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Pollution ... you bet!

                           AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH

I've just watched Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth." 

Very factual and an eye opener .... for many it is.

The whole subject of "global warming" is a super example of the
human mind of education being DUMB in common logic."

Now if any statesman or scientists had cared to ask me, 20 or 25
years ago, or even 40 years ago for that matter, about the
subject of "our polluted planet" and bad consequences, I would
have told them, "If we continue doing what we have been doing
since the industrial revolution, by polluting ourselves in
throwing up into the atmosphere all we have been throwing up, it
is going to kick us in the stomach one day."

It does not take a College degree or being a rocket scientist to
realize you cannot pollute this earth and not get kicked where it
hurts in the end.

It is amazing how much lack of common "logic" is contained in the
minds of the so-called "educated" of this world. They can figure
all kinds of mathematical and science wonders, like what it takes
to put a man on the moon (done by the way in 1969) but ask them
to think some logic like polluting our world since the Industrial
Revolution, and they become plain "dumb" and often as stubborn as
a mule, whose done a days work and refused to do any more.

We had scientists and Presidents over the last 30 years who "poo-
hood" the idea of global warming and global pollution having much
effect on us. They were more interested in the "green-back" and
the oil and whatever/whoever lobbyists. Educated dummies they
have been.

If some of these so-called "educated" ones say 20 years ago had asked
me if the planet was warming, I would have told them, "Well yes,
when I lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the 1960s it was
common to get 3 to 5 weeks in a row in the winter of -30. It
would warm up to zero and you thought it was Spring time." After
the 1960s on the Prairies of Canada there has not been this kind
of winter weather. If we today get a WEEK, ONE week, of -30 it is
on the National News across the country. Gore brings out in his movie, science has really
been in agreement for 40 years or so that there IS global
warming. It's the politicians and oil etc. cartels and dumb
"political news men/women" that have tried to play it down and
deny it.

Britain has now for decades a law that prohibits "air pollution"
from individuals to companies, hence they have areas called
"green belts." They have sand-blasted many buildings to get rid
of the black dirt, and the buildings look like new. It has always
astounded me that North America (Canada and the USA) are still no
where near having the pollution laws of Britain.

Gore ended his movie by pointing out that WE DO HAVE the
technology to "clean up" our planet. We just need to get the
individual, government, and political WILL to move forward in
going "green" on this blue planet called earth.
Arnold "Mr.Universe" S from California has proved to the auto
industry that you can have a dirty big car (not dirty from
gasoline) and run it on olive oil.
So the technology is out there, we just need the political will
power to do it.

Al Gores movie/documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is very good,
so folks its time to really start doing our individual part in
getting beautiful planet earth back to where it was before the
Industrial Revolution - time to start the restitution of some
physical things on this blue planet, a jewel in the our solar

Thankfully it has been promised to us by our heavenly Father that
we shall NOT blow ourselves to bits or pollute ourselves to
death, and Jesus Christ WILL come back to earth to implement a
true physical and spiritual restitution of all things.

Keith Hunt

January 1st 2009 

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