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The TRUTH about GMO foods

The facts, the deception, what YOU can do!



First reaction ..... could SPIT BULLETS!!!  It takes me back to the 1960s and 
the BLOCK BUSTER book that came out "Silent Spring" by Rachel Calson (just 
noticed it's back in our local large book store chain here in Canada - must buy 
it again, lost the one from the 1960s).

It is the same scientist scam with GMO as the folly of the scientists back in 
the 1960s - mess around with, change the molecular structure, play God, make big 
money (for the company) by telling lies to the people.

Makes me want to spit bullets!!!

Second..... the SHOCK at not realizing the USA was so far behind, or so duped 
(the Government that is) compared with Europe and Canada and other nations of 
the world, in the falsehood of GMO foods.

Third.... wanted to CRY over the whole matter of such a man made deception of 
thinking they can with GMO foods do better than the God created nature physical 
laws that He created and set in motion.

Fourth.... was inspired by the people, everyday working people, farmers and 
consumers, who want to take back what we put into our and our children's body in 
the way of foods.

This documentary on is going to be there for ONE WEEK - FREE! So 
tell as many as you can about it. Tell your friends, your family, your loved 
ones..... tell anyone who you think will listen.

As at the end of this documentary, it is the people, you and I, who can beat 
this deception and lie and ill health from GMO foods ..... JUST REFUSE TO BUY 
AND EAT GMO foods, it is that simple. Many nations of the world have thrown out 
GMO food production and the lies that go with it. It is time for the people of 
the USA to stand up and be counted. If people will NOT BUY GMO foods, the 
deceptive industry will come to a grinding stop ..... no money for the GMO 
companies, means they disappear from the planet, and can go back to planet Pluto 
(which they say is not a planet, also was a false idea) where they should 
be..... not a planet, not a company, NO GMO foods .... gone to the blackness of 
outer-space, where it all belongs.

I grew up in an age (1940s and 1950s) then foods were basically natural. No 
pesticides thrown on crops, our milk was organic, delivered to your door and 
schools back then, with an inch or more of the cream on the top. I was blessed 
by taking, as a young teenager, the Charles Atlas "health and strength" course 
(still obtainable on the Internet....just type in Charles Atlas). Part of the 
course is healthy eating habits. He stressed whole grain foods, no white flour 
products, fruits and vegies, and of course protein foods like eggs, meat, milk, 
BUT back then in the 1950s such foods were organic.

SO AS A YOUNG TEEN I started on such a diet, been on it ever since, though I 
had to modify things over the decades, because for decades foods became 
un-organic. I stopped for decades drinking milk as it was all un-organic (only 
for a short while was I able to buy directly from a dairy farmer, whole organic 
milk). I stop eating meat unless it was organic.
Then over the last few decades more people have seen the light, demanded more 
organic foods again. Even Government nations like Canada, saw the light that 
many health issues were due to poor and/or incorrect diet, so laws have been 
passed, and as more people demanded more natural foods, companies saw the light 
also. They realized there was money to be made from the thousands of people who 
would only buy more natural organic foods.


NOW LOOK: Yes go take a look at myself. Paul said "follow me as I follow 
Christ." So on this topic I want you to go take a look at myself on my Youtube 
(1horsesrcool). The last songs I've just recorded (I'm singing with Roy Rogers) 
I did since 9/11 - September 11th 2012. That date was when I had my 70th 
birthday, yes I'm now 70 years old. Go take a look at myself.

I have kept my looks, my smooth complexion, my very   UN-wrinkled  face, 
notice no sagging wrinkles under my eyes, or any deep wrinkles anywhere on my 
face, because I have eaten correctly pretty well all my life. Yes I've used 
cream on my face every day, since a teenager. Yes I've got my 8 hours sleep most 
nights of my life. And especially after age 40 I've taken vitamin and mineral 
supplements. And I've been doing some of the Charles Atlas exercises all my life 
as well as keeping active with things like swimming, walking, bike riding, and 
now riding my beautiful horse Goldie.

So, go take a look at myself on my Youtube. Follow me as I follow the God 
ordained laws of nature that the Eternal put there for our health and 
well-being. Yes it takes commitment, it takes effort, to follow and live the 
physical laws of the Eternal God, it must become a way of life, day after day, 
but soon it becomes just a part of you, and you think of doing nothing but 
living that way of life.

Jesus said "I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly." 
He was not only talking about spiritual abundant life, but physical as well. For 
in Jesus, it is doing what He taught - "Man shall not live by bread alone, but 
by every words that comes from the mouth of God" (Mat.4:4). And PART of God's 
word my friends is obeying the physical laws of God. If you do YOU also can grow 
old gracefully and still look pretty good at age 70, as I do.

Each one of us, collectively, one plus one = two; two plus two = 4 and etc. 
can defeat GMO foods and make companies get back to God's nature food laws, and 
a good healthy way to live.

On this section of this website you can learn the food laws of the Eternal God.
And you will find (most do not know) that God has food laws about vegitation
(such as mushrooms were never created to be eaten as food).

Get in balance with God's food laws and health laws in general, and you can 
enjoy an abundant physical life.

Keith Hunt - September 2012

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