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Brief Introduction

                          ROY ROGERS AND TRIGGER

                            Brief Introduction

     For those who have read "The Other Side of Keith Hunt" this
should not be surprising that I wish to devote some space on this
Website to my physical childhood hero and  his horse.
     I was 7 years old when I saw my first Roy Rogers and Trigger
movie, it was in color. I immediately fell in love with Trigger,
the beautiful and majestic golden palomino horse with the long
flowing white mane and tail, that the man called Roy Rogers rode
as his horse, in fighting and chasing down the bad guys. Roy,
with his personal charm, great smile, and fine singing voice, was
my physical hero from then on out. 
     As a "church" lad, I was pleased to find out when a young
teenager, that Roy (and his wife Dale Evans) were both serious
and regular church goers also.

     Upon the death of Roy Rogers in July of 1998, one newspaper
reporter, writing about Roy, said he was probably the greatest
entertainer of the 20th century. Some may be shocked at that
statement who are unfamiliar with the middle of the 20th century.
But when you consider Roy's movies, his TV series, his recordings
with the group he founded - The Sons of the Pioneers, his
personal appearances, his rodeo shows near and around the world,
his entertaining the armed forces during the Second World War,
all the merchandise sold with his name on it (second only to Walt
Disney); put it all together, and Roy Rogers was indeed probably
the greatest entertainer of the 20th century.

     So much has been written on this man and his famous horse,
many books have been published since his death, BUT there are
many complexities within the phase "Roy Rogers and Trigger" - so
many ideas about him and his horse, so many questions that were
really never answered fully from his own mouth, hence so many
wrong deductions. Even today, the older generation and the newer
generation, are still either in the dark as to the facts or in
confusion over many things pertaining to Roy Rogers and Trigger.

     I hope within the following series of articles the dust can
finally settle on some of the obscure details, wrong ideas, and
so see a clearer light concerning this man and his horse that was
somewhat clouded in dust, from the make-believe world of the
Republic Studio (the one time Western movie company) and from the
cowboy star himself. 

     I'm sure some "spiritual" lessons can be learned, if we look
carefully enough.


To be continued

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