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The Prophet Isaiah for Today

The Past and the Future

                            ISAIAH FOR TODAY #3


     Isaiah has a vision, he sees the Lord (Heb.Adonai), His flow
of garments (the skirts thereof - margin) fill the heavenly
Temple. There are SERAPHIMS, special heavenly beings. Each have
six wings, two cover their faces, two cover their feet, and two
wings they fly with. One Seraphim cries out, "Holy, holy, holy,
is the Lord (Heb.YHVH) of hosts; the whole earth is full of His
glory. We see here that "Adonai" is also YHVH. In many studies
elsewhere on this Website we give proof that the TWO beings of
the Godhead are and can both be Adonai and YHVH - the ONE who
comes back to earth and sets foot on the mount of Olives (see
Zech.14) is YHVH as the Hebrew is in those verses of Zechariah.
God the Father and God the Son both have the name YHVH. As Jesus
said, "I and the Father are ONE." Not that they are one being, as
some Trinity teaching is taught, but that they are ONE as the
church is ONE, as Adam and Eve became ONE in union through
marriage (see Genesis 2:24). Whatever the Father has, so has the
Son. They share the same nature, perfection and holiness, the
share the same glory, the same power, they share everything as
the same. The only difference is that the Father is greater in
AUTHORITY, as Jesus said, "The Father is greater than I." Jesus
sits at the Father's right hand in the heavenly Temple and
throne. He does not sit on top of Him or inside Him, He sits NEXT
to Him, on His right hand. Nothing in the New Testament is more
clear than that Jesus is God, and the Father is God, that they
both form the Godhead, TWO BEINGS MAKING ONE Godhead.

     Isaiah, in the presence of God in this vision is UNDONE, he
is a sinner indeed in the presence of the Lord. He admits his sin
and the sin of the people of all Israel. He is a man of unclean
lips, whatever that might have meant, which is not in any detail
explained to us. He has seen in the vision of the minds eye the
KING, the LORD of hosts.
     One of the Seraphim flies to Isaiah with a live coal in his
hand which he has taken from the heavenly altar. He puts it on the
lips of Isaiah, and tells him that his sins have been taken away,
     Isaiah then hears the voice of the Lord saying, "WHOM SHALL
I SEND, and who will go for US?" Yes, it is "us" as it was in
Genesis 1:26; "Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness."
The Godhead is ONE but consists of TWO individual beings, always
has from eternity past. See other studies on this Website for the
truth of the matter on that subject.

     Isaiah says he WILL GO!

     God, tells him then to go to His people. To preach to them,
BUT they will not hear, they will not understand nor will they
perceive. Isaiah will make their heart fat, and their ears heavy,
they will shut their eyes; they will not see, they will shut
their minds and hearts, LEST they understand and be healed and be
CONVERTED! It is NOT appointed for the masses to be CONVERTED.
Paul brings all this truth out in Romans chapters 9 to 11. Only a
remnant, only a calling through grace is allowed in this age for
the relatively few.
     Isaiah asks "Lord, how long?" God answers, "UNTIL THE CITIES
BE WASTED WITHOUT INHABITANT, and the houses without men, and the
LAND be UTTERLY DESTROYED. Until the Lord has REMOVED people FAR
AWAY, and there be great forsaking in the land. Until there be
but a TENTH, and they RETURN after even the tenth is somewhat
eaten." Yes, LESS than 10 per cent of your people Israel and Judah
shall remain to see the coming of the Lord and be delivered from
bondage and restored to the Promised Land under the rulership of
the Messiah. 
     You will yet be punished MIGHTILY for all your sins and
iniquities Oh you people of all the tribes of Israel. When it
happens, as it surely will, you WILL KNOW a prophet and minister
of the Lord Most High was in your midst, to tell you of your SINS
and the PUNISHMENT to come!!


     These two chapters had HISTORICAL import for the then
present ONLY, in Israel and Judah. They have nothing directly to
do with us TODAY. You can read those chapters in a modern
translation and/or go to the Bible Commentaries for the
historical events that happened in the life time of Isaiah, for
the expounding of those chapters. I will only add here that we
have FOUR significant prophecies that did have fulfilment in the
FIRST century A.D.

     We have the famous sign of a "maid" (verse 14 - Heb. elmaw -
a lass, veiled or kept out of sight - Strong's #5959 from 5958).
In the context here the word had nothing to do with "virginity"
per se. His name was to be called Immanuel, that is God with us.
A type prophecy concerning the birth of Christ, who was from a maid, 
and also a virgin (Mat.1:23).
     Before the child should know to refuse evil and choose the
good, the land that is full of abhorrent sin would be forsaken of
both kings, that of Judah and that of Israel (verse 1). It was to
be the king of the Assyria Empire that would come to destroy the
House of Israel and much of the House of Judah (many forget that
much of Judah was also destroyed by the Assyrian armies (verse
17). This verse 14 is connected with verses 3 and 4 of chapter 8.
Isaiah had a son from a prophetess. The child's name was to be
called "Mahershal-alhashbaz" the margin of the KJV gives the
Hebrew as "In making speed to the spoil he hasteneth the prey, or,
Make speed,).
     Before the child was to have the knowledge to cry, "My
father" or "My mother" the riches of Damascus and the spoil of
Samaria was to be taken away before the king of Assyria

     Some of the kingdom of Judah was to be spared (chapt.8:5-8).

