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What in the World is Going On?

When One man Rules the World!

                      WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

From the book by David Jeremiah




David Jeremiah devotes his next sign to the man that he claims
will rule the world. 
He goes off again about the chaotic world it will be at the end
times and "the Rapture of the church will depopulate much of the
planet. As many as 70 million people could suddenly disappear
from our nation alone." (the USA he means - page 142).
Of course this is NOT going to happen for the "secret rapture" is
as false a doctrine as you could have.

Jeremiah is correct to point out that the word "antichrist" is
used FOUR times in the NT - 1 John 2:18,22; 4:3; and 2 John 7.
He is also correct that the antichrist is obvious against Christ,
or as the prefix "anti" means "instead of" or "inplace of." He
will be Satan's superman, "who persecutes, tortures, and kills
the people of God and leads the armies of the world into the
climatic Battle of Armageddon. He will be the most powerful
dictator the world has ever seen, making Caesar, Hitler, Mao,
Saddam seem weak and tame by comparison" (pages 142-143).

Jeremiah is also correct to point to 2 Thessalonians 2. He says
that if you Google "Who is Antichrist?" you get about 1.5 million
hits. "Some Websites post incredible long and detailed articles -
a sign of the extreme fascination generated by this sensational
subject" (page 143).

He shows that some had pamphlets out in the late 1930s and early
1940s trying to prove HITLER was the antichrist (page 143-146).

As Jeremiah goes on he begins to get the "Beast power" as an
Empire and what it did down through the ages (Rome and its
revivals) MIXED UP with the "man of sin" - the "antichrist" - who
is the FALSE PROPHET of Revelation. He gets mixed up with the
"political" ruler of the Beast power and the "false prophet"
RELIGIOUS man who will rule the "woman" church that RIDES the
Beast. As I've shown you in other studies on this Website, at the
end time, for the last 42 months of this age, there will be a
BEAST power in EUROPE - a HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, the 7th and last
resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. It will have the most
popular church in the world, the one with over a BILLION members
worldwide, as its supreme religious power. The HEAD of that
church will be the "false prophet" of Revelation. But there will
be a CIVIC/POLITICAL/MILITARY side to this Empire. Yes of course,
for no Empire can rule unless it has political power and a strong
arm of military or police types to enforce its laws and dictates.
There will be a "beast man" - the political/military guy whom 10
of the Europe Holy Roman Empire nations will give their hand to,
to fight Christ on His return (Revelation 17:12-15).

The Protestant prophets often get all these factors of Daniel and
Revelation MIXED UP! They seem to have a very hard time
distinguishing the one from the other. I have given you a study
on this Website called "The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation" - it
will add up correctly for you, who and what is who and what. I
refer the reader to this study for the in-depth details of the
Beast Empire, the "beast man" and the "false prophet."

Certainly it is correct to say as Jeremiah does that this
antichrist or false prophet is the mouth of the Beast power that
"..was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies"
(Revelation 13:5) (page 147).

As Jeremiah goes on he continually gets the "religious" leader
and the "political" leader crossed over. The Protestant prophets
fail to see that the false prophet and the political beast man,
are NOT the same person. Hence many of the attributes Jeremiah
gives for the anti-christ actually belong to the political beast-
The political leader of the coming Holy Roman Empire is NOT the
religious leader, and the reverse is true - the religious false
prophet leader is not the political beast man of the Holy Roman
Empire to rise in Europe.
By mixing these two men up the Protestant prophets get a FALSE
picture of what the world scene in the Western world will be like
at the very end time or the last 42 months or 1260 days which
Revelation speaks about.

Of course the political leader - the beast man - will be DYNAMIC
and a strong political leader, one of the very best in the world
at this end time chapter of human history. Will he be somewhat
like Hitler in dynamics? Maybe so, maybe not so, for we must
remember he will not be acting alone. He will have a GREAT false
prophet - the anti-christ, with him, a religious man who can
perform miracles, like making fire come down from heaven, as
Revelation tells us. So the beast-man does not have to be as
dynamic as Hitler was in speeches and moving the people to unite
behind him. It is the false prophet who will be "front and
center" of the stage in the Western world. 

