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Isaiah For Today #10

God is THE God - Israel Punished/Restored

                             ISAIAH FOR TODAY #10

                              Chapters 41-44


     We continue with the majestic and inspiring words from the
Eternal God.

     God tells the islands (large or small) to keep silent , and
for people to renew their strength, and come near together for
right judgment. It is the Lord who guides and controls all
things. He is in charge at all times, and can step in at His will
among the people and nations, in any generation. Who can do this
God says, "I the Lord, the first and the last (the word "with" is
not in the Hebrew); I am HE" (verses 1-4).
     The Almighty is indeed the great I AM of Moses' day.  

     The Lord gives encouragement in the times of despair, so
good can come out of evil (verses 5-7).

God has Chosen Israel

"But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the
seed of Abraham my friend" What words to be called a "friend of
God" - so was Abraham. We also can not only be the child of God
but we can be His friend also. Jesus said to His disciples in the
Gospels that He called them "friends" (John 15:14).

     In the time of Israel's (all 13 tribes) trouble at the end
of the age, THE LORD GIVES COMFORTING words; He calls them His
servant, and has not completely cast them away (verse 9).

"Fear you not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy
God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you, uphold you with
the right hand of my righteousness. Behold all they that were
incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall
be as nothing; and they that strive against three shall perish.
You will seek them but not find them, even them that contended
with you: they that have made war against you shall be as
nothing, and as a thing of nought. For I the Lord thy God will
hold your right hand, saying unto you, Fear not; I will help you.
Fear not you worm Jacob, and you men of Israel; I will help you,
says the Lord, and your REDEEMER, the Holy One of Israel" (verses

     All of Israel (Israel and Judah) have been punished for
their sins, they have only ONE in TEN persons remaining alive,
scattered in the nations that the end-time Beast Power of Europe
reigns over; they are in the lands of their enemies. All looks
completely lost, it looks like the full end has come to the
mighty Israel nations of Britain and the Commonwealth, the USA,
and other nations of the West. the house and people of Judah, the
Jews, are fallen also; ALL of Israel is looking like it will
disappear from the earth. But God tells them to take heart, the
be encouraged, He will RISE UP, AND DESTROY THEIR ENEMIES, He
will be the REDEEMER to all Israel, and terrible shall be the
destruction of those who have hated them and smashed them and
cast them off.
     Yes, beyond the many warnings the prophets SHOUT OUT to
Israel and Judah that they shall in the last days be PUNISHED and
FALL into the hands of their lovers (as Ezekiel puts it) and
destroyed, the prophets also GAVE HOPE to them, that God would
not forget them, but would RESTORE them as ONE PEOPLE and bring
them back to the Promised Land.

     He will make them once more a sharp tool and they will work
wonders among the nations left on earth. When the poor and needy
seek water, and there is none, during their hard times to come,
God will hear, the Holy One of Israel will NOT forsake them
utterly; the rivers will be opened, the wildness shall blossom
and the dry land shall break forth with springs of water; the
cedar and many other trees will again take root and grow forth.
The Lord will do it so the nations will SEE, will KNOW, will
of Israel has created it a wonderful world once more.

     When you read and understand what is YET to COME on this
earth as told by the book of Revelation; destruction like the
world has never seen, it will be a GLORIOUS WITNESS to all the
people left on earth, when they see the blue planet of earth

Idolatry and Fortune-tellers Confounded

     The Enteral cries out, "Produce your cause, bring forth your
strong reasons, says the King of Jacob. Let the fortune-tellers
bring forth, and show us what SHALL HAPPEN: let them show the
former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know
the latter end of them; or declare us things for to come. Show
the things that are to come thereafter, that we may know that you
are gods: yes, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and
behold it" (verses 21-23).

