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Genesis chap.1 - Overview

God's Work in Seven Days


                         Finis Dake

As I agree with Dake about 99% on the basic understanding of
Genesis 1 and 2, I here present his study - Keith Hunt.

Gen. 1:3-2:25


In this lesson we shall study the story of the end of chaos on
the Earth, and the beginning of the restoration of it to its
second perfect state: that is, the work of the six days and the
1:3-2:25; 2 Pet.3:5-7).
The Biblical proof in Lessons Five and Seven (present here on
this Website as in other studies - Keith Hunt) should
automatically clear up all questions that would naturally arise
from a wrong conception of the story of creation. Thus questions
concerning the original creation of the heavens and the Earth
before the flood of Gen. 1:2; the pre-Adamite world; the chaotic
period; the source of demons; the age of the universe; the
location of Lucifer's kingdom and the cause of his fall; the
cause of sin on Earth; and many other questions have been fully
answered so we shall next show how and when the present creation
was made. The time of the re-creation was during the six days of

The main points o f the story o f re-creation are as follows:


That the six days of Gen.1 were literal twenty-four-hour days as
we have known days ever since, is very clear in Scripture. The
reasons why they were literal days are as follows:

1. The word 'evening' is from the Hebrew 'ehred,' meaning dusk,
evening or night. It is translated evening forty-nine times, but
it is not once used in a figurative sense. The word morning is
from the Hebrew 'boker,' meaning dawn, break of day, morning
or early light. It is translated morning 187 times, but not once
in a figurative sense. This shows that the words day and night,
or light and darkness are literal days and nights, and are
regular periods of light and darkness regulated by the sun, moon
and stars, as mentioned elsewhere in Scripture (Gen.8:22; Ps.
19:2; Job 38:12; Jer.31:35-37; 33:19-26). There is no hint in
Scripture anywhere that day and night ever did, or ever will come
from a different source than from the sun, moon, and stars that
were created before the Earth, as we have seen, or that we are to
understand day and night in a symbolic sense.

2. It is true that the word 'day,' which is used 2,182 times as a
literal day, may refer to a prolonged period when it is qualified
as "the day of the Lord" or "the day of God." However, when it is
used with qualifying words beginning or ending the day, like
evening and morning, it can only be understood in the literal
sense. It is further proved to be literal by numbering each day
as first, second, third, etc., as one naturally would number
literal days, when speaking of any seven days which he wishes to
mention. No symbolic period is ever numbered in Scripture.

3. It is definitely stated in Ex.20:8-11; 31:14-17 that God made,
not created, the heavens (firmament, not the Heaven where God
dwells) and the Earth in six days. Man was told to work the same
length of time that it took to do the work of Gen.1:3-2:25; "Six
days shalt thou labour .... For in six days the Lord made heaven
and earth." It is just as logical to argue that man was supposed
to work 6,000 years or six indefinite periods of time before
resting, as to argue this about the six days work of God in Gen.
1. If the six days of Gen.1 can be proved to be periods of 1,000
or more years each, then it can also be proved that the six days
of Ex.20:8-11 are the same length, for exactly the same words are
used in each case, referring to the same kind of days.
It cannot be that mere personal interpretation of the same words
to prove two different ideas could be a basis of proof that
literal days are used in one case and not in the other. It is
never argued that the six days of Ex.20 are long periods of
time, and yet, they do not have as clear qualifying words like
evening and morning, and first, second, third, etc., as the days
of Gen.1. Therefore, from the standpoint of literal language and
common sense it can be seen that the days of re-creation are as
literal as the work days for man. Everyone knows that the work
days for man could not be indefinite periods, for days in Moses'
time were as long as days now, and so it is with the days of
re-creation in Adam's time. From where then could one get the
idea that the days of Genesis are not ordinary days? Such an idea
could not come from the plain language of Scripture, and any
other source we must reject.

