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Armstrong's Empire Exposed

The end of Armstrong and the WCG

                       THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE

                        Armstrong's Empire Exposed


                                 John Tuit
                            (Published in 1981)


Deukmejian announced that he was dropping any further action
against the leaders of the WCG. His announcement was a result of
the signing of the Petris bill by Governor Edmund G. Brown on
September 30. Deukmejian also dropped any further investigations
of eleven other groups, including Synanon, the drug
rehabilitation organization which had become a religious cult.
     Such an action on Deukmejian's part was expected, if the
bill did become law. He is an elected official, who inherited the
case from his predecessor, Evelle Younger. The actual handling of
the case was by a staff of career officials, under the direction
of Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper.
     It was evident that a pursuit of the case, in light of the
new law, could take two or three years. It could present a
political handicap for someone who is rumored to have his eye on
the Governor's office. Obviously, political ambitions are not
best served by a case such as the one against the WCG leaders.
     Rader had done a masterful job of creating a church-state
confrontation and the final outcome would make him appear
victorious. But, did we really lose? Did Armstrong and Rader
really win?
     I don't think that we lost. The entire operation of the
Church was brought into the open. During the year and a half of
legal battling, Rader had time to bring the Church into
compliance with the letter of the law, if not the spirit of the
law. The Church issued its first detailed financial statement in
the Autumn of 1980. Salaries, fringes, and other unchristian
excesses were all footnoted. As a result, the burden of sound
Christian stewardship is now even heavier on the members, as they
now have the information available to determine if those they
support are truly servants of Jesus Christ.

(AND the USA has now tighter laws regulating "charity
organizations" and religious institutions. Out of bad some good
did come; kinda like the bad of the Wall Street guys of 2007/8
brought the world's economy crashing down, and from it will
probably come laws in the USA to govern Banks and Finance guys so
such a thing cannot happen again, at least in the way it happened
for Wall Street and all of us in 2007/8 - Keith Hunt)

     Even more evident, however, is the fact that the Church
remains a spiritual fraud, under the leadership of Armstrong and
Rader. It appears that the deception will grow stronger, as
Armstrong and Rader further involve themselves in their
Illuminati activities, deceiving the members into thinking they
are supporting the work of Christ, while in fact they are
supporting a satanic counterfeit.

     After the suit was dropped, Armstrong continued the weekly
advertisements in major newspapers. In another of his exercises
in self aggrandizement, each advertisement carried his photo,
under the headline "A Voice Cries Out." The general theme is his
euphemistic message about all the world's ills being a result of
a selfish "GET" attitude, and the cure being a "GIVE" attitude.
     God and Christ are only mentioned in a most abstract way, if
at all. Armstrong's message is nothing more than another version
of secular humanism. There is no way that one would get a message
of salvation through Jesus Christ from the advertisements. Yet,
members are told that this is a new thrust to bring the Gospel to
the world. It is actually just a continuation of Armstrong's big
     Armstrong states each week that peace will be brought about
by the intervention of a great "Unseen Hand from Someplace." That
is a name which cannot be found in the Bible. It can mean many
things, depending on a person's particular belief. And, to the
Illumanists, the phrase refers to their god Lucifer, Satan the
     It appears now, that having fallen away from the truth, that
Armstrong, and Rader, who many believe to be a modern day Simon
Magus (the Sorceror) (Acts 8:9 & Gal.1:7) are fulfilling many end
time prophesies as workers of iniquity. Don't be surprised if
these two men become prominent news figures as a result of their
international efforts. And don't be deceived by their words.
     This further emphasizes the fact that those who represent
themselves as ministers of Jesus Christ should be examined very
critically. If their words and actions are not in full accord
with the Word of God, then they are frauds, and of Satan.

     And, now to answer the question, did Armstrong and Rader
win? They may now be out of reach of the courts. But, there is
one Judge beyond whom there are no appeals.

"Many seek the ruler's favor; but every man's judgement cometh
from the Lord." (Proverbs 29:26)

"For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ; that
every one may receive the things done in his body, according to
that he hath done, whether it be good or bad." (2 Cor. 5:10)


So ends John Tuit's book.

As I before mentioned, Rader was finally out of Armstrong's life
and for another 5 years HWA ruled his church with a rod of iron,
the so-called "ministers" doing his biding, and it was a church
of fear, say and do nothing but keep your mouth shut, pray and
pay. Most of the "thinking" people had left by 1980/81. Yet of
the majority left, did they REALLY have a walking relationship
with God and Christ, or was it to an organization, that they
thought would lead them into safety from the great tribulation to
come. Some left when HWA died in January 1986. The rest stayed
on, but God would NOT be mocked. HWA may have thought he was on
God's side and had led his followers to victory, but the Lord was
about to tighten the screws and send testing as they had never
experienced. The fellow that HWA left the WCG in charge of was
going to prove that MOST of the members were indeed not converted
to the truth of God's word, but to an organization. When the
leaders of that organization preached Protestantism to them, no
weekly Sabbath to be observed, no need to observe the Feasts of
the Lord, and other false doctrines, MOST of them left and
returned from whence they came - the world, or they fell in line
and returned to popular "Christianity."
Those who moved out and formed the UCG; LCG; PCG and other groups
after 1990, have still NOT admitted the errors of Armstrong, and
have not come to see they were part of a "cult" under the
leadership of HWA. When you did not see it, or admit it by 1990,
it is extremely difficult to admit it today, and if you are one
of the ministers of the just mentioned organizations, and you
count on a pay-check from the money of the members, it's even
harder to walk away and repent of your past actions.

Garner Ted had enough supporters to continue his church of CGI
until 1994. All of the CGI congregations were "independant" and
so were infested with many local in-fightings, and some splits
and some complete disintegrations of some churches. Ted got real
worldly wise as to how to keep under the rug his "sexual habits"
of desiring other women. One woman outsmarted him at one of the
"massage parlors." Ted would go out on a speaking engagement,
speak on the Sabbath, after speaking say he was tired and wanted
some private time. He would then sneak off to some "massage
parlor" and engage in various sex acts that did not include
sexual intercourse. This gal had a camera and recorded it all, it
was not the first time he'd visited her. She was going to go to
court with it all on tape. When Ted was approached by the CGI
ministers at Tyler Texas, he did his usual Ted thing - denied it
Somehow the tape got circulated through those in the CGI that
wanted to see it. It was a member of the CGI (that I had kept in
touch with, or he with me, over the years) that called me and
wanted me to see it. At first I was not interested, but he really
desire my comments on the whole situation. I watched it once, and
sent it back to him. Of course it was self evident, Ted had
convicted himself. He told the lady that as God's special
minister he was allowed to indulge his sexual appetite. 

I wrote to Vance Stinson at the time, one of the leading
ministers in the CGI at Tyler. He wrote back and said he was not
sure if any of this was true, and if it was, Ted was allowed to
make one mistake like this in 16 years of the CGI. I told Vance
that the truth would come out, the real facts would come to light
in all its deceptions of a mind-set that GTA has developed over
many decades.

The lawyers of the CGI advised the "board" of the CGI that they
needed to "throw Ted out" or they would be in very serious
trouble if this lady and her lawyers got to court - the evidence
against Ted was overwhelming. The board finally did just that,
and Ted Armstrong was history.

What did Ted do? He went out and founded another church, and some
dumb sheep followed him, until his death in about 2003 I think it
was. I believe he was about 73 years old, not old considering his
father lived into his 90s. He died in the hospital from

The two Armstrong icons were dead! Only the resurrection will
tell us where they stand with God.

Keith Hunt

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