     They say that if we do not learn from history we are bound
to repeat it. God challenges the star-gazers, the fortune-
tellers, to declare what is to take place on this earth. With
tongue-in-cheek He wants them to show they are some kind of "god"
to bring forth the future.
     What you are reading of the prophecies of the Lord God on
this website, are SURE TO COME TO PASS, as the rising of the sun.
It is God who only can lay down what the nations will do. He
gives DETAILS, He proclaims it BEFORE it comes to be.
     I have told you time and time again, the fundamental
prophets of Protestantism DO NOT UNDERSTAND prophecy, they
CANNOT, because such understanding is only given to those who
serve and fear and KEEP the commandments of the Most High. They
will NOT repent of breaking the FOURTH commandment, they will not
abandon the false Christian Festivals and observe the Feasts of
the Almighty as found in Leviticus 23. So they will never
understand Bible prophecy!
     I have told you over and over again the drama of the last 42
months of this age. Prophecy in Europe and the Middle East is
marching on. There will come a last resurrection of the Holy
Roman Empire in Europe, it is even now forming more and more,
with each passing month and year. There will come a king of the
South, Egypt will dominate an Arab confederation of nations. The
two Empires will clash, the Roman Babylon Whore of Europe will
come against the king of the south, and win the battle. The
Babylon Whore will march into the Holy Land and encompass about
the city of Jerusalem. She will cause the desolation of that
city, just as Daniel and Jesus foretold. Then the Jews of the
land will have to flee for their lives. Mystery Babylon the Great
will then turn on the rest of the West, and attack and smash the
proud nations of the British Commonwealth and the USA.
Babylon/Assyria (the German led and false prophet guided) Europe
will control the Western world, and much of the Middle East.
Russia and China and others from the East be watching. The lesson
NOT learned from history will be repeated - the Europe Beast will
attack the mighty men of the East. The East will counter attack
and a war so IMMENSE will take place that IF NOT STOPPED there
would literally be no human life left on this blue planet. Jesus
will step in, He will come with the angelic armies of heaven; the
resurrection of the saints of all ages will take place, they will
rise to meet Christ in the clouds and proceed down to the Mount
of Olives at Jerusalem. The great battle of Armageddon will take
place. Christ and His armies will destroy those armies that come
against Him. The Lord will begin to bring the people of Israel
and Judah from the lands where they have been scattered. He will
RESTORE them to the Promised Land, and so will start the
wonderful age to come, spoken about by all the Holy prophets
since the world began. The RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS WILL BEGIN!!

     That my friends, in a nut-shell, is what the Almighty God
tells you what will come to be on this earth. It has nothing to
do with a physical temple in Jerusalem, Jews offering animal
sacrifices, a 7 year covenant by the Beast Power with the Jews, a
middle interruption, a breaking of the covenant, a rapture of the
saints to heaven, and then coming back to earth with Christ after
the second part of the 7 years. All of that is FALSE prophetic
garbage from the false prophets of fundamental Protestantism.
     And the fairy tales of some who have not learnt from the
past as to setting date years for Christ's coming, is also the
folly of a twisted mindset that captures silly people. Indeed it
is as Jesus said, the blind leading the blind, and all will fall
into the ditch.

     What does God say to them: "Behold, you are worse than
nothing (margin) and your work is worse than nothing (margin): an
ABOMINATION is he that chooseth you" (verse 24). 

     Yes, the warning is to YOU also, who choose to follow such
false prophets with their crazy predictions. You are held
responsible for who you follow. You have the responsibility to
search God's word and to determine who are the true prophets and
servants of the true God.

     God will send someone in the last days who will know the
right and the true prophetic words of the Lord (verse 25). This
is probably a reference to the Elijah to come as the Old
Testament prophets proclaim and as Jesus also claimed would come
(Mat.17: Mal.3:1; 4:5).

