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Isaiah For Today #8

Punishment but Mercy and Restoration

                             ISAIAH FOR TODAY #8

                              Chapter 30 - 33


     The prophecy once more shifts back to Israel (all or part
of) before they are punished in captivity. They are called
"rebellious children" and that they add sin to sin (verse 1).
Certainly that is where the modern people of Israel are today. We
in the Western world are ever being rebellious to the Word of the
Lord, and our sins get more and more each day and month and year
that passes.

     We will in the future, at least part of Israel will, try to
take strength in Egypt, but it will be our shame and confusion.
Back in the 1960s and 70s it was so, and that led some to believe
prophecy was coming to its close and the end of the age would be
soon upon us. Egypt back then was in the news just about every
week it seemed, from what I remember. Egypt right now is seldom
in the news. This just goes to show how God can SLOW things down
if He so desires. Before the end of this age can come, Egypt will
need to rise to mighty power and influence once more, leading a
coalition of Arab nations, forming the "king of the south" of
Daniel 11:40-45).
     But whatever help Israel is looking for from Egypt it will
not be there, their strength for Israel will sit still (verses 2-
7). As I edit this in 2011, Egypt has freed itself from dic-
tatorship and can now move forward in time to become the spear-
head of a united Arab group of nations, called in the book of
Daniel "the king of the south" - see Daniel 11:40-45.

     Isaiah is now told to WRITE in a book (verse 8)...for what
purpose, ah we are told ... "... that it may be FOR THE TIME TO COME,
     Yes, prophecy often REPEATS itself!!

     The people of Israel - the Western world in the main, are a
lying people, rebellious people, people that WILL NOT HEAR THE
LAW of the Lord! Our peoples do not want the true prophets of the
Eternal to sound their massage of truth. They want to hear sweet
and smooth things, they want to hear deceits. They do not want to
hear what the Holy One of Israel declares. So, because you
despise the word of the Holy One, and want perverseness instead,
so the breach in the dam you've built against God, will smash and
the whole flood of destruction shall come upon you suddenly. It
will be like the breaking of a potter's vessel to you; the Lord
will not spare, and no one will be found to deliver you (verses

     It is only in RETURNING to deep REPENTANCE, that you Israel
will find REST! But you would not. God has sent His servants to
call you to repentance, but you would not. You said, no, we will
not, we will flee from it as upon horses, ride upon the swift of
the earth, put our trust in man. So, it will be that they who
pursue you for to destroy you, will be swift! When it comes to pass,
one thousand of you shall flee at one, at the rebuke of five you
shall flee. It will all take place until you will be a sign only
to those who pass by. They will see where you were, mighty and
great, but you will be like a sign of "So they were once upon a
time, the mighty of the earth, but that is history now" (verses

     Yet, all is not lost, as come punishment and destruction, so
comes mercy and healing. The Lord will be patient, He will be
still gracious to you, so have mercy on you. The people of Israel
if dwelling in Zion and in Jerusalem, and shall weep no more. The
Eternal will hear the voice of your cry, and when He hears it, He
will answer you. Though the Lord will give you the bread of
affliction and adversity, yet your teachers will not be in a
corner, but you will see your teachers, very upfront, in a
personal way. And one day your ears shall hear a voice behind you
saying, "THIS IS THE WAY, WALK YOU IN IT, when you move to the
right or left hand." It will not be some words on a screen like
this website on the Internet. Most of your true teachers today
are unknown to you, they are not popular. But one day you will
know your teachers in a very real way, for Jesus will return and
the saints of all ages will rise in a resurrection to rule all
nations under Christ. You, Israel and Judah will be rescued from
your enemies, and will inherit the Promised Land in fullness as
God has promised. The saints resurrected will be your teachers
and will be there when you may want to do wrong, and will correct
you with words of truth, "This is the way, walk you in it!"

     You will then cast away all your false images of religion
and self-willed rebellion. You will tell them to "get lost" - you
will finally see your sins and wrong ways and will want to throw
them all away!

     It will be the day of good increase for the farmers of
Israel, there will be fat and plenteous harvests, the cattle
feeding in large pastures. Good feed will be for the herds of
cattle, with rivers and streams of water coming from the hills.
This will all come to pass in the time period when "the
slaughter, when the towers fall." It is the time period of the
end of this age, the prophecies of the book of Revelation are 
coming to pass, and when the earth reaches the "age to come" 
as the apostle Paul once called it; the time of the transition 
from the end of this age to the fruitfulness of the age to come. 
It will be the time when the light of the moon shall be as the 
light of the sun, and the light of the sun as seven-fold more, 
as the light of seven days rolled up into one, it is the time 
when God binds up the breach of His people, answers their cry, 
and heals them from desolation and captivity (verses 18-26).

     Such as the moon being like the sun and the sun being 7
times stronger has never happened since Isaiah wrote this
prophecy. It is indeed for the time at the end of this age.
He wrote it down for a time yet to come.

     Now the prophecy of Isaiah moves to the punishment of the
great Assyrian Empire, the German led confederacy of Europe, the
last resurrected Holy Roman Empire. God will punish those He used
to punish His people Israel and Judah. 
     The Lord will raise His voice, the power of His arm shall
come and the German led United Europe Beast power shall fall. He
who smote will be smitten (verses 27-33).


