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What's Going On?

Protestant prophet and Middle-east oil!

                      WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?

A book on 10 prominent prophecies by the Protestant prophet
Dr.David Jeremiah, published in 2008.

I will answer this Protestant prophet - Keith Hunt


The Israel Connection

afternoon, a car carrying prominent Jewish leader David
Ben-Gurion rushed down Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv and
stopped in front of the Tel Aviv Art Museum. Four o'clock was
only minutes away, and inside, more than four hundred
people-Jewish religious and political leaders and press
representatives from all over the world-were assembled in an
auditorium, anxiously awaiting his arrival. BenGurion quickly
bounded up the steps. Precisely at four o'clock, local time, he
stepped to the podium, called the meeting to order, and read
these historic words':

     This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be
masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own
sovereign State. Accordingly, we ... are here assembled ... and
by virtue of our natural and historic right, and on the strength
of the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations,
hereby declare the establishment of the Jewish State in
Eretz-Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.' .......

     Ezekiel makes it clear that this regathering means He will
return every single living Jew back to the land. For he wrote
that the Lord said He would gather them again to their own land
"and ... none of them [will be] captive any longer" (Ezekiel

     Today we see this prophecy being fulfilled right before our
eyes. In 2006, for the first time in nineteen hundred years,
Israel became home to the largest Jewish community in the world,
surpassing the Jewish population in the United States. From the
650,000 who returned when the Jewish state was founded in 1948,
the population of Israel has swelled to approximately 5.4
million, and it is expected to exceed 6 million by 2020.
     The significance of Israel's reemergence in her ancient
homeland is that this had to occur in order to set the stage for
the final fulfilment of biblical prophecies. Israel had to be a
nation in her own land before the predictions previously noted
could come about. The return of the Jews to their homeland is
also significant in another way: it pinpoints where we are on
history's timeline. As author Milton B. Lindberg pointed out:

     "Without the existence of the nation of Israel, we would not
     be able to say with certainty that we are in the last days.
     That single event, more than any other, is the most
     prominent sign that we are living in the final moments
     before the coming of Jesus! The Hebrew People have been
     called God's timepiece of the ages." 


     The regathering of Israel at the very end time, is first,
not just concerning "Jews" - the Jews are only made up of three
tribes, as any first grade in Old Testament reading will clearly
see. There are MANY MORE Israelites than the present Jews. The
regathering of all of them is yet for the future the very last
days of this age, and the prophecies concerning it, HAVE NOT YET
TESTAMENT PROPHETS FOR TODAY, all explained on this Website.
     The year 1948 has no reference at all in Bible prophecy.
what is significant is the fact that the Jews had their 7 times
(360 days x 7 = 2520 years in fulfilment, see Lev.26:18,28). The
Jews started their 7 times punishment in 604 B.C. It ended in
1917 (add a year going from B.C. to A.D. as there is no year
"0"). 1917 was the year the British liberated Jerusalem under
Alenby. After 1917 came the big push for Jews to return to the
Holy Land.
     The Protestant prophets are very mistaken when they use the
prophecies regarding the gathering of Israel and Judah when the
Messiah comes in glory and power to rule the earth. Those
prophecies of the return of Israelites from all parts of the
earth to the Promised Land, are YET FOR THE FUTURE!! - Keith Hunt


The Crude Awakening

Hillbillies by heart? if you're not old enough to have heard this
ditty in the original episodes of the popular sixties sitcom,
you've no doubt seen reruns. The series features a dirt-poor
hillbilly family that strikes it rich in oil and moves to the
upscale Hollywood neighborhood of Beverly Hills. The sitcom plays
on the fact that discovering oil on one's property means becoming
instantly wealthy, a phenomenon that occurs because oil has
become vital to running our highly industrialized society.
America's quest for oil began forty years before Spindletop ever
spouted its first Texas oil, when "the most important oil well
ever drilled was [bored] in the middle of quiet farm country in
northwestern Pennsylvania in 1859." Oil had actually been found
and used on our continent much earlier: centuries before, Native
Americans had noticed oil seeping out of the rocks and had used
it for medicine and in trade with neighboring tribes. Almost
thirty years before the signing of the American Declaration of
Independence, a map had already been printed showing known oil
springs in Pennsylvania.

