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Isaiah for Today #5

Chapters 11 to 22



     Verse one (as all Bible students who study prophecy know) is
talking about Jesus the Christ, you can reference this with Acts
     He will come with the Spirit of the Lord, the spirit of
wisdom, and understanding, counsel and might, the spirit of
knowledge and of the fear of the Lord. He will help many to fear
the Almighty as they should. He will not judge after His own
mind, nor give correction after His own thoughts, as person of
the physical flesh do in this world. But it is with RIGHTEOUSNESS
He shall judge, and will reprove with justice, especially for the
poor and humble of the world. He will have the power to SMITE the
earth and with the words of His breath of mouth He will slay the
wicked, as we see in Zechariah 14 when some nations may not want
to observe the Feast of Tabernacles.
     Righteousness shall be the girdle of His lions, and
faithfulness the girdle of His reins.
     Oh, how we need all of this on the earth. The nations of
this earth are so far away from the TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and
JUSTICE and KNOWLEDGE of the Lord. Even the so-called "Christian"
nations are walking down the pathway that leads to deception,
falsehood, and destruction.

     We have the wonderful prophetic promise that at THIS TIME,
when the Messiah comes in power and glory, the WOLF shall dwell
with the LAMB, the LEOPARD with shall lie down with the KID, and
the CALF and the young LION together: a little CHILD shall lead
them. The COW and the BEAR shall feed together: the LION shall
eat straw like the OX. The child still feeding on the breast
shall play with the poisonous asp and the weaned child will play
with the adder.

     We have never seen anything like this in the history of the
world, it is all yet to come, in the AGE TO COME, as the apostle
Paul once called it. Also, a time that has never been known on
earth since the garden in Eden, is a time when people will not
HURT or DESTROY each other, for God says through Isaiah, that the
COVER THE SEA BEDS! (verses 1-9).

     The TIME of this prophecy is SET - it is when the Messiah
comes to establish the Kingdom of God on earth! Nothing could be

     Now, in this time setting we see the following verses, right
to the end of the chapter.

     "And in THAT DAY," (v.10) the root of Jesse - Christ Jesus -
will stand for an ensign of the people, to Him shall the Gentiles
seek and the REST, the peace, the salvation, of His Kingdom will
be glorious. Yes, salvation will still go forth into all the
world. Today is NOT the only day of salvation. Physical people
will still live on into the 1,000 tears, people will marry and
have children, salvation will go forth as never before.
     "And it shall come to pass in that day"(11) that the Lord
shall set His hand again the SECOND time to recover the REMNANT
of His people which are left in Assyria (Germany), from Egypt,
from Pathros (upper Egypt), from Cush (Ethiopia), from Elam
(Yugoslavia area), from Shinar (Iraq), from Hamath (Syria), and
from the islands of the sea. He shall set up an ensign, and shall
ASSEMBLE the OUTCASTS of Israel. And gather together the
DISPERSED of Judah, from the FOUR CORNERS of the earth.

     You will clearly notice that Israel and Judah are just that
- Israel and Judah, they have NOT YET become ONE since the days
of the division after Solomon. They are at the very coming of
Christ, SCATTERED into all parts of the earth, they have been
destroyed as nations, and scattered as people, they are brought
back together from the four corners of the earth by the return of
Christ in glory to set up the Kingdom of God on earth. Israel and
Judah will become ONE nation of people once more. This we also
see CLEARLY given to us in Ezekiel 37, where you will notice
again in Ezekiel chapters 34 to 36 the regathering of them from
their captivity and dispersion.
     Everywhere in the Old Testament prophets, you find Israel
and Judah in CAPTIVITY to their enemies, when the Messiah comes
in glory. It is He who brings them out of the countries to
which they have been scattered, and brings them as ONE people back
to the Promised Land and Jerusalem. There shall be no more envy
or division among them, they will be under the leadership of the
Messiah, and all the saints of the resurrection (verses 11-13).

