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Dying for the Faith #3

The Past will be the Future

TYNDALE MARTYRED courtesy the "Prophetic Voice"

Picture him, if you will, facing the ignorant and venomous
priests, answering their coarse jesting and cruel cursings from
the Word of the Living God - defying the Pope and all his laws
rather than give up one jot or tittle of its sacred truths. Or
behold him in exile for the Truth's sake, pouring over his Bible
manuscripts in a dismal room in a foreign land yet happy in the
thought that through his labours and the blessing of God the
ploughboys of England will soon know more of the law of God than
all the Popish priests combined. Or see him in his cold prison
cell in the Castle Vilvorde, pleading for "a warmer cap, for I
suffer extremely from a perpetual catarrh, much increased by the
cell. A warmer coat, also, for that which I have is very thin;
also a piece of cloth to patch my leggings. My shirts, too, are
worn out." Above all, hear him pleading for "My Hebrew Bible,"
and remember, that, but for the confessions of its truths he
might have been freed from his bondage and poverty.

Or, last of all, behold him at the stake, and listen to the
prayer he breathes as they strangle the life from his poor body.

"Lord, open the King of England's eyes." 

In whatever circumstances you see him, he stirs your highest
admiration, and makes you feel ashamed of your own poor efforts
to spread and defend the Truth. Above all, he shows you the stuff
of which martyrs were made, and makes you long for a deepening of
such spiritual courage and devotion to God's way, in this later


Entered on this Website January 2007

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