4. Remember, our fundamental principle of true Bible
interpretation is like that of any other book: TAKE THE BIBLE
PASSAGE IS FIGURATIVE. On this basis we have to take the days in
Genesis as literal. Could not God do this work in six literal
days as well as in 6,000 years? If He can, and if this is stated
in the Bible, then let it alone and do not change it.

5. If the idea is advanced that the days of Genesis could not be
literal because the sun, moon, and stars had not yet been created
to regulate days and nights, we reply that they had been created
originally in the beginning when God created the heavens before
the Earth, as in Gen.1:1; Job 38:4-7. If the Earth was in
existence before Day One, as is clear in Gen.1:2, and if the
heavens were created before the Earth, then the sun, moon, and
stars were also in existence before Day One. If this be true,
then the light of the first three days came from the same source
that it has come from every day since. There had been days and
nights all through Lucifer's reign, but not through the total
darkness of chaos while the Earth was cursed and the lights had
been withheld from it, as in Gen.1:2; ... The work of Day One was
simply the restoration of day and night as it had been on Earth
when Lucifer ruled.

6. The 1,000-year-day theory is ridiculous in the light of facts.
If this theory true, then it took God a long time to do the work
of these six days, and it took a much longer time originally to
create all things which we have discussed ... Also if this theory
is true, then the waters remained on the Earth at least 1,000
years before they were divided; the Earth was still desolate
another 1,000 years before vegetation was planted; and vegetation
was on Earth 1,000 years before the sun, moon, and stars were
created (if, as supposed, they were created on the fourth day)

Here the question arises how could vegetation live so long
without the sun? Further, vegetation was here about 2,000 years
before animal life was on Earth; so the Earth must have been a
dense forest for 2,000 years; fish and fowls were here 1,000
years before man and other land animals, so they were the rulers
of the Earth all these years. Then, too, we would have to
conclude that it took God 1,000 years to create fish and fowls
and another 1,000 years to create land animals and man ... Adam
was created in the beginning and the woman at the end the sixth
day. If this day was 1,000 years long, man was 1,000 years old
before his wife was made for him. God rested another 1,000 years
between the making of Eve and fall of man; so there were about
2,000 years from Adam's creation at the beginning of the sixth
1,000 years and the fall of man after the seventh 1,000 years,
and yet Adam was only 130 years old when Seth was born (Gen.
5:1-3). How foolish are the theories of men when examined in the
light of common sense and the Scriptures! We conclude, therefore,
that the six days of Genesis were literal, twenty-four-hour days
as is plainly evident by the facts themselves.

7. It is true that some translations read "age" for day, but that
is incorrect. Even if an age is meant ... that an age is any
period of time, whether long or short. A literal day is an age, a
short one, and since "day" is limited and qualified as a literal
one in Gen.1:3-31 it will not be wrong to believe literal days
are meant. This is the only theory that will harmonize with all
the facts and Scriptures on the subject.


The work of this day was nothing more or less than the
restoration of light and the division of light and darkness, or
the restoration of day and night on Earth as it was when Lucifer
ruled and as before the curse of total darkness on the Earth, as
in Gen.1:2 ... This was caused by the brooding of the Spirit of
God over the waters that covered the Earth and by a direct
command of God, "Let there be [become] light: and there was
[became] light" (Gen.1:3-5).
The word 'let' is used in the same sense as we would say, "Turn
on the light." Both light and darkness were in existence and were
created originally with the heavens and the Earth. The word 'let'
never denotes creation but permission as is seen in Gen.1:3,6,9,
11,14,15,20,22,24,26 and determination as in Gen.11:3,4,7. This
further indicates that Gen.1:2 is an act of judgment and that
here God is permitting judgment to cease and the sun, moon, and
stars to shine again on the darkened planet as was the original
creative purpose. Neither here nor in Gen.1:14-19 is an original
creative act implied. The sun, moon, and stars were created in
the beginning with the heavens and this was before the Earth, as
we have seen.
The light of Days One, Two, and Three, came from the same source
it has been coming from every day since. The work of Day Four is
the permanent regulation of the solar system in connection with
the restored Earth that came forth in Day Three. God called the
light day and the darkness night. These have been the names of
regular periods of light and darkness ever since.

