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Noah's Flood - Universal? #6

In search of Noah's ark continued

                       NOAH'S FOOD

                       A RE-VISITED

                         Part six

                    Written and Compiled        


                         Keith Hunt

     I was at Sabbath services (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) this
December 25th 2004. The invited guest speaker from the USA 
was talking in part about Noah's Ark. His sincerity I do not
question. He gave us a "hand-out" on what was supposed to be
modern "proof positive" of the "discovered" Noah's ark.

     Here below was the hand-out of, please note carefully, a
press-release dated June 11, 2000.



Kherem La Yah Press: Vista, California 92084 USA
For immediate release June 11, 2000


Two major International expeditions are now forming for
exploration of a recent discovery of Noah's long-lost city of
"Naxuan." Discovered by an independent researcher and author,
David Allen Deal of Vista, California in July of 1997. Deal
utilized a technique called "photogrammetry," studying a Turkish
Air Force aerial mapping photograph taken in 1959 that showed
Noah's ark remains in a mudflow at the 6,200 foot level. Deal
first discovered the original touchdown point, 2 kilometres
farther up the mudflow from the ark which had, in the distant
past, slid down to a 1,200 foot lower elevation. It was by
enlarging this military, high-resolution photograph 20 times that
the building foundations and graves began to become visible. Deal
immediately notified Professor M. Salih Bayraktutan of Noah's Ark
High Commission in Turkey which set all the recent research into
Deal and several others from a newly-formed research project
based at Ataturk University in Erzurum, called SEPDAC (Search for
Early Post-Diluvial Anatolian Cultures) travelled to the site in
1998 and again in 1999 to confirm the discovery. This team
included Dr. Bayraktutan and Professor Robert Michelson of
Georgia Tech. Indeed, ancient cultural remains and house
foundations were identified adjacent to the Iranian border near
Dogubavazit, Turkey, in the mountains that lie just south of Mt.
Ararat at 7,400 feet above sealevel.

Three human ribs were removed from one of millions of graves
there, which are now awaiting radiometric dating to confirm age.
This ancient lost-city had been the first center of civilization
and later became a necropolis for the entire ancient world. The
second city called "Seron" by Armenian historian, Moses of
Chronensis, "the first city of dispersion" was also identified in
1997 by Deal, near the ark's last resting place. Dr. Ekrem
Akurgal of Izmir, a noted archaeologist of high repute in Turkey,
after being informed via e-mail by Deal last April of his
recently confirmed discovery, became interested in the site and
is presently mounting an international expedition of some 60
archaeologists and amateur-archaeologists from around the world,
including Japan and the United States. This scientific effort is
set for June 23-26 of this year. The expedition is planning
sub-surface studies and possible excavation of the ark of Noah, a
538-foot-long earthen-mold of the now-long-decayed ship. Work on
Naxuan is also planned to confirm the site.
It has also been announced that Bayraktutan will conduct his own
study this July with a 10-man team of American experts, through a
Press Release (Dogan News Agency, Erzurum). This archaeological
expedition is intended to demonstrate to the world that the
ancient city of Noah, recently discovered by Mr. Deal, actually
exists and has been tentatively confirmed by satellite imagery.
The ark of Noah impression lies close-at-hand in the Tendruck
mountains of eastern Turkey. This site, Naxuan (meaning Noah's
capitol) is probably one of the singular most important
archaeological discoveries of all time.    11/14/00

End quote

     Now did you notice that certain remains of humans were to be
specially dated with radiometric dating. now this was way back in
2000 when the press release was sent out. Have you HEARD ANYTHING
in any serious way about the "dates" of these supposed humans,
that obviously the press release is wanting you to believe these
human remains were back in Noah's day, or they would hope were
very close to whatever they believe was the time of Noah and
shortly after.
     I have heard NOTHING in religious circles or world news to
support that this find (if it is true at all, in the first place,
and I will say more of "truth" reporting shortly) as being proved
to be of humans at or close to the time of Noah.

     Did you notice the claim is that Noah's ark "slid down"
1,200 feet. Where on earth is the proof of that statement, which
they would like you to accept as fact?

     The press release gives some photos that you are to accept
as being the "shape" and "size" of Noah's ark. both ends are
pointed, one more than the other. If I had been given these
photos WITHOUT first being told they were photos of Noah' ark, I
WOULD NEVER HAVE THOUGHT they were land impressions of Noah's
ark. We do not even KNOW if Noah's ark was pointed at the bow or
stern. The bible gives us NO clue as to the shape of the ark at
the front or the end of it. It was to FLOAT, and hence not
intended to move from one specific point on earth to another far
distant point, or have to navigate in any particular direction.
So, there was no need for Noah to have to build the ark in any
"pointed" shape, either in the front or the back.
     Again, if the photos were shown to you WITHOUT anyone
telling you they were photos of Noah' ark, there is nothing in
them to immediately justify you believing this is a land
impression left by the ark of Noah. But once that notion is in
the mind, it is easy for the mind to go out looking for a shape
in the ground, on the mountains of Ararat, and when anything
close to that "mind's view" (coupled with a certain "theological"
view) is seen, it is not far for the mind to jump to a conclusion
that yes, you have found the shape of Noah's ark in the mud of
some mountain in the Ararat chain of mountains.

