt

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