HOLLAND  -  ZEBULUN  of  Israel



The Dutch still claim that a Dutchman invented the method of curing herring (haringkaken) by a man called Willem Beukelsz from Biervliet in Zealand. The Swedish make the same claim. Anyhow it is a historical fact, that as early as 1320 A.D. the Dutch used a refined method of salting herring by putting them in then-ancient natural saltpans (already desired by the Romans!) along the river Scheldt.

Anybody who knows something about the tremendous role the preservation of herring by salting has played during the middle ages up till recently, will realize that it was indeed a blessing meant to save entire populations living in the Celtic fringe of North West Europe: One barrel of salted herrings saved a family of a sea-farers crew from starvation during long winters of sailing the seven seas. Even nowadays the herring is Holland's most popular sea food. Every spring when the new (green) herrings are caught, it is a mad international race between Scottish, Danish, Dutch, Russian and other fishermen as to who will get the first one. After that there is the traditional Dutch race for the first boat of the fleet to be home. The first herring-tube back in Holland has the honor of presenting the green herring to the Queen, who of course eats it raw as every good Dutch man and woman does. Ever seen a Dutchman at a fish-stand gulping a herring down his throat? An old left-over custom from Zebulun?


Anyhow it is remarkable that the fishing port of Scheveningen (at the Hague coast) claims to be the largest herringfish harbor of all Europe. A fact is, that for 300 years the Dutch herring held a monopoly on the European market. In the 16th and 17th centuries there were two thousand herringtubes (boats) and one fifth of the entire Dutch population was occupied in the herring industry! (450,000 men in those centuries according to Seafish guide by Elsevier, 1966, the whole population then being just over two million)

Think of that! One fifth! And think of all the other inhabitants of the Netherlands having such Zebulunitic occupations as ship building (very advanced for those days, even Czar Peter the Great from Russia came to "learn ship building here!) draining, piling, making nets, building dykes, repairing harbors. It was Dutchmen who "sent to sea" — still a nostalgic dream of every Dutchman — who fought at sea, who traded at sea, who were pirates at sea, who were occupied with discovering foreign lands, like New Zealand. Think of the retired fishermen, the elderly men, who sit talking all day at the harbors! One may say that almost all the Dutch lived and worked, at least part of their days, at the seashore or natural harbors, fulfilling the blessing to Zebulun. The 16th — 19th centuries were the most blessed periods for Holland, being internationally the heyday of fishing and shipping, when the expression made sense:

"Every Dutchman is a fisherman."


Genesis 49:13 has sometimes been translated as "his borders shall be unto Zidon," or as "at his flanks he shall catch fish." (Ferrar Fenton) I remind you of the fact that both translations from the Hebrew are correct on a different level. Here is a remarkable example: Zidon is the name of a place in Palestine meaning "catching fish," nowadays it is identified with Saida, the fishing port of the Lebanon. It is the end of the oil pipe-line of an Iraqi oil field and the region has most eventful history, as the Canaanitish Sidon was cursed with Tyre. (See Encyclopedia Britannica, nr 20, page 618, 1960 edition)

On a different level however "borders" become "thighs" or flanks or sides, and Zidon meaning "catching fish,'' we suddenly see with our inner eye a scene so common to those who know that at least the Dutch fishermen mostly work in the Scheldt area and in the Zuyderzee: A Dutch fisherboat having thrown his nets on both "flanks" of his boat and balancing with its hull between the two sides, is catching fish by dragging the nets over the sandy, often shallow waters, maneuvring his boat through the deeper parts and ever changing currents. This requires great skill and knowledge passed on from father to son about the currents and tides. It is as if we hear the Patriarch Zebulun repeating to his sons: "Observe the waters and know when they flow together." Where else in the world are the waters so "to be observed" or difficult to navigate but so blessed with fish as in the clean (alas!) delta of the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt!

Where else but in the Netherlands is fishing from both sides so common? Where else is it so common to see the literal fulfillment of "Zebulun extending his legs to fishery" as in the Dutch shallow waters, where the fishermen with their leggings on walk up to their knees in the water to drag their nets in rain, wind or sunshine? Does the parallel still sound strange?

However we can translate the same Hebrew text on still another level, which, I must confess, is entirely my own, and I just lay it before you as seafood for thought and a vision, which I do pray will not materialize in its dramatic possibility. May my people collectively turn back from their selfmade Babylonic mess and close their doors for further psychic and physical dirt, pollution and sickness spreading like a cancer, whose name is none other than Baalzebul, before it is too late. May the Light, cleaning and purifying this blessed Delta's iniquities begin to shine here NOW, so that collectively we may shadow forth Israel, ruling with God.


We have seen above that the word for ship is aniah in Hebrew, also meaning  - I  - or "the self," and especially in connection with lamenting, groaning. The human "I" laments for being incarnated in the flesh, longing for a lost paradise. The apostle Paul said all day long we are sighing over the creation.

Genesis 49:13, Jacob's blessing to Zebulun could be literally translated as:

"Zebulun (in the sense of those whose Lord is Zebul) shall be caused to remain (instead of freely dwell) within dammed in (embanked) enclosures (the word for hof) of polluted waters, (a dead seashore or dirty canals without life) and the individual I's (the "selves" as symbolic ships) at these dammed (in the double sense of the sound of the English word) stagnant waters (haven) will be groaning and lamenting over the fish that are lying dead aside on their "flanks."