     Again God gives warning to those who will put their trust in
Egypt. The "king of the south" of Daniel 11:40 and the nations
confederate with Egypt shall not succeed in their might. The
Almighty says Egypt is not God, but mere men. All will fall in
due time and according to the purpose of the Holy One (verses 1-

     The Lord will come down to fight for Zion. Not all is lost
for Jerusalem and Israel. God will deliver Jerusalem. Isaiah
tells people to TURN to Him from whom the children of Israel have
revolted, for the day comes when people will throw away their
idols of silver and gold, whatever sin they have made for
themselves. The Assyrian (Germany) will flee and fall by the
sword. The Lord will be as a fire in the furnace at Jerusalem and
Zion. It will be the time of the end of this age, and the Lord
comes as a mighty fighting warrior (verses 4-9).


     It is the time when a king shall reign in righteousness, and
princes shall rule in judgement. It is the time of Jesus' return
and the resurrection of the saints. Those with this King shall
be as rivers of water in the desert. Eyes shall indeed see, and
ears shall indeed hear, the true ways of life. The heart of
people shall understand true knowledge, and those who stammer at
speaking truth shall talk clearly. The vile person shall no more
be called "liberal" - "Oh, it's just his way to live" - "All
should be free to do as they desire." The vile person will no
more "churl" or mix his sin is all kinds of ways, to utter error
against the Lord. The vile churlings are evil, from evil persons
who destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy are in
the right attitude. The "liberal" shall fall in  his liberal
ways. Justice from God will come.
     We have seem in the year 2008 the many who devised cunning
craftiness with "house mortgages" and how the poor and average
citizen in the USA was led to buy and then later loose their
homes through the lies of the vile money schemers. Such are the
ways of many vile persons as they take advantage of the poor with
lying words (verses 1-8).

     God gives warning to the mothers of Israel. To those who
bear children and are looking for the "good life to continue" -
but the day comes when thorns and briers, will come upon all the 
houses of joy in all the cities. Sin will need to be corrected and 
the children of the land will suffer. The time will come as when
Jesus said that women will wish they had never born children and
never gave suck to their babies. Those words are recorded as you
read Matthew 24; Mark 13; and Luke 21.
     The time will come when the towns and cities will be
forsaken, when the wild beasts will live in them. It will all
happen UNTIL the Spirit is poured out from on high, until the
wilderness again becomes fruitful and the fruitful as a forest.
Then, in the new age to come, judgment will be in the wilderness
and righteousness remain in the fruitful field. The work of
righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness
shall be quietness and assurance for ever. Then God's people
Israel will dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in secure
dwellings, and in quiet resting places. It will be a time for
blessings from the sky and from the land, for man and for the
cattle of the land (verses 9-20).

     There is another way to understand these last verses in this
chapter. I quote from the Amplified Bible, verses 19 and 20.

"But it (the wrath of the Lord) shall hail, coming down
overpoweringly on the forest (the arm of the Assyrians), and the
capital city shall be utterly humbled and laid prostrate. Happy
and fortunate are you who cast your seed upon all waters (when
the river overflows its bank; for the seed will sink into the mud
and when the waters subside, the plant will spring up; you will
find it after many days and reap an abundant harvest), you will
safely send forth the ox and the donkey (to range freely)."

     It will be the time to destroy the mighty German led Europe
of the Babylon Mystery Religion, and restore the people of Israel
to their Promised Land with the blessings of the millennium reign
of Christ on earth.


     The treacherous destroyer of the last Holy Roman Empire,
will also be dealt with in like manner. As Jesus said, those who
live by the sword shall die by the sword (verse 1).

     Then we have a PRAYER - a PRAISE for the salvation that God
will bring to Zion and Jerusalem. At the lifting up of God's arm
the nations were scattered. He will yet fill Zion with judgment
and righteousness. Wisdom and knowledge shall be present,
strength and salvation; and the fear of the Lord is the treasure
(verses 2-6).

     Yet before all that comes, there must be destruction and
judgment upon the sinners of mankind. The valiant will cry, the
peace (earthy man-made peace) will weep, for God will rise and
punish those who are destroying the earth. There will need be
destruction from the Lord before the new age can arrive (verses

     The Lord will arise and will punish. Who will be able to
stand when God judges the earth? It is he who walks righteously,
and speaks uprightly, it is he who will not be taken in by the
ways and sins of this world, who will shut his eyes from evil. It
is this person who shall dwell on high with the Eternal God. This
righteous person will see THE KING in all His beauty, and dwell
in a land that is now far off. This person shall one day see
Jerusalem a quiet habitation, a tabernacle that shall not be
taken down, a place of solid rock, for THE ROCK of ages will be
there - Jesus shall come again to Zion and Jerusalem. The
glorious Lord shall be as a place of broad rivers and streams. It
will be the time and age for the Lord to be judge and be the lawgiver;
to be KING to His people; to SAVE Israel.
     It will be a time when the inhabitants of Jerusalem and
the Promised land shall not say, "I am sick." For the people then
dwelling there shall be FORGIVEN THEIR INIQUITY! (verses 10-24).

     Oh yes, beyond all the time of trouble and punishment to
come on the people of Israel and Judah and the whole world, there
is a bright day promised. A day and age of FORGIVENESS and
HEALING and JOY and SALVATION and PEACE, for all Israel and for
all nations of the earth, as Jesus our Lord shall come and bring
the Kingdom of God to earth. 

     So Lord may your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.


To be continued

Entered on this Website June 2008 

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