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What in the World is Going On?

Sign Nine - Armageddon!

                       WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON

From the book by Dr.David Jeremiah


Unless the Protestant prophets are full idiots at reading the
Bible, they should, from the basic 4 or 5 passages of Scripture,
get most of the correct understanding on the subject of the
BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON - we shall see how Jeremiah does on this -
Keith Hunt.

Arming for Armageddon .....

The Preparation for the Battle of Armageddon

     In the twelfth chapter of Revelation, the apostle John
revealed how this conflagration will come about. "So the great
dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and
Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth,
and his angels were cast out with him ... Now when the dragon saw
that he had been cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman who
gave birth to the male Child" (vv. 9,13).
     These verses tell us that during the Tribulation, when Satan
is cast out of heaven to the earth, he will begin immediately to
persecute the woman who brought forth the male child. The "woman"
is an obvious metaphor for Israel, through whom the child Jesus
was born. 


Wrong off the bat. The woman is not "Israel" - it is the church,
just about all knowledgable people who study prophecy,
agree a "woman" in the Bible stands for "church." the Babylon
woman of later chapters in Revelation, as all "old" Protestant
commentaries attest, is the Papacy or Roman Catholic church. Here
in Revelation 12, we are given an over picture of the true Church
of God down through the centuries - Keith Hunt.

     Satan's first attempt at persecution will be the battle
of Gog and Magog. As we learned in the previous chapter, this
battle, which precedes the Battle of Armageddon, will be a
massive, Russian-led coalition of nations coming against Israel
like swarms of hornets against a defenceless child. As Revelation
tells us, Satan will be the motivating force behind this
invasion. But before he accomplishes his intended annihilation of
Israel, she will be rescued by Almighty God.


Wrong again. As I showed you in the previous chapter and in other
studies on this Website. This battle of God is AFTER the Messiah
has returned and has brought captive Israel and Judah back to the
Holy Land. It is a prophecy for the BEGINNING of the millennium.
Jeremiah ain't getting off to a very good start. We'll see if he
does better from now on out - Keith Hunt.

The thwarting of the battle of Gog and Magog will be a setback to
Satan, but he will not give up; he is relentless in his
persecution of the Jews. His purpose, beginning in the middle of
the Tribulation period, is to destroy the Jewish people before
Christ can set up His kingdom, thus wrecking God's prophesied
rule over the earth.


A THIRD strike out for Jeremiah! He's back to the Protestant 7
year tribulation stuff and the antichrist breaking a treaty with
the Jews in the middle of those 7 years, of course the "secret
rapture" has already taken place, at the beginning of the 7
years, according to fundamental Protestant prophecy; then wanting to
destroy the Jews after stopping the animal sacrifices in some re-
built temple in Jerusalem. They just can't get that monkey off
their back - Keith Hunt.

     According to Revelation 16, Satan will employ two fearful
personalities in these plans: "And I saw three unclean spirits
like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the
mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet"
(v.13, emphasis added).
     Here John tells us that Satan will empower the beast, who is
the head of the reestablished Roman Empire, and the false
prophet, the head of the new world religious system. (Nope ... is
not new world anything, but old world Papacy church in the
resurrected Holy Roman Empire - Keith Hunt). 
     Thus Satan (the dragon), the Beast (the Antichrist), and the
false prophet become the unholy trinity committed to the
destruction of Israel. When the church of Jesus Christ is taken
safely into heaven and the Tribulation period begins, the
unrestrained satanic persecution of Israel will propel the entire
world toward the Battle of Armageddon.


Once more the monkey is on his back - Keith Hunt.

The Place of the Battle of Armageddon

"And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew,
Armageddon" (Revelation 16:16).

     As we noted previously, the word Armageddon is much bandied
about these days. It has become a synonym for every kind of
doomsday scenario. We hear talk of an impending financial
Armageddon, an ecological Armageddon, an environmental
Armageddon, and a nuclear Armageddon for which physicist Stephen
Hawking tells us we should prepare by relocating ourselves
"somewhere else in another solar system." Obviously the popular
imagination has captured the essence of the type of event that
will occur at Armageddon, but people have missed the inherent
meaning of the word by a country mile. Armageddon is not actually
a battle; it is a place.

