FRIENDSHIP .... the late Helen Steiner Rice

FRIENDSHIP  - Helen Steiner Rice

Gift of Friendship

Friendship is a priceless gift

that cannot be bought or sold,

But its value is far greater than

a mountain made of gold—

For gold is cold and lifeless,

it can neither see nor hear.

And in the time of trouble it

is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen,

no heart to understand,

It cannot bring you comfort or

reach out a helping hand— 

So when you ask God for a gift

be thankful if He sends 

Not diamonds, pearls, or riches, 

but the love of real true friends.

Fiends Are Life's Gift of Love

If people like me didn't know people like you,

Life would lose its meaning and its richness, too.

For the friends that we make are life's gift of love,

And I think friends are sent right from heaven above.

And thinking of you somehow makes me feel

That God is love and He's very real.

Friend Is a Gift from God

Among the great and glorious gifts 

our heavenly Father sends

Is the gift of understanding

that we find in loving friends.

For in this world of trouble

that is filled with anxious care,

Everybody needs a friend in

whom they're free to share

The little secret heartaches

that lay heavy on the mind—

Not just a mere acquaintance

but someone who's just our kind.

For somehow in the generous

heart of loving, faithful friends,

The good God, in His charity

and wisdom, always sends

A sense of understanding

and the power of perception

And mixes these fine qualities

with kindness and affection.

And often just without a word

there seems to be a union

Of thoughts and kindred feelings,

for God gives true friends communion.