Keith Hunt - Daniel's 70th Week #2   Restitution of All Things
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Daniel's 70th Week #2

Will there be a physical Temple and sacrifices?


                         Keith Hunt

Now we shall look at two Hebrew words used in the OT for our
English KJV translation - the words are TEMPLE and SANCTUARY. The
Hebrew word translated "temple" in dozens of passages, such as in
Mal.3:1 and Zech.6:12,13, is Number 1964 in Strong's Con. It is
used for the tent tabernacle built under the leadership of Moses,
also called "the sanctuary", as well as the temple that Solomon
The Hebrew word translated "sanctuary" in dozens of OT passages
is number 4720 in Strong's Con. This word is used in Ex.25:8,9.
Sometimes the physical structure that God dwelt in when among
Israel was called sanctuary - sometimes it was called temple.

Talking about the tribes of Israel Moses prophesied, "You shall
bring them in, and plant them in the mountain of thine
inheritance, in the place, 0 Lord, which you have made for thee
to dwell in, in the SANCTUARY, 0 Lord, which thy hands have
established." Ex.15:17.

This is BEFORE God instructed Moses to build a physical
tabernacle or tent sanctuary. The Hebrew word used here in
Ex.15:17 is the SAME word used for the physical sanctuary - #4720
in Strong's Con. Ex. 15:17 is plainly talking about the LAND OF

Now turn to PSALM 78 and verse 54. Talking about how God brought
Israel out of Egypt, verse 53 "And he brought them to the border
of his SANCTUARY, even to this mountain..." 

The whole context makes it clear that the sanctuary here spoken

So, as the words sanctuary and temple as used for the physical
structure - as the literal building that God dwelt in when among
the people of Israel could be called either sanctuary or temple,
and as the PROMISED LAND was also called the sanctuary of God,
could it be possible - we shall not be dogmatic - but could it be
that when the prophet said the Messiah would "suddenly come to
his temple" he had in mind the PROMISED LAND and not a physical
temple at all?

Again, when another prophet said that the BRANCH(Messiah) would
"build the temple of the Lord" he was telling us that the Messiah
would restore and replenish the land of PALESTINE from the
destruction it had received - last days of the GREAT TRIBULATION

I do not say that this IS the correct interpretation of these
"temple" prophecies, but I do put it forth as a POSSIBLE
interpretation. And if this understanding is correct, then no
physical temple will be built in Jerusalem until after the
Messiah has come.

But someone is bound to say, "the prophecies say that animal
sacrifices will be performed at the last days, so a temple and
priesthood in Jerusalem must become established." Well now, that
is another teaching that is read into the prophecies and not
something that the prophets said at all. This I shall now prove
to you.

The words that are in ITALICS in the KJV mean they are words not
found in the Hebrew but were added to try to clarify the meaning
of the sentence. Sometimes this could be okay but at other times
it might well structure a false teaching.

Now as you again read these passages they are indeed prophecies
for the last days, just before the Messiah comes to establish the
Kingdom of God on earth.

Look at Daniel chapter 8 and verses 11, 13.

DID YOU NOTICE IT!! The word "sacrifice" is in italics - it is
NOT IN THE HEBREW AT ALL!! Turn to chapter 12 and read verse 11.
There it is again. The word "sacrifice" is in italics - not in
the Hebrew at all.
One Bible Commentary I have in my library said it was more than
just a slip of the writer to leave out the word for "sacrifice."
It seemed to be a deliberate plan, as if to tell us something.
And it does tell me something. It tells me that whatever this
"daily" is that is going to be taken away, it could be something

Notice that in Daniel 9:27 the Hebrew words for "sacrifice" and
"oblation" ARE NOT IN ITALICS! This prophecy as we have seen was
for 70 A.D. but the prophecies in chapter 8 and 12 are for the
END TIME - the last 3 or so years before the Messiah comes.
What could be the "daily" that is taken away by the Antichrist?
Could it be possible that the "daily" that is taken away by the
end time BEAST POWER is the DAILY Jewish visits to the WAILING

When the beast power and false prophet establish their seat in
Jerusalem as the last part of Daniel 11 says will happen, when
the city comes under the "abomination of desolation" (we have
seen that for the Biblical interpretation in part one of this
series) and the Temple is finally levelled to the ground(see our
section "Olivet Prophecy") then the daily visits to pray at the
Wailing Wall will have come to an end.

Again, I will not be dogmatic about what I say could be the
fulfillment of the prophecy concerning the "daily" that is to be
taken away. It is just one possibility, but I do think it is the
MOST likely one.
But I find it very significant that Daniel left out the word
"sacrifice" in those end time prophecies in chapter 8 and 12.
Significant because it NO ANIMAL SACRIFICES are to take place in
Jerusalem in this age. And the "daily" that we are to look for is
something OTHER than animal sacrifices. It could just be that the
"daily" life of the Jews in Palestine is to come to an end for
three and one half years, as they go into captivity in the Great


There are two passages used in the NT by those who teach a
physical temple is yet to be erected in Jerusalem before the
Messiah returns.
One is found to do with a "man of sin" sitting in the "temple of
God" and calling himself by the name of God. This passage is
found in 2 Thes. 2: 1-12.