     Given the enormous attention this word receives, it may
surprise you that Armageddon is mentioned only once in the Bible
- right here in the sixteenth chapter of Revelation. The Hebrew
word "harmageddon" means "the mount of Megiddo." 'Har' means
'mount,' and 'megiddo' means 'slaughter;' so the meaning of
Armageddon is "Mount of Slaughter." The mountain of Megiddo is an
actual geographical feature located in northern Israel. It
includes an extended plain that reaches from the Mediterranean
Sea to the northern part of the land of Israel. Megiddo is about
eighteen miles southeast of Haifa, fifty-five miles north of
Jerusalem, and a little more than ten miles from Nazareth, the
town where Jesus grew up.
     While the word Armageddon is mentioned only once in the
Bible, the mountain of Megiddo has a rich biblical history. It
was at Megiddo that Deborah and Barak defeated the Canaanites
(Judges 4-5). It was also there that: Gideon defeated the
Midianites (Judges 7); Saul was slain during a war with the
Philistines (1 Samuel 31); Ahaziah was slain by Jehu (2 Kings 9);
and Josiah was slain by the invading Egyptians (2 Kings 23).
These are not by any means the only battles that have been fought
on this bloody ground. Last year I stood at the top of Megiddo,
overlooking the plain of Armageddon. If I could have watched past
centuries fast - forward before my eyes, I would have seen a long
succession of waged battles as great armies marched across the
field one after the other - the Crusaders, the Egyptians, the
Persians, the Druze, the Greeks, the Turks, and the Arabs. During
World War I, British general Edmund Allenby led his army against
the Turks in a fierce battle on the plain of Armageddon.
According to scholar Alan Johnson, "More than 200 battles have
been fought at or near there." As you can see, Megiddo has
earned its awful name: it is indeed a Mount of Slaughter.

     Why Megiddo? Why will this be the location of the world's
final conflict? One of the world's greatest military figures
gives us the answer. In 1799, Napoleon stood at Megiddo before
the battle that ended his quest to conquer the East and rebuild
the Roman Empire. Considering the enormous plain of Armageddon,
he declared: "All the armies of the world could maneuver their
forces on this vast plain ... There is no place in the whole
world more suited for war than this ... [It is] the most natural
battleground on the whole earth."
     While it is no mystery why the earth's final battle will be
fought at Armageddon, it is important to understand that the
battle will be centralized on that field but not contained there.
All the ancient prophets agree that this war will be fought
throughout the entire land of Israel. In the book he edited on
Armageddon, A. Sims wrote:

     It appears from Scripture that this last great battle of
     that great day of God Almighty will reach far beyond
     Armageddon, or the Valley of Megiddo. Armageddon appears to
     be mainly the place where the troops will gather together
     from the four corners of the earth, and from Armageddon the
     Battle will spread out over the entire [country of Israel].
     Joel speaks of the last battle being fought in the Valley of
     Jehoshaphat, which is close by Jerusalem and Isaiah shows
     Christ coming with blood-stained garments "from Edom,"
     [present day Jordan]. So the battle of Armageddon, it seems,
     will stretch from the Valley of Megiddo in the north ...
     through the Valley of Jehoshaphat, near Jerusalem, [and down
     to Jordan, south of Israel]. And to this agree the words of
     the prophet Ezekiel that the armies of this great battle
     will "cover the land" . . . But Jerusalem will no doubt be
     the center of interest during the battle of Armageddon, for
     God's Word says: "I will gather all nations against
     Jerusalem to battle."


The verse in Isaiah about "Edom" is the original Edom, which was
south of Jerusalem, see old Bible Maps of Old Testament period.
It has nothing today to do with Jordan. It is a prophecy that the
battle or flow of blood will be from Megiddo down to south of
Jerusalem, into the old land of the original Edomites - Keith

     The words of the prophet Zechariah support Sims's view of
Jerusalem as the center of conflict in the Armageddon war.
"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the
surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and
Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make
Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave
it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the
earth are gathered against it" (Zechariah 12:2-3). So while we
use the term Armageddon and localize the war to the plain of
Megiddo, Scripture teaches that the battle will literally fill
the whole land of Israel with war and bloodshed.


