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What RELIGIOUS leaders HATE to hear!

Here's Why!


If there is one thing that MOST religious leaders hate, hate, and
just HATE to hear is that the nations of the Western world today,
Ten tribes of Israel."

MOST religious leaders will not entertain the thought, certainly
will not study it, and certainly do not want you to either.

WHY is this??

The answer is SIMPLE!!

If the religious leaders of the West were to admit that our
Western nations are the very people of the House of Israel, they
would KNOW we then should be OBSERVING THE 7TH DAY OF THE WEEK!
The only weekly holy day that was ever given to Israel was the
7th day of the week - that day is SATURDAY!! Those religious
leaders would then have to teach their congregations that we as a
people are to observe the 7th day of the week as a holy Sabbath
day! It is a part of our national heritage, a sign between us and the 
true God of Israel.

Furthermore, those religious leaders would have to admit that we
as Israel should be observing the FEASTS of Leviticus 23 and NOT
the false pagan feasts of the Roman Catholic church, that all the
Christian world now celebrate, through the doctrinal teaching that 
has been stamped on the world by the RC church. 

It is just that simple, as to the reason why the Christian
religious leaders do not want to entertain even the thought that
we of the Western world, could be the people of the House of

It does not matter how many past and present scholars of history
have spent years and years of study on the origins of the people
of the Western world, and how MUCH historical proof is out there
in history and archaeology to prove our nations of the West have
descended from the people of the Ten tribes of Israel, THE
MAJORITY of religious leaders DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!

They do not want to know because of the TWO basic reasons above.

If you are not scared to look into the Bible, to read carefully
the chapters of Genesis 12 to 49 and noting chapter 32:9-11 with
chapter 48 and 49 concerning Joseph. Then in a matter of a an
hour of reading, BELIEVING God, and LOOKING AROUND YOU at present
history, YOU personally can KNOW God HAS and IS fulfilling those
prophecies right before your eyes. 

If you are wanting TRUTH from recorded history, then you will
obtain the book by Craig White called "Origin of the Nations"
from - a book not that expensive for what it is.

If you still want more proof, if you are willing to study the
topic, you will study from the Website:  BRITAM.ORG
The finest Website on the Internet, devoted to proving to you
that the nations of the West are the very people of the ancient
House of Israel, that the British Commonwealth and the United
States of America is JOSEPH ISRAEL!

AH, yes, you will from that perspective have to change your ideas
as to what DAY of the week you observe as the Sabbath and what
yearly FESTIVALS you need to observe.

But then Jesus said His followers would be the SALT of the earth,
a few scattered here and there, and that His flock would be the
"very little flock" as it reads in the Greek.

But Jesus also said it was to them that the Father was pleased to
give the Kingdom.

Keith Hunt
(November 2008)

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