Below I give you from "Vine's Expository Dictionary of New
Testament Words" the meaning and use of this Greek word "temple"
used in 2 Thes.


1. HIERON (iepov), the neuter of the adjective hieros, sacred, is
used as a noun denoting a sacred place, a temple, that of Artemis
(Diana), Acts 19:27; that in Jerusalem, Mark 11:11, signifying
the entire building with its precincts, or some part thereof, as
distinct from the naos, the inner sanctuary (see No.2); apart
from the Gospels and Acts, it is mentioned only in 1 Cor.9:13.
Christ taught in one of the courts, to which all the people had
access. Hieron is never used figuratively. The Temple mentioned
in the Gospels and Acts was begun by Herod in B.C. 20, and
destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70.
NAOS (vaos), a shrine or sanctuary was used (a) among the
heathen, to denote the shrine containing the idol, Acts 17:24;
19:24 (in the latter, miniatures); (b) among the Jews, the
sanctuary in the Temple, into which only the priests could
lawfully enter, e.g., Luke 1:9,21,22. Christ as being of the
tribe of Judah, and thus not being a priest while upon the earth
(Heb.7:13,14; 8:4), did not enter the naos ; fore Thess. 2:4 see
Note (below); (c) by Christ metaphorically,of His own physical
body, John 2:19,21; (d) in apostolic teaching, metaphorically,
(i) of the Church, the mystical Body of Christ, Eph.2:21; (2) of
a local church, 1 Cor.3:16,17; 2 Cor.6:16; (3) of the present
body of the individual believer, 1 Cor.6:19; (4) of the Temple
seen in visions,in the Apocalypse, 3:12; 7:15; 11:19; 14:15,17;  
15:5,6,8; 16:1,17; (5) of the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb, as
the Temple of the New and Heavenly Jerusalem, Rev.21:22.See
SANCTUARY and HOLY, B (b), par. 4.


Did you notice carefully that this Greek word as used in the NT
can have various applications NOT ALL OF WHICH are to do with a
physical stone building. So to say that this temple in 2 Thes.2
in which the man of sin sits is a physical temple in Jerusalem is
only an interpretation which may or may not be true.

I will give you another interpretation for your consideration.
The Greek word NAOS means, according to Mr.Vine - shrine or
SANCTUARY. We have seen that the PROMISED LAND is also called
God's sanctuary. Could it be that 2 Thes.2 is just telling us the
same that Daniel told us, and that Paul is just putting the same
prophecy of Daniel 11:45 into his own words, namely, that this
end time false prophet of Revelation will plant his seat in the
move to Jerusalem - between the seas (the Mediterranean and Dead
sea) just before the Great Tribulation begins(Dan.11:45; 12:1-3).

The prophecy in 2 Thes.2 may have NOTHING to do with a literal
physical temple at all!!


Many will say that this is the sure proof that a physical temple
is to be built in Jerusalem. But is it? Let's not jump too fast
to that assertion - let us look carefully at Rev.11.

Many things in the book of Revelation are in symbol form. We can
see this right in the eleventh chapter itself! Are the two
witnesses really physical OLIVE TREES? Or are they physical
CANDLESTICKS? Does the beast literally came out of a bottomless
pit - a pit that literally has no bottom? I do not think anyone
says the things I've just mentioned are literal.

Could it be that the temple and altar mentioned here are not
physical but symbolic - standing for something other than a
literal stone/wood temple and altar? If this is referring to
MEASURING a literal temple and altar then it must also be
referring to measuring LITERAL people who are worshipping in the
literal temple - that is what the verse clearly says a modern
John, if you like, is to do!

Can you imagine, some end time man of God going into a physical
temple at Jerusalem, taking out some kind of measuring stick and
starting to measure the temple, the altar, and then taking the
measurements(maybe the height, maybe the chest, waist, and hips)
of ALL the people in the temple. A little silly isn't it when you
stop to think about it. I doubt very much that even if we go
along with the idea of a temple being built in Jerusalem, anyone
would be given permission to do such a thing as Rev.11:1 says.

The whole chapter of Rev.11 is talking about God's end time work
- the last three and one half years of the spiritual NT temple of
God and its two final persons who shall witness to the beast
power the truth of God.
And if we let the Bible interpret, or Paul in this case (with
what he said in 2 Thes.2) interpret himself as he used the phrase
"temple of God" in all his letters, we just will not come up with
a PHYSICAL temple building at all!! but we will come up with the
temