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Isaiah - a Prophet for Today

Judgment on Judah and Israel

                            ISAIAH FOR TODAY #2


     The Lord God continues here with more judgment upon the
house of Judah and Jerusalem.
     God will take away from you Judah, all the bread and water
you enjoy now. He will take away your army, your judges, your
religious leaders, the young and the old, the tradesmen, the
statesmen. You will be ruled over by the princes and babes, that
know no knowledge of the Lord, everyone will be oppressed, even
to the ancient or old of days, the unhonorable against the
honorable. The simple of mind, the uneducated in the wisdom of
God, shall rule over you. For the Lord looks at the time when
Judah is FALLEN, and Jerusalem is ruined, the time when you are
AGAINST the Lord, to provoke Him to anger. 
     You, the people of Judah, are so living today, your people
and nation as a whole have TURNED away from the Word and
Commandments of the Most High. You show in your daily living you
as sinners. You have given yourself the reward you deserve -
evil; you shall eat the fruit of your doings. Woe to the wicked,
for they shall be rewarded according to their works. 

     The Lord of Hosts says: "As for my people (all the tribes of
Israel), CHILDREN are their oppressors, and WOMEN rule over them.
Oh, my people THEY WHICH LEAD YOU cause you to ERR, and destroy
your paths" (verses 1-12).

     Did you hear this oh Israel, your LEADERS cause you to ERR!
It makes no difference if they "go to church" - "carry the Bible
under their arm one day in seven" - "speak at times as though
they are 'religious'" - your leaders DO NOT KNOW the true God nor
do they know His commandments and the right ways to live under
God. You have allowed the wrong ideas of women and children to 
lead you. All of your people, young, old, male, female, have turned
from the Law of the Lord!

     The Lord stands up to plead, He stands to judge. He will not
always be longsuffering. The days come when God will enter into
JUDGMENT with the ancients of His people, and the princes
(leaders), for you have eaten up the vineyard of good and you have
neglected to look after the poor of the land, as you should have
done. You have beaten to pieces the people, and have pushed the
face of the poor as if in the dirt. Judgment will come, says the
Lord of Hosts!

     Now, your God turns His attention to the daughters of Zion,
to the average woman, and in type, and because God is no
respecter of persons this prophecy applies to the daughters of
Israel as well as Judah.
     Your daughters by and large, in your secular world, are all
out to be physically alluring, sensual, sexy.
     I happened to see last night (April 2008) a part program on
TV that showed some of the "night-clubs" in your lands, where the
daughters, young ladies, frequent and DISPLAY themselves in all
their sexy clothes, even to their sexy underwear, while they
dance and get drunk (some interviewed saying they wanted to get
drunk) and lure the wanton eyes of all around. Your daughters of
your lands are shameless and "fornicating whores" dressed in the
so-called "respectability" of legal night-clubs.
     Your TV stations, your "movie theatres," your advertisements
in all forms of media, are to advance the promotions of making
you "sexy." BUT the Eternal says the day comes when all these
"trinkets" - all these "jewels" - all this "fine linen" - all the
"chains and bracelets, and ornaments, and rings, and nose jewels"
etc. will be taken away. Instead of the sweet smell, there shall
be STINK, instead of well set hair, there will be baldness, a
BURNING instead of beauty. The day comes when your men whom you
desire shall FALL BY THE SWORD! And there shall be weeping and
lamentation in all your gates (verses 16-26).


     In that day, when it comes to pass, as the Eternal has said,
SEVEN women shall want to take hold of ONE man, to have in
marriage, for so depleted will be the men of your land (verse 1).

     But, there is good news beyond the destruction. At that time
of trouble the BRANCH of the Lord (Jesus the Christ) shall be
beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth again becomes
excellent and comely, for those who shall be the escaped of
Israel, for those who shall not die. And it shall come to pass
for those who are left in Zion and those remaining in Jerusalem,
shall be called holy, all that are written among the living in
Jerusalem. When the Lord has WASHED AWAY THE FILTH of the
daughters of Zion, and will have purged the blood of Jerusalem
from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the
spirit of burning destruction. The Lord will create upon every
dwelling place in Zion, a cloud by day and a fire by night: for
upon the that glory of restitution shall be a defence. There will
come peace and safety, a shade in the hot daytime, and a place of
refuge from the storm and rain (verses 2-6).