     Chapter 7:18-25 as the heading in my KJV Bible puts it is:
"Devastation of the land foretold."

     Chapter 8:9-12 though they confederate together and plan to
overcome defeat, they will not escape destruction.
     They are to FEAR the Lord and let Him be their defence, He
should be their sanctuary, but He will alas be their ROCK OF
OFFENCE; a STUMBLING BLOCK, both to the house of Israel and to
the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Many among them would fall and be
broken, be snared and be taken.
     This was a type reference to Jesus the Christ, the STONE of
Israel, whom they would not accept, but would be offended in Him.
The prophecy is given as fulfilment in Luke 2:34; Rom.9:33; 
1 Peter 2:8.
     A prophecy of the apostles binding up and sealing the
Testimony and Law was given in chap.8:16. It was the apostles of
the first century that were to canonize and establish the New
Testament Scriptures NOT some Roman Catholic church in the 3rd or
4th century. See the studies called "Canonization of the New
Testament" on my website.

     Chapter 8:18 was fulfilled in the words and days of Christ
as given in Hebrews 2:13.

     Verses 19 and 20 are key verses to show you that nothing but
the Scriptures of God are to serve as what is truth or error. You
are not to look to visions, miracles, fancy signs or the clever
and lofty speeches of men. With all those things MANY lead MANY
down the wrong garden path into the thorn bushes of deception and
false teachings. You must always do as the Bareans did in Acts
17; search the Scriptures to see if those things are indeed so,
if they are in accord with the Scriptures. Keep your nose and
eyes and mind in the Bible!! Then you shall know the truth and
the truth shall set you free!!


     Verses 1-2 had a fulfilment back in the days of Isaiah, but
it had another fulfilment in the days of Christ. See Mat.4:16 and
Eph.5:8,14. Yes, some prophecy has a DUAL meaning, and sometimes
a THIRD fulfilment, for in the last days those people of Israel
as mentioned will have affliction and will come through it to see
that from darkness there will be LIGHT. From death, there will be
LIFE. The yoke of the enemy shall be broken in the last days. FOR
PERFORM THIS!!(verses 6-7).

     Oh, yes Israel and Judah, despite your sins and iniquities,
your unbelief, your hard-heartedness, your turning away from your
God and His holy laws and commandments. Despite your thumbing
your nose at Him, despite all your evil, your crime, your killing
of the unborn innocent child, despite your adulteries and
fornications, your false religions, your trampling all over God's
holy Sabbath day, despite your leaders and priests that lead you
astray and in the pathway of unrighteousness. Despite all your
revellings and drunkards and your sick-coms on prime time
Television. Despite all your traditions that abolish the
commandments of God, that produce only a form of religion.
Despite all your wrong, ungodly education in your schools,
despite the violence not only in your streets but in your
sporting leisure. Despite all the evil in your music and movies,
despite the scandals and corruptions that are in your
governments. Despite all of this, there is a child that was born
of a virgin 2,000 years ago, who came and died for sin, who was
resurrected and who is now on the right hand of the Father in
heaven, waiting to be sent back to this earth in power and glory
and judgment. To Him is given a Kingdom, to Him is given the
throne of David and He will establish His Kingdom with peace and
order and judgment and justice.
     He will come again! He is the ONE who bears the names of
God; Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, the Everlasting
Father, the Prince of Peace. 
     The Kingdom of God will come to earth. You Oh Israel and
Judah will not be fully destroyed in the Great Tribulation at the
end time. Some of you will live and will see with your own eyes
the words just written in these verses of Isaiah. There is a
BRIGHT DAY a coming! (verses 6-7).

     BUT till then .... Isaiah goes back once more to cry aloud
and spares not to show God's people their sins. 

     The Word of the Eternal is to Jacob, it is come to Israel.
All the people shall hear and know, even Ephraim (The British
Commonwealth) and Samaria (all of the tribes of Israel), that say
though the bricks be fallen down, we have doom preached to us, we
shall not fall, we shall build. But the Lord says because of this
attitude of "all is well" - "no disaster can strike us" - then
the Syrians will be before, and the Philistines behind (the
modern people of Syria and the Palestinians) shall help in
devouring Israel. God's anger is not turned away, His hand is
stretched out to punish. The people though smitten even now in
their troubles with Syria and the Palestinians, will NOT turn
unto God, they will not seek Him in humility! Therefore the Lord
will cut off from Israel both the head and the tail. In one short
day or time frame it will come. The head is the ancient and so-
called honorable, the ones who should know better, the so-called
wise of the land, the so-called educated, those in government
office. The tail is the prophet, the priest, the religious
leaders. It is those LEADERS THAT CAUSE ISRAEL TO ERR!! It is
because of those leaders that Israel will be destroyed (verses 8-

