Keith Hunt - Greece now Spain - Europe MESS! Restitution of All Things



If you are watching the news this year of 2012, you will have already seen 
the MESS that Greece is in - having to tighten the belt, and the people not
agreeing, the trouble getting a Government elected.

NOW today June 8th - SPAIN is asking for a BAILOUT - over 100 BILLION dollars!

On the TV news it showed areas of Spain that were under construction have now 
BUST and are like ghost towns - the housing/building bust of 2008 in the USA has 
come to Spain.

The unemployment in Spain is heart stopping - HUGE - and the unemployed for
those under 25 is 50 percent - yes 50 percent!

Europe is in DEEP TROUBLE! Spain is the 4th largest Europe economy - well was
is more like we should put it.

All this has been going on in Europe for months now and the Europe countries
are divided as to how to stop it form going from bad to bust up big time.

In Daniel chapter 2 there was an image that Daniel gave the interpretation to -
most scholars know the legs were the Roman Empire - divided by Rome and 
Constantinople. The ten toes of the feet are the last ten kings or kingdoms to
unite in Euroipe and fight Christ on His return to earth. All this I fully and
in great detail show you in my study called "The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation"
on this website.

Europe today is indeed Iron and Clay - the strongest iron is GERMANY!

The weakest at present is Greece and now Spain, with a few more countries not
far behind, including Italy.

We live in a GLOBAL world today. What effects Europe WILL also effect the USA
and other countries. The USA has in the last quarter (as economists go with
"quarters" of the year) gone back - unemployment slightly UP again. President
Obama is telling the USA people we are in a global world - downsliding of 
Europe will effect us here in North America.

Europe is in a MESS! That is just the simple way of putting it all, and if Europe
slides down so does most of the rest of the world.

It was in the prophets, it was in Daniel, the last end time Roman/Babylon Empire
of Europe, will be iron mixed with clay. It will be strong and weak. It is a 
reality right before your eyes - it was told by the Eternal God that it would
be so in the last days, for the last resurrected Holy Roman Empire of Europe.
You are seeing prophecy being fulfilled right in front of you. Prophecy thus
coming to pass is ONE GREAT PROOF that God exists. Who could write things
thousands of years ago and thousands of years later bring them to pass?
Only the Eternal God who created everything we see in the universe, has the
power to predict things and thousands of years later bring them to fruition.

God has the power to SPEED things up or SLOW things down to bring this age to
its close and send Jesus Christ back to earth. Is this Europe mess a slowing down
of things to come to pass; is it a way to bring to pass what must come in prophecy
before Jesus can return. Only time will tell of course. But I can say this: Europe
is yet to be the world's great trading power; common logic would say what is 
happening to Europe right now is not the way to global trading power or some huge
end time Roman/Babylon Beast Empire that the book of Revelation talks about.

My thoughts right now lead me to think Europe has a ways to go yet before she will
be fulfilling the prophetic Beast of Revelation. Of course we should keep watching world 
events. I did tell you (on the front page of this website) in 2010 that Jesus would
certainly NOT return before 2015. With end time prophecy of Daniel's 1335 days
before Daniel would stand (be resurrected) - with Revelation having 42 months, 
1260 days, for the end time before Jesus returns, you should be able to easily see
with some simple calculation, Jesus will NOT return before the end of 2015. That 
fact is the dogmatic truth of the matter.

Interesting times we live in. Prophecy is marching on - it is in God's hands.

Yes in 2015 I'll tell you if Jesus will return before 2020 .... I'm leaning at
present to say He will NOT, but we shall see what the conditions of the world's
nations and Europe are in come 2015.

Keith Hunt - June 2012

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