God began His work of restoration on the morning of the first
day, for when He said, "Let there be light" the first day began.
It was day or light for a period or until evening, or until the
first period of darkness after the restoration of light. and then
there was night, or the first period of darkness after the
restoration of light or until the next morning - the second
period of light. Thus the first day and night or the first period
of light and darkness since the curse on the Earth, were divided
and distinctly marked off by evening and morning which were the
first day. Thus it is clear that it takes evening and morning, or
a period of light and a period of darkness to make one day,
called the first day.


The work of this day was nothing more or less than the
restoration of the firmament, or the clouds, to hold the waters
again that had fallen on the Earth to cause the first flood to
destroy the first social system, as in Gen.1:2. These waters had
been in the firmament and had been poured out as rain to water
the Earth all through Lucifer's kingdom, for when Satan fell he
said, "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds" (Isa.
14:12-14). The clouds were originally created to hold moisture to
water the Earth (Job 38:4-9,25-30; Ps.104:2-3,13-14).
The firmament then was created in the beginning along with the
heavens and the Earth, but in Day Two it was restored to its
original creative purpose. This was don by making, not creating,
the clouds. God put part of the waters back in the clouds and
named the firmament heaven. The firmament is called clouds (Job
26:8; 38:9; 26; Ps.77:17; Prov.8:28). The Heaven as a planet and
the heavens as clouds are distinguished in Scripture (Judges 5:4;
Ps.147:8; Isa.14:12-14; Dan.7:13; Matt.24:29-31). The second
day's work began on the morning of the second day, or the second
period of light, and continued to the second period of darkness
called night and on through the night until the third morning, or
the third period of light. Thus the evening ending the second
period of light, and the morning ending the second period of
darkness were the second day.

RESTORED (Gen.1:9-13)

The work of the third day was nothing more or less than the
restoration of the Earth from its water baptism, which had lasted
all through the period of chaos and through the first two days,
and the restoration of the vegetation that had grown on the Earth
when Lucifer ruled before the chaos of Gen.1:2. As we have seen
... there were fruitful places on the Earth, but they had become
a waste because of judgment sent on it when Lucifer rebelled.
This work was done by a direct command of God and the creative
power of the Holy Spirit. At the rebuke of God, the waters that
had not been put in the clouds on Day Two fled and hasted away to
go into the low places of the Earth. God then set bounds around
the waters that they should be confined from covering the Earth
God then called the dry land, 'Earth.' If dry land is Earth, then
we can read Gen.1:1 thus: "In the beginning God created the
heaven, and the dry land." The dry land had become wet land by
the flood of Gen.1:2 and now dry land is being restored for the
habitation of land animals and man. Neither the waters nor the 
Earth were created on the third day any more than the planets
were created on the fourth day, or the light and darkness and the
firmament on the first and second days. All the heavens and the
Earth were created in the beginning before Lucifer ruled the
Earth. All the work of Day Three is reconstructive, not creative.
When dry land appeared vegetation could be planted and grow, for
the sun was already shining and had been for the first two days
as well as on this day and all days that have been since.
The purpose of vegetation was to sustain life on the restored
Earth. The life-germ in seeds was no doubt destroyed in the
chaotic period when the Earth was water soaked for an indefinite
period - no doubt a longer period than Noah's flood, which did
not destroy vegetation. In Gen.2:5 it is plainly stated that all
vegetation on the restored Earth of the new period was absolutely
new: "And every plant of the field BEFORE it was in the earth,
and every herb of the field BEFORE it grew" thus proving all of
vegetation to be a new work. God began the work in the morning of
the third day, or when the second period of darkness or night was
over, and He worked throughout this third day or period of light
until the evening of the third period of darkness called night.
Then He worked through the third night until the morning of the
fourth day. Thus the evening ending the third period of light and
the morning ending the third period of darkness were the third

RESTORED (Gen.1:14-19)