The Battle will start and end at Megiddo. Zechariah 14 - it's all
over before it begins - Jesus will melt the skin off the enemy
right where they stand. Yes there will be some West/East troops
still hanging around Jerusalem, and the Jews will fight them -
Zechariah chapter 12 and 13 - Keith Hunt

     This war will be so horrific that the Bible says blood will
flow in staggering torrents. "And the winepress was trampled
outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress, up to the
horses' bridles, for one thousand six hundred furlongs"
(Revelation 14:20). If you translate these ancient measurements
into the terminology of today, sixteen hundred furlongs is almost
exactly two hundred miles - the distance from the northern to the
southern tip of the land of Israel.
     While that image may be hard for us to visualize, it is not
unknown in human experience. Ancient historians Plutarch and
Herodotus describe similar scenes during vicious battles of their
days. Of the siege of Athens in 405-404 BC, Plutarch wrote:

     About midnight Sylla entered the breach, with all terrors of
     trumpets and coronets sounding, with the triumphant shout
     and cry of an army let loose to spoil and slaughter, and
     scouring through the streets with sword drawn. There was no
     numbering the slain; the amount is to this day conjectured
     only from the space of ground overflowed with blood. For
     without mentioning the execution done in the other quarters
     of the city, the blood that was shed about the marketplace
     spread over the whole (public square) ... and passed through
     the gate and overflowed the suburb."

     Similarly, writing of the fall of Jerusalem to the Roman
hordes in AD 70, Josephus wrote:

     When they (Romans) went in numbers into the lanes of the
     city, with their swords drawn, they slew those whom they
     overtook, without mercy, and set fire to the houses wither
     the Jews fled ... they ran every on through whom they met
     with, and obstructed the very lanes with their dead bodies,
     and made the whole city run down with blood, to such a
     degree indeed that the fire of many of the houses was
     quenched with these men's blood."


How much of this is poetic licence from Josephus is hard to say,
but certainly it was as we would "poetically say "a blood bath" -
Keith Hunt.

     We would actually be more accurate to refer to this conflict
as the "Campaign of Armageddon." The word translated as "battle"
in Revelation 16:4 is the Greek word "polemos," which signifies a
war or campaign. Armageddon will involve many battles fought
throughout the entire land of Israel over a three-and-one-half-
year period of time.


Wrong once more! Armageddon is SPECIFICALLY mentioned in
Revelation 16. It is ONE battle fought at Megiddo, the same
battle as in Zachariah 14. It is the battle to fight Christ at
His return, when the 10 kings give their power to the man beast,
the battle of Revelation 17:12-14. It has nothing to do with
anything the Protestant prophets have to say about the last 7
years and their whole scenario of events they put forth with
their "secret rapture" teaching - Keith Hunt.

David Jeremiah continues .... What is the purpose of this war in
the plan of God? ....

To Finish His Judgment upon Israel

     The Tribulation period is a time of divine indignation
against the people of Israel, the people who rejected their
Messiah and - time and time again after given the chance to
return - failed to heed the corrective and punitive judgment of
God. It is no accident that this future period of time is often
referred to as "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7).


Another WRONG! Wow, Jeremiah is not doing as well as I thought he
might on this topic of Armageddon. Jacob's trouble or Israel's
trouble has nothing to do with God getting so upset that the Jews
will not accept Jesus as Savior. The Jews are only PART of the
total of 13 tribes of Israel. Israel and Judah will be punished
because of their enormous SINS! And to bring them to their knees
in humble REPENTANCE. The Great Tribulation will have this
effect, to punish for sins, and to bring to repentance all the
peoples of Israel, which are way more than 15 million (present
time 2009) Jews worldwide - Keith Hunt.

To Finalize His Judgment upon the Nations that Have Persecuted

     Those nations that have persecuted the Jewish people are
finally gathered together in the Battle of Armageddon, in the
Valley of Jehoshaphat, giving God the perfect opportunity to deal
with them finally and decisively.

     I will also gather all nations,
     And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; And I will
     enter into judgment with them there on account of My people,
     My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the
     nations; They have also divided up My land. (Joel 3:2)


It's not just the Jews, it is Israel, all 13 tribes, but
Protestant prophets will not admit who the other tribes of Israel are
(most of the Western world), yet they tell you this antichrist
with his united Europe will rule the world at the end time. They
are wrong on him ruling ALL the earth, but he and his
Babylon/Europe Holy Roman Empire with rule the Western world. And
that Western world IS ISRAEL! - Keith Hunt.

To Formally Judge All the Nations that Have Rejected Him

"Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should
strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of
iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath
of Almighty God" (Revelation 19:15).

