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Herbert W. Armstrong's Ministry #2

Minister with Church of God, Seventh Day



     Over the years we have had inquiries, from time to time,
asking if Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was ever a member of "The
Church of God (7th Day) at Salem, West Virginia. We have answered
these letters to the best of our ability without going into
detail and looking through back files and records.
     Why the concern as to whether Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong was,
ever a member of our Church has been rather a mystery to us. We
have never advertised the fact that he was. The only place that
it appears, in print, is in our book, entitled, "A History of the
True Church" which was published in 1936. Here it states that his
[Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong] name was drawn for a member on the
Board of seventy.

     In recent months we are having so many users inquiries that
it is becoming a burden to answer each one separately. For this
reason it was decided to publish the following records, from the
beginning, and the letters of correspondence and reports
published in our papers. Following through to minutes of the
study presented by Mr. Armstrong to the General Assembly of the
Twelve, Seven and Seventy in the year 1937.

     We trust that this will answer the question often asked,
"Did Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong ever belong to, "The Church of God;
at Salem, West Virginia."

Respectfully Submitted,

Elder Chris W. Royer
Secretary of the Apostolic Council.

Following are a few reports of the work of Elder Armstrong three
and four years after the organization in 1933 and published in
our official publication, "The Bible Advocate and Gospel Herald."
Entered as second-class matter November 10, 1933 at the post
office at Salem, West Virginia. It continued under this name
until we changed the name to, "The Advocate of Truth" February
20, 1950.

Bible Advocate Vol.3, No.11 March 23 1936

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong writes from Eugene, Oregon, as
follows: "Two weeks ago I finished a six weeks campaign at
Eldridge School House 12 miles North of Salem. We had an
attendance equal to the best we have ever had. All together there
are twenty-three that we are hopeful of taking a stand with us,
so far. Six have come out, five commenced keeping the Sabbath
three weeks ago. One was a Catholic. I am preaching there each
Sunday night, keeping the work alive. Next week we will organize
a Sabbath School. Brother and Sister Runcorn of Salem will meet
with this new company, and Chas. Henion from Jefferson, a young
man, has been with me in this neighborhood, and I am placing him
to supervise the Sabbath School. I have urgent calls for meetings
in three other places." -- Elder Armstrong is also speaking
regularly over the air from the Eugene station.

Biblke Advocate Vol.3, No.18 - June 29, 1936

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong is in the midst of a very promising
tent meeting in Oregon. At last reports he said it was the most
encouraging tent meeting he had ever held and the people were
realty hungry to hear the Word of life. The attendance was extra
good and many were already deeply interested.     

Bible Advocate Vol.3, No.20 - July 27, 1936

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong writes from Oregon about replacing
the big tent with the smaller one, as the large one was shipped
to Idaho for the summer campaign there, but says, "All things
work together for good. Six have already been added to the Eugene
Church, all new converts, and one other moved to Chicago. There
are 20 or 30 regular attendants who rarely ever miss a night,
besides the others who come and go, and shift and change........"

Bible Advocate Vol.3, No.24 - Sept, 1936

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong is laboring in Oregon, carrying on
his broadcasting work every Sunday, and conducting evangelical
meetings besides. They are purchasing a portable tabernacle to be
used out on the Pacific most in evangelical meetings, which can
be moved and used both summer and winter in the work.

Bible Advocate Vol.4, No.11 - March 22, 1937

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong is still laboring in Oregon full
time and a few new ones are being added to the church there. He
is planning to begain an effort in a new field south of Eugene
where an interest has been created through his broadcast. He
wished a correction to be made relative to his broadcasting work,
that with his recent hookup with three stations there he reaches
practically all of the Williamette Valley, and the south west
part of Washington, but the messages do not reach the north
western part of Washington as was inferred by the recent
statement that he reached most of the Pacific north west.

Bible Advocate Vol.4, No.19 - July 12, 1937

Evangelist Herbert Armstrong is conducting a tent meeting at
Eugene, Oregon, which is expected to continue up until the
Pacific coast camp meeting convene, there, beginning August 20th.

Portions of the Minutes Pertinent to the Subject

Taken from minutes of meeting of Twelve, Seven, and Seventy held
at Detroit, Michigan May 5-10 1937

May 7, 1937 at 1:00 P.M.

Reading of Elder Armstrong's letter to the Twelve. Reading in
periods of 20 minutes each of Elder Armstrong's Article on Feast
of Unleavened Bread, the Passover, Pentecost, Feast of
Tabernacles, etc., followed each time by discussion pro and con
by the Elders.

May 10, 1937 at 10:00 A.M.

Proceeding with the investigation of Brother Armstrong's article
of previous sessions which was left unfinished. Reading of the
article was completed followed by discussion.

A decision was made as given in the following resolution:

In-as-much as some have troubled the Churches, teaching them they
should observe the feast of unleavened bread and yearly sabbaths
connected with the atonement of the Law of Moses, Be it moved,
that we reaffirm the teachings of the Church of God on this
point, and also the decision of the Apostles and leaders on this
question as recorded in Acts 15th chapter, that we observe no
such custom. By Elders W. W. McMicken and William Alexander,

It was in 1938 that he [Herbert W. Armstrong] was asked to turn
in his credentials for continuing to preach contrary to the
church and resolution as passed in 1937 as to Feast Days and etc.


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