     What many do not understand is that MANY things will take
place at the very time of the Messiah's coming in power and
glory. From the day He comes, going into a period of days or
weeks after He has come, and Israel and Judah are returning. He
will use them to punish certain people as they journey back to
the Promised Land. We see this in verse 14. "But they shall fly
upon the shoulders of the Philistines (the Palestinians of the
so-called "west-bank" or the nation of people known as the
Palestinians). They shall spoil then of the east side of
Jerusalem. Their hand shall be upon Edom (Turkey, as they come
from parts of Europe and pass through Turkey, which in other
prophecies have helped disperse Judah at the beginning of the
Great Tribulation, which we shall see in other prophecies such as
Obadiah and Ezekiel 25). They shall lay hands upon Moab and the
children of Ammon shall obey them (this is the area of Jordan).
The prophecies in Zechariah 12 and 13 tell about Judah FIGHTING
at Jerusalem when the Messiah comes in power to set foot on the
Mount of Olives in chapter 14.

     There will be miraculous miracles performed on the Egyptian
sea and the seven streams of its delta and as it was in the first
Exodus for Israel under Moses, so shall it be once more, only
this time there will also be an MASSIVELY HUGE Exodus from the
modern Assyria or Germany. An Exodus from the Europe Babylon
Beast power of the end times (verses 14-16).

None of this has happened in the history of Israel and Judah, the
CONTEXT is clear and plain, if you read the Bible as a child, and
simply believe what is written. There is MUCH to take place at
the coming of Jesus the Messiah back to this earth.


     "And it THAT DAY" (verse 1) Israel and Judah will SING for
Joy. God is SALVATION, there will be TRUST and no fear. And in
that day (verse 4) they will praise the Lord, call upon His name,
declare His doings among the people of the earth. The inhabitants
of Zion will cry out in joyful praise that THE Holy One of Israel


     We now go back in the prophetic time table. Prophecy is
often like that, a back and forth of the whole story of the end
times. Now we are back to a prophecy given to BABYLON! We do have
an END TIME Babylon as Revelation 17 and 18 shows. This prophecy
is also contained in Jeremiah 50 and 51 - the DAUGHTER of Babylon
(Jer.51:33) and note verses 6,7-9,33,45 with Revelation 17 and
18. There is clearly an end time Babylon, that is to destroy much
of the world, and certainly to destroy and take captive the
modern House of Israel and the House of Judah at the very last 42
months or 1260 days of this age, those length of times mentioned
in the book of Revelation.

     God speaks to this Babylon. He has commanded His "sanctified
ones" - His human army of mighty ones to bring forth His anger on
the Babylon of the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire
with a Woman church guiding it all. What you see forming and
shaping in Europe today is that end time Babylon.
     God's army will come from afar, even the end of heaven. Yes,
it will be the army of the EAST, all the way to China and Japan,
and North from Russia. The prophecy is for "the DAY OF THE LORD"
(verse 6) - the time of the very end, probably the very last YEAR
of this age, before Jesus returns. It is DESTRUCTION from the

     Behold the DAY OF THE LORD comes, cruel both with wrath and
fierce anger, to lay the land desolate, and destroy the sinners
out of it. It is the time of the HEAVENLY SIGNS that Jesus gave
as well as Joel the prophet. Notice it in Mat.24:29 30; Joel
2:30,31. Here in verse 10 we read: "For the stars of heaven and
the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun
shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not
cause her light to shine."

     God says He will punish the world for their evil, and the
wicked for their iniquities, the arrogancy of the proud shall
cease, and haughtiness of the terrible made low. And the Lord
says He will make mankind more precious than fine gold - NOT MANY
WILL BE LEFT ALIVE as in comparison to the population of today!
     The heavens will be SHAKEN, and the earth shall be REMOVED
out of her place, in the WRATH of the Lord of hosts, and in the
day of His FIERCE ANGER! (verses 9-13).

     We are in the setting of the book of Revelation chapter 9
and the 6th TRUMPET. The armies of the kings of the EAST will
come against the Europe Beast power. A THIRD (of what is left to
this point) of mankind will be killed by this army from the East.
Babylon is to be punished for her sins and false deceptions that
have deceived the whole world. The Great WOMAN church and her end
time false prophet and political/military man beast are to face
the armies of the coming Messiah at Armageddon (Revelation 16).
But first the Babylon/Europe Empire is to face the anger of God
through His army He will use from the East. The description of
what God will do is given in verses 15,16 of this chapter of
Isaiah. There will be no mercy from the army of the Medes, the
East power of Russia and China (verses 14-17).