     This verse gives us another of God's purposes in bringing
about Armageddon. Notice particularly that last phrase: "He
Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of
Almighty God." To our time-bound senses, God's activity often
seems so slow and ponderous that people pursuing ungodly goals
tend to dismiss His judgment as a factor to be taken seriously.
Thus the nations do not believe that a time is coming when God's
judgment will inevitably descend. But be assured, He is storing
up judgment against a day to come. The Bible is clear: one of
these days God will have had enough, and His judgment will pour
down like consuming fire against the world's wicked nations. "And
men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name
of God who has power over these plagues; and they did not repent
and give Him glory" (Revelation 16:9).

     This verse tells us just how incredibly wicked the nations
will have become when God's judgment descends. Even when these
men are writhing and screaming with the excruciating pain God
inflicts upon them, they will continue to curse Him to His face.
They will be so far gone, so given over to evil, that in their
prideful defiance they will refuse to repent, even in the grip of
fatal judgment.

The Particulars of the Battle

     Just to be sure there is no confusion about the wars in the
Tribulation period, I want to make it clear that we have
identified two separate battles. In the previous chapter we
learned about the first battle, the one that will occur at the
beginning of the Tribulation period when Gog (Russia) assembles a
mass of nations against Israel that are thwarted by God's
intervention. In this chapter we are learning about a second
battle, one that will end the Tribulation period. It is easy to
confuse the two, but the Bible presents them as two distinct
events. The battle of Gog and the Battle of Armageddon are
separated by several years and involve different participants.


David Jeremiah is correct about TWO DIFFERENT battles, with time
inbetween them. What he and his kind are WRONG about is the time
when the battle of Gog and God takes place. The 38 and 39
chapters of Ezekiel are AFTER the Messiah has returned and the 13
tribes of Israel are back in the Holy Land, living indeed in such
peace and safety they have no walled towns or bars or gates, or
anything to protect them. They have learned by this time that the
Lord Eternal is their protection. Jeremiah goes into a list of
difference between the battle of Gog and God and the battle of
Armageddon and Christ. As you read through Ezekiel 38 and 39
those differences will become very clear.
Then Jeremiah once more goes into the erroneous understanding by
the fundamental Protestant prophets of Daniel 9 and the 70 week
prophecy. Oh they are correct that the antichrist will lead the
European Union of the Beast power, just about everything else
they have wrong! But on the 7 year covenant treaty Europe will
sign with the Jews to "guaranteeing peace and security for seven
years" it is plain crazy reasoning to believe the Jews of the
Holy Land will EVER put their trust in a body of nations to
secure peace for them and lay down their arms, just so Gog
(Russia) can attack them as Ezekiel 38 and 39 is understood by
the Protestant prophets. Jeremiah goes off again into the
teaching that this antichrist will be killed and rise from the
dead - Keith Hunt.

     The Antichrist will be the epitome of the man with a
compulsion  to extend his dominion over everything and everyone.
To achieve this end, the Antichrist will bow to no god but the
"god of fortresses." That is, he will build enormous military
might and engage in extensive warfare to extend his power
throughout the world.


No, he will NOT extend it throughout the world! He will
spiritually lead a Holy Roman Empire to rule the Western world,
but the East and North (Russia and China etc.) will NOT come
under his power or control. They will have their own mighty
nuclear army, with all the latest space-age technology. They will
be ready, when the time comes (Revelation 13:9-21) - the hour
comes - to BLAST the Holy Roman Empire of Europe to a million
pieces - Keith Hunt.

     Daniel then describes how the swollen megalomania of the
Antichrist will drive him to take his next step in Daniel 11:36,
quoted earlier. John expanded on Daniel's description of the
Antichrist's blasphemous acts by telling us that every living
person will be required to worship this man. "He was granted
power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of
the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not
worship the image of the beast to be killed" (Revelation 13:15).
Step by step, the Antichrist will promote himself from a European
leader, to a world leader, to a tyrannical global dictator, and
finally to a god.


No, not as Jeremiah gives it. The CONTEXT of Bible prophecy must
be taken into account. The religious false prophet - the
antichrist - will rule the Western world. The Empire under his
spiritual control, will give the image of the Empire, the RC
church of Europe, a voice to persecute and kill as many as will
not worship as the image dictates. The power will ONLY be OVER
the WESTERN world. The North and East will NOT come under his
power - Keith Hunt.

The Decision to Fight Against the Antichrist

     The Antichrist's grip on global power will not last long.
The world will become increasingly discontented with the
leadership of this global dictator, who has gone back on every
promise he made. Major segments of the world will begin to
assemble their own military forces and rebel against him.
The king of the south and his armies will be the first to come
after the Antichrist, followed by the armies of the north. "At
the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and
the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind,
with chariots, horseman, and with many ships" (Daniel 11:40).