     But on August 27, 1859, Edwin Drake launched the modern
petroleum industry by drilling a 69.5-foot well near Titusville,
Pennsylvania. It was the first well purposely drilled to find
oil, and thus began a search for petroleum that quickly became
international and changed the way we live ... forever!
     Now, fast-forward to the twenty-first century and observe
what has happened in the decades since the drilling of Edwin
Drake's little well:

1. Mankind's thirst for oil has passed 86 million barrels per day
and is expected to rise to 98.5 million barrels a day in 2015.
The psychological barrier of one hundred dollars a barrel was
finally breached in early 2008.
Oil prices have quintupled in the past six years.
As I write this, surplus oil production has doubled over recent
years, and demand is somewhat reduced, but new, unsettling record
highs have been registered so far this year in all gasoline
products: home heating fuels, automobile fuel, and, especially,
diesel fuel.


Since the author wrote this, oil fell through the bottom of the
barrel. Yes, it is now beginning to rise up again, but the
importance of oil since the recession of 2008 [still in place as
I write] is no where near as it once was - Keith Hunt.

Oil is the new gold in the world economy, and more than any
factor other than the nation of Israel, oil holds the key to the
prophetic events of the future. Oil explains why the Bible
focuses its end-time attention on the Middle East. The demand for
oil in America has outstripped its capacity to produce the black
gold, and the same holds  true for much of the rest of the world.


The Bible's focus on the Middle-East for end time prophecies HAS
NOTHING TO DO WITH OIL! It is a false prophecy the Protestant
prophets use. Oil has nothing to do with end time prophecy -
Keith Hunt.

Therefore, since the discovery of huge supplies of oil in the
Middle Eastern countries, world attention has focused on that
area. In an article entitled "The Power of Oil," Dilip Hiro

     The overarching fact is that political leaders all over the
     world are committed to raising living standards through
     economic growth, heavily dependent on energy in the form of
     gas and oil. That includes the United States. Ever since
     1932, when American oil companies acquired a stake in the
     oil resources of Saudi Arabia, Washington's policies have
     been geared to securing Middle East oil at the expense of
     all else.

     Few would question the fact that oil has become the new
basis for our world economy. It is now the stuff of life, the
resource most highly valued by the industrialized and emerging
nations of the world, the blood that flows through their economic
veins and gives life to prosperity in today's global economy. The
greatest source of that lifeblood is now in the Middle East, so
that is where the eyes of the world are focused.


The Protestant prophet is WAY BEHIND TIMES. The fact is the "oil
sands" in Alberta, Canada, contain enough oil to power the WORLD
for the next 100 years - no Middle-east oil is needed by North
America - Keith Hunt.

     What does this tell us about coming events? In Luke's
gospel, Jesus contrasts our ability to discern weather signs with
our inability to understand the more important signs of the time:
"You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is
it you do not discern this time?" (Luke 12:56). Surely the
world's fascination with oil - a hot commodity with a source in
lands hostile or borderline hostile to Israel and to us -
qualifies as a "sign." 


No! It is NOT a sign! The world is moving fast to other energy
uses, like solar and wind power. The "oil sands" in Alberta have
enough oil in them to power the world with oil for the next 100
years! - Keith Hunt

     Last year when we visited London, our hosts told us how
Brits had handled the oil situation in their country. Responding
to the energy crisis in 1973, they reduced consumption and
imposed taxes on gasoline to raise significant revenue to import
high-priced oil. By 2007, conservation had become a way of life
in England, even as the price per gallon of gas more than doubled
its cost in the United States. I later discovered that the same
thing had happened all over Europe.


And Europe will continue to find other ways for its power and
needs as one of the great economic powers of the world. When we
live in an age of space exploits, the industrial nations can, IF
THEY WANT TO, put their mind and inventive abilities to produce
energy APART from massive drinking of oil - Keith Hunt.

