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Some True History

The Origin of the German people


Origins and Destiny

by Craig M. White


"This book is a monumental contribution to the study of the
Assyria-Germany connection. It is thoroughly researched and well
documented. The author is clearly well read in both ancient and
modern history. The book even takes us into the future, painting
a vivid picture of the role that Germany will play as the leader
of Europe in the coming years."
MELVIN RHODES (Senior Editor, Good News magazine and World News
and Prophecy)

"Craig White's latest work The Great German Nation: Origins and
Destiny is a must read for serious Bible students who want to
know more about the roots and prophesied events for Germany. It
is several hundred pages in length and has scores of footnotes
and a number of graphics. It is the most comprehensive material
that I have ever read on the topic, a compilation of decades of
- RAINER SALOMAA (Pastor and church board chairman, writer and

"When Craig White provided me with a draft copy of his book on
The Great German Nation: Origins and Destiny, I was particularly
pleased. I have long felt that good research on the
Germany-Assyria connection has been badly needed for any serious
tribe-tracker of the Israelites and other ancient peoples. My
preliminary perusal of the book proved that it contains such an
amazing breadth of information and sources laid out in a
pleasantly readable format. I think any researcher of history
will appreciate it. I know that I will keep my copy ensconced
within easy reach on my bookshelf."
- RANDALL STIVER (National TV and radio commentator, magazine
writer, editor, educator, and church pastor).

"This is a well-researched volume which adds greatly to the
evidence, believed for years in many Churches of God, that modern
Germany is descended from ancient Assyrian peoples. This is
important for our understanding and interpretation of prophecy.
"I have been studying the identity of Germany since first coming
in contact with the teachings of the late Herbert W. Armstrong in
the late 1960s, and Craig White's book is the best and
most-thorough treatment of the subject I've seen."
- MAC OVERTON (editor of a community newspaper in Texas, a
long-time member of the Church of God, and a well-known
free-lance writer and a frequent contributor to Church of God

"I recently finished [reading] your book Who are the Germans?
[forerunner to this book] I have a Bachelor Degree and a Master
Degree in History, and from a professional point of view, I was
very impressed with your work. I was especially impressed with
your documentation. As you know in a work of this type, it is
crucial to document sources"

The Great German Nation - Origins and Destiny


This book, sequel to "In Search of ... the Origin of Nations,"
took many years to research and finalise. Yet, without the input
and assistance of others, it would have not achieved the quality
product it has.

As a young boy growing up in South Africa I was brought up in a
religious family. Biblical concepts such as Noah, the flood,
doctrine of divorce and remarriage, cremation, Enoch and Elijah
etc were common discussion points. As such and as always, I am
thankful to my parents for their providing the basic upbringing
and introduction to Christian principles and Biblical subjects
which provoked my interest in all things Biblical since a young

Therefore this book may not have eventuated were it not for my
parent's upbringing or my uncle Ron's influence. As such, this
book is dedicated to them.

My uncle, Ron Martin, my Mother's brother (1931-1996), mentioned
the author Greenberry Rupert (1847-1922) to me from time-to-time
in conversation. Uncle Ron used to receive the Plain Truth
magazine and subscribed to many of its teachings such as the
Israel Message and identity of Assyria. I recall especially one
of the occasions his mentioning Rupert in the mid-1970s. He urged
me to look up his books at the local library. Alas, upon
inquiring at the library, I was told that the books had been
withdrawn from circulation. But after migrating to Australia via
England, I was able to procure one of Rupert's books and a number
of his booklets which I ordered from the USA.

Around late 1976 or early 1977 I made contact with researcher
Richard Nickels and found out that he had already undertaken his
own extensive research into Rupert's publications and his
important part in Church history. However, I continued further
research and discovered what a remarkable man he was.

It is important to realise that Rupert lived at a time that
Seventh-day Adventist scholar Alonzo T Jones and others wrote
about the Biblical origin of nations based on the 1 C chapter of
Genesis. This is one of the most over-looked chapters in the
entire Bible.

For his inspiring articles on the subject, I thought it would be
a good gesture to add special thanks to Herman Hoeh (1928-2004).
Dr Hoeh wrote articles on the Germans and their place in history
which provided the germ for this project and I have fond memories
of the telephone conversations between us.

I also owe considerable debt to pastor Melvin Rhodes for his
careful proof-reading and  suggestions. Similarly, my gratitude
is extended to Joan Griffith for proof-reading the book.

Joan suffered health and other issues in early 2007, yet she
struggled on and made many valuable suggestions for improving the
grammar and overall quality of the book.

In addition, I am grateful to Mac Overton for his proof-reading
and kind comments.

It would also be appropriate to offer a special thanks to
Patricia Finley, Steve and Wihelma Moore and Christian Assemblies
International for their support and interest in this research.
They have been a tremendous source of encouragement.

My express gratitude to Professor Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin
Megalommatis for his comments which provided me with the
incentive to make necessary changes to the tone of the book. The
Professor's candid remarks have been humbly received and the
necessary modifications incorporated.

Special appreciation is offered to Gary Michelson who prepared
the cover for the book. Actually, Gary designed several covers
for consideration. After seeking the views of a number of people,
the current cover was chosen as the most appropriate.


In this series of books on the origin of nations, I feel that by
writing works such as this I am honouring Genesis 10 and origin
of nations researchers such as Greenberry G Rupert, Herman L
Hoeh, George Rawlinson, Alonzo T Jones, Archibald Henry Sayce and
Arthur C Custance. I have spent many years of indepth research
and analysis tracking the migrations of peoples from the ancient
Middle East to their modern locations utilising an enormous
amount of resources and information, some rather difficult to

Having lived in several countries I have come to appreciate the
enormous human and cultural diversity found all over our
wonderful planet. I am driven by a respect for all peoples and
races and a hope that they will all survive the onslaught of
globalisation and homogenisation.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in town
planning, Graduate Diploma in Education Studies and a Master of
Arts in political science in addition to numerous other studies.
These qualifications were awarded by several universities and
have assisted me with the necessary skills to undertake research
such as this.

But the glory goes to God Almighty Who provides us with the means
to undertake projects such as this.


Who exactly are the Germans?

From which ancestor of Noah do they descend?

Might their roots be found in the ancient Middle East? Does the
Bible - God's precious Word - have anything to say with regard to
the very talented German peoples and their ancient roots? Or does
God ignore major nations such as Germany in His Word?
We shall certainly see!

These fascinating and highly talented people have been central to
world history. Notice a chilling comment in an article on Russia
by Peter Zeihan:

     "At the risk of sounding like a high school social studies
     teacher (or even George Friedman), history really does run
     in cycles. Take Europe for example. European history is a
     chronicle of the rise and fall of its geographic center. As
     Germany rises, the powers on its periphery buckle under its
     strength and are forced to pool resources in order to beat
     back Berlin. As Germany falters, the power vacuum at the
     middle of the Continent allows the countries on Germany's
     borders to rise in strength and become major powers
     Since the formation of the first "Germany" in 800, this
     cycle has set the tempo and tenor of European affairs. A
     strong Germany means consolidation followed by a
     catastrophic war; a weak Germany creates a multilateral
     concert of powers and multistate competition (often
     involving war, but not on nearly as large a scale). For
     Europe this cycle of German rise and fall has run its course
     three times -- the Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Germany, Nazi
     Germany -- and is only now entering its fourth iteration
     with the reunified Germany".

We can see from this astute observation that the Germans are
positioned to repeat their history. It is therefore very
important to research their historical roots. This will lead us
to understand their prophesied future.



Keith Hunt

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