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All told us in Daniel 11


                         Keith Hunt

Daniel chapter 11 and up to about verse 30, the old well known
Bible commentaries like Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, and others,
have the historical events pretty well right on the bull's eye.
The reader is referred to those such Commentaries for the
understanding of verse one to thirty.

Verses 29-30 hold the KEY to who the king of the north is in
verse 40.
Syria has been the king of the north up to v.29. But what happens
in v.30 is missed by nearly all students of Bible prophecy.
For there is a CHANGE in who is the NORTHERN KING from v.30 to
the end of the chapter.

In modern language, Rome told him to stop his invasion against
Egypt - OR ELSE! Antiochus put his tail between his legs like a
whipped dog and bowed down to the dictates of Rome.

The ROMAN EMPIRE from this point in history became the "king of
the north".

There's never any change in the "king of the south". It is EGYPT
for the entire chapter.

Without understanding what the significance is in v.30, the rest
of the chapter cannot be understood.

V.33-35 Covers the Christian era from the time of the New
Testament Church to 313 A. D. (in its first fulfilling) and to
the second return of Christ in its second larger fulfilling.

These verses cover the martyrdom of true followers of Christ.
this with 2 Pet. 2. Notice v.l-3, 13-14, 18,19. The New Testament
church was in Peter's time being corrupted from within by persons
who eventually went out and formed the great apostate church,
Babylon Mystery, the Mother of Harlots (Rev. 17).

V.36-39. Here is depicted a GREAT king - as the king of the north
is now the ROMAN EMPIRE, this king here mentioned must be a king
of that Empire. Let's note what is said of him:

1. He exalts himself above every god. 
2. He speaks AGAINST the true God. 3. He prospers.
4. He rejects his ancestors' god - (He then chooses another). 
5. Rejects the desire of women.
6. He honors with gold, silver and riches a god that his former
ancestors did not.
7. This god he honors is called a 'strange' god - not the true
God then. And this strange god rules over many.

The event and KING here depicted must be a FIRST of a kind -
a king who is different than all other kings of the Roman Empire.
He has to be a LANDMARK-type person, someone who does so many
changes in the Empire and himself that he will stand out as a
unique king of Rome.

There is only ONE king who fits all seven of the aforementioned
points - King CONSTANTINE of Rome. See the following pages:



One of the factors to which is attributed the triumph of
Christianity is the endorsement of Constantine. But,as we have
suggested, the faith was already so strong by the time when
Constantine espoused it, that it would probably have won without
him. Indeed, one of the motives sometimes ascribed to his
supposed desire to enlist the cooperation of what had become the
strongest element in the Empire, the Christian community....


What must have seemed an unequal contest between naked ruthless
force and unarmed, passive resistance, it was not the imperial
government which emerged victor. Presumably this would have been
the eventual outcome, for christianity was clearly proving itself
the stronger. As it was the individual who was preeminent in the
surrender of the state was Constantine. Constantius Chlorus, the
father of Constantine, was governing Britain; Gaul,and Spain as
Caesar when the persecution broke out. He seems never to had any
stomach for it and to have been at best half-hearted in his
enforcement of the anti-Christian edicts. When, after the
abdication of  his two superiors, Diocletian and Maximian, he
became one of their successors under the title of Augustus, he
appears to have allowed the anti-Christian measures to lapse. On
the death of Constintius Chlorus, in 306, Constantine, then in
York in distant Britain, already his father's known choice for
the succession, was proclaimed Emperor by his troops. He was
confronted with rivals and a prolonged struggle followed. He did
not become sole Emperor until 323, when he defeated his last
competitor, Licinius.

Constantine took the decisive steps in his relation with
Christianity in the year 312. He had invaded Italy on his march
towards Rome and was faced with the army of his first formidable
opponent, Maxentius. Apparently he knew that Maxentius was
relying on pagan magic and felt the need of a more powerful
supernatural force to offset it. Years later he told his friend,
bishop Eusebius, the most eminent of the early Church historians,
that, after noon, as he was praying, he had a vision of a great
cross of light in the heavens bearing the inscription, "conquer
by this," and the confirmation came in a dream in which God
appeared to him with the same sign and commanded him to make a
likeness of it and use it as a safeguard in all encounters with
his enemies. How accurately Constantine remembered the experience
we do not know, but Eusebius is usually discriminating in his
evaluation of data, and he declares that he himself saw the
standard which was made in response to the vision- a spear
overlaid with gold, with a cross which was formed by a transverse
bar and a wreath of gold and precious stones enclosing a monogram
of the letters Chi and Rho for the name of Christ. The staff also
had an embroidered cloth with the picture of Constantine and his
children. Constantine was victor, the winning battle being at the
Milvian Bridge, near Rome, and he therefore took possession of
the capital. Presumably his faith in the efficacy of the
Christian symbol was thus confirmed.