     The Amplified Bible in part:

"[What idol] has declared this from the beginning, that we could
know? And beforetime, that we could say that he is
[unquestionably] right? Yes, there is none who declares it, yes,
there is none who proclaims it; yes, [the truth is, O you dumb
idols] there is none who hears you speak!
I [the Lord] first gave to Zion the announcement, Behold ...
behold them! And to Jerusalem I gave a herald ... bringing good
news..." (verses 26-27).

     God will make sure that a warning goes out to Zion, the
Jews, and Jerusalem. And that the good news of the age to come is
     But the work of the false prophets is all vanity, worthless;
their works are as nothing; their images of words, predictions,
whatever they set up, are wind and confusion.


     THE SERVANT of verse one is the Christ, the Messiah, as
shown clearly from Matthew 12:18. The Messiah will show forth the
Word of God and bring salvation to the Gentiles. He will not
fail nor stop until He sets true judgment in the earth, and until
even the isles of the sea will wait for His law, delight in His
way (verse 1-4).

"Thus says God the Lord, He that created the heavens and
stretches them out; He that spreads forth the earth, and all that
comes from it; it is He that gives breath unto people of the
earth, and spirit to them who walk on it. The Almighty shall be
with His Servant, to give righteousness, He shall be the covenant
to the people, and a light to the Gentiles/Nations. He will open
the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from prison and those
that sit min darkness out into light" (verses 5-7).

     It will be a time of SPIRITUAL awaking. When people will see
the truths of God, be free from sin and evil, and shall find
salvation. It will be the time to chain up Satan and the demons,
so people will no longer be held in the pit of darkness and

     "I am the Lord: that is my name: and my GLORY will I not give
to another, neither my praise to graven images. Behold the FORMER
THINGS are come to pass, and NEW THINGS do I declare: before they
spring forth I tell you of them" (verses 8-9).

     History does indeed REPEAT itself. Isaiah was to write all
these things down as we have seen, so also did the other prophets
of the Old Testament. One large reason is that the former things
were to come to pass again at the time of the end. So much is to
happen in the last 42 months of this age that is really is mind-
bending. Yes of course we want the Kingdom of God to come on
earth, we desire Jesus to return, but in so desiring we must also
bear in mind the horrific things that must come on the earth and
the nations BEFORE Jesus can return. Human words cannot correctly
explain and declare adequately the tribulation to come that has
never been the like or never will be again experienced by the
nations of this earth.
     But the Lord God DECLARES THOSE THINGS. He has told you in

A New Song

     In the heat of all that tribulation to come, because there
is a bright light beyond the pain of the darkness, we are to sing
a new song of praise to the Eternal, all peoples near and far are
to sing praise. "The Lord SHALL GO FORTH AS A MIGHTY MAN, He shall
stir up jealousy like a man of war; He SHALL CRY, YES, ROAR; HE

God's Impatience with Idolaters

     The long-suffering of the Lord is long and He is very
patient. He has been still for a long time, He has held back,
sometimes we think prophecy is close to all coming to pass, then
it seems things slow down, and maybe it is so, for God here tells
us He has refrained Himself. Yet one day He will CRY OUT, He will
not hold back, He will be the Warring King and He will come and
there will be mighty destruction. Mountains and hills will fall,
burn the earth, dry up the rivers and lakes, and with it all He
will lead the spiritual blind; He will make the darkness into
light, and He will not forget them or forsake them. There will
come at that time, REPENTANCE, when people will see the false
images they raised up for themselves, and they will be ashamed of
calling all those false ways "You are our gods" (verses 14-17).

     Oh, many may be sincere, and do not mean to set up idols
before themselves, but if anyone does not seek the Lord God with
all their heart and mind, searching His word for truth and then
practicing it, they have then allowed whatever they do, and however
they live, to be their god!

Spiritual Blindness of Israel

     God calls out to His people Israel to look and see, to give
ear and hear. The Lord will make sure that His righteousness and
His law will be MAGNIFIED and will be made HONORABLE. Part of
that which is pleasing to Him, in MAGNIFYING His law, is
proclaimed to the world by this very website. There are others in
the work of the Lord who also MAGNIFY His law and have their
websites. Truly today as never before the MAGNIFICATION of the
way and law of the Lord is being done via a medium that was not
even dreamed about by servants of the Lord 50 years ago.

