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Isaiah For Today #12

Modern Babylon Destroyed - Restoration of Jacob Israel

                             ISAIAH FOR TODAY #12

                             Chapters 47 - 49


     This chapter of Isaiah goes hand in glove with Revelation
18. You need to stop and now read Revelation 18.
     Isaiah 47 is the DAUGHTER of Babylon, not the original
Babylon but her daughter, the descendant of Babylon. She is going
to sit in the dust, be destroyed, no more being called tender and
     Her nakedness shall be uncovered and her shame (of lies,
evil, and false teachings) be revealed. God will take vengeance,
and when He does, Oh what destruction will come upon her. It will
be not a man taking vengeance but the Lord of Hosts, the Holy One
of Israel.

     She will sit in darkness, this daughter of the Babylon
kingdom and religion. She shall no more be called "The Lady of

     This Babylon daughter is the last Holy Roman Empire of
Europe with the Roman Catholic Church as the woman that rides the
Beast of the book of Revelation. This Babylon church calls
herself the true Church of God, she claims she is the lady of all
ladies. A "woman" in Bible prophecy represents "church" - either
the true Church of God in actuality or the false church/es that
claim to be "Christian" but are in effect the churches of
"deception" governed by Satan the Devil.

     This "lady of kingdoms" - this Babylon religious Beast, who
has a political man and a false religious prophet who is guiding her,
shall come to destruction by the hand of the Lord God of Israel
(verses 1-5).

     God now goes back (verse 6) to the destruction of His people
Israel and Judah by the hand of this woman Babylon, He says, "I
was angry with My people, I have polluted Mine inheritance, and
I have given them into your hand: you did show them no mercy;
upon the ancient has thou very heavily laid your yoke."

     The time is coming when the people of Israel (the Western
Nations of the world) and Judah (the Jews) shall fall into the
hands of this mighty Europe Babylon Beast power. She is now
rising in Europe, there is a way to go yet before she will RISE
is getting there. God is in control of it all, only He wills when
it will all come to pass. We have seen in the last 50 years the
Lord is taking His time to bring all the end-time prophecies to
their climax. But I can tell you with FULL DOGMATIC ASSURANCE,
what you are reading about in this study of Israel WILL COME TO

     This Babylon Europe will have NO MERCY when it is given the
power to CONQUER the WESTERN WORLD! She will say, "I shall be a
lady forever, for thou didst not lay these things (written) to
your heart (she would not admit the truths of God), neither didst
thou remember the latter end of it (she would not see the end
result, even when told by the holy prophets of God)" (verses 6-

     See Revelation 18:7. She that is given to pleasure, that
dwells carelessly (in her teaching that she is the true church of
God), she says, "I am, and NONE else is beside me; I shall NOT
sit as a widow, neither shall I know the LOSS of children" (verse
     She claims to be the queen of God, the TOP of the tree in
Christian religion. She claims to be the MOTHER of children, and
she is indeed, all the Protestant churches she claims to own, and
will have them back in one way or the other. When she is granted
control of the Western world she will claim she shall sits as
queen and never again will be a window. She will once more control
Christian religion. She will have destroyed any opposition, the
very true Church of God, will have fled into the wilderness, and
this Babylon Beast will persecute and kill those true Christians
remaining, who have not escaped to the wilderness of protection.
All this is fully covered in my expounding of the book of
Revelation in the New Testament Bible Story, on this website.

     But the very things that she shall say will not come upon
her, shall INDEED COME, even in ONE DAY! She shall see the loss
of children, she shall be a widow: she shall be DESTROYED QUICKLY
for the SORCERIES, and for her abundance of ENCHANTMENTS. It is
truly AMAZING how MANY (OVER a Billion now) are deceived by this
Babylon Church of Rome with her strange religious sorceries and
     Today anyone can Internet the Roman Catholic teachings and
discover her strange doctrines like the virginity of Mary, or the
assumption of Mary. With a little research you can discover the
killing and blood this lady of churches was responsible for over
the centuries. You can if you will, come to see the WICKEDNESS of
this church. With her wisdom and knowledge (she indeed does have
many priests with Ph.D's) but this has only PERVERTED her with
her proudness of "I am, and there is none else besides me" (verse

     Because of all this EVIL that will come upon this daughter of
Babylon ... it will come so suddenly it will hit her like a bolt
of lightening.
     God calls her to stand with her sorceries and enchantments 
and see if she can prevail over the Lord Eternal. As she deals in
strange false religious teachings, God calls her to go to the
strange astrologers, star-gazers, prognosticators, and see if
they can save her from the destruction that is to come her way.
The Lord says such false hope in astrologers etc. will NOT save
her, they will NOT be able to deliver her from the fire of
destruction, from the power of the flame. All the mighty of the
earth, the powerful, the merchants, shall wander away and none
shall save her (verses 11-15).