     And did you NOTICE, that certain people (with fancy sounding
titles) were to go to this sure Noah's ark find land impression
spot ...  IN THE YEAR 2000!!  The whole story goes back to 1997,
and even way before, a photo given as taken in 1948 of this
supposed ground shape of Noah's ark (and they admit it is only
ground shape, for as admitted, the ark has long since decayed.

     I HAVE HEARD NOTHING from any of these distinguished
scientists, or from any serious religious source, or any
trustworthy world news-casts, or reporters, that what they went
to discover in 2000 did indeed turn out to be Noah's ark, with
concrete proof backing it all up. AND ALL THIS HAS BEEN FIVE
YEARS AGO, very near!!!

     The size of the ark is given as 538 feet long. Now this
length up till recently was a good deal longer than what most
Biblical scholars would give as the cubits given in the book of
Genesis. So what did the presenter of this lecture present? He
said that they went to Egypt, from where Moses was (who wrote the
book of genesis) and said they found that in some form in Egypt
at Moses time, a cubit could have been 25 inches in length, hence
right on the button for this ground impression in the mud. The
same for the width.

     I have already presented to you that facts really are that
nobody knows the exact length in inches of the cubit in Moses
age, and certainly not Noah's age. 

     Do "religious" people at times make up stories, and report
them, publish them, as IF IT IS REALLY SOLID FACT, the REAL TRUTH
     Sorry to say to you that INDEED THEY DO, at times, in SOME
circles of the Bible believing world. 
     About 20 years ago, in the 80s, it was reported by some AS
FACT, that the stones to build the end-time temple in Jerusalem,
were cut and standing in a USA shipping dock, ready to be shipped
over to Israel, so the Jerusalem Temple could be built. The WHOLE
THING WAS A PACK OF LIES!! There NEVER HAD BEEN any stones cut or
moved to a dock on the USA to be shipped over to the land of
Israel, to build ANYTHING, let alone a Temple in Jerusalem.
     We are now just ready to turn the corner into 2005, and
nearly FIVE years has gone by since this press-release. It is sad
to say that I must take all this as either another failed attempt
to find Noah's ark, or worst still, as a complete fabrication and
outright deception and plain lies.

     If anyone out there can present to me the concrete factual
proof that this last effort from 1997 to the present HAS INDEED
come home with historical and physical facts that this shape in
the mud and rocks is indeed the impression left by the resting
Ark of Noah on a mountain in Ararat, Turkey, then I'm willing to
listen. But you better have mighty strong proof, to show me that
Noah's ark was pointed at both ends, and was indeed 538 feet in
length. As well as answer the other arguments present here in
favor of a REGIONAL flood and NOT a world-wide flood.

     Now I'll get back to more presentations from the last
chapter on Noah's Flood by Ralph Woodrow in his book on the
     He relates how it was not until the fourth century A.D. that
Mount Ararat (called Mount Massis by the Armenians and Agri-Dagi
by the Turks) became deemed as the resting place for Noah's Ark.
And he says that "Christianity Today" once quoted the renowned
archaeologist Dr.William F. Albright as saying that there is NO
Biblical basis for the claim that Mount Ararat is where the ark
     Woodrow correctly points out that the word translated
"mountain" in the Bible does not automatically mean a mountain of
great height, for the same Hebrew word is often translated
"hill." It is number 2022 in Strong's Concordance of the Bible.
It simply means an "elevation" with no automatic built in "super
high" anything. 
     We are simply not given the height of the mountain on which
the ark came to rest. It would seem God did not think it
important enough to mention, hence the idea that the flood waters
covered Mount Everest is just not included in the relating of the
events by Moses when he wrote the first five books of the Bible.

     Woodrow points out that Mount Ararat does have some very
unpleasant nature and weather high up towards its top. He asks
the question of how thousands of tiny and large animals (some
just not made for climbing down such a rugged and hostile climate
as found up on Mount Ararat. Of course the common answer from
Christian world-wide flood advocates would be that Ararat was not
rugged or did not have such a harsh climate, when the animals and
creeping things came out from the ark, or, that God worked a
miracle and suspended the harsh climate and made sure the pair of
spiders etc. managed to make it down and reproduce without dying
in the attempt to repopulated the world with millions of spiders.