In the following year Constantine and Licinius, between whom the
realm was temporarily divide, met at Milan and action was taken
which was later looked back upon as having ensured toleration for
the Christians through precisely what was done at Milan remains
controversial. Some, declare that an edict of toleration was
issued. On the other hand it is contended that Constantine had
already granted religious freedom and that whatever was done at
Milan was by Licinius and was intended only for the eastern
portions of the Empire where Licinius was in control. Whatever
the details, it seems clear that important measures on behalf of
the Christians was taken at Milan and that Constantine was
consistently friendly.

The policy of Constantine was one of toleration. He did not make
Christianity the sole religion of the state. That was to follow
under later Emperors. He continued to support BOTH paganism and
Christianity. In 314, when the cross first appeared on his coins,
it was accompanied by the figures of SOL INVICTUS and MARS
CONSERVATOR. To the end of his days he bore the title of PONTIFEX
MAXIMUS as chief of the pagan state cult. 

The subservient Roman Senate followed the long-established custom
and classed him among the gods. He did not persecute the old

As time passed, Constantine came out more pronouncedly in favour
of Christianity. Whether he was a Christian from political
motives only or from sincere religious conviction has been hotly
debate. Perhaps he himself did not know. However, it is clear
that he granted to members of the Christian clergy the freedom
from all contributions to the state which had been the privilege
of the priests of other religions which were accorded official

Will in favor to the Church were permitted. Christian Sunday was
ordered, placed in the same legal position as the pagan feasts,
and  provincial governors were instructed to respect the days in
memory of the martyrs and to honor the festivals of the churches.
The manumission of slaves in churches in the presence of the
bishop and clergy, was legalized. Litigants might bring suit in a
bishop's court and the decision tendered was to be respected by
the civil authorities. Constantine forbade Jews to stone such of
their co-religionists as chose to become Christians. He had his
children instructed in the Christian faith and kept Christian
bishops and clergy in his entourage. He built and enlarged
churches and encourage bishops to do likewise and to call on the
help of civil officials. When he removed head-guarters to
Bayzantium,on the Bosporus, and enlarged that city and renamed it
Constantinople, he built in it many churches. He prohibited the
repair of ruined temples and the erection of new images of the
gods. He forbade any attempt to force Christians to participate
in non-Christian religious ceremonies.
He took an active part in the affairs of the church, thus
establishing a PRECEDENT,which was to be followed by his
successors. The fashion in which he sought to promote Christian
unity by calling the first general council of the Church and
presiding at it will be noted to the next chapter. While
Constantine did not receive baptism until the latteR part of his
life, the deferment of that rite seems not to have been from
indifference to it, but from the conviction, then general, that
it washed away all previous sins and being Unrepeatable, had best
be postponed until as near death as possible.     


The three sons of Constantine who followed him successively in   
the imperial purple were much more positive furthering the 
Christian faith than heir father had been. In 341 the second of
them ordered that pagan sacrifices be abolished in Italy. The
third, Constantius, commanded that the "superstition cease and
the folly of sacrifices be abolished" and removed from the Senate
the statue of Victory which had been placed there by Augustus
after the battle of Actium. He ordered temples closed. Yet of the
pagan rites only sacrifices were forbidden, and processions,
sacred feasts,and initiation to the mysteries still permitted,
presumably continued.

Under this prolonged patronage by the Emperors the Christian
communities grew rapidly. The momentum acquired before
Constantine was accelerated. Many now sought admission to the
Church from other motives than purely religious conviction.
Official favour and even wealth could be hoped for where formerly
persecution, always in the background, tended to give pause...."


We can note:
1. To the end of his days he bore the title of Pontifix Maximus
as CHIEF priest of the pagan cult - he thus exalting himself
above every god. Rome classed him among the gods.
2. He followed both paganism and a so-called 'Christianity' which
was not the Christianity of the New Testament. He was never truly
converted. He thus spoke AGAINST the true God.
3. He became very rich and wealthy as king of Rome.
4. As time went on, he rejected more and more the pagan cult to
follow his new-found life with the church of Rome. He thus
rejected the god of his fathers.
5. By accepting the Roman Catholic religion, he accepted and
approved of the doctrine of "celibacy" for the clergy -
an unmarried priesthood; thus rejecting the desire for women.
6. He puts himself above all gods EXCEPT ONE - the god of the
Catholic faith, which god he honored with gold, silver and
riches. Constantine built and had built many churches. He
supported with riches the church and faith of Rome.
7. He honors the god of 'forces' - a supernatural power; yes,
this power is of Satan. And this is indeed a 'strange' god - the
true God calls it in Rev.17 "MYSTERY Babylon the Great". It is a
church full of strange or mysterious doctrines and practices,
which can be traced back to the original pagan empire of Babylon.

