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What in the World is Going On?

Axis of Evil continued ...

                      WHAT IN THE WORLD IN GOING ON?

From the book by David Jeremiah


I will continue with sign 8 as given by Jeremiah. On page 173 he
tells you that "Israel" is clearly given as the land invaded by
the hordes of the North and East, and that is very true. He
quotes verses 8, 12, 14, 16, and somehow just does not see what
is written CANNOT be in this age, but has to be in the age to
come. The people in the Holy Land are not dwelling in unwalled
villages, with no bars or gates; they are not dwelling safely.
Why the Jews over there have and are BUILDING A WALL around their
nation to protect them from daily enemies that would kill some of

Jeremiah goes on to tell you that this massive army is certainly
"overkill" - the present "Israel nation" over in the Holy Land is
one-nineteeth the size of California and about the size of the
smallest state - New Jersey. that nation is 260 miles long and 60
miles wide at its widest part and 3 and 9 miles at its narrowest.
around this nation, as Jeremiah tells you, is 22 hostile
Arab/Islamic dictatorships that are 640 times her size and 60
times her population.

Under his section of the "period of invasion" he quotes Ezekiel
38:8,14,16. He sees that it is a time when the Jewish nation will
"dwell safely" and in the "latter years." He admits there never
has been and is not now a time when that nation has been "safe."
But he goes on to tell you that the only period most likely to
have this nation "safe" is AFTER the rapture of the church and
the antichrist and Europe make a treaty with the Jews in the Holy
Land. Of course it has to fit somewhere in the popular Protestant
prophets teaching of the rapture of the church and the 7 year
reign of the antichrist, so they stick in where to them it is
most likely to happen. According to Jeremiah the Jews will rely
on the treaty and "turn their attention away from defense to
concentrate on increasing their wealth" (page 175). He goes on to
say, "Israel will truly be a land of unwalled villages. Her
defenses will be down, and she will be woefully unprepared for
the invasion by the armies of Russia and the coalition" (page

Can you BELIEVE such ideas? To think that with all the history
that the Jews have been through, and what they must do at present
to keep their nation from being overrun by the enemy, they will,
we are to believe, ACTUALLY sign a treaty that gives someone else
the worry of protecting themselves against the enemy round about
them. It is the mind-bending theory that blows me away to think
the Jews will rely on a "treaty" - a signed piece of paper, and
become as Jeremiah says, "truly be a land of unwalled villages."
It is dumbfounding what these educated Phd guys will come up with
in their end time prophetic utterances. NEVER IN A THOUSAND YEARS
wonderment at the teachings of Protestant prophets.

Jeremiah proceeds to tell you about the purpose of the invasion,
and it is written for us in verses 12-13. The Jews of the Holy
Land even today do have some wealth. Yes, it maybe that 7,200
Jews there are millionaires, and 6 out of the 500 wealthiest
people on earth are Jews. Maybe they do have rich people with 35
billion dollars in assets, maybe they have created a "Silicon
Valley" there, and venture capitalists invested 1.76 billion
dollars in 2007 in start-up companies in developing "advanced
telecom equipment" in Israel's "Silicon Wadi."

So overall the Jews in the Holy Land are doing good. But so are
many Arab nations around them, and so is China, India, Japan, and
even Russia, though all the world has been hit by the recent
worldwide recession that started in 2008. The Holy Land is small,
why would BIG giant nations like Russia and China be interested
in what wealth is in the Jewish nation, when invading and killing
them would wipe out a good chunk of that wealth, and the exported
goods and services of more than $70 billion in 2007 (as Jeremiah
gives it) would STOP immediately when a nation is destroyed. The
whole invasion idea in the last days, of the Jewish nation, does
not make much sense to me.

Jeremiah ends up this section again quoting Ezekiel 38:11-12,16 - 
but does not stop long enough to stop and realize the silly idea
of the Holy Land being safe and the people dwelling there without
walls, having neither bars not gates. I need say no more, except
no safety will ever come to the Jews in the Holy Land before the
return of Christ.

The next thing Jeremiah notes is the "particulars" of the
invasion as given in Ezekiel 38:9,15-16). It will be as like a
could, a storm, of armies of people.