Jeremiah and others have this back-to-front and front-to-back.
Daniel 11:40 is BEFORE the tribulation that is like no other, as
the CONTEXT of Daniel 12 clearly shows. It is amazing how people
can read backwards into the Bible. Truly deception has the mind
so twisted up it cannot read the context of events in Bible
prophecy even when a few verses later would give them the
context. The "king of the south" pushes at the "king of the
north" (Arab nations unity pushing at Europe nation unity) BEFORE
the great tribulation comes (as chapter 12 goes on to tell you) -
Keith Hunt.

     John Walvoord pinpoints the source of this army and
describes the magnitude of the initial thrust against the

     Daniel's prophecy described a great army from Africa,
     including not only Egypt but other countries of that
     continent. This army, probably numbering in the millions,
     will attack the Middle East from the south. At the same time
     Russia and other armies to the north will mobilize another
     powerful military force to descend on the Holy Land and
     challenge the world dictator. Although Russia will have had
     a severe setback about four years earlier in the prophetic
     sequence of events, she apparently will have been able
     to recoup her losses enough to put another army in the
     field. The Antichrist will put down some of these first
     attempts at rebellion against him. But before he can
     celebrate and move on toward his goal of destroying Israel
     and Jerusalem, something will happen.


My oh my, the mixed up, up-side-down and inside-out teachings of
the Protestant prophets just blows my mind. They cannot put it
together correctly even if an angel came and told them. They are
so far out I shake my head in wonderment as to their reading of
the Bible - Keith Hunt.

The Disturbing News from the East

"But news from the east and the north shall trouble him;
therefore he shall go out with great fury" (Daniel 11:44). The
Bible leaves no doubt as to the source of the news that so
disturbs and enrages the Antichrist: "Then the sixth angel poured
out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was
dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be
prepared" (Revelation 16:12).


Now Jeremiah gets the battle at Armageddon mixed up with Daniel
11:44, which in context is happening BEFORE THE "time of trouble
such as never was" takes place. This time of trouble takes place
WHEN the antichrist and the North power comes into the glorious
holy mountain (the Holy Land - Dan.11:45) and has nothing to do
with Revelation 16:12 which is clearly the battle of Armageddon
and the nations coming to fight Christ on His return. Yes in
Daniel 11:44, after the "north" Empire defeats the "south"
Empire, the kingdoms of the north and east - Russia and China,
India etc. will realize this "king of the north" power is "on the
war path" and will start to muster together in apprehension of
the thought that the "king of the north" wants total global
domain. The "king of the north" will have to quicken its pace,
for indeed this Holy Roman empire does want Jerusalem and the
whole world. It will be when this power marches into the Holy
Land that the GREAT TROUBLE such as never was will TAKE OFF - the
Western world will come under the control of the Holy Roman
Babylon/Europe power. Soon Revelation 9 and the 5th trumpet will
blow - Europe will, as it did in the Second World War, attack the
North - Russia and the East - China and the East power added this
time around - Keith Hunt.

     The Euphrates is one of the greatest rivers in the world. It
flows from the mountains of western Turkey, through Syria, and
continues on right through the heart of Iraq, not far from
Baghdad. It eventually unites with the Tigris to become the Shatt
el Arab, and finally empties into the Persian Gulf The entirety
of the Euphrates flows through Muslim territory. In Genesis 15
and Deuteronomy 11, the Lord specified that the Euphrates would
be the easternmost border of the promised land. It serves both as
a border and a barrier between Israel and her enemies.
Is it possible that a river the size of the Euphrates could be
dried up? According to author Alon Liel, it is not only possible,
it has recently happened. He wrote:

     On one occasion recently, the Euphrates was cut off. The
     headwaters of both the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, on which
     both Syria and Iraq so heavily depend, are located in
     Turkish Territory, which makes Turkey's relations with those
     nations all the more sensitive. Tensions mounted in early
     1990 when Turkey stopped the flow of the Euphrates River for
     an entire month during the construction of the Ataturk Dam
     ... Having already showed it can completely cut off this
     flow, Turkey has strengthened its bargaining position in its
     complex relationships with its southern neighbors.