     Yet with such a POWERFUL tool as the Internet God says His
people Israel, are like those snared in holes, bound up in
prison, put out for the prey ..... and they have NONE to
DELIVER them. The Lord says, "WHO among you will give ear, who
will harken and hear" (verses 18-23).

     Though Israel has many out there who "preach" from the Bible
on TV and Radio and in Magazines, there is few who know the sound
of the words of the TRUE servant of the Lord. So Israel is
BLINDED, and WILL NOT see to they can be spared the punishment to

     Who is it that will give Jacob Israel to the spoiler? It is
the Lord, the one they have sinned against! For they would not
walk in His ways, nor be obedient to His law.
     You, the British Commonwealth, the United States of America.
You, many nations of North-West Europe. You the Jewish people of
the earth. You are not willing to walk in the ways and in the LAW
of God. Therefore He will pour out on you His wrath and anger,
and the might of battle, and you will be as a house set on fire,
terrible things will come on you, you will experience troubles,
as never before in your history. Yet for all this, the Eternal
says you "laid it not to heart" (verses 24-25).

     You people of Israel and Judah are so very stiff-necked, you
will not listen to the truth of God though it be SHOUTED to you.
You have cast the word and law of God out of your homes, out of
your educational institutions, you have gone a whoring after the
false teachings of evolution and secularism. You have tasted of
disasters never the like in your history, but none of it has
turned you to deep and real REPENTANCE!! 
     So hence you will suffer one day as never before because of
your sins.


     Even then the Lord is MERCIFUL, He will not cast you off
forever, or destroy you so none is left. God will through it all
REDEEM you. Those left who will walk through the fire, shall not
be burnt, some will survive. The Holy One of Israel will bring
your seed from the East and from the West. God will tell the
North, "give them up" and to the South "Keep them not." Your sons
and daughters will come from far away and from the other end of
the earth, all that are called by the name of the Lord, for it
was He that called Israel for His glory" (verse 1-7).

     Yes, we see from Deuteronomy 4 that God called Israel to do
His will, to perform His law, to be a LIGHT to the nations
around them, so other people would say they also wanted to know
the true God of Israel.
     The Lord's work will not be undone. Israel will yet in the
age to come be the glory of the Lord, the servant people who will
show the world the true ways of God.

Israel is Called to Witness

     Bring forth the people the Lord says, bring them forth. Let
Israel be His witness to the light of truth. God has chosen
Israel to believe in Him, to understand that there is no god but
the Lord. The Eternal says that before Him there was nothing
formed of God (margin) and there will be no god after Him. He
says, "I, even I, an the Lord and besides me there is NO
salvation." The Lord revealed Himself to Israel and therefore
they must be His witnesses. There is NO OTHER god. There is none
that can deliver out of His hand. He is and He works and none
shall stop Him (verses 8-13).

Babylon Will Fall

     A brief prophecy that Babylon (the modern Holy Roman Empire
of Europe) is to fall. Other prophecies declare this Beast power
will only rise for a short time, it will astound the world when
it does and its destruction in one day will also astound the
world. It will be at the time period when God will make a new
thing in the earth, when the wilderness breaks forth and rivers
in the desert (verses 1-21).

Israel's Sins of Ingratitude

     God says Israel has NOT called upon Him. Israel has become a
weary to Him. Israel has not acknowledged the Holy One in any
deep way. They have stopped serving Him in the ways they did at
one time. The Lord of Israel has been forgotten. God has become
wearied with their sins and iniquities. It is God that can blot
out transgressions and not remember sins any more. He calls out
for them to REMEMBER Him. He wants them to talk to Him, plead for
forgiveness. He wants them to be justified, to be forgiven.
     But as it has been in the past O Israel, your father (Jacob)
sinned (though he found repentance, and you have as yet not) and
your teachers (in the churches and schools of education) do
transgress against me. And as the Amplified Bible puts it:

"And so I will profane the chief ones of the sanctuary and will
deliver Jacob to the curse (the ban, a solemn anathema or
excommunication) and [will subject] Israel to reproaches and
reviling" (verses 22-28).

