Mr. Hunt,

I'm going to have to figure things out as I go.


Yes  I  guess  you  are.  We all have to do that in our situations in life we are in.  But I've found the Bible usually has the answer, but it may not be as we would do things. God's ways and thoughts and plans are way above us, as it is written. Yes the bottom line is we are given some answers. Romans  9 and verse  14  on..... God  is  creator and  he  creates  as  he  wills;  and  he  plans  things  as  he  plans. So how we may do things, have done things, is not in the game. God plays his game, with his rules, his desires and his plan for it all.

Christ in the flesh was different than you and me; he was born with the full holy spirit, it is written, it was not given to him by measure. You and me do not have that, we are not born with the Spirit in full measure. He needed full measure to NOT SIN EVEN ONCE. One sin for him and it was all over for him and for us! That's just how God decided to do it.... like it or not, He is God not us, he made us not we making him. He decides his plan of salvation for all mankind, not us. We don't tell God his errors and mistakes, he tells us ours. We don't argue with God as Job did, we shut up and listen when it comes to salvation and God's plan for this earth and mankind. When we then understand how God is doing it all, how patient he is, how merciful he is, how long-suffering he is, how loving he is, we praise him, as David did in the Psalms. Read the Psalms, get inspired from them.

The world does not have to suffer as it does, we are free moral agents, the Gospel is preached to the world. It is there to hear if they want to hear it. North Korean leaders can hear, can study, can find the right way to live. Same for President of the USA, Britain, Canada etc.

Romans the early chapters, read them slow. Some have the laws of God written in their hearts. Let me give you an example. The Past LEADER of Singapore went to USA for University education. He was never converted to Christianity per se. But he could logically see the good things of the West, and he could see the BAD things of the West. He determined if he ever became leader of Singapore, he would keep the good things and not have the bad things of the USA. He became leader...... the laws of Singapore [do an Internet reading about Singapore] were very strict, drug dealing you were executed. Did other things like that USA young mad did years ago while in Singapore, and you were "spanked" with the rod, literally. Singapore is the safest country in the world to live in, clean, very clean. Laws are more in line with God's laws, and punishment accordingly than any other country in the world.  

That leader showed it could be done, even not being a Christian per se, but taking the good that Christianity teaches; But the world's leaders as a whole will not do what that Singapore leader did, so God allows us to do our own thing, and reap the bad results. We are free agents.

Sure "spiritual" blindness is there, only a few are called out of it. But that blindness is for salvation. All leaders and people are free to do what the late leader of Singapore did.

Let's read ALL the Bible not just parts of it.  Paul shows in Romans, many people have the laws of God written in their mind NOT even being Christians. If people don't like to retain God in their knowledge then he gives them over, allows them, to go their own way, do their own thing, and reap the results.  Again the past leader of Singapore had many of God's laws in his heart, and made them the laws of the land, plus other laws, to do with drugs, prostitution, theft....... real good penalties, even to death.  No wishy-washy with be a good citizen, obey good correct laws and you can live a wonderful life in Singapore. Many have CHOSEN TO LIVE in Singapore because of the very very good life they can have under good righteous laws.

Sin, as Paul said, does not have to reign in our moral bodies, so also for our city, state, or country, if our leaders would do as past [and present] leaders did/do in Singapore.

Stay humble, love God's way, and if and when [and we all do the when at times] we sin, we have Christ as our  High priest in heaven interceding for us, knowing what it is like to be human. We have the love of God and his grace, to forgive us, wash us clean, and walk with him in righteousness. See my study on my website "Saved by Grace" for the truth on the correct way to salvation.

Understand God's full plan for salvation; come to see its perfectness, its beauty, its love. Come to see why God had to do it that way,  had to work his plan the way he did decide to have it; come to see sin, evil, wickedness, will one day be a thing of the past; but it had to be for a time, so those entering God's Kingdom, can see clearly the end result of sin, the evil of sin, the misery of sin, the horrible results of sin,  and  see  the  righteousness  of  God  is  clean,  perfect,  holy,  just  and  good,  as  Paul  said  in  Romans  7.

Yes  time  to  get  our  eyes  above,  eyes  and  thoughts  on  above,  and  not  on  this  dark,  ever  more  evil  and  wicked  world.