And as we read of this attacking huge army coming indeed over a
people at rest, safe, without walls and gates and bars, we know
ONLY GOD can fight for His people Israel, and deliver them from
this massive coalition of enemies. God will use the physical
earth to destroy the coming enemies of His people Israel (verses
19-20). There will then be so much confusion in the enemy ranks
that they will turn and start killing each other (verse 21). The
third weapon God uses will be pestilence and bloodshed (verse
22a). The fourth and final weapon is given in verse 22b. "I will
rain down on him, on his troops, and on the many people who are
with him, flooding rain, great hailstones, fire, and brimstone."

God has often used such weapons to destroy armies or towns in the
past, some recorded in the Bible for us.

The aftermath of the war that will never touch the literal
physical people of Israel in the Holy Land, will be a FEAST! A
feast for the birds and beasts of the field (Ezekiel 39:4-5, 17-
20). And it will take the House of Israel SEVEN months to bury
the dead and to cleanse the land. People will be employed to go
out and search for the dead and to bury them. A third aftermath
will be a long BURNING FIRE! (Ezekiel 39:9-10). It will take
SEVEN YEARS to burn up all the implements of war. 
Jeremiah makes note that a modern army of today would use high-
tech military equipment - guns, tanks, bombs, missiles etc. He
correctly says that prophets of old had to write in terminology
of their day, the prophet would not have made any sense of
writing down words like "tank" "missile" "bombs" and so forth.
I'll give him that point.

The end of the matter is of course that God is God and He fights
the battle and wins the contest, which is really no contest at
all. In the end the Lord gets the praise. He is glorified. He
tells the world He is in charge and there is no winning against
Him. You can read it all in Ezekiel 38:16,23; 39:6,7,21-22.

There is a STORY FLOW to the book of Ezekiel, in many ways,
unlike the other Old Testament prophets. As you read through you
see how God will PUNISH and send the people of the House of
Israel and the House of Judah into CAPTIVITY. Everywhere in Bible
prophecy, the people of Israel and Judah are in a SCATTERED
CAPTIVITY when Christ returns, which HE WILL DELIVER THEM OUT OF! Jesus
will be their SHEPHERD, seeking them out, bringing them back to
the Holy Land, raising David to be over them, as also each of the
Twelve apostles will rule one of the tribes of Israel (that's
given to us from the lips of Jesus Himself in the Gospels). This
brings us to Ezekiel 36. Chapter 37 is the resurrection of many
dead Israelites and the JOINING TOGETHER of Israel and Judah into
ONE NATION in the Holy Land, which has never taken place since
the dividing of the 13 tribes into the House of Israel and the
House of Judah after the death of king Solomon. 

We have come to the Messiah's GLORIOUS COMING, to the DELIVERING
of Israel and Judah from CAPTIVITY. We have come to Jesus being
back on earth at Jerusalem, and hence a physical people in the
Holy Land that NEED NO physical anything to PROTECT them from the
enemies that may still be out there. They will truly then be
living in UNWALLED villages; they will be at peace; they will be
SAFE! There will be no NEED for BARS and GATE DOOR or WALLS (like
the is now in the Holy Land) to protect and keep the enemy out,
to keep the enemy from plundering them, killing them.

The world will have gone through the GREATEST TRIBULATION ever to
come on the earth. Jesus comes just in time, shortening the days,
that would surely end by killing every physical person on earth
(Mat.24). The nations, all the main ones, have literally blown
themselves to bits. West has attacked East, and the East has
attacked the West (Revelation 9). The world is in desolation and
ruins. Thousands left in the North and the East (Russia and China
etc.) are living like "cave men" of sorts. They have some
technology left. They eventually, the time frame not given, have
come to know that in a desolated world there is ONE land they can
walk to, that is FLORISHING with wealth, prosperity, and all the
physical blessing of life. That land is the Holy Land, the
ancient land of promise. Communications move along. A massive
army of people is on the move from the far North, to the East, to
the South of Jerusalem. They come to take a spoil; they come to
take from, and to kill, a people with physical wealth, living in
villages without walls, or any type of defense. They come to
plunder a people dwelling SAFELY, with no army, no weapons of
warfare, no walls of any kind. They come NOT KNOWING the Lord God
is their King and Protector. But they will find out. The Lord
will surely be King in that day over all the earth. He will use
His rod of iron and all peoples will KNOW that the Lord God is


Keith Hunt

To be continued with sign 9 of 10

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