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Hosea's wife - a Prostitute?

Read it Carefully!


For many years many have said that God did some strange things at
times, that are hard to understand or explain, one being that He
told Hosea to marry a "whore" or prostitute ...... well the
following by Frank W. Dowsett makes a lot more sense to me, and
is I think the real truth of the matter. This was taken from "Thy
Kingdom Come" (November 1998)  a publication of the Association
of the Covenant People, Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Keith Hunt

     Over the years I've noticed that a number of leading
Identity writers (that we, the Anglo-Saxon, are Joseph Israel)
have referred to Hosea's wife as a 'whore.' But I'm still trying
to find where this is stated in the Bible. In Hosea 1:2 we read:

"And the Lord said to Hosea, Go, Take unto thee a wife of
whoredoms and children of whoredoms. For the land has committed
great whoredom, departing from the Lord." Can someone tell me how
we then arrive at the conclusion that Gomer, Hosea's wife, was a
whore, or have I missed something? It doesn't say SHE was a
whore. It clearly says that she is a "daughter of whoredoms."

     Who was the whore in this situation? The whore was ISRAEL,
who had taken other 'lovers' and thereby had defiled the land. It
was Israel who had committed whoredom, and Hosea was simply
instructed to take to wife, a daughter of the 'whoredom' people

     In other words, God simply told Hosea to marry an Israelite
woman. It was the children of this marriage who were to be, by
the names they were given, the symbolism of the condition of the
'whore' nation, and through whom God illustrated His intentions.

     Their names symbolized, as clearly stated in the record,
that God was to take from Israel His mercy, and that they would,
for a time, be 'not my people.' It is not necessary to turn Gomer
into a whore in order to reinforce the warning of God's judgment
upon Israel at that time. If God had wanted to use Gomer as a
personal whore, surely He could have just stated that fact by
telling Hosea to "Go, take unto thee an Israelite whore for a
wife." But He didn't, and I don't see any reason why we should
change what was actually said in order to make extra mileage out
of the situation.


Entered on this Website March 2008

Ah, the nuggets of truth that are still out there, if we will
only be willing to be corrected and grow in grace and knowledge.

J.P.Green's Hebrew/English Interlinear translates the Hebrew as:

"And said Jehovah to Hosea, Go, take to yourself a wife of
harlotry and children of harlotry. For surely goes whoring the
land away from Jehovah."

The KJV translators were VERY CORRECT in their translation, which
some modern Bibles are NOT!

The land of Israel had ALREADY GONE a whoring into spiritual
adultery and fornication; adults and children - they were all
living in spiritual whoredom, departed from the Eternal God. Like
Elijah had thought, Hosea probably thought the same, there was
none left but him who served the true ways of the Almighty God.
Hosea simply look an Israelite wife and the children they had
were to represent the prophecies written in the book of Hosea. 
The woman bought by Hosea in chapter 3, was an adulteress. It
does not say they married or had any sexual relations. Hosea
bought her to be put aside for a length of time (the length of
time we are not told) - no contact in a sexual way with any man.
She was not to play the adulterous harlot for many day. This was
a sign of a prophecy to come upon Israel as the next verses show.
Israel would also abide many days without a king and government.

This was fulfilled when Israel was taken captive by the Assyrian
army and deported out of the Promised Land. 

The latter fulfilment is YET TO TAKE PLACE, just before Jesus
returns to earth. For 42 months, 1260 days, a time and times, and
dividing of a time (book of Revelation) modern Israel (which is
most of the Western world) will be taken captive, be without a
king, a government, religious freedom gone, by the Beast Power of
the 7th and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. At the
end of 42 months (slightly longer as Daniel was told - Daniel 12;
see my study on the 1290/1335 days of Daniel) Jesus will return -
Israel will be regathered - they will SEEK the Lord - David (the
famous king of Israel) will be RAISED from the grave. Israel will
look to the Lord their God and to an immortal David for spiritual
leadership. They shall fear (humbly and deeply respect) the Lord
and His goodness IN THE LATTER DAYS!! (verse 5). 

Keith Hunt

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