     The Lord will not spare, His mercy will run out, His
longsuffering will come to an end. The land is full of hypocrites
and evil doers, there is much folly in the mouth of people. FOR
ALL THIS AND MORE, His anger will not be turned away; His hand
will be stretched out to punish! It is for WICKEDNESS that the
people and the land will BURN like the dry wild forests burn with
fire. The land will be DARKNESS for the smoke of the fire and the
people as fuel. None can save the life of another, ONLY God will
be the protector in that day. 
     That day will be so terrible that people will eat their own
flesh. Manasseh (the USA) and Ephraim (the British) and Ephraim,
Manasseh, they shall be against Judah (the Jews). None will pity
any, all will be for themselves. They will only be concerned
about their own individual lives and have the attitude of "to
hell with everyone else."
     For all this, His ANGER is not YET TURNED AWAY, but His arm
is still stretched out to punish even more.


     Isaiah is given more words to say to Israel and Judah. Those
that oppress, who turn aside the needy from judgment and take
away what is the right of the poor, that widows and the
fatherless be not cared for. Think of all the BILLIONS and
TRILLIONS of dollars in the Western world. Think of the multi-
millionaires in the Western world. Think of all the wealth in
Israel and Judah, all the good and the helpful, all the less
fortunate in one way or another, and the service and help that
could be handed out. Think of all the MONEY that the rich spend
on themselves, huge houses, two or three, huge boats, mansions
here and there, expensive cars beyond any real need, and on and
on I could go. There was a young man, about age 30. He started in
the world of high Computer technology. In ten years he was able to 
sell his business for hundreds of millions of dollars. The TV
interviewer saw his large plane outside his office. He asked the
rich young man if he was a pilot. He answered no he was not. He
was then asked if he flew around in his plane very much; the
answer was no he did not. The interviewer then asked why he had
the plane then. The young rich man answered "Because I can." He
bought the plane, worth some millions of dollars, because he
     There is nothing wrong with wealth and riches per se. Wealth
can be a blessing. Job was a very wealthy man, but Job used his
wealth to give and to serve others. God indites our people, the
wealth we have, for NOT USING it as we should. Yes, there are
"bums" out there, who need help to get their minds back in order
first, but there are also MANY who need and deserve a helping
hand. God gave ancient Israel many laws concerning the helping
and serving of the poor and needy. Part of the punishment to come
upon us is because we have NOT used the wealth given to us

     God's hand will be stretch out, it is just a matter of time.
Which MAIN nation will God use to punish us?  Here it is in
Isaiah 10, verses 5-11.

     The modern nation of Assyria is the GERMAN nation. Twice she
has been the enemy of the West. Once MORE she will be the tool
God uses to punish His people Israel and Judah. For a full
historical and Biblical expounding of the old Assyrian Empire being
modern Germany, you need to obtain the book from
called "The Great German Nation - Origins and Destiny" by

     "O Assyria," says the Lord, "the rod of mine anger, and the
staff in their hand is mine indignation. I will send him against
an hypocritical nation, against the people of my wrath will I
give him a charge, to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and
to tread them down like the mire of the streets. Howbeit, HE
MEANS NOT SO, neither doth his heart THINK SO; but it is in his
heart to DESTROY and cut off nations not a few. For he says, 'Are
not my princes altogether kings. .... Shall I not, as I have done
unto Samaria and her idols, so do to Jerusalem and her idols'"
(verses 5-11).

     It was the Assyrian Empire that God used against ancient
Israel and Judah (those that remained of Judah, later the Babylon
Empire would take captive). It has been in modern times the same
people who are now the German race of today (the Assyrian people
migrated through Europe into the land called today Germany) who have
been the enemy of the West, the modern House of Israel, and the
people of Judah, the Jews.
     It is not in the heart, it is not the design of Germany to
kill and plunder, BUT given the right political situation, the
world politics, and all that was the mind-set of the First and
Second World Wars, then Germany will RISE AGAIN to be the leader
of the Western world. The next time around, the THIRD ROUND, they
will have a Beast power of a some-what United Europe behind them,
together with a Great Catholic (which means "universal")
RELIGION, with its false prophet of the book of Revelation, and
its "beast" man, political/military leader to SPEAR-HEAD them.

     It's all in the pages of Bible Prophecy. It's all expounded
in many various studies on this website.

     THE nation to spear-head the punishment to come on the
North-Western nations of Europe, the British Commonwealth and the
United States of America, will be the mighty GERMAN nation. This
time around it will be under the banner of "Christendom" - doing
what they consider is the way to bring God's religion and kingdom
to the nations of the world. A greater "religious work" than was
ever perpetrated before in the two world wars of the 20th
century. The next world-war will be the final world-war to end
with the return of the Messiah to stop man from destroying all
flesh from off the planet, and to also punish those who are
destroying the earth. 

     Germany will be used to punish the Israel and Judah of God,
but when that is completed, Germany and the end-time Babylon/Beast 
power will be punished for their loftiness and stout heart of vanity.
But that is to see next time.


To be continued

Entered on this Website April 2008 

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