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THE False Prophet of Revelation

And the "beast" man

                            THE FALSE PROPHET?


                                Keith Hunt

     The fundamental prophets, most of them, will tell you the
anti-christ is not the false prophet, to come, as mentioned in
the book of Revelation. This is a fundamental folly, one of the
mistakes of the fundamental prophets.

     The anti-christ IS the false prophet of Revelation. the
other guy to come along at the time of the end is simply called
"the beast" in Revelation 17:12; 19:19,20; and 16:13. Those
verses make it clear that "the beast" is an individual that can
be thrown into a lake of fire and destroyed. He will also be a
leader of some magnitude, as 10 nations will unite under him to
fight Christ on His return to earth.

     He is therefore a military/political leader, not a spiritual

     BUT the "false prophet" is just that - a spiritual leader
that is false, yet hundreds of millions at the time of the end
will not recognize that he is false. He will come "like a lamb" -
like as a representative of THE Lamb of God - Christ Jesus
(Rev.13:11). He will be able to cause people to worship the
system of the power of the Beast empire (Rev.13:12). He will be
motivated by the dragon (Rev.13:11) which is interpreted for us
in Rev.12:9 as Satan the Devil. He will be able to perform signs
and wonders and miracles (Rev.19:20). He deceives most who dwell
on the earth with these miracles (Rev.13:12-14), as he works with
the "man beast" (Rev.13:14). He gives power to the "image of the
beast" Empire (Rev.13:15). He has the power and authority to kill
those who do not worship the image of the Beast empire
(Rev.13:15). He has power to enforce a "mark of the Beast" and so
controls economics (Rev.13:17,18).

     This apostate religion was already working in Paul's day but
it would finally end in the leadership of ONE religious false
prophet that could be destroyed by the brightness of the coming
of the Lord (see 2 Thes. 2:1-12). He will be "THE WICKED" - so
influential that people will believe and claim he is "God on
earth" - he will agree with them, and be as God on earth. He will
appear as a true prophet of the Lord, but the signs and wonders
and lying signs will be the work of Satan.

     Revelation 17 links the False Prophet with the "great
prostitute" (apostate Christian religion). The woman church is
guilty of spiritual compromise and association with Babylon
"mystery" religion. He will counterfeit true Godly religion hence
not be recognized by the masses of people. He will head a
religion that has made the whole earth drunk by her spiritual
fornication, and in her religion she is filled with the blood of
the saints. As we observe the False Prophet to the prostitute
(Rev.17), we notice the connection to the city on "seven hills"
(see 17:7,9). Most old Protestant Bible commentators had no
trouble in proclaiming this was the city of Rome and the false
Roman/Babylon religious mysteries, now baptized as "Christian."

     I have devoted MANY studies on this Website to expound to
you this Babylon Mystery Religion.

     Jude, already in the first century, had to exhort his
readers to "earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the
saints." THE faith was already being corrupted in the first
century A.D. What do you suppose is the corruption now down into
the 21st century? Do you think it will be less? No! Not at all,
it will be ever more and more corruption. Jesus said in the last
days deception would be so strong that IF it was possible (which
it will not be, for Christ is ever head of His church) even the
very elect would be deceived (Mat.24:24). Many false christ's
would come, some doing many signs and wonders. They would come in
the name of Christ, saying that Christ is indeed the Christ, but
their religion would be a great DECEPTION! But it would sound and
look very holy and sanctimonious.

     Jesus made it clear, and the rest of the New Testament,
amplifies Jesus' words, that it would be the MANY who would be
deceived by a false Christianity, and only the FEW, the very
little flock (as Jesus once put it) that were going to receive
the Kingdom from the Father. 

     Church history shows over and over again, in the last 2,000
years, that the masses become corrupted and the few remain
faithful to the faith once delivered to the saints.

     Most of the Protestants believe THEY are the true body of
Christ. The Roman Catholics believe they are the one true church.
Both of them are very WRONG. Like Mother like Daughter. The
Protestants have MANY marks, habits, traits, customs, that are
part of the Mother church. Of course they both have truths also,
that is what makes them so deceptive, and hence can deceive
hundreds of millions.
     The Roman Catholic religion is now OVER ONE BILLION, that is
about one in every six people on earth. The Protestant churches
probably are about HALF a BILLION in membership.

     There is NO OTHER religion on the face of the earth that can
claim to be identified with being DRUNK on the blood of the
saints. No Christian religion has killed more people for
disagreeing with the Roman Catholic religion. She is truly the
woman whore church of the book of Revelation.

     The end time prophecies must come to pass with a "woman"
church riding a Beast Empire. There is no church that can do such
a thing other than the Roman Catholic church. She rode the Holy
Roman Empire Beast 6 times in past history. She is again destined
to ride that same European Holy Roman Empire, one more time, and
cause the end time persecution (even to death) of many true
children of God.

     The end time scene of the Western world will have a
religious and political climate that has not been seen since the
Middle Ages, the so-called Dark Ages. There is to come a MIGHTY
shift in the minds of the up and coming generation of people. The
political scene must be vastly DIFFERENT than at the present
time. It will entrap most of the Western world. It will seem like
it is the right way to go, for the majority of the United Europe
dominated by the harlot mother church.

     Then add to all that, a Roman Catholic leader of "look like
true Christianity" who can also do miracles and signs and
wonders, and you have the ingredients for a religion that will
sweep people off their feet as the saying goes. 

     Yes, I will be very open and blunt: the False Prophet to
come will be the Pope of the Roman Catholic church. Put such a
man together with a dynamic political social leader, and you have
the mighty power of a last resurrected Holy Roman Empire. That
power will be the "king of the north" of Daniel 11:40-45. It will
be the power to bring about the most catastrophic Great
Tribulation that has ever been on this earth. Its destruction
upon people will start the last THREE and ONE HALF years of the
close of this age. Most of that last three and one half years is
the prophecy of the book of Revelation, which I have expounded to
you in other studies on this Website.

     The great religious leader of the end time will claim to
represent Christ, but in reality he will be the Anti-christ.

     Both him and the "beast" political/military man will, with
their armies will try to fight Christ on His coming in power and
glory. Both men will be destroyed by the brightness and fire of
the returning King of king and Lord of lords. 

     Then will come the Kingdom of God on earth, as the prophets
of old have proclaimed from the beginning.


Entered on this Website March 2009  

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