     Again the argument would be that the snow and ice from the
14,000 foot level and up on Ararat did not exist at that time of
Noah, and it has all come to be with climate changes since the
time after Noah. Against such an argument there is really no
answer, yet at the same time those who would hold such an
argument cannot prove their argument either. 

     Why did Noah send out a dove to test how the waters were
abating? If he was high up over the top of Ararat, which is about
17,000 feet, surely he had a "bird's eye view" of how the waters
were abating from off the planet.
     Then again the dove bringing back an olive leave .... well
olives trees grow at a much lower level than anywhere near the
height of Ararat. So by the time the dove brought back the olive
leave Noah should have had a great view of the mountains around
     And how did the olive tree manage to grow so quickly after
the earth had been covered with water above Everest for about a
year. Even supposing the argument that such great mountains like
Everest did not exist at Noah's time, it still makes for a
miracle like event for an olive tree to have grown so quickly,
but I guess with God nothing is impossible, if He really did want
vegetation to spring back to life overnight so to speak, He could
command it and it would be done.

     From the Genesis account, if Noah was high above Everest or
Ararat (supposing Ararat was the highest mountain on earth at
that time), then the waters abated down to where olive trees were
growing in SEVEN days. Of course "the miracle" answer answers it
all as some would have it.
     As Woodrow has said in his book, there are MANY difficulties
concerning Noah's flood, if we hold that it was a world-wide
flood, but many if not most of these difficulties are cleared up
when we hold to the thought of a "local or regional" flood.
     Many of the well-known Bible Commentaries and Bible
Encyclopedias have long ago abandoned the idea and thought of a
world-wide Noah's flood.

     When I take all things into consideration I also must agree
that Noah's flood was probably a REGIONAL flood and not a flood
that covered the whole planet earth.

     But it was NOT at Noah's time!

     The Bible teaches that the earth was created beautiful and
not is chaos, the angels sang for joy at the wonderful created
earth. When we are brought on the scene in Genesis 1:1-2 the
earth is covered with water, and there is no life whatsoever,
either in the waters or the land under the waters.

     There was a world of Dinosaurs - they covered the earth.
There were great and mighty flying creatures in that world. There
was great and mighty sea creatures in that world. There were
great and mighty plant, trees, shrubs. That world was wiped out
SUDDENLY and with MIGHTY force!! 

     There was a time in the distant past when there was a WAR in
the heavens and at least in our near solar system. Satan and his
angels fought against God and His angels. The scares of this
battle are clearly seen on the moon and places like Mars. Jesus
tells us in the Gospels that He saw Satan fall from heaven as
like lightening. He and his angels who became demons, were cast
down. They were allowed by God to DESTROY AND BRING HAVOC on this
earth, so violent and sudden it was that the whole world of the
Dinosaurs was destroyed, some covered so quickly with the chaos
of water and mud, that they were preserved whole and in some
cases with the food they were eating in their mouths and

     It was the time of violence so mighty that whole coal bed
seams were created, as well as oil, natural gas, and other rich
deposits such as diamonds were created.

     The strata we see in the huge Canadian Rockies and other
great mountain ranges of the world were formed, and when God
brought the dry land from the seas, in Genesis one, we see the
strata in many open face mighty rock mountains of today.

     Geology shows there was a violent world-wide earth upheaval.
The Bible shows all was covered with water and from that
life-less planet God created what we read about in Genesis
chapters one and two.

     God allowed this destruction to come upon what was created
beautiful, for from it He would create His master-piece of
creation. He would create a world for the human kind to live, who
He designed in the form of Himself, to became like Himself, to
share in the God life of existence. He now desired to have
children born to Himself. This plan a reproducing Himself and so
the whole plan of salvation for the mortal human kind, is fully
expounded upon on this Website.

     Yes, some huge creatures were created with mankind,
creatures now extinct, which were very similar to some Dinosaurs
of the previous age. The one mentioned in the book of Job can
hardly be thought of as any being that lives in the land and seas
today. Hence some human footprints found with Dinosaur type
footprints in some strata.
     We have some creatures preserved from the Dinosaur age that
would have been like those of our humankind age.

     God is able, if He wishes to create the same type of
creature in ANY age, the age before man and the age after man.


     The belief that Noah's flood was universal or regional is
NOT a test of salvation. Which ever way you want to believe about
the story of Noah as to the size of the flood, is not a salvation
issue. We do know that Noah is said to have been a preacher of
RIGHTEOUSNESS, - he served and obeyed the ways of the true God of
heaven above. He was SAVED by God's GRACE, and will be in that
resurrection of the saints, upon the return of Jesus Christ to
this earth. 

     THAT is the MAIN point of the story of Noah. RIGHTEOUSNESS
will LIVE, sin and unrighteousness will DIE. So is the plan of

Keith Hunt


Entered on this Website January 2005

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