     What is the significance of the drying up of the Euphrates
River, and why will that event have such a disturbing effect on
the Antichrist? For an explanation, let's turn once more to John

     The drying-up of the Euphrates is a prelude to the final act
     of the drama, not the act itself. We must conclude then,
     that the most probable interpretation of the drying-up of
     the Euphrates is that by an act of God its flow will be
     interrupted even as were the waters of the Red Sea and of
     Jordan. This time the way will open not for Israel but for
     those who are referred to as the Kings of the East ... The
     evidence points, then, to a literal interpretation of
     Revelation 16:12 in relation to the Euphrates. 


Jeremiah is still in the mix-up of Revelation 16 with Daniel
11:40 to 12:3. The Protestant prophets cannot get it all lined up
correctly because they will not be corrected by even their own
"old" Protestant Commentaries on Daniel 9 and the 70 week
prophecy, and because they have then all the false teachings of a
last 7 years and "secret rapture" within it all - Keith Hunt.

     It's no wonder the world dictator is disturbed and
frustrated. He has just put down rebellions by defeating armies
from the south and the north, and just when it appears that he is
about to gain control of everything, he gets word that the
Euphrates River has dried up and massive armies of the east are
crossing it to come against him. He had thought himself safe, as
no army could cross this barrier and come into the Israeli arena
where he fought. But now that barrier is down, and an army of
unprecedented numbers is marching toward him.


First, although there may well be a literal fulfilment to the
river Euphrates drying up, the river itself is no barrier to
anything militarily in the last days. With modern space-age war
machines, for anyone to think the antichrist will think this
river is some kind of protection, is silly and day-dreaming on
another planet. And this is not a coming together of the East to
fight the West, this is what is stated in Revelation 16:13 and 14
- a Satanic gathering together of armies from the West and East
to FIGHT Christ on his return. The battle between the West and
East has already taken place in Revelation 9. The 5th and 6th
trumpet is the battle of the West striking the East and the East
striking the West. Revelation 16 is BOTH East and West armies
meeting at Megiddo to fight Christ - Keith Hunt.

     Just how large is that army? Listen to what John tells us:

"Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred
million; I heard the number of them" (Revelation 9:16). Suddenly
the Antichrist must divert the major portion of his attention to
defending himself against an amassed force the size of which the
world has never seen.


Now Jeremiah is back to Revelation 9. He just does not see the
two evens being two different events of different times. The army
of chapter 9 is when the East COUNTER ATTACKS the West's Holy
Roman Empire, which has just attacked the East. All this is
clearly and fully explained in easy to understand explanations of
my commentary on the book of Revelation under the "New Testament
Bible Story" - Keith Hunt.

     Is an army of two hundred million soldiers really
believable? Dr. Larry Wortzel, a retired US Army colonel, is a
leading authority on China and served as the director of the
Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College. In
October 1998, he filed the following report: "China's standing
armed force of some 2.8 million active soldiers in uniform is the
largest military force in the world. Approximately 1 million
reservists and some 15 million militia back them up. With a
population of over 1.2 billion people, China also has a potential
manpower base of another 200 million males fit for military
service available at any time." So an army of that size is not
only possible, the potential for it exists even at this moment.

     When this unprecedented army crosses the bed of the
Euphrates against the Antichrist, the greatest war of all
history, involving hundreds of millions of people, will be set in


Again, he's getting Revelation 16 and Revelation 9 all mixed up.
In Revelation 16 there will be no such huge army from the East. A
good part of the East has been wiped out by all that the book of
Revelation has given up to chapter 16. Revelation 9 and that huge
army is for the setting of the 5th and 6th trumpet. Revelation 16
is the setting of the 7th trumpet and the 7 vials of the
completing of the wrath of God, the 6th vial is the gathering of
armies from the West and East to fight Christ at His coming -
Keith Hunt.

     The major battleground for that war will be the land of
Israel. As if this news is not frightening enough, John tells us
that all these events are inspired and directed by the demons of

"For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out
to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them
to the battle of that great day of God Almighty" (Revelation

     "No doubt demonism in every shape and form will manifest
     itself more and more as the end draws near, until at last it
     all ends in Armageddon ... But besides these hosts of human
     armies, there will also be present at Armageddon an
     innumerable host of supernatural beings ... So Armageddon
     will truly be a battle of heaven and earth and hell"

(David Jeremiah quoting from one of his Protestant prophets

     So just at the moment when the Antichrist is about to attack
and destroy Israel and Jerusalem, a diversion occurs in the form
of another massive army entering the field of conflict. Thus the
stage is set for the last, stunning movement in the Battle of


There is no "diversion" - at the 6th vial, Satan and the armies
of earth KNOW EXACTLY WHY they are gathering at Megiddo. It is to
fight Christ coming from the clouds of heaven. It is to fight
what they now consider a mutual enemy - probably they have been
deceived into thinking this is an invasion from out-space, or
this is the antichrist coming, when in reality it is THEY who are
the antichrist - ones against Christ - Keith Hunt.