     It is the time when the merchants of the earth shall stand
afar off and shall be in shock and dismay at her destruction,
they shall wail and cry for her mighty trading power has come to
an end, and the lady of kingdoms shall be a widow and she shall
have blood just as she was drunken with the blood of the saints
whom she has killed over the centuries. Her time of judgment and
punishment has come. See Revelation 18.


     The Almighty now speaks again to Israel, who are FROM the
waters of Judah, separated from Judah, proving that Israel are
not always with Judah, that often Israel is talked to separate
from Judah (the Jews). Israel swears by the name of God, yes, 
"In God We Trust" can be in print on their money, but the Eternal
says, words are just words, but as for truth and righteousness
they are NOT serving Him. They say they are of the Holy City,
claiming to be "Christian" nations. God says He has spoken to them,
declared the former things from the latter things, given them the
prophetic words of truth. And He has! This website is telling
Israel and Judah the righteousness and truths of God, it is
shouting out to Israel the things that WILL COME TO PASS! They
are being WARNED! God is doing it for Israel is OBSTINATE, their
neck is as IRON SINEW, and their brow as BRASS. It is the nature
of Israel to TURN AWAY from the Eternal, AND TO NOT HEAR those
who speak the truth to them, when they prosper in physical wealth.
     God says He has declared His truth to them from the very
BEGINNING, and BEFORE anything came to pass He has showed it to
them - truth from error - sin from righteousness, so they CANNOT
say it was their idols that they could only hear. No, the Lord
has made sure such an excuse cannot be used - truth and
righteousness HAS BEEN DECLARED TO THEM! What will come to pass
has been TOLD them.

     God has even showed them NEW THINGS, EVEN HIDDEN TRUTHS, that
they knew not. Those truths have been shown to them during the
last days, less they should say they already knew them. There are
truths and studies on this website that have been revealed to you
in these last days, that many of you, MOST of you, did NOT know
before. To some extent those truths were kept from you because
God knew you could not bear them, that you would deal VERY
TREACHEROUSLY with them. He knew your nature of heart, even from
the womb, from the time you were chosen by Him. Some will
understand the truths of the new things given, but God knows the
majority are stiff-necked and rebellious, and will not accept
light, or even new light of revealed truths. He understands your
heart of brass and so will NOT deal with you in FULL fury. For
His ultimate praise He will not cut you off fully, destroy you
     The Lord will REFINE YOU, not for silver, not for the
physical side of life, no, for a higher purpose indeed. He will
yet choose you though through the fire and furnace of affliction.
He will do it so His name will not be polluted. So it cannot be
said that God chose you and could not bring you to fulfil His
glory and plan for you to be the light of the world (see Deut.4)
(verses 1-11).

     The Lord God chose Israel and Judah to be the light of the
truth of the Lord to the world. He will yet use them to do just
that. Punishment - afflictions - refining in the fire of
captivity to your lovers (the book of Ezekiel says it is our
lovers that will rise up against us) WILL COME, but we shall not
all be destroyed, some will remain and live into the 1,000 year
millennium of the Kingdom of God on earth, when Jesus returns to
deliver Israel from their lands of their captivity and return
them to the Holy Land.

     Listen O Jacob, Israel, all of you. God says He is the I AM.
He is the FIRST and the LAST! He is the One who has created the
earth and has spanned the heavens. He calls and the universe
obeys. Who but God can declare these things to come? God will
still love Israel and will DO His pleasure on Babylon, when His
arm shall fall on that daughter of the Beast Empire. 
     Isaiah says the Spirit of the Lord has spoken. God has sent
forth the ones to declare His truth (verses 12-16).

     Listen Israel to what your God says, "I am the Lord thy God
which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that
thou shouldest go. O that thou hadst harkened to MY COMMANDMENTS!
Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the
waves of the sea. Thy seed also had been as the sand, and the
offspring of thy bowels like the gravel thereof; His name should
not have been cut off nor destroyed from before Me" (verses 17-

     If you Israel had been willing to obey the COMMANDMENTS of
the Lord, you would have lived in peace and your righteousness
would have flowed forever as the waters of the river.  You would
not have faced punishment and captivity. But your teachers of
religion and your rulers have rejected the LAW of the Lord, you
have cast Him out of your homes, your schools, your courts, your
everyday life. You have become more and more secular, pleasure
crazy, sports crazy, profane in your entertainment and your prime
time TV shows are SICK-COMS! They are sick and wickened! Your
religious leaders speak great swelling words of outward
righteousness but in truth they lead you from truth into the
falsehoods of Mystery Babylon religion. Your political leaders
often speak words of "religion" but they are FAR FROM the way of
the Lord in reality and truth. As God says elsewhere, your
leaders are MAD and your prophets are PROFANE!

     Your God calls you to LEAVE BABYLON, TO COME OUT OF HER (see
Revelation 18:4)! You need to GIVE TRUE PRAISE to the Lord that
He will REDEEM His people Jacob. As He did in the past, working
miracles in the days of Moses and Israel in the wilderness, so He
will do again, and will restore Israel to be His people in truth
and righteousness. But for the present He tells you there is NO
PEACE for the wicked (verses 20-22).