     And Babylon, the GLORY of Kingdoms, shall be as when God
overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah (verse 19).

     There is a two-fold fulfilment of this prophecy. Certainly
old Babylon was destroyed, and has never come close to being
rebuilt. It was to remain a desolate place, and it did for many
centuries. Could a modern nation undertake to bring back some of
its glory? Yes, probably could. I do not believe this was to be a
"forever" prophecy per se. It was in the first fulfilment to be
destroyed and for a very long time, a desolation, and it has been
     The last FULFILMENT IS THE IMPORTANT ONE! There was a
Babylon Empire and there was a Babylon "city" - so also at the
end time. There is a modern Babylon of a false confusion of
religion in Europe, with a modern Babylon city - the very city of
ROME! There has never been a city that has brought forth so much
RELIGIOUS DECEPTION on the world as the city of Rome. It truly is 
the most influential city in religion in the world. And all false 
teaching and doctrine have come from her and her daughter church 
that came out of her in protest, but maintained many of her false 
teachings in one form or another.

     At the time of this prophecy during the coming day of the
Lord, she, this city of Rome, will be destroyed, from generation
to generation during the 1,000 years of the age to come. Not one
person will live there, but the animals. It will remind people
all during the 1,000 years what a mighty deceptive religious city
she was. History will still be taught in schools, and Rome will
be known as the city of Babylon, the originator of all religious
falsehoods and deceptions. It will be very fitting that she
remains a desolate wilderness till the coming of the New heavens
and the New earth at the end of the 1,000 years.

     In the destruction of this end time Babylon Empire and her
city set on seven hills, there will be DELIVERANCE for the
peoples of Israel and Judah, as we next move back to that promise
of God in the first verses of chapter 14.


     The Lord will have mercy on Jacob (Israel as his name was
changed to). God will yet choose Israel (all 13 tribes) and others
will join themselves to them as they hear that the Lord is with
them. As Israel and Judah return to their Promised Land they will
actually fight against those who held them captive, and shall
rule over their oppressors. They will be given rest and peace
from their sorrow and hard bondage they lived under during their
captivity in the lands of their enemies during that 42 months of
the last years of this age (verse 1-3).

     Now the prophecy switches to a TAUNTING of the king of
Babylon. The golden city Empire is ceased! The Empire that ruled
the nations is broken in God's anger. The whole earth is at REST,
and people SINGING, as we enter the 1,000 years.
     Notice the time setting, verse 9. The GRAVE is MOVED for
who will be the Kings of the nations - the very saints of God
(Rev.5:10), will RISE in the resurrection at the time of Jesus' 
return. Those saints will look on Babylon and its king and say it 
has become like they were - DEAD!

     The force behind this last king of modern Babylon will be
Satan the Devil. Satan will yet try one last time to march up to
heaven and push God off His throne (Revelation 12) but he will be
cast down once more as he was a long time ago in the past ages.
He will not succeed in his fight to rule the universe and sit on
the throne of God. He will not succeed to be like the Most High.
He shall be brought down, and the physical king he will control
at the end time will be brought down to hell or the grave. This
is all told to us in Revelation 12:7-17 (where Satan is cast out
of heaven and goes to make one last war against the saints of God
which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of
Jesus Christ); and 19:11-21 where the physical man beast is taken
and thrown into the lake of fire.

     There will be no "burial" of this man leader, for he has
destroyed much people and lands. He is not to be honored with a
burial, he will be cast alive into the lake of fire at the coming
of the Messiah. Babylon will be cut off; great destruction will
come on them just as they greatly destroyed, and the city of
Babylon, the modern Rome, will be cleaned with a destruction that
will leave it like a wilderness (verses 4-23).

     Notice in verse 24-27, God just out of nowhere it seems,
goes back to speaking about ASSYRIA and how He will overthrow it,
and the YOKE shall depart from off His people, and the whole
earth shall be judged, and the nations upon it. God purposed it,
no one can disannul it. So is it His purpose and so it is written
and so it shall come to pass!