The Descending Lord from the Heavens

     If you are a follower of Christ, what happens next may
instill an urge to stand up and shout like a football fan
watching the star quarterback come onto the field.

"Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who
sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He
judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on
His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew
except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and
His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven,
clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white
horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He
should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a
rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness
and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His
thigh a name written: KING of KINGS AND LORD of LORDS.
(Revelation 19:11-16)

     The great Lord Jesus, the captain of the Lord's hosts, the
King over all kings will descend to defend and protect His chosen
people and put a once-and-for-all end to the evil of the

Descending with His Saints

     But the Lord Jesus, captain of the Lord's hosts, will not
descend alone, as the following scriptures make abundantly clear:

Thus the LORD my God will come; and all the saints with You.
(Zechariah 14:5)

The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints . . . 
(1 Thessalonians 3:13)

When he comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints and to
be admired among all those who believe. (2 Thessalonians 1:10)

Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints. (Jude

     All those who have died in the Lord, along with those who
were raptured before the years of the Tribulation, will join with
the Lord and participate in the battle to reclaim the world for
the rule of Christ.


Jeremiah does well when he sticks to these basic Scriptures, but
did you notice his last paragraph? We are back to the "raptured"
saints that were "raptured" away in some secret rapture, as they
teach it, before the Tribulation.

Descending with His Angels

     The saints are not the only ones who will comprise the army
of the Lord. Both Matthew and Paul tell us that the angels will
also descend with Christ. "When the Son of Man comes in His
glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the
throne of His glory" (Matthew 25:31); "and to give you who are
troubled rest with us when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven
with His mighty angels" (2 Thessalonians 1.7).
     How many angels are available for conscription into this
army? The Bible shows their numbers to be staggering. In Matthew
26:52-53, Jesus told Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Put your
sword in its place ... Do you think that I cannot call on My
Father, and He will provide Me more than twelve legions of
angels?" A Roman legion numbered about six thousand soldiers, so
Jesus claimed instant access to the protection of seventy-two
thousand angelic soldiers who would have rushed to His rescue had
He but said the word. Revelation 5:11, at the very least,
supports that number, saying, "I heard the voice of many angels
around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the
number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands
of thousands:" The Greek says literally, "numbering myriads of
myriads and thousands of thousands." The New Living Translation
renders the passage as "thousands and millions of angels."
Hebrews 12:22 sums it up by talking about innumerable angels in
"joyful assembly" (NIV). Angels as far as the eye can see and the
mind an imagine."

     This admixture of saints and angels calls to mind scenes
great fantasies such as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of
the Rings, where humans fight alongside other-worldly creatures
to defeat the forces of evil. It's a thrilling picture to think
of human saints side-by-side with God's angels doing battle.
The inception of the Battle of Armageddon has something of a
historical precedent in miniature. Author Randall Price recounts
the event:

     The Yom Kippur War began at 2 P.M. on October 6, 1973. It
     was a surprise attack on Israel from the Arab nations of
     Egypt and Syria, which were intent on the destruction of the
     Jewish State. Overwhelming evidence of large-scale Arab
     military preparations on the morning of October 6 had
     compelled Chief of Staff David Elazar to ask the United
     States to help restrain the Arabs. U.S. Secretary of State
     Henry Kissinger urged Prime Minister Golda Meir to not issue
     a preemptive strike, but to trust international guarantees
     for Israel's security. To which Mrs. Meir, in her
     characteristic up-front manner, retorted, "By the time they
     come to save Israel, there won't be an Israel!"
     When international intervention finally came in calling for
     cease-fire negotiations, Israel's casualties had mounted to
     2,552 dead and over 3000 wounded. And it would have been
     much worse if Israel hadn't realized that if nobody was
     going to fight for them, they were going to have to fight
     for themselves. For that reason, Israel has come to rely
     upon their own defenses for their security. That attack is
     just a foretaste of what Israel can expect in the future,
     when the worst attack in its history will come and will be
     centered on Jerusalem. In that day there will be no allies,
     not even reluctant ones ... But Scripture has prophesied
     otherwise. At the right time, Jerusalem's Savior will


In this example given, did you catch the drift of the Jews
realizing they themselves must ALWAYS have the army and war
machines to defend themselves, not relying on "friends" to save
them from the enemy. And then these Protestant prophets want you
to believe the Jews will at the end time, give up their weapons,
sit in unwalled villages, sign some treaty with Europe to defend
them, put their trust in some false prophet and beast man from a
Holy Roman Empire, and be sitting ducks to be attacked by
Russia and others from the East. You talk about silly double talk
and simplistic reasonings - there you have it - Keith Hunt.