     It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that the world's
number one consumer of oil is America, guzzling almost 21 million
barrels of crude oil per day, or 25 percent of all the oil
produced in the world. If present trends continue, US consumption
will rise to 27 million barrels a day by 2020, and demand will
expand to 34 percent by 2030. Added to this is the fact that the
United States consumes 43 percent of the world's motor gasoline,
and no new gasoline refinery has been built in the United States
since 1976. Stop for a moment and ponder the meaning of all this:
the United States is number ten in oil reserves and number one in
oil consumption, with the demand growing by leaps and bounds. It
doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a crisis is looming
in our future.


Again, our Protestant prophet is BEHIND TIMES. Things have
drastically changed since the world recession hit in 2008. New
and fast moves are under way to power the Western world, without
the none stop drinking of oil. Besides that, if the USA does want
to continue its high use of oil, the Alberta "tar-sands" "oil
sands" has enough oil to fuel the world for 100 years, let alone
the USA - Keith Hunt.

     Many forward-looking statesmen worldwide, aware of the
coming crisis, have mandated the development and use of
alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power and
alternative fuels for motor vehicles. However, recent studies
have shown that despite such mandates for biofuels use, the "law
of unintended consequences" is at work. Rather than saving the
planet from oil dependence and global warming, biofuels are
raising food prices, endangering the hungry, and only slightly
reducing the need for oil. Even if all the corn and soybean
crops produced in the United States were converted for fuel, it
would only be enough to meet 20 percent of consumption demands.
At this point in time, no alternative energy source shows promise
of solving the problem. And until that solution surfaces, the
United States will continue to be heavily dependent on foreign
sources to maintain its vital influx of oil.


No! Even if alternative energy does not take off like a rocket-
ship, the USA can get all the oil it needs from Canada. The
Alberta "oil-sands" contain enough oil to fuel the WORLD for the
next 100 years - Keith Hunt

The Conflicts over the World's Oil Supply

     In 1973 a group of Arab nations launched an attack on
Israel, initiating the Yom Kippur War. One result of this war was
the uniting of Arab nations in a common cause as never before.
This new show of unity was manifest partly in the military
conflict and partly in a less obvious way. On October 17, 1973,
the Arab nations conspired to reduce their oil production below
the previous norm and attempted to embargo nations that favored
Israel, principally the United States and the Netherlands. This
hostile act made it increasingly evident that the Arab world
would use their control of major oil reserves to leverage their
bid for world power.
     Some US citizens will remember the effect of that Arab
     The price of oil quadrupled to twelve dollars a barrel. Cars
formed long, winding lines at gas stations. Conservation measures
were put into effect, including a national highway speed limit of
55 mph. We were being attacked in a new kind of war - an economic
war with ominous implications. The price of oil did not go down
after the Arab oil blackmail of 1973-74, and that crisis
precipitated the fastest transfer of money in history, sucking
dollars out of the United States and stashing them in swelling
Arab treasuries. The ultimate price of the war, however, would
not be exacted in money alone, but in the political and economic
reshaping of the world. For the first time in centuries, the
Middle East became a major consideration in every international
     The first acknowledgment of this new political reality came
from President Jimmy Carter in his State of the Union address on
January 23, 1980. In that address Carter announced an important
policy change concerning the Middle East. This became known as
the Carter Doctrine: the determination to protect the Persian
Gulf even at the expense of our own troops.

     This paradigm shift in foreign policy would soon be tested.
In August 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sent troops into
Kuwait to take over that nation's oil fields. President George H.
W. Bush and his defense secretary, Dick Cheney, put the Carter
Doctrine into action, sending US troops to Kuwait to repel the
Iraqi invasion. President Bush defended his action to the nation,
saying, "Our country now imports nearly half the oil it consumes
and could face a major threat to its economic independence ...
The sovereign independence of Saudi Arabia is of vital interest
to the United States."