Now Jeremiah does have this correct about the antichrist:

"Daniel said of this world leader, 'He shall speak POMPOUS words
against the Most High, shall persecute the saints of the Most
High, and shall intend to change times and law' (Daniel 7:25,
emphasis added). In his second letter to the Thessalonians, Paul
describes him as one 'who opposes and exalts himself above all
that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God
in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God'" (2
Thessalonians 2:4) (page 154).

David Jeremiah does correctly point you to Revelation 13 verses 5
and 7. This antichrist will make war with the saints, to overcome
some, and to continue for 42 months.

Then under the heading "The Program of the Coming World Ruler"
(starting on page 157) Jeremiah goes off into worn-out
fundamental Protestant prophets scenario of what will happen in
the last months of this age through the antichrist and Beast
power of Europe.

They (the fundamental prophets) tell you this Beast power and
antichrist will sign a peace treaty with the Jews in the Holy
Land, a 7 year treaty, which the beast man (which they think is
also the antichrist man) will break in the middle of this 7
years. Here is a new one for me, Jeremiah gives Revelation 13:3-4
as trying to teach this antichrist will be KILLED and "he will be
raised back to life by the power of Satan in a grotesque
counterfeit of the resurrection of Jesus Christ" (page 157).
And here's another one that has a little modern twist to it:
"After his death and satanic resurrection, the antichrist will
assassinate the leaders of three countries in the European Union,
and all other nations will immediately relinquish their power to
him. It is then that he will set himself up to be worshipped by
all the people of the world. Through his associate, the false
prophet (see how they get mixed up between these two guys - Keith
Hunt), the mark of the beast will be placed upon all those who
will follow him. Anyone who does not bear this mark will be
unable to buy or sell in the world's economy" (page 158).

Going along with the standard old fundamental prophets of the
last 100 years, Jeremiah gives the "temple" desecration idea: "In
a final act of rebellion against God, this vile person will set
himself up in Jerusalem and desecrate the rebuilt temple in what
is called the 'abomination of desolation.' He will then attempt
to annihilate every Jew on earth, thus sounding the first ominous
note in the prelude to the battle of Armageddon" (page 158).

I have spent much time in expounding to you in many studies that
this teaching is utterly a false teaching, as false as the
"secret rapture." Put the two together and you have this end time
scenario from another galaxy, so far out it is light years away
from the truths of Bible prophecy.

Now add another twist, Jeremiah quotes from a fellow called Gary
Frazier as a possible scenario:

"Somewhere at this moment there may be a young man growing to
maturity. He is in all likelihood a brooding, thoughtful young
man. Inside his heart, however, there is a hellish rage. It boils
like a caldron of molten lead. He hates God. He despises Jesus
Christ. He detests the Church. In his mind there is taking shape
the form of a dream of conquest. He will disingenuously present
himself as a friend of Christ and the Church. Yet ... He will,
once empowered, pour out hell itself onto this world. Can the
world produce such a prodigy? Hitler was once a little boy.
Stalin was a lad. Nero was a child. The tenderness of childhood
will be shaped by the devil into the terror of the antichrist."

This idea just given is the complete opposite as to how it will
play out in the reality of the end times. The truth of the matter
on end-time prophecy is FAR from what the Protestant prophets
want you to believe. They are deceived and they and the millions
of their followers will be caught up in their own deception, and
will be part of those killed, or come to full and deep REPENTANCE
before God, when they see the reality of the times and the fact
of them being so WRONG in so many ways concerning the true
theology of God and the truths of the Bible that will be shouted
to them NOW, and in the FUTURE, leading up to the last 42 months
of this age. 