     Why go from Babylon to Assyria. Well the answer to that is
found in Ezekiel 23: 22-24. The context is about the two sisters
- Samaria (Israel) and Judah (Jerusalem) - the Babylonians and
the Assyrians, a COMPANY will come upon them to destroy.
Please read the whole context of these chapters in Ezekiel. Note
chapter 21:14 of Ezekiel also, the sword is to come THE THIRD
TIME on His people, Israel and Judah. The THIRD TIME it is
Babylon and Assyria and others in a COMPANY of people that will
come against the two sisters - Israel and Judah. 

     The united (feet and toes of clay and iron - Daniel 2 image)
Europe, resurrected Holy Roman Empire of Babylon Mystery Religion
and the Great German nation of ancient Assyria, will come against
the nations of Israel in the West and the peoples of the Jews in
the nation of Israel in the land of Jerusalem. It will be ONE
large EMPIRE of Babylon and Assyria at the end time all coming
from the same general location of the earth - Middle and East
Europe, who will punish Israel and Judah, and then themselves be
punished by the army from the East. But the man beast (with the
false prophet) shall have some of their armies already in the
Middle East, and with TEN kings from their Empire, they shall,
with armies from the East also, try and fight Jesus at His coming
- Revelation 16 and 17 and 19. This political king of the
Babylon/Assyria/Europe power will be taken by Christ and cast
into the lake of fire, and so during and after the battle of
Armageddon, the nations of the earth will have God's hand
stretched out on them to judge them and finally bring them under
the rulership of the Kingdom of God on earth. In the next verses 
of Isaiah chapter fourteen and in the next chapter up to and 
including chapter 23, we have prophecies regarding a number of 
nations on the earth.

     Verses 28-32 is a prophecy for Palestina, chapter 15 is for
Moab; chapter 16 for Moab; chapter 17 for Damascus and Syria;
chapter 18 for Ethiopia; chapter 19 for Egypt; chapter 20 for
both Egypt and Ethiopia.

     There was a FIRST fulfilment of these prophecies, and some
of the details are contained in these chapters. For the
historical past fulfilment I ask you to study the various Bible
Commentaries such as Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes.

     We need to realize that the people spoken about in these
chapters are STILL existing today, and there will be an END TIME
fulfilment of these prophecies during the last 3 or so years of
the end of this age.

     Palestina is the Palestine people of today, they are also
Philistia of Ezekiel 25:15-17 who are also the Philistines. The
Palestine people are the descendants of the Philistines the great
enemy of the Israelites is past history. When Judah goes into
captivity at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, the
Palestine people will help long the destruction and captivity of
the Jews in the land we call Israel today. God will not forget
the evil they will yet do, and they shall be punished. God will
indeed punish the remnant of the sea coast (Ezek.25:16). We saw
back in Isaiah 11:10-16 that when Israel and Judah are delivered
out of captivity at the coming of Christ, they will return from
many of the nations to the north where they have been taken
captive by the Europe Beast Babylon Power, and as they return to
Palestine - the Promised Land - they will fight against and punish
the Palestinians (notes Isa.11:14).


     This is a prophecy for Moab, who are today the people of
Jordan. Those people will be laid waste and brought to silence
(verse 1). They will gird themselves with sackcloth and there
will be much weeping. There shall be famine, the grass faileth,
no green thing, waters will be blood. Certainly fits in with some
of the end time prophecies in the book of Revelation. Ezekiel
25:8-11 says that because they will have no pity on the Jews of
the Promised Land when they go into captivity, so God shall give
Moab, the people of Jordan to the power of the East. And further,
as Israel and Judah return to the Promised Land when Jesus comes
again, they will lay hands on Moab - Jordan. God's Israelite
outcasts will dwell in the land of Moab (Isa.16: 4). That part of
the prophecy will happen when verse 5 is fulfilled. When "in
mercy shall the throne be established: He shall sit upon it in
truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment,
and hasting righteousness." This is Christ Jesus sitting on the
throne of David, establishing judgment and righteousness in the
earth. The people of Jordan are proud and haughty, but the
gladness and joy shall be taken away, no singing in the
vineyards. WITHIN THREE YEARS punishment will come upon the
people of Jordan and they shall be left very small and feeble in 
     All this is within the last 42 months or 1260 days or the
last 3 and 1/2 years of the end times as given in the book of