     While other justifications for the war were given, experts
agree that the Gulf War in 1990-91 was the first in world history
fought almost entirely over oil. And make no mistake: while the
war in Iraq is about terrorism, it is also about oil - oil that
is sold to finance the Muslim terrorist regime and oil that is
necessary for the West to function economically.


What the situation was 30 and more years ago, IS NOT the
situation today! The Protestant prophets are living in the past,
they are out of date, not that they were ever in date. NOW today,
the fact and reality is that the Alberta "oil-sands" have enough
oil in them to fuel the world for the next 100 years. The USA, if
push comes to pull, can get all its oil needs from Alberta,
Canada - Keith Hunt.

The Concerns About the World's Oil Supply 
Are We Running Out of Oil?

     It was Saturday morning, and I was on my way to my office to
put the final touches on the message for the weekend. I was
scheduled to preach on the importance of oil in the prophetic
program of the end times. When I stopped to get a cup of coffee,
I spotted the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. The
headline read, "Where Has All The Oil Gone?" The article, written
by Ann Davis, was about the huge oil tanks in Cushing, Oklahoma,
where many of our reserves are stored. According to the article,
a run on oil futures has depleted the tanks to their lowest level
     So where has all the oil gone? Do these near-empty tanks
mean we are running out of it? This is a difficult question to
     According to the CEO and president of the Saudi Aramco, we
have tapped "only 18 percent of [global] conventional and
non-conventional producible potential." In his words, "we are
looking at more than 4.5 trillion barrels of potentially
recoverable oil" - enough to power the globe at current levels of
consumption for "more than 140 years." On the other hand, we do
not have access to all of that oil, nor do we have the
present-day capacity to harvest it all if we knew where it was.
The rate of oil discovery has been falling ever since the 1960s
when 47 billion barrels a year were discovered, mostly in the
Middle East. In the '70s the rate dropped to about 35 billion
barrels while the industry concentrated on the North Sea. In the
'80s it was Russia's turn, and the discovery rate dropped to 24
billion. It dropped even further in the '90s as the industry
concentrated on west Africa but only found some 14 billion


The Protestant prophet is WAY BEHIND TIMES, it has now, in the
last few years, been discovered that the Alberta "oil-sands" in
Canada, contain enough oil to fuel the WORLD for the next 100
years, IF the world still wants to use oil for its energy, and we
now know many nations are going into "other" means to produce
energy; finally the electric car, battery powered car is here.
China has already produced the BEST battery car so far invented
by man; it will probably be on the North American market by
2011/12 - Keith Hunt

     Did you catch the sobering point in this quote? Let me
repeat it:

in 2005 the world used more oil than was even produced in the
following year. And there is one energy rule that even I can
understand: energy use cannot exceed available supply.


The availability - no problem, the Alberta "oil-sands" has enough
oil for the world for the next 100 years - Keith Hunt.

Can We Protect Our Sources of Oil?

     Our dependence on foreign oil has become a major
concern especially since the oil lies under the control of
nations with which we have tenuous or hostile relationships. Paul
Roberts addressed this concern in his book, "The End of Oil: On
the Edge of a Perilous New World." Perhaps the greatest casualty
of the Iraq war may be the very idea of energy security.

     To say that we are running out of oil might be untrue but to
say that we are consuming at the level of our current ability to
produce oil is true. The oil shortage is real and will continue
to have an enormous effect upon our culture. According to the
official energy statistics posted by the U.S. government, last
updated in July of 2007, the total world oil supply in 2006 was
exceeded by the total world petroleum consumption in 2005.
     But with the continuing fiasco in Iraq, it is now clear that
even the most powerful military entity in world history cannot
stabilize a country at will or "make it" produce oil simply by
sending in soldiers and tanks. In other words, since the Iraqi
invasion, the oil market now understands that the United States
cannot guarantee the security of oil supplies - for itself or for
anyone else. That new and chilling knowledge, as much as anything
else, explains the high price of oil.