     Time after time, over and over again, we find God telling
the people of the Western world, their sins, the walking away
from Him that they are doing, their unwillingness to listen to
Him and to His true prophets He sends them. He tells us in the
West that our teachers of "religion" and "education" are
transgressors of His holy law. And because we will not turn to
repentance He will need to give us to the curse, and into the
hands of those whom He will use to destroy us and take us captive
into lands far away.


     And as the punishment is repeated so also is the RESTORATION
repeated over and over again. So the beginning of chapter 44 is
foretelling the time when Jacob Israel with have God's Spirit
poured out on them, when they will be called by His name. The
Eternal once more tells Israel that He is the FIRST and the LAST,
and there is no god other than He. He asks the tellers to tell
the future if they can, but He knows they can not. There is no
one like He is (verses 1-8).

Delusion of Men who Make various Idols

     Verses 9-20 is a full descriptive narrative of people who
make out of physical material various "gods" - it is all not only
logically silly but also they deceive themselves into a false
dream of secure deliverance from evil or destruction.

     Today, it seems it is general "materialism" that has turned
the nations of Israel from their God. We are caught up in a world
of such material blessings and such a fast paced life style, and
the power of space-age technology and the false security of
weapons of mass destruction, that we either do not pay any
attention to God period, or we worship Him for a few hours on the
pagan Sun-god day.

     Whatever we have made in our minds or by our material goods,
we have succeeded in throwing the Lord out of the window. We
simply do not pay much attention, if anything, to the GLORY of

Glory of God who Makes Man

     No Matter what we are doing, the God of Israel will not
forget us and will one day bring us to doing what He chose us for
in the first place.

"Remember these O Jacob and Israel; for thou are my servant: I
have formed thee, thou art my servant: O Israel, thou shalt not
be forgotten of me. I have BLOTTED OUT, as a thick cloud, they
TRANSGRESSIONS, and as a cloud, they SINS: RETURN unto Me; for I
have REDEEMED thee. Sing, O ye heavens; for the Lord hath done
it: shout, ye lower parts of the earth: break forth into singing,
ye mountains, O forest, and every tree therein; for the Lord hath
REDEEMED Jacob, and glorified Himself in Israel. 
Thus says the Lord, thy REDEEMER, and He that formed thee from
the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretches
forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by
Myself; That frustrates the tokens of the liars, and makes
diviners mad; that turns the wise man backward, and makes their
knowledge foolish; That confirms the word of His servants, and
performs the counsel of His messengers; that says to Jerusalem,
You shalt be inhabited; and to the cities of Judah, You shall be
built, and I will raise up the decayed places thereof...."
(verses 21-27).

     Yes, we are left with the GOOD NEWS to end this section of
Israel. Verse 28 should be the first verse of chapter 45.
     God will RESTORE Jacob Israel, Jerusalem shall be inhabited,
the cities of Judah shall again be built. After the Great
Tribulation of the last 42 months of this age, a NEW AGE will
come, in that age Israel and Judah shall be once more ONE
people, brought back from their enemies, brought back to the Holy
Land of Promise, where finally God's Spirit will be poured out on
them and they will settle and grow and be the WITNESS they were
originally chosen for, to be the LIGHT of the world, to SHOW

     What a BLESSED TIME that will be! What wonder is the
Almighty, He will have His way on this earth, truly as it is
written, there will be a day when the knowledge of God shall
cover the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.


To be continued

Entered on this Website June 2008

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