     The Middle East, Jerusalem, the Promised Land, is to be the
CENTRE of the prophetic world at the end time. Daniel 11:40
begins the last days prophecy. The King of the North - a
resurrected Holy Roman/Babylon Empire of Europe will arise in
might and power. There will be an end time UNITED Arab Empire led
by Egypt (so we must yet see Egypt come back as a large Arab
power), who will be the "king of the South" of Daniel 11:40. This
King of the South shall "push at" (in some way, which we are not
told) the King of the North. Europe will come marching down into
battle with the King of the South. Europe, the Beast Power of
Revelation, will win the battle, and will take Egypt, Ethiopia
and march into the Holy Land. But at the same time the MIGHTY
EAST Empire (Russia and China and India) will not sit back and be
doing nothing. They will send their armies into the Holy Land.
Moab or Jordan and some other parts of Palestine will become
their possession as all this drama of the NOW ONLY TWO MIGHTY
FORCES on earth, start to face each other.

     We are told in Isaiah 17 that Damascus and Syria will have
their glory and splendor taken away, just as Israel and Judah had
their glory taken away. All nations in the Middle East are now up
for grabs either by the Europe Beast Empire or the East Empire of

     Then Isaiah goes back to talk about Israel or Jacob (all 13
tribes) in verse 4 of chapter 17. But the whole context is for
all people of the earth. Some people will survive as the shaking
of an olive tree, two or three berries in the uppermost bough,
four or five in the outmost branches (v.6). It is a way of saying
that the majority of mankind will perish during this last 3 years
of this age before Jesus comes again. In that day the Lord says,
"shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect
to the Holy One of Israel." Again a way of saying the judgment of
the whole earth has come, it is the time for the last 3 years
(with Daniel 12 and the days he was given in prophecy it will be
the last 1,335 days) of this age, when by the time it is all
over the majority of the people left will indeed start to look
to their Maker. It will be the time when mankind will have seen
that of themselves they only brought the earth to the brink of
total destruction of all life.
     God says in verse 12, "Woe to the multitude of many people,
which make a noise like that of the sea...." In verse 13 the Lord
goes on to say. "The nations shall rush like the rushing of many
waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off,
and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the
wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind."
     Whatever the nations have done to each other and to Israel
and Judah, they will have their reward, they will also be
punished, they also will face the judgment of God as He unfolds
the DAY OF THE LORD upon them, the day of the GREAT WRATH OF THE
ALMIGHTY, as we see in the last verse of Revelation 6:17 and the
rest of the mind-bending prophecies of that book, which indeed
will devastate this earth in a way never before seen, and thank
God, never will be seen again.

     Isaiah 18 is a message to Ethiopia. Please read it in a
modern translation. There is to be PUNISHMENT on Ethiopia, and
that we see also on Daniel 11:40 as stated above. Yet when God blows 
the TRUMPET (verse 3) - THE LAST trumpet, then the world will hear 
and KNOW that God is coming to RULE the earth. Then in time as the 
Kingdom of God is established above all the mountains (other nations) 
of the earth, Ethiopia and all nations will "bring the gift to the 
Lord Almighty in Jerusalem, Zion, the place where His name dwells
(verse 7).


     The prophecy for Egypt, as also found in books like Ezekiel
(chap.29 to 32). Egypt is Egypt in prophecy. That nation is to
come yet again to the forefront on the world scene. For now (in
the year 2008) it is in the background, but it is yet to come
forth in mighty and political force, at least in the Arab world.
(And it all started to revive in 2011). So prophecy is held back 
by the Lord for the present. Until Egypt takes a powerful role in 
the Arab world, prophecy will be only slowly taking shape. We wait 
yet for Egypt to take her place on the world scene. She will one day, 
in God's time. She will lead an Arab Empire, the King of the South 
of Daniel 11:40-45 (And Egypt rising again has started in 2011)
     God will give Egypt over to a cruel lord, and a fierce king
shall rule over them, says the Lord (v.4). It will be a time when
waters fail from the sea, and the river dried up, and there shall
be devastation. There is no wisdom in Egypt. There is a perverse
spirit that will cause Egypt to err in her work as a man drunk
staggers in his vomit (v.11-15). The day will come when Egypt shall 
be afraid and fear because of the shaking of the land when the Lord 
sends the King of the North against her and her Arab confederate 
nations (v.16).