CONSTANTINE, like no other, fits this king of Dan. 11:36-39.

But Constantine was only a TYPE of a YET-TO-COME king of the
resurrected Roman Empire, now forming in Europe. (See the study
on 'The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation') This king is to be
given the power and strength of a 10-nation European end-time
Roman empire, as Jesus returns. TEN nations will unite with the
"beast" man and the 'FALSE PROPHET." He, together with a great
false miracle-working religious leader, will try to fight Christ
on His return. (Rev.17:12-14; Rev.19:11-20).

You see, Dan.11:35 brings us to the "Time of the End". 
Dan.11:36-45 is then yet AHEAD OF US!!

V.40 KING OF THE SOUTH - never changes. It is EGYPT, yesterday,
today, and yet future. But other scriptures say it will be an
Egypt with ALLIES. (See Ezekiel 30:4-5,7) Both Daniel and Ezekiel
name at least Egypt and Ethiopia and Libya as falling together.
"KING OF THE NORTH" - the end-time 10-nation Roman Empire of
Europe - will yet in the future attack and destroy Egypt,
Ethiopia, Libya and other Arab nations (v.40,42,43; Ezek.
30:4-7). This "King of the North" of Daniel is the "King of
Babylon" of Ezekiel. (See text on 'The Beasts of Daniel and
Revelation") The whole chapters of Ezekiel 30, 31 and 32 concern
the destruction of Egypt and her allies, the "King of the South".

V. 41 and 45
These go together. They are talking about the SAME event.
GLORIOUS LAND - same Hebrew word as is in Ch. 8:9 - "Pleasant
Land". History shows that it was the land of Palestine that
fulfilled Ch. 8:9. It is also Palestine spoken of here in Ch.

TABERNACLE BETWEEN THE SEAS - between the Dead Sea and
Mediterranean Sea - in Jerusalem - the glorious HOLY MOUNTAIN.
The Bible gives us its interpretation as to WHAT is the "Holy
Mountain". In Ch. 9:16 we read: "..Thy city Jerusalem, thy Holy
Mountain ..."
The last Roman Empire of Europe will come down and destroy the
King of the South, and then enter Palestine and set its seat in
Jerusalem, thus causing the "abomination that makes desolate"
spoken of in Dan.12:11, and by Christ in Mat.24:15.
Three nations will escape - Edom (Turkey), Moab (Jordan), and
Ammon (Iraq).

V-44 - an INSET verse. The event here spoken of takes place AFTER
verses 40-43,45. This verse is a prophecy of the power to the
north east of Jerusalem - Russia. Sometime after V.45, Europe
will attack Russia.
These prophecies had a TYPE fulfillment back in the 1930's and
40's. (More on that later.)

NOTICE! Daniel 12:1 goes on to say that AT THAT TIME - when this
Northern power has set its seat in Jerusalem - there will come "a

Jeremiah was inspired to write of this also: "ALAS! FOR THAT DAY
TROUBLE ..." (Jer.30:7).


Christ spoke about this SAME time of trouble in Mat. 24:21 - "For
then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the
beginning of the world to this time; no, nor ever shall be."

What is the S I G N of this coming time of tribulation?
Christ gives us the answer in Mt.24:15, Lk.21:20 and Mrk. 13:14:

"When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation
spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place..." Mark
says, "...stand where it ought not ..." Luke says and interprets
for us, "And when you see JERUSALEM compassed with armies, then
know that the DESOLATION thereof is nigh."

The 'holy place' - 'stand where it ought not' and that spoken of
by Daniel is the DESOLATION OF JERUSALEM, the holy city of God,
the holy mountain - where this European Roman Empire will
desolate and plant its seat, as Daniel 11 foretells.

When we see this happen, THEN will be a time of trouble on this
earth as there never was or shall be again.

Christ gives us the answer:

"...Then let them that be in JUDEA flee to the mountains." Mark
"Then let them which are in JUDEA flee to the mountains ... for
these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written
may be fulfilled ...for there shall be great distress in the
land, and wrath upon THIS PEOPLE [those in Judah] and they shall
fall by the edge of the sword: and Jerusalem shall be trodden
down of the gentiles ...." (Luke 21:21-24).
The people of Judah - the Jews of Palestine - will be part of
this great tribulation. They shall fall by the sword - by war.
Jeremiah wrote that this GREATEST TIME OF TROUBLE to come on this
earth would be JACOB'S trouble (Jer. 30:7). Jacob was renamed
Israel (Gen. 35:9-10). Israel was to become "...a nation and a
company of nations ..." (Gen. 35:11).