Do you see how OUT-OF-DATE this Protestant prophet is? The oil-
sands in Alberta, discovered in the last few years, shows the
above to be out-dated and completely off-base and out in Planet
Pluto space - Keith Hunt

     According to Roberts, our ability to protect our foreign oil
is limited at best. Even if we commit to using brute military
force, as the Carter Doctrine says we are ready to do, we cannot
ensure an endless supply of oil from hostile countries.


And there is no need to have to look to Middle-east oil. We have
all we need in the oil-sands of Alberta. Plus the world is moving
away from oil into other ways to produce energy. Oil is NOT the
important factor of Bible prophecy - Keith Hunt

Is There Any Oil in Israel?

     It would help, of course, if we could depend on oil from our
one staunch Middle Eastern ally, Israel. But as former prime
minister Golda Meir ruefully quipped, "Let me tell you something
we Israelis have against Moses. He took us forty years into the
desert in order to bring us to the one place in the Middle East
that has no oil.
     While little oil has ever been discovered in Israel, today
there is a growing belief that there may be significant oil
deposits under its surface. Two major oil companies have been
formed to explore oblique references to oil found in the Bible.
Ezekiel speaks of a time when God would do better for Israel than
at her beginnings (36:11). How could Israel ever be more
prosperous than she was in the days of King Solomon? During his
reign the wealth of Israel was the wonder and envy of the known
world. Yet here is God telling Israel that at some time in the
future she will be wealthier still.
     In his book "The Coming Peace in the Middle East," Dr. Tim
LaHaye suggests one way that this coming wealth could be

     Suppose that a pool of oil, greater than anything in Arabia
     ... were discovered by the Jews ... This would change the
     course of history. Before long, Israel would be able
     independently to solve its economic woes, finance the
     resettlement of the Palestinians, and supply housing for
     Jews and Arabs in the West Bank, East Bank, or anywhere else
     they might choose to live.


Tim LaHaye is another false prophet of the Protestant prophets.
They all do not know or understand the prophecies of your Bible.
They refuse to keep the commandments of the Lord; many of them
teach the law of God is "abolished" - certainly for them the
FOURTH commandment does not have to be literally observed. The
Eternal says a good understanding have they who keep the
commandments of God. If you do not keep them and teach them, your
understanding of Bible prophecy will be "the pits" to put it
bluntly - Keith Hunt

     In an article written for WorldNet Daily, Aaron Klein asked
this question: "Is Israel sitting on an enormous oil reserve
mapped out in the Old Testament that when found will immediately
change the geopolitical structure of the Middle East and confirm
the validity of the Bible to people around the world?" John
Brown, an evangelical Christian and founder and chairman of Zion
Oil and Gas, believes that there is indeed oil in Israel. He is
certain that several biblical passages indicate where rich
deposits might be found. As examples, he cites two passages: "Let
Asher be blessed ... and let him dip his foot in oil"
(Deuteronomy 33:24 KJV). "Joseph is ... a fruitful bough by a
well ... Blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that
lies beneath ... shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown
of the head." (Genesis 49:22-26 NKJV).
     Brown's explanation of why these passages indicate the
presence of oil is fascinating. He says that maps of the
territory allotted to the twelve tribes when they entered
Palestine show that the shape of Asher's area resembles a giant
foot. That foot is "dipped" into the top, or "crown" area
belonging to the land given to the tribe of Joseph's son
Manasseh. "The oil is there," Brown asserts, "where Joseph's head
is met by Asher's foot."
     And Brown is willing to put his money where his mouth is. In
2007, his company was granted two extended licenses for
approximately 162,100 acres that include the Joseph and
Asher/Menasseh areas, which Brown believes contain oil.
     The discovery of oil on Israeli soil would greatly reduce
the threat against Israel from her hostile allies, taking the oil
weapon out of their hands. "Finding oil will give Israel a huge
strategic advantage" over its Arab enemies, Brown said. "It will
change the political and economic structure of the region
     But in spite of the tantalizing possibilities of oil in
Israel, it has not yet been found. This means we must continue to
deal with the reality. And the wealth of these few oil-producing
nations is growing at such an exponential rate that they are
struggling to find ways to invest their exploding resources. The
magnitude of their investment "problem" was reported in a New
York Times article.
     Between 2000 and 2007, oil revenues for the OPEC nations
went from $243 billion to $688 billion, not including the price
spikes that occurred in November and December of 2007. It's
estimated that these countries have $4 trillion invested around
the world from the money earned in oil exports.
     Our enemies consider this kind of wealth to be a gigantic
weapon with the blessing of Allah. As author Don Richardson puts

