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Isaiah For Today #11

There is None Like the Almighty - the Future is His!

                             ISAIAH FOR TODAY #11

                             Chapters 45 - 46

CHAPTER 44:28 - 45

     The new chapter should start with chapter 44:28. The Eternal
gives a prophecy regarding Cyrus, to command the re-building of
Jerusalem, the foundations being laid. This prophecy was
fulfilled as can be seen from 2 Chronicles 36:22 and the first
verses of Ezra. this was a prophecy given YEARS BEFORE Cyrus was
born. Of course the scoffers will not admit the book of Isaiah
was written before the days of Cyrus, but then again scoffers of
the Bible will not admit the Bible Scriptures are inspired. One
day the scoffers will be silenced into having to bow the knee
before the Lord Jesus Christ.

     Cyrus was even called by God with his name in advance, way
before his birth on earth (verse 4). God thus declares His
majesty and power and that there is no other greater than He
(verses 5-6).

     Verse 7 is a mind-bender of a verse! A shocking verse if you
please! You will notice God says He is not only the creator of
light but of EVIL also! How can that possibly be? The apostle
James in his letter tells us that the Lord God temps no one with
evil. God does not sit down and deliberately tries to think up
ways to create evil! The Most High is PERFECT, HOLY, SINLESS,
RIGHTEOUS, JUST, MERCIFUL .... He does not think evil, say evil,
do evil. Yet because He created ALL things, He created FREE
AGENCY, He created people and angels with the ability to decide
to do evil or to do good, to keep His way of life or to go in the
opposite direction from His holy ways. The Eternal is the
governor of the universe and all in it. There truly is NO other
power greater than He. Hence EVERYTHING GOOD OR EVIL, HAPPY OR
SAD, RIGHT OR WRONG, IS ***ALLOWED*** by Him to take place. He
does not decide to "intervene" and stop all evil things that come
on this earth, or evil people from doing evil things. In that
decision He has made, to ALLOW evil, He can then be correctly
appraised to have created evil. For this age (from Adam to the
coming of the Messiah in  glory) God has created good and evil by
creating "free choice" in mankind and angel kind. When the new
age of the Kingdom of God on earth arrives, God has chosen to
allow very very little evil on this planet. Satan will be bound
up and he and his helpers will not be allowed to send forth
deception. We have seen already that when someone is going to
sin, do evil, there will be a voice saying to them, "This is the
way, walk you in it." It is written people will no more "learn
war" and there will also be the very changing of the wild beasts,
the lion shall walk with the lamb and a little one shall lead
them (refer to Isaiah 11).

     It will be a time of figuratively, the skies dropping down
righteousness, the earth bringing forth salvation (verse 8). It
will be a time that will be a "woe" to him that strives with his
Maker. The clay should not strive with the potter. It will be a
time of "no questioning" the hands of the potter. God is the
HANDS (verses 8-12).

     The prophecy slips back to the man Cyrus, in verse 13. He
would do the work of God's purpose.

     For a while God may be said to be hiding Himself, but the
day is coming when He will not be thought of as a God hiding
Himself. It will be the day when Israel shall be saved, when they
shall never again be confounded or ashamed. The man called Cyrus
was to be a leading figure in the restoration of part of Israel
after their 70 year captivity in Babylon (which started for Judah
in 604 B.C.).

     In a larger way this Cyrus man stood for the Messiah who
would come at the end time to save Israel (all 13 tribes) from
captivity, restore them to the Holy Land, and to build THE Temple
that Ezekiel talked about, and to restore the Kingdom to Israel
that the disciples inquired about from Jesus - Acts 1 (verses 14-