The meaning of this translation could of course be interpreted entirely in a spiritual sense and be seen as the mental status of those who have dammed themselves in with psychic dirt and unclean thinking, so that the living inspiration (the fish) is dead, and only a stinking chaos of erotism and sick bodies are left. This could be the subject for a more psychological study. In the present book I'm trying to limit myself to showing the strange parallels on a national scale and on a level from which  it  can be visualized with the outward eye.

Have you ever seen a school of poisoned fish in polluted water, showing their white flanks while floating in the dirty stinking water? Have you ever smelled them? If you have not, you may just as well imagine what is happening in the main Dutch rivers and canals and ditches and watery region all over the Netherlands. I take 1970, the European Conservation Year as the start of a period when the facts of our situation became available to the public, and action has now been taken to do something about it if not yet too late.

In the beginning of the 20th century the Rhine was still clear to the sandy bottom; the last salmon swam over the German border into the delta. It had no descendants, neither had the trout, nor so many other kinds of fish, which were Holland's treasure. If you refer to a fishing encyclopaedia, you may now cross out (yes, indeed with a cross, they have died in mass murder) almost all the varieties of fish found in the Netherlands. Only the strongest species still survive, and even those have often been poisoned and are dangerous to eat. The same applies to the Scheldt estuary.

This is no exaggeration. The Rhine is officially called the sewer of Europe.

Every Dutchman is now aware that the Netherlands are becoming the great sewer, the drain of Europe, united or not. 


You remember the geography of the Netherlands, being blessed with international rivers? You can therefore easily imagine how all the poisoned and polluted waste water from the thousands of factories in France, Belgium, the Ruhr in Germany is drained off into the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt. The lake of Constance in Switzerland, near which the Rhine has its source, is already too dirty to swim in, so you can imagine what kind of water after having passed German steel factories, to name just one kind, slowly flows into Holland, often artificially colored and rising in temperature. Until recently the Dutch drank this water!


Strange paradox, the most watery area of the world, the Dutch Delta, gets one of the biggest problems for future drinking water supplies for these thirteen million mouths on its hands. Everyone depends on water in the Netherlands, fishermen, farmers (cows drinking from a dirty ditch, so what about the milk, the butter, the cheese), and factories. The entire health situation, with every other house built at the water side depends on the famous traditional cleanliness, which is far to seek these days, when the "honor" of being the sewer of Europe is not always appreciated by the Dutch as a desired "service-task!"

The natural blessing of being the great golden water-delta of Europe, the   natural   blessing   of   having   safe harbors with still standing waters, the blessing of being a nation, born and bred at watersides, the blessing of being a paradise for fish, the blessing of being below sea level with a comparatively mild climate, seems to become a curse. the unnatural curse of having to store the

dirt of the Europeans living nearer the river head, the unnatural curse of not getting rid of pollution in stagnant waters, the unnatural curse of dwelling on stinking canals, not even being advised to swim in the polluted sea along the dirty sandy coast, the unnatural curse of being the mass graveyard for water flora and fauna, the unnatural curse of low hanging clouds with unbreathable air, descending from all higher areas in Europe, into the moist atmosphere of the Low Lands, so that the days are constantly dim and the light has gone.

(HOPE  IT'S  NOT  THAT  WAY  TODAY  -  Keith Hunt)

No blame rests on the other nations alone! The Dutch are wooing their own fate too! Did you know that the ministry of public works, the so-called Delta-project — which plans closing the sea-arms, the natural tidal outlets — did result in shutting out the tides? This means that the amount of pollution brought in by the great rivers will no longer have a natural outlet into the sea. The sea ceases functioning as a flush, while man-made chemical waste is being accumulated in stagnant waters! Mad? The Delta-dykes were planned in order to prevent future catastrophies like those of 1953. However it is now realised by the best engineers that without enormous expenditure on purifying installations it will lead to a polluted catastrophy. But the building of the dykes goes on at full speed, no matter what the Dutch have to sacrifice, because the E.E.C. authorities wish to realize Rome's long cherished dream of a direct overland motorway along the west coast of Europe to provide a speedy connection with the projected Channel tunnel.   A blessing or a curse? It is up to you to judge.

Is it too pessimistic a vision, based on facts, seeing the Dutch in the not too distant future as groaning and lamenting about live nature being killed? Even at this stage much has already been lost. It moves one to tears seeing the Dutch having to "dwell" with dirt, death and decay. It has always said, as a joke, that the Dutch love grumbling, because they never seem to be very grateful. The joke may acquire a sour taste. The Dutch these days are already losing their kind disposition and are becoming more irritated and start groaning. They are sulking like a spoiled child that is not given the asked for sweet.

The few individuals, the few "I's" who see in Holland, i.e. those who realize their identity with a tribe of Israel, those who still possess a conscious self in their heart, can do nothing but groan, lament and sigh. Unless they know their identity there is no solution. The only way out is getting faith in "All Israel will be saved" as prophesied in the Bible.

Only miracles can save us. One should be prepared to be cleansed and to make sacrifices for the right causes. Miracles will be performed when Holland's blindness is cured. If the strange parallel is a true parallel, then literally Israel will dwell alone and safely in the catastrophic days to come.

May Holland be cleansed and clean again, may there be light instead of darkness in the Lowlands, and may the return of the Light be seen here first, as at His first appearance in Zebulun's land. (Matthew 4:13-15)