     Yes, Zion, Jerusalem, you shall know PEACE and SAFETY, a
refuge in the time of storm. You do not know it today, you will
not know it tomorrow, for much tribulation is yet to devour your
people and children and sons. But your Messiah, the Branch of
God, shall come and bear glorious fruit, you shall then know Him
and be brought back to Zion and Jerusalem, from the captivity
whence you have been taken. You will then REPENT, and you will
dwell safely in the land of promise. 
     The start of the 1,000 years of the Kingdom of God on earth
will not be all roses around the world, some will yet need to
come to know the Lord, to repent of sin, to put away their
weapons of war. There will be much to say and do for other
nations to bring them to the light of God, but you Israelites,
now dwelling back in Jerusalem and Zion and the Holy Land
promised to Abraham and his descendants, there will be peace and


     The Eternal now sings a song to His beloved people, to their
vineyard. The Lord took it to bring forth sweep grapes but it
brought forth wild grapes. He says to the inhabitants of
Jerusalem and to the men of Judah, they are to judge, to
understand what this parable is all about. He says He will take
away the protective hedge and break down the walls thereof, so
the vineyard can be trodden down: so it can be laid WASTE: be not
pruned and dug, but so thorns and thistles come up. The clouds
will He command to not bring rain (verses 1-6).

     What, or WHO IS this vineyard? God answers, He tells us, He
interprets for us .... the vineyard is the HOUSE OF ISRAEL and
THE MEN OF JUDAH ... his pleasant plant. The Lord looked for
JUDGMENT, right understanding of how to live, but behold He found
only OPPRESSION; for righteousness ... but behold there is a CRY

WOE - to them who build house upon house, field upon field,
settlement upon settlement. For it shall all become DESOLATE,
without inhabitant.

WOE - to them who rise up early and stay up late at night to
party and drink until they are drunk. The Lord looks and He sees
in Israel that music and fancy dress and lovely decorations are
in your Feasts: BUT you do NOT regard the true works and ways of
the Lord, neither do you consider the true work of His hands, you
have a FALSE religion, you have as the apostle Paul said would
come in the last days, a FORM of religion but you DENY the POWER

You are going into captivity because you have NO TRUE
KNOWLEDGE, and your leaders are FAMISHED to know the RIGHT ways,
and dried up as a desert. Hell is going to open its mouth and all
of your ways and frivolous pomp and festivals will descend down
into it. The mighty as the world looks at mighty, will be
HUMBLED! God that is Holy shall be EXALTED IN JUDGMENT and
sanctified in RIGHTEOUSNESS. There will be a burning and
strangers will eat the fat of the land.

WOE - unto them that pull INIQUITY with cords of vanity, and sin
as it were with a cart rope, pulling more and more SIN into the walk
of life in Israel and Judah. You laugh at God, and in mocking
words tell him to "bring it on" - so one day He will!

WOE - to them that call EVIL "GOOD" and GOOD "EVIL" - that put
for "SWEET" and SWEET for "BITTER." You have it all BACKWARDS and
UPSIDE-DOWN and INSIDE-OUT! You do NOT know the truth from the
false, you do NOT know sin from righteousness. Your leaders in
secular life and religious life have turned right into wrong and
wrong into right.

WOE - to them who are wise in their own eyes, who do not seek the
wisdom of God, but trust in their own ways, who make up false
ways to act and live and practice, as if it is from God. They
have become a law unto themselves, and even worship the Almighty
with the traditions of men.

WOE - to them who think it is clever and some act of greatness to
drink wine and strong drink, as if the more the better, which
then justify giving rewards to the wicked ... "come on I'll dare
you to do this, I'll give you some reward." So we have those who
drink and drink and then perform some horrible act upon man or
beast, anything to get some fame or a few dollars on a "bet." Who
so drunk they take away the righteousness from the righteous,
they know not what is good and proper any more. We see it in the
news each day, of people drunk on wine or drugs, who then commit
acts of brutality and violence.

     Yes, WOE be to all who so live, the day of judgment draws
nigh (verses 8-23).

     Therefore says the Mighty One, the fire will come and
devour, the flame will come and consume, and the blossom of God's
people shall be as dust. WHY? Oh WHY is this to happen? Look! See
what the Word of the Lord says:

DESPISED THE WORD OF THE HOLY ONE of Israel!! (verse 24).

   You have many in your "religion" who teach the law of God 
is abolished, that grace allows YOU to decide what is sin or 

     Therefore, the ANGER of the Lord is kindled against His
people, and He has stretched forth His hand against them, and
hath SMITTEN them; the hills did tremble, their bodies were torn
in the midst of the streets, but His hand is still stretched out
.... He will yet Oh Israel put up a sign, call with a hiss from
the ends of the earth, and BEHOLD HIS BATTLE AXE will come,
swiftly it will come. They shall not slumber or sleep any more,
they have put on their armor, they have one purpose in mind,
which cannot be broken. They have their sharp swords, their
weapons are strong like the whirlwind. They shall roar like the
lion, like young lions, to lay hold of the pray and carry it
away. None can be delivered from them.

     It shall come to pass oh people of Israel and Judah that
your enemy can no longer be held back, your SINS will have turned
the longsuffering and patience of God to ANGER and JUDGMENT. In
that day the enemy from afar will ROAR like the sea, and if one
looks at the land only DARKNESS AND SORROW is seen. When it is
light, it shall be DARKNESS in the DESTRUCTION thereof (verses


To be continued

Entered on this Website April 2008

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