The work of day four was nothing more or less than the
restoration of the solar system in connection with the restored
Earth, which work had been completed the day before. Permanent
regulation of the solar system to give light on the Earth and to
regulate times and seasons on it could not be done until the
Earth was restored. In this passage we learn where the light of
the first three days came from and how the light and the darkness
were divided and ruled on these days, and all days since then.
Here God fixed the solar system in connection with the Earth as
before chaos. From this day on, the sun, moon, and stars were
commanded to govern seasons on the newly restored Earth.
These lights had given light on the Earth, and they had regulated
times and seasons all through the rule of Lucifer, but in the
curse on the first social system they had been withheld from
shining on the cursed Earth (Gen.1:2; ...). God here commanded
them to renew their original creative purpose to sustain life on
Earth and to regulate times and seasons and day and night
Some translations read, "God HAD made two great luminaries . . .
and God HAD fixed them," proving God had done this work of
actually creating them in the past. When? In the beginning before
Lucifer ruled the Earth and when it was first created.

God began this work on the morning of the fourth day or period of
light and worked until evening or the fourth period of darkness.
He then worked all night until the morning of the fifth day. Thus
the evening ending the fourth period of light and the morning
ending the fourth period of darkness were the fourth day.

RESTORED (Gen.1:20-23)

The work of the fifth day was nothing more or less than the
creation and formation of new sea animals and fowls to fly in the
clouds. In this passage we have the second creative act of God
mentioned in the Creative Ages - the first being the original
creation of the heavens and the Earth and all things therein in
the beginning, as in Gen.1:1. Here on Day Five God creates and
makes fish and fowls. Between the two creations of the dateless
past and that of the fifth day God merely restores the day and
night, firmament, the Earth and vegetation, and solar regulation.
Of course, the new vegetation of the third day is also a creation
of God, but all the rest is merely restoring already created
things as they were before in Lucifer's kingdom.

God first fixed the realms where fish and fowls were to live, and
then He created and made them to reproduce their own kind and
live according to certain laws. The bodies of all fish and fowls
were formed out of the dust of the ground, and the life was
created in them (Gen.2:19).

The Hebrew word for 'bring forth' is 'shawrats,' meaning to
wriggle, swarm, abound breed, increase, and move. Its meaning can
be seen in its usage in Gen.1:20; 9:7; Ex.8:3. Things of the
animal and plant worlds multiply abundantly. Under the present 
curse a watermelon seed reproduces a product 200,000 times its
own weight, and each melon produces hundreds of seeds, each able
of producing such a product. Each grain reproduces many of its
own kind. Each tree that bears fruit reproduces hundreds of
seed-bearing fruits, each capable of producing a tree with
hundreds and thousands of seed-bearing fruits. Loggerhead turtles
lay 1,000 eggs at a time, and a cod fish produces 10,000,000 eggs
annually. Other organisms multiply abundantly, each after its own
kind as commanded by God. Thus there is an abundant supply for
man of anything he wants. All he has to do is follow certain
laws, and all things are his.

The word for 'life' is 'nephesh,' soul or feelings, emotions,
appetites, and desires ... Thus all animals have souls or
feelings and appetites, but their souls are not immortal and
created in the likeness of God ...
Every creature was to bring forth "after his kind," which
expression states the law of reproduction of all things. It
occurs ten times in Gen.1:11,12,21,24-25. The same law was still
in force 1,656 years later after the flood (Gen.8:19). It is
still in force and different species cannot be crossed to
reproduce other than its own kind, as is well known to all.
Hence, man and monkey and other animals are so far apart that
they never were related. God began this work on the morning of
the fifth day or period of light and worked all day until the
evening or the fifth period darkness. He then worked all night
until the sixth period of light. Thus the evening ending the
fifth period of light and the morning ending the fifth period of
darkness were the fifth day.

AND MAN RESTORED (Gen.1:24-31)

The work of the sixth day was nothing more or less than the
creation and formAtion of new land animals and man to take the
place of the animals and inhabitants of the first social system,
over which Lucifer ruled, the naming of all things by Adam and
the giving of commands by God to the new creation. The bodies of
man and animals were formed out of the dust, and the life was
created (Gen.2:7,19).