     Israel is personified as a servant from the womb whom God
has called to speak His words as a sharp sword. Israel is like a
polished spear to be used by the Lord. He has told Israel that
they are His servant in whom He will be glorified to the rest of
the world. Israel may doubt that God will be with them in their
trouble, but they will turn to Him in faith. 

     This is our nature that when we are down and out, punched to
the ground, we turn to our God and trust Him again to deliver us.
When we find ourselves in captivity we shall again look up,
though not yet gathered from the lands we are captive in, we
shall have hope that our God will gather us and restore us. The
Lord will be our strength once more. It will be nothing for God
to restore us, to make us a light to the nations of the world,
and send forth the salvation of the Holy One to the ends of the
     The rulers and kings of the earth, the mighty and the small,
shall worship the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, for the Eternal
shall yet choose and restore Israel, and use them to be His
servant of truth and salvation (verses 1-7).

Restoration is Promised

     It is in AN acceptable time God will hear, in A day of
salvation He shall help you Oh Israel. He will preserve you,
those that are left, and shall give thee for a "covenant of the
people" (Hebrew is "a brit-am") to establish the earth, to re-
populate many of your lands and to once more inherit the desolate
places made desolate by your destruction by your lovers. You will
say to the prisoners of your people, "Go forth; to them that are
in darkness, show yourself." They shall indeed feed in the ways,
and pastures shall be in all high places. They shall not hunger
and thirst; neither shall the heat of the sun smite them: for He
that has mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of
water shall He guide them. And God says He will make all the
mountains a way, and His highways shall be exalted. Behold they
shall come from afar; and lo, these from the north and from the
west; and these from the land of Sinim (Jewish commentators say,
"land of the south"). 
     Israel will be regathered from the nations of the earth
where they have been taken captive. The direction of north, south
etc. in the Bible is always from the city of Jerusalem. Israel
(all 13 tribes) will be taken by the Europe Beast power to
different nations of the West, as captives, slaves. Those left
alive, which will be only ONE in TEN by the time Jesus returns,
shall come and be restored, hence the world should sing for the
Lord has comforted His people, and will have mercy on them in
their affliction (verses 8-13).

Rebuilding of Zion Promised

     The Jews of the Holy Land in captivity at the end time shall
think God has forsaken them, that they have no hope. But the
Eternal One says can a mother forget her sucking child, so she
has no compassion on the son of her womb? Maybe they can, but the
Lord will NOT forget Zion and the Jews of Judah. The people of
Judah are as stamped into the very skin of the hands of the Lord.
Those that will destroy you in the last days will leave Zion.
Judah will yet be clothed with their enemies, a way of saying, be
the head and not the tail. The land of your destruction, the Holy
Land, shall be one day way too small for you, as the Almighty
restores you. And those who had swallowed them up shall be far
way now. Your children, after you loose many of them in the end
times, shall say to you that the country is too small, and we
need more lands to dwell in. What has taken place with the Jews
in the 20th century in the Holy Land is only a TYPE of the final
fulfilment of this prophecy, which will start at the beginning of
the reign of Christ on earth.
     The Jews may question this prophecy when they are in the end
time captivity, and have lost many of their children, and see
only desolation and captivity. But God says, "Behold, I will lift
up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up My standard to the
people: and they shall bring their sons in their arms, and thy
daughters shall be carried on thy shoulders. And kings shall be
thy nourishers, and the princesses thy nursing mothers: they
shall bow down to thee with their faces towards the earth, and
lick up the dust of thy feet; and YOU SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE
LORD: for they shall not be ashamed that wait on me" (verses 14-

     This is all saying the truth that at the beginning of the
reign of Christ on earth, the Jews of Judah will be RESTORED and
be the HEAD and not the feet, be the chosen people of that part
of Jacob to serve the world and inherit the blessings of the

     God's people will be thinking at this time that the prey can
hardly be taken from the mighty (as who can take the prey away
from the lion once in his claws). Who can deliver the captive
when taken by the mighty. But thus says the Lord God, "Even the
captive of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the
terrible shall be delivered: for I WILL CONTEND with him that
contendeth with you, and I WILL SAVE your children. And I will
the battle of the end of the age), and they shall be drunken with
their own blood, as with new wine (margin): and ALL FLESH SHALL
OF JACOB!" (verses 24-26).

     All flesh today does NOT know that God is the Holy One, the
only Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. A very good portion of
the population of this earth does NOT know the true God of
Israel, they are deceived into many false religions. 

     This all is a prophecy for the YET FUTURE, to come to pass
at the END OF THE AGE, on into the Kingdom of God on earth, when
Jesus shall return and deliver Israel and Judah and Zion and
Jerusalem from the hands of the Gentiles, to RESTORE them and
form them into the LIGHT of the world, and the glory of the Lord,
and to send forth SALVATION to all nations.

     Wonderful and glorious will be the WAY of the Lord in those
days. Praise be to His name.


To be continued

Entered on this Website July 2008   

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