This promise and blessing was passed on to Joseph and his two
sons Ephraim and Manasseh, by the hands of Israel, ".....Bless
the lads and let MY NAME be named on THEM ..... Let them GROW
into a MULTITUDE in the midst of the earth." (Gen.48:16).
Israel then put his right hand on the head of Ephraim and his
left hand upon Manasseh and said, "..... He [Manasseh] shall
become A PEOPLE [singular] and he also shall be great: but truly
his younger brother shall be greater than he and his seed shall
become a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS [many nations - plural]". (Gen.
The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh have more right to the NAME of
Israel than do any of the other eleven tribes of Jacob. THEY were
to grow TOGETHER in the earth until one became A NATION - A
PEOPLE [singular - one great nation] and the other a COMPANY or
MULTITUDE OF NATIONS [many nations - plural].
Who in all of history - what people - grew together, were of
the same stock, looked alike, had the same culture and language,
and have become A NATION and a COMPANY OF NATIONS? History
testifies there has only been ONE such people who find themselves
as brothers, and who constitute A GREAT SINGLE NATION and a GREAT

Who they are should be obvious!

This great tribulation - time of trouble - Jacob's trouble - will
come upon them also, just as it will upon Judah - the Jews.
There is still yet another group that this greatest-ever
tribulation will fall upon:

"But before all these [great signs in heaven - v.11] they shall
lay their hands on you, and persecute you, ..... and you shall be
betrayed both by parents and brethren, and kinfolks, and
friends; and some of you [Christians] shall they cause to be put
to death" (Luke 21:3.2-16).

True followers of Christ will go through this tribulation - they
will come out of it victorious and stand before Christ in
righteousness (Rev. 7:9-15).

Some Christians will have to go through this tribulation, while
others will not:

"For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face
of the whole earth. WATCH you, therefore, and pray always, that
you may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE all these things that shall
come to pass and to stand before the son of man" (Lk. 21:35-36).
John, in Revelations 12, was also given this truth that a part of
God's church will go through this time of world trouble, while
others of His church will be spared and protected.

A woman in prophecy represents a church (Rev.19:6-9;
Eph.5:31-32). Rev.12 is the history of God's true church from its
beginning to the second advent of Christ. Verse 12 - Satan is
cast down from heaven once more, and comes down to take his wrath
out on the true church - knowing his time is short before he will
be chained up (Rev.20:1-3). He persecutes the woman [church]
which brought forth the man who was to rule all nations (Rev.12:
13,4). The woman is protected (Rev.12:14). Where? In heaven? In a
secret rapture? No! In the wilderness. The earth helps the woman
(Rev.12:16). Satan cannot touch this part of God's church, but he
is allowed to make war with the remnant of her seed - with those
who will not escape the great tribulation (v.17).
These are the ones who must go through the tribulation and these
are the ones whom Christ spoke about.

The great tribulation is also a persecution of true saints of

The tribulation will be FIRST and FOREMOST on:

1. The WESTERN world - where the bulk of true Christians live
2. It will be upon Judah, the Jews of Palestine.
3. And Israel - the nation and company of nations of Ephraim and

I said earlier that the last world war of 1939-45 was a TYPE of
the yet-future third world war. It is indeed; but with SOME
The last world war and the first (1914-18) was perpetrated by
Europe - Germany. So will be the third one - but this time
Germany will be at the head of a ten-nation Europe.
There were TWO leaders of Europe against the Western
allies in the 1940's war - Mussolini and Hitler. They were
civil-military leaders. There will be TWO leaders of Europe in
the next war - but ONE will be a great miracle working RELIGIOUS
As Mussolini and his Italian Empire [as he called it], with the
sanction of the religion of Rome, attacked and conquered Ethiopia
in 1935-36, so the coming 10-nation empire of Europe [the King of
the North] will attack Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya [the King of the
South] in the future end time.
As Europe [through Germany] attacked the western nations AFTER
Ethiopia had fallen, so this 10-nation Roman Empire will attack
the western nations again, but this time AFTER also entering and
making Jerusalem a desolation and destroying many of the Jews of
The last two leaders failed in their attempt to dominate the
Western world. The coming two leaders will not - they shall
As Hitler, AFTER attacking the Western nations, turned and
attacked Russia, so the coming 'Hitler' of Europe will do in the
Third World War. And as Hitler failed to conquer Russia in the
40's, so the Beast power of Europe will fail again. The Eastern
power strike back and the Western and Eastern powers will face it

But unless this battle is stopped, the entire earth would
be destroyed (Mt.24:21,22). Christ says it will be stopped for
the elect's sake.

Christ will return as King of Kings to destroy them that destroy
the earth. He will set up His Kingdom that will rule all nations.
He shall be King of the whole earth in that day. There will be
peace and salvation for a thousand years.


Written 1980


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