Housewife's Lament

Make the beds, bandage heads, Straighten up the room; 

Wash the windows, cut the grass, See the tulips bloom.

Drive the children to school, Drive them back again. 

Have the Cubs to meeting Then I clean the den.

Serve on my committee, Attend the P.T.A.

Forgot to buy the children shoes... Can't do it today.

Pay the bills, write a note, Fill the cookie jar. 

Oh dear, I forgot to go and have them grease the car.

Catch up on the ironing, Scrub the kitchen floor. 

Answer phone and doorbell, Need I list some more?

My pet peeve I must admit,

You surely will agree,

When someone asks, "Are you employed?"

I answer, "No, not me."

-Caryl M. Kerber