The phrase "Let us" is the divine purpose stated, but the divine
act is not describes until Gen.2:5-25. In other words, Gen.1
states what God did do, and some thins as to how He did create
and make all new things, and Gen.2 goes more into detail
telling HOW He did the work of forming and creating man and
animals and the planting of a garden, or it explains more fully
the work of Days Three, Five and Six. The Image and likeness of
God referred to in Gen.1:26, "Let us make man in our image and
likeness" is discussed already in (on this Website, in other
studies - Keith Hunt). God began His work on this day in the
morning or sixth period of light called day, and He worked
through the day to the evening or the sixth period of darkness
called night. He worked through the night until the seventh
morning when He ended His work. Thus the evening ending the sixth
period of light and the morning ending the sixth period of
darkness were the sixth day.


The seventh day was one of rest for God, not that He needed rest,
but because His work of restoring the Earth and its inhabitants
was finished. He had worked constantly six days and six nights
and was now finished with His work. "Thus the heavens and the
earth were finished, and all the host of them [all the
inhabitants and creatures of all kinds in the heavens and the
earth]. And on the seventh day God ended his work .... which God
created and made. These are THE GENERATIONS [family history or
productions] OF THE HEAVENS AND OF THE EARTH when they were
created, in the day [period] that the Lord God made the earth and
the heavens" (Gen.2:1-4).

The order of all the Creative Ages, as discussed ... follows:

1. The original creation and perfection of the heavens and the
Earth and all things therein as when Lucifer ruled BEFORE the six
days (Gen.1:1).
2. The Earth part of the creation made chaos and imperfect and
all life destroyed on the Earth, because of Lucifer's rebellion
3. The restoration of the Earth to perfection and the creation of
new life to take the place of that which was destroyed (Gen.


The Earth was restored to a habitable state because God had
originally intended that it should be inhabited: "For thus saith
the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the
earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it NOT IN
VAIN [Hebrew, 'tohu,' a waste or desolation; so if it was
desolate in Gen.1:2 it later became that way], he formed it TO BE
INHABITED" (Isa.45:18).

The fall of Lucifer and the total rebellion of all the
inhabitants of the first social system under Satan did not
discourage God and cause Him to blot out the Earth. He had
started out with a purpose that the Earth should be inhabited
with free moral agents to whom He could reveal Himself and show
the riches of His grace and who would from free choice serve Him,
and He continued the original purpose by making a new creation
when the old one had to be destroyed.
The rebellion of the new creation that was made in the six days
did not discourage God or cause Him to want to blot it out and
start all over again. He had purposed that as truly as He lived
"the earth shall be full of the glory of the Lord" (Num.14:21)
and this purpose will yet be realized, in the New Heavens and the
New Earth of the future. God did not create the Earth to turn it
over to rebels, and He will yet see to it that only the meek and
the righteous shall inherit the Earth (Matt.5:5; Ps.37:9-11,29).
Thus God restored the Earth from chaos and ruin to replenish with
free moral agents so that His original purpose will finally be


God's plan for the new social system was the same as it was for
the first social system - that all free wills consecrate
themselves to the highest good of being and of the universe. This
means that free moral agents must consecrate themselves to the
same end to which God is consecrated; that they submit whole-
heartedly to those things that will be for the best good of all
society; that they recognize God as the Supreme Moral Governor of
the universe; that every thought, word, and deed be to the
betterment of society, including their own good; and that they
live dependent upon God for needed grace for body, soul, and
spirit, and appreciate life and all that it holds.
God planned to make the new creation an example to all angelic
powers of the manifold wisdom of God concerning His eternal plan
(Eph.3:10-11; 1 Cor.4:9). He planned to manifest His own grace
and goodness to man and make him the ruler of all the Earth and
even the sun, moon, and stars (Ps.8:3-7). He planned that man
should be faithful to his responsibility if he so desired and
that he should be greatly rewarded and continue to rule over all,
or, if he failed, he should be punished according to the law. He
also planned redemption for man should he fall, as we have seen 
(in other studies on this Website - Keith Hunt).