     "Muslim strategists ask their followers, Why do we find in
     these modern times that Allah has entrusted most of the world's
     oil wealth primarily to Muslim nations? Their answer: Allah
     foresaw Islam's need for funds to finance a final
     politico-religious victory over what Islam perceives as its
     ultimate enemy: Christianized Euro-American civilization."

     Another New York Times article headlined in the spring of
2002, "Iranian Urges Muslims to Use Oil as a Weapon." In this
article, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is quoted as having said:

     The issue of oil becomes more and more critical with each
     passing year, for Western democracies in general, and for
     Israel in particular. What we are seeing is a confluence of
     several negative factors and processes in this region ... A
     huge percentage of the world's oil reserves ... is found in
     the possession of powers not friendly to the West or to
     Israel. The oil belongs to the people and can be used as a
     weapon against the West and those who support the savage
     regime of Israel ... If Islamic and Arab countries ... for
     only one month suspend the export of oil to Israel and its
     supporter, the world would be shaken.

     It should be clear to us that America's ride on the crest of
wealth' and power faces unprecedented threats from newly rich,
newly united Middle Eastern countries that have no love for us.
Indeed, many of them would love to see us reduced to the ashes of
history. And it should be just as clear that they are feeling the
newfound power that control of most of the world's oil has given
them. These factors do not bode well for the United States,
Israel, and their Western allies.


I quote this Protestant prophet to some length, so you can see
HOW FAR OFF BASE he is. Oil is NOT the weapon that can be used
against us, the West. We have enough oil in the Alberta oil-sands
to fuel the whole world for the next 100 years, if oil will still
be the choice of energy, which it will not be, for the world, the
Western world at lease IS MOVING away from oil to OTHER pace age
energy uses. As some ads on USA TV are showing, we in the West
have all the oil we need, if we need to continue to use it. The
Middle-East oil is NOT our crutch, it cannot be used against us
and the wise Eastern oil guys KNOW IT! The Protestant prophet do
not know it and they blindly go on teaching their false
prophecies - Keith Hunt.

     So far this chapter has given you very little good news and
little reason to be optimistic - that is, if your outlook is
entirely earthly. As we look back on where we have been as a
nation and where we find ourselves today, we could easily become
discouraged. The secret, however, is to look beyond both the past
and the present and focus on the future. We are, in fact,
unusually blessed. We are being given the opportunity to be
firsthand observers to the staging of events that will precede
the ultimate coming of Christ to this earth. Events written about
centuries ago are now unfolding right before our eyes and are
telling us that our patient anticipation will soon be rewarded.
In the meantime, we must ... Keep on Waiting.
     Jesus told His disciples that just as you can tell that
summer is near when the fig tree puts forth leaves, you can also
tell that the Son of Man is returning by recognizing the signs
given by the prophets ....


Yes indeed, we are to look to the signs of the times. Israel
becoming a nation in 1948 was NOT one of them! The oil fellows in
the Middle-east is NOT one of them! The prophecies of your Bible
is not dependant on anything to do with OIL, the use of it, or
the no use of it. Oil is not going to be the energy of the
future! Even if it was to be, or is to be for some time yet,
there is enough oil in the Alberta oil-sands to fuel the WORLD
for the next 100 years.

So much for the Protestant prophets on their ideas of the Jews in
the Holy Land and the Middle-east oil Arabs - Keith Hunt


To be continued

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