How the earth was Created

     The next few verses give is valuable information on HOW THE
EARTH was CREATED! The earth was NOT created in CONFUSION, the
same Hebrew words as in Geneses 1:2 "without form and void." It
was created to be INHABITED!  
     There was most definitely an age of the "dinosaur." There
was an age of HUGE animals and plants. That age DID come to a
quick and MASSIVE destruction, even as secular science now admits
did happen. There was a space wars on a scale the human mind
cannot really understand. The one we now call Satan the Devil,
with one third of the angles, REBELLED against God, figured they
could take over the heaven of God's throne. This earth came under
attack as can hardly be imagined. Exactly all that went on is not
revealed to us in detail, but the earth became without form and
void, and covered with water ALL OVER! The dinosaurs were
extinguished, many buried. The mighty vegetation plants crushed
and laid down to be the coal and oil seems of today. It was the
time of the WORLDWIDE FLOOD! The worldwide flood was NOT in the
days of Noah, but in the days of the star wars between Satan and
his angels and God and His angels. All that such books like "The
Genesis Flood"  "Deluge Story in Stone" and others, explain, have 
the time OF THE WORLDWIDE FLOOD in the wrong place! The place it 
should be is in Genesis 1:2, and NOT in the days of Noah.

     There are many studies on this website to prove that what
I've stated above is correct. You need to study the study on
Noah's flood on this website and find the correct understanding
of that event.

     The Lord does not always keep silent, He does not always
stay hard to find. He has never said to the seed of Israel that
to seek Him would be in vain. No, God often does SPEAK UP and
does DECLARE things that are right (verse 19). Oh yes, He has
done it different ways at different times, but IF you are
searching, desiring, seeking Him and His truths, you CAN find
Him. It is there to find. Jesus said you shall know the truth and
the truth would set you free! You have to do your part, you have
to seek righteousness and long with all your heart to be led by
the Spirit of God into that which is holy, just and good. 

     God cries out to you, "Look unto Me, and be you saved, all
the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else. I
have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out of My mouth in
righteousness, and shall not return, That unto Me every knee
shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Surely, shall one say, in
the Lord have I righteousness and strength; even to Him shall men
come; and all that are incensed against Him shall be ashamed. In
the Lord shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall
glory" (verses 20-25).

     Indeed, one day all will know God does exist, that He is the
Holy One, the Eternal One, the Almighty One, and one day ALL
persons that have ever been on this earth shall have to bow the
knee to the God of Israel. It is a promise from the Lord and it
will be as it is written. There will be no more scoffers one day.
God will show Himself and indeed every knee will bow before Him.


     God tells the house of Jacob and the REMNANT of the House of
Israel (remember they are in captivity at the time of the end),
those whom He figuratively carried in His womb even to old age.
Even now in their time of trouble and captivity shall the Lord
bear them up, carry them on, and DELIVER them. The Eternal
through Isaiah has said this many times already, but He says it
once more (verses 1-4).

     To give them hope He asks "To whom will you liken Me, and
compare Me, that we will be alike?"
     The nations may set up their gods and idols, maybe even made
with pure gold and silver and fall down and worship the things of
their hand. They may bear them up and carry them on their
shoulders. One may call out to them, but they will not deliver
them from the punishment to come and their destruction and
captivity. So, in your time of trouble, REMEMBER the FORMER
things of old, "For I am God, and there is none else; I am God,
and there is none like Me. Declaring the end from the beginning,
and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying,
My counsel shall stand, and I WILL DO all My pleasure ... I have
SPOKEN it, I also WILL bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I
WILL also DO it! Harken unto Me you bull-headed, that are far
from righteousness: I bring near My righteousness; it shall not
be far off, and My salvation shall not tarry: and I WILL place
SALVATION in Zion for Israel My glory" (verses 5-13).

     Salvation is NOT in Zion today! Oh, there are some
Christians in Jerusalem today, but the Jews STILL by and large,
will NOT recognize Jesus Christ as Messiah or as Savior. The day
is coming when the whole world will see the glory of God, when He
will no longer sit back and mainly watch from the sidelines. It
will be a time when surely all will know and see God coming in
the clouds of heaven with the angels and resurrected saints. In
God's appointed time ALL KNEES WILL BOW BEFORE HIM. All will know
He only is the Creator and Almighty. Salvation will go forth from
Zion as never before. All that Zechariah wrote about in his
chapters 12,13,14, will come to pass.

     What a blessed day that will be. Come Lord, come!


To be continued

Entered on this Website July 2008

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