God created Adam on the sixth day of Gen.1 to take the place of
Lucifer in the position of the Earth ruler. He was the Earth's
second world-wide dictator and could have been yet if he had not
sinned. Lucifer the first world-wide dictator had sinned and
failed in not becoming reconciled to God. Adam failed and it is
not known whether he became reconciled to God or not. Looking at
it from the record of the Bible it would seem that he never
became reconciled to God. He is not mentioned in the list of
worthies of the faith according to the Old Testament (Heb.11). 
He is not mentioned once as a righteous man in either Testament,
which fact is more striking when we consider that others are
mentioned several times. Of the ante-diluvian period only Abel,
Enoch, and Noah are mentioned as righteous ones. We do know from
Gen.6:3 that Adam was not reconciled to God when he was 81 years
old ... Jesus Christ will be the third and next world-wide
dictator, and He will eternally prove true to God and head God's
government forever, as we shall see in later lessons (other
studies on this Website - Keith Hunt).

Adam had the greatest responsibility of any man that has ever
lived, outside of Christ. He was given dominion over all creation
to rule for God and to be subject to God forever. He was given
the charge to keep out all enemies and to resist all claims of
spirit beings concerning dominion of the earth. God knew that
Lucifer and the fallen spirits were still around and would
contest man's claim of dominion. God permitted this so as to test
the new free moral governor of the Earth ...
The responsibility of Adam included the bringing into the world
of his own kind and the training of them to respect God, to
continue in righteousness and true holiness, to reject all
temptation and to overcome all enemies. The charge to Adam and
Eve is stated in Gen.1:26-29; 2:15-17, "And God said, Let us make
man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion
over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over
the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing
that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own
image, in the image of God created he him; male and female
created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be
fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. and subdue it:
and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of
the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
And God said, Behold. I have given you every herb [grain bearing
plant and vegetation] . . . . and every tree, in the which is the
fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat ....
and the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of
Eden to dress it and to keep it [protect, preserve it, as in Gen.
3:24; 17:9-10; 18:19]. And the Lord God commanded the man,
saying, Of every tree of the garden thou madest freely eat,
But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not
eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt
surely die."

In Ps.8:3-9 we read that man was to have dominion over "thy
heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon, and the stars, which
thou hast ordained . . . . For thou hast made him a little lower
than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou
madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou
hast put all things under his feet."

From these and other passages we learn that God's plan for man
was that he could have dominion over everything. What a great
responsibility! What a great position. Man was fully capable of
ruling over all things, for he had super-intelligence and was
able to name everything in creation ... but he sinned and came
"short of the glory of God" (Rom.3:23). In the final restitution
of all things man will again have dominion and help God
administer the affairs of the universe (Rev.1:5-6; 2:26-29; 3:21;
5:8-10; 22:4-5; 1 Cor.6:2-3; 2 Tim.2:12). That this future
dominion does include more than the planet Earth is clear from
Rom.8:17-18, "and if children, then heirs, heirs of God, and
joint-heirs with Christ." Everything that God owns will become
the inheritance of the saints, and they shall reign forever and
ever (Rev.1:5-6; 2:27; 5:9-10; 22:45; Dan.7:13-14; 18,27).

If man would only realize the future that can be his, if he would
but submit to God and lay down his arms of rebellion, there would
be but few, if any, but what would wholeheartedly surrender to
God and conform to His eternal will. But because the Devil keeps
man occupied with trifling and temporary things and makes him
think that there may not be a future, he causes man to neglect
God and the essentials of life and by so doing causes man to be
cut off from his rightful inheritance in Christ. If one chooses
to have nothing to do with God and His plan for man, then God has
planned to segregate him from society and carry on His eternal
purpose with those who will choose a part in the plan.


Entered on Keith Hunt's Website, August 2003

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