The first main truth to remember is that Jesus said MANY would
come in His name and DECEIVE MANY!! It is there in Matthew 24. It
is the MANY, not the few, who are to be deceived by false
prophets and false teachers coming in the name of Christ, saying
that Jesus is indeed the Christ. The GREATEST church Satan the
Devil has used for 2,000 years is with us still today, it is
doing very well thank you. It boasts of having OVER a BILLION
members worldwide. It has most of its members believing its head
man is "God on earth" - "God in the flesh." It claims to be the
very true church of God, and everyone else is just its wayward
daughters who need to be brought back into the fold of the one
true church and the one head, descended from the apostle Peter.
This church and its head leader LOOK to be on Jesus' side. The
world at large respects this church and its leader. What people
forget, what many Christian leaders forget, is that the false
prophet of the Revelation, the very antichrist, will be so ONLY
AS people are led to understand by the Holy Spirit, that
deception comes in the "name of Christ." The greatest deception
is not Halloween (right up front and on its face of paganism) but
feasts like Easter and Christmas, that come in the name of

The political and religious scene at the end times, will be such
that the masses of the population of the Beast/Babylon Empire of
Europe, with a woman church riding her, will seem to be doing the
very WILL of God. It will say it is fighting all the evil and sin
in the Western world, and needs to rule the Western world (and
will have plans to try and rule the whole world). All in the West
that will not politically and religiously "get in line" with this
Beast power and its brand of "Christianity" will become its enemy
to destroy, hunt down, persecute and even kill.

This Europe Beast power will NOT be accepted by the Eastern
nations. They will have their own mighty military power, and
stand by watching Europe and the Western nations moving into its
power base smash-up, with Europe the Babylon Beast being
victorious. There will be only ONE power in the final days in the
West - the Holy Roman Empire of the Europe Beast. And it will
have a Christianity that claims its the one true church from the
apostle Peter. The middle ages - the dark ages - will be back in
style, but millions will never see the deception, they will
believe they are part of the WILL of God, and their false prophet
will teach them that it is so. On its face will be " right and
proper and peaceful Christianity" - it will NOT AT ALL be like
the Protestant prophets are telling you, like we have just been
reading. This last days, this last 42 months of this age, will be
SO DECEPTIVE as being "Christian" that Jesus said IF it was
possible (which it is not) even the VERY ELECT would be deceived.
That is also found in Matthew 24. 

The Protestant prophets and their followers will never see what
is going to hit them. They will be sitting back, taking no note
of this deception, which will lead them down the garden path, for
they will be in their comfort lazy-boy chair, waiting for the
"secret rapture" to take place, so they do not even have to think
about being deceived. When you are taught over and over again for
years and decades, that Jesus will come in secret and have you
disappear to heaven with Him, and that you will escape the last 7
years of this age, then you ain't going to be looking as to what
is DECEPTION! Why bother with studying your Bible in earnest to
find its truths, or to check up on what you hear as Christian
religion, by all the denomination of Christendom, when you will
be raptured away, and so you must be a true Christian anyway, for
only raptured Christians will be taken away to heaven. So you
must be okay for you will be raptured as you acknowledge Jesus as
the Christ and believe in the rapture. Do you see the circle of
the mind-set people are in. And because of that mind-set it will
be as Jesus said, deception so great that if it was possible even
the elect would be deceived.

There is MUCH to yet happen on this earth, and especially in the
Western world, to bring us to the time of the greatest deception
ever under the name of Christ. Europe must yet attain greater
heights, greater political and military powers, greater economic
power, and greater "Christian" religious power. Britain and the
USA must attain greater DECLINE! That has started but more
decline is yet needed, more sin and evil and corruption, is yet
needed on our nations. All of this is yet needed before the last
years of this age will come. There must come a HUGE shift,
politically, economically, religiously, and militarily, in the
West before the false prophet antichrist and the beast man, will
come on the world scene.

I do not know the time line God has set. I can only tell you it
will come to pass as I've disclosed to you. The teaching of last
days prophecy by the fundamental Protestant prophets is all false
doctrine. It is the BLIND leading the BLIND, and both shall fall
into the ditch.

You need to get your eyes in the Bible, search the Scriptures,
and find who is telling you the truths of the Lord.

Keith Hunt

October 2009

To be continued  

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