     As Price tells us, Israel in this last war will be forced to
rely on herself and not depend on assistance from allies. That is
the similarity between the inception of the Battle of Armageddon
and the Yom Kippur War, its miniature historical precedent. 


Did you get that? Read it again friends! Yes, that is what
Jeremiah has written! Did you remember what he said before? Now
he's done a full about turn. You read how he tells you the Jews
will put their trust in Europe to defend them, sit back, in
unwalled villages, and let the Russians and company invade them.
Now he tells you in the last war the Jews will be forced to rely
on themselves and not allies. I tell you the Jews will NEVER give
up their arms, their war machines, at ANY time, and sign some
kind of "I'll trust you to protect us" treaty with a "church" run
Europe. It will NEVER HAPPEN! Logic and common sense should tell
you that - Keith Hunt.

     But what about the outcome? Will the end of the final war be
anything like the end of Israel's Yom Kippur War? We will answer
that question by telling the full story of the event in the next
     We will close this chapter on a high note, (or perhaps on an
acoustic guitar chord) by giving you the lyrics of an old country
music song written by Roy Acuff and Odell McLeod and recorded by
Hank Williams. The title is "The Battle of Armageddon":

     Turn the pages of your Bible, in St. Matthew you will see,
     Start with chapter twenty-four and read from one to
     In our Savior's blessed words he said on earth, he
     prophesied, For he spoke of this great battle that is coming
     by and by.
     There's a mighty battle coming and it's well now on its way.
     It'll be fought at Armageddon, it shall be a sad, sad day.
     In the book of Revelation, words in chapter sixteen say:
     There'll be gathered there great armies for that battle on
     that day.


     All the way from the gates of Eden to the battle of
     There's been troubles and tribulation, there'll be sorrow
     and despair. 
     He has said "ye not be troubled for these things shall
     come to pass." Then your life will be eternal when you dwell
     with him at last.


     There'll be nation against nation, there'll be war and rumor
     of war.
     There'll be great signs in heaven, in the sun, the moon, the
     Oh, the hearts of men shall fail them, there'll be gnashing
     of the teeth.
     Those who seek it will receive it, mercy at the Savior's

     Terrible and terrifying as the events we've discussed in
this chapter may be, the last line of this old country song gives
us the good news. We may be disturbed by the signs we see of
coming catastrophic events. We may feel uneasy due to the
continual reports of wars and wanton terrorism. We may quail at
reports of nature turning against us. But the last line of this
song is our bottom line: we who trust the Lord as our Savior need
have no fear. He loves and protects His own, and whatever comes,
if we seek Him and His will for our lives, we will be among those
whom He saves from the wrath to come.


Well ....... it's the carrot dangling, put before your eyes. Some
of the Churches of God put forth the carrot of "the place of
safety" - that one special place on earth that only that one
special group would go to for the last 42 months of this age. The
Protestant prophets put the carrot of the "secret rapture" before
your eyes, that they tell you will happen before the last 7 years
of this age.
The truth of the matter is that SOME will be protected in the
"wilderness" but some of the true children of God will be
persecuted and even have to die for THE faith once delivered to
the saints. I cannot give YOU personally the absolute promise
that YOU will have protection in the wilderness come the Great
Tribulation time (if you are alive at that time). I do not know,
who will find protection and who God will want to stand up and
take the heat, even dying for Him. But I can guarantee YOU, that
if YOU remain faithful to the truths of the Lord, you WILL be in
the resurrection at the coming of Christ, to meet Him in the air,
in the clouds of heaven, as immortal sons of God. And YOU will be
part of Jesus' army to win the battle at Armageddon.

Well to my somewhat surprise the Protestant prophets have made a
mess of teaching you the subject of Armageddon ... as Solomon
said, there's nothing new under the sun.


To be continued for one more sign

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