     Yet beyond all the fighting and destruction of war and the
plagues of the book of Revelation, there is to be a better age
for Egypt. After Judah has been a trouble to Egypt on its way
back to the Holy Land at Christ's coming (see chap.11:10-15 once
more), in THAT DAY, the age to come as Jesus returns to deliver
Judah from captivity, there will be an altar to the Lord in the
midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to
the Lord. Egypt will CRY OUT in that day, for the oppression of
the evil of the world. Egypt may take a while to fully surrender
its will to the Lord Jesus, as we see in Zechariah 14; they may
rebel at having to observe the Feast of Tabernacles, and the Lord
may have to send a plague of no rain. They will be oppressed
indeed with punishment from the Lord for not obeying Him, but
they will finally CRY OUT! God will show them a Savior has come,
a Great One, and through Him there is DELIVERANCE from sin and
death and sorrow and pain (verses 17-20).

     And it shall come to pass that "...the Lord shall be know to
Egypt and the Egyptians shall KNOW the LORD GOD in that day, and
shall do sacrifice and oblation; yes, they shall vow a vow unto
the Lord, and perform it. The Lord shall smite Egypt: He shall
SMITE and HEAL: and they shall turn even to the Lord, and He
shall be entreated of them, and shall HEAL THEM!" (verses 21-22).

     The day is coming that the people of GERMANY - the people of
EGYPT - the people of ISRAEL (fully united as 13 tribes) shall
dwell together in harmony and peace. They shall be LIGHTS to the
world. Here it is:

"In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria,
and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into
Assyria, and the Egyptian shall serve WITH the Assyrian. IN THAT
DAY shall Israel be a THIRD with Egypt and with Assyria, even a
BLESSING in the midst of the land. Whom the Lord of hosts shall
BLESS, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work
of My hands, and Israel Mine inheritance" (verses 23-25).

     This has NEVER TAKEN PLACE! Such LOVE and BLESSING among the
ancient peoples here mentioned NEVER took place.
     THIS IS A PROPHECY FOR THE FUTURE, for the end time, when
prophecy will be repeated in the modern world of the space age.
When God has accomplished what He wills with the descendants of
Assyria (the Germany people) with the descendants of Egypt (the
Egyptians today) and with the descendants of Israel (the nations
of North-West Europe, the British Commonwealth and the United
States of America), THEN after that is all done and finished
with, the Eternal will make the prophecy of verses 23 to 25 COME

     That will be in the GLORIOUS AGE TO COME, when the Christ
has returned and the Kingdom of God is established on earth for
one thousand years and then forever more in the New heaven and
the New earth (Revelation 20 to 22).


     Isaiah was to walk naked, well maybe his outer garment of
sackcloth is here meant, and no shoes. He was to be a sign to
Egypt and Ethiopia, that the Assyria was to come against Egypt,
and there was to be no escape from the defeat of battle for
Egypt. So it will be once more at the end time, as foretold in
Daniel 11:40-45. The King of the North, the Europe Beast Power,
will come against the King of the South, Egypt and her Arab
confederate associates. Then when that has all happened, at the 
beginning of the last 42 months of this age, then during the 
Day of the Lord, the time of the day of God's wrath, probably 
about one year in length, then the Europe Babylon will face her 
punishment from the army beyond the Euphrates, the army of the 
mighty EAST and NORTH powers of Russian and China and India and 
Japan. For they will come as written in Revelation 9:13-19 to kill 
a THIRD part of mankind that is left on the earth at this time of 
the final Day of the Lord.


