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TWO ways to KEEP your EYE on EUROPE!

Here are the two very fine ways to keep your eyes on the RISE 
of the mighty Europe Empire, that will be the last resurrected
Holy Roman Babylon Beast Empire of the book of Revelation. She
will be a super power in commercial trade, she will be a world
power in military might, and she will have a "woman whore" church
riding astride her, leading and influencing, to finally usher in
the last 42 months of this age. This end-time Babylon of
Revelation is rising in Europe, she will be the king of the North
who will defeat the king of the South as foretold in Daniel
11:40-45. She will then march into the Promised or Holy Land,
place her armies all around Jerusalem, bringing in the
"abomination that makes desolate" as told by Daniel and Jesus
Christ (fully explained on this Website in various prophetic
studies). This Europe/Beast, led by a miracle working false
prophet, and a strong political/military leader (called "beast"
in Revelation) will in the name of God, declare war on the
Western world and the Jews. She will be responsible for bringing
in the GREAT Tribulation on this earth as mentioned by Jesus
Christ in Matthew 24; Mark 13; and Luke 21. A time that would
lead to the complete destruction of all humanity from off the
face of this earth, UNLESS God sends again Christ Jesus from
heaven to earth, to put a stop to the fighting and destruction,
and plagues, that are all discribed in the book of Revelation.
Jesus will return to destroy those who are destroying the earth,
and to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

This book of Revelation is fully explained under "The New
Testament Bible Story."

Most in North America are asleep (you here little on the news-
casts about Europe) to what is taking place in Europe.

Here are the TWO ways to to keep your eyes on, and to watch
Europe, as it develops into the end-time BEAST/BABYLON power.


Wikipedia - the free Encyclopedia (under such headings as:
Europian Security and Defence Policy)

Keith Hunt

Entered on this Website May 2008

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