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History Books

Much is recorded, much is written!

In Search of... The Origin of Nations


Adams, A (1993)          As Birds Flying. Artisan Sales, Ca.
Allen, JH (1902)         Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright. 
                         Destiny Publishers, Mass.
Armstrong, GT (2001)     Europe and America in Prophecy. USA.
Armstrong, HW (1986)     Britain and America in Prophecy. WCG,    
                         Pasadena, Ca.
Bateson, BL (1947)       The British Empire in the Light of       
                         Prophecy. Covenant Publishing,London.
Barber, EW (1999)        The Mummies of Urumchi. MacMillan,       
Bayly C (ed) (1989)      Atlas of the British Empire. Guild       
                         Publishing, London.
Bennett, WH (1976)       Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage.     
                         Covenant Books, London.
Blodgett, TM (1981)      Phonological Similarities in Germanic    
                         and Hebrew. University of Utah.
                         PhD thesis.
Brooke-Little, JP        Royal Heraldry. Beasts and Badges of     
                         Britain. UK
Capt, ER (1977)          Jacob's Pillar Stone. A Biblical         
                         Historical Study. Artisan Sales, Ca.
Capt, ER (1983)          The Scottish Declaration of              
                         Independence. An                         
                         Analysis. Artisan Sales, Ca.
Capt, R (1988)           Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian     
                         Tablets. Artisan Sales, Ca.
Clarke, FW (1960)        The Forgotten Empire. Abbotsford.
Cole, R (1977)           The Migrations of Israel. History and    
                         Purpose. Eugene, Oregon.
Collins, S (1995)        Lost Tribes of Israel - Found! CPA       
                         Books, Oregon.
Court, N (1987)          Scotland's Glorious Heritage. London.
Davidy, Y (1993)         The Tribes. Russell-Davis Publishers,    
                         Hebron, Israel.
Davidy, Y (1996)         Lost Israelite Identity. Russell-Davis   
                         Publishers, Hebron, Israel.
Davidy, Y (2001)         Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel. 
                         Russell-Davis Publishers, Israel
Davidy, Y (2001)         Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of         
                         America. Russell-Davis Publishers,       
Dickey, CR (1942)        One Man's Destiny. Destiny Publishers,   
Fasken, WH (1934)        Israel's Racial Origin and Migrations.   
                         Covenant Publishers, London.
Ferguson, IM (1965)      Lifting up an Ensign to the Nations.     
                         Association of the Covenant People,
Filmer, WE (c1960)       Who were the Scots? Surrey.
Foster, T (1970)         Britain's Royal Throne. Blackburn,       
Fox, JS (1950)           The World's Greatest Throne. The         
                         Covenant People, Vancouver.
Gayer, MH (1941)         The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race.    
                         Destiny Publishers, Mass.
Gilbert, A (2002)        The New Jerusalem. Bantam Press, London.
Glover, FRA (1861)       England, Judah and Ephraim in Bible      
Goard, P (1943)          The Empire in Solution. Covenant         
                         Publishing, London.
Goard, WP (1934)         The Post-Captivity Names of Israel.      
                         Covenant Publishing, London.
Grant, M (1933)          The Conquest of a Nation. USA
Hanan, AD (1932)         British-Israel Truth. Covenant           
                         Publishing, London.
Hulley, J (1995)         "Did any of the Lost Tribes go North?",  
                         Origin of Nations, vol 1, no 3: 12-18.
James, C (1955)          Hebrew and English. Some likeness        
                         psychic and linguistic. Covenant
                         Publishing, London.
Jowett, GF (1980)        The Drama of the Lost Disciples.         
                         Covenant Publishing, London.
Law, Dr DA (1992)        From Samaria to Samarkand The Ten Lost   
                         Tribes of Israel. University of
                         America Press, Lanham, Maryland.
Lawter, CF (0960)        The Lineage of the Scarlet Thread.       
                         Destiny Publishers, Mass.
Levi, Y (1996)           "Celts and Israelites - is there a       
                         connection?", Origin of Nations, vol 2,
                         no 1: 11-14.
Lewis, LS (1982)         St.Joseph ofArimathea at Glastonbury.    
                         James Clarke & Co, Cambridge.
Loffitte, G (1979)       Yesterday and Tomorrow Simply living,    
London, SH (1953)        The Queen's Beasts. Newman Neame,        
Longley, C (2002)        Chosen People. Hodden Stoughton, Sydney.
Mackendrick, WG (1921)   The Destiny of the British Empire and    
                         the USA. Covenant Publishing,
Marshall, PM (1986)      From Sea to Shining Sea. Fleming H       
                         Revell, NJ.
McNair, RF (1963)        Key to Northwest European Origins. MA    
McNair, RF (1996)        America and Britain in Prophecy. GCG,    
McNair, RF (1976)        Ascent to Greatness. Triumph Publishing  
                         Co, Pasadena, Ca.
Megalommitis, CD (1998)  "Elizabeth It on the Throne of David and 
                         Solomon", Origin ofNations,
                         vol 3, no 3: 2-3, 12-20.
Milner, WMH (1975)       The Royal House of Britain. An Enduring  
                         Dynasty. Covenant Publishing,
Moore, J (1958)          Our National Heritage. Phoenix House.    
Morgan, RW (1860)        St.Paul in Britain. Covenant Publishing, 
Mozeson, IE (2000)       The Word. The Dictionary that Reveals    
                         the Hebrew Source of English.
                         SPI Books, New York.
Nn                       The Sun Never Set on the British Empire, 
Ogwyn, J (1999)          What's Ahead for America and Britain?    
Olsen, GS (1981)         The Incredible Nordic Origins. Nordica,  
Rutherford, A (1934)     Israel-Britain or Anglo-Saxon Israel.    
Shirer, WL (1991 ed)     The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.    
                         Mandarin, London (originally
                         published in 1960)
Stewart, B (1942)        Grand Union. The Coming World Order.     
                         Commonwealth Publishing,
Stoker, RB (1965)        The Legacy of Arthur's Chester. Covenant 
                         Publishing, London.
Streit, C K (1941)       Union Now Wit 
                         Brothers, Publishers. NY
Streit, CK (1939)        Union Now. A Proposal for a Federal      
                         Union of the Democracies of the
                         North Atlantic. The Right Book Club,     
Strong, P (1986)         Someone had to say it. Bachman and       
                         Turner, London.
Tabor, J (1995)          "Were the "lost tribes" ever really      
                         lost?", Origin of Nations, vol 1,
                         no 3: 4-8.
Thomas, JL (1919)        God and My Birthright. Covenant          
                         Publishing, London.
Time-Life (1973)         The British Empire. Reprinted by         
                         Ferndale Editions 1981.
Tullidge, EK (1881)      The Lost Ten Tribes oflsrael in England  
                         and America.
UCG (2001)               America and Britain in Bible Prophecy.   
Walsh, DR (1995)         Lost Tribes of lsrael Study Maps. (vols  
                         1-4). Celtica, Florida.
Weldon, BW (c1920)       The Origin of the English. Marshall      
                         Brothers, London.
Wild, J (1879)           The Lost 10 Tribes and 1882. Marshall    
                         Bros, London & New York.
Ziegler, P (1978)        Crown and People. Alfred A Knopf, New    


To be continued

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