     There is an ancient Babylon and a MODERN END-TIME Babylon in
the prophecies of your Bible. We have come to Isaiah 21 and
Babylon is to FALL. Isaiah sees it all in vision - a grievous
vision. It will not be a pleasant day when MODERN Babylon falls
during the Day of the Lord. It is all told to us in Revelation
18. The last end-time Babylon will be a mighty TRADING Empire,
Many will be made rich and wealthy by her. She will sit as a
Queen, saying she is not a widow and shall see no sorrow. Her
punishment and plagues will come in one day, probably one literal
day, but certainly a very short time. The kings of the earth will
commit spiritual fornication with her, for she shall be a mighty
religious power with a false prophet at her head, who will be
able to work miracles. The Merchants of the earth will stand a
far off and weep and wail for her destruction. In one short
"hour" her riches will come to nothing. The sea ships of trading
and all in that sea faring trading will stand a far off and moan
when they see her burning and smoke of destruction. They will
cast dust upon heir heads in sorrow, upon her demise. But the
people of God and the host of heaven are to REJOICE! The Great
city Babylon is thrown down!!

     All is foretold in the book of Revelation. The actual
destruction is told in Revelation chapter 9 and the 6th TRUMPET.
The kings and armies of the EAST will come against the end-time
last resurrected Holy Roman Empire of Europe. The destruction
shall cause ONE THIRD of the remaining population of the world to
die! It is the final long awaited destruction of the POWER that
has for over a THOUSAND YEARS brought DECEPTION to the world. and
the has poured out the blood of the SAINTS of God (Rev.18:23-24).

     Isaiah 21:11-17 is a prophecy towards Edom or modern Turkey
and many of the Arab world. You may like to read this from the
Amplified Bible. It is the prophecy of Obadiah. When those in
Judah - the Holy Land have to flee because of the destruction
coming from the King of the North who has marched into the land
and surrounded Jerusalem, the people of Turkey will only hinder
the people of God as they flee. Turkey will not go unpunished. We
shall see all that in full detail in the book of Obadiah, when I
get to it.


     Isaiah is still in vision and he sees the burden and
destruction of Jerusalem. Isaiah weeps bitterly because of the
spoiling of the daughter of his people (v.4). The day of trouble
has arrived, a day of treading down from the Lord God, a breaking
down of the walls of defense, and a crying as people flee to the
mountains as Jesus said they should (see Luke 21:20-24).
     The valleys shall be full of armies, who shall set
themselves against the city gates, they know where and how to
attack. They know all the houses and all Jerusalem, they
have the detail maps to destroy. It is now the day of weeping,
mourning, baldness, girding with sackcloth. It truly is a time
for many to say, "Let's eat, drink and party, for tomorrow we
die" (verses 4-13).
     It is the time for iniquity to be purged from Judah, but in
so doing there will be much death and sorrow (v.14).

     The man here in verse 15-25 is only a type of THE MAN that
is to come, the Son of man, the Son of God, Jesus the Messiah
Christ. The Government of God will be committed unto Him, He
shall be a "father" to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the
House of Judah. He will deal with them as a loving father. He
will rescue, deliver, and save them. They will KNOW Him, will
acknowledge He is the Messiah. We see all this wonderfully
explained in the last chapters of the prophet Zechariah - chapter
12 to 13.

     The Messiah Jesus will have the KEY OF DAVID (see Revelation
3:7); He can OPEN and no one can SHUT, He has the key of
Salvation and the open door of the Father's will to be done on
earth, for 1,000 years (verse 22).

     We are again brought forward to the reign of Jesus Christ on
earth and the restoring of Israel and Judah.


     The prophecy concerning mighty TYRE, the type once more of
the end-time BABYLON of EUROPE! Prophecy in the book of Isaiah
moves BACK AND FORTH, from the time of the captivity of Israel
and Judah to the punishment of Babylon/Assyria, to the rising and
power of the end time Babylon, to the destruction thereof; to the
coming of the Power from the East, to the last battle of the 10
kings of the last Roman Empire, to the victory of Jesus over the
nations, to the resurrection of the saints, to the Kingdom of God
established upon the earth. We move BACK AND FORTH among all this
last 42 months, 1260 days, a time, and times, and dividing of a
time, as recorded in the book of Revelation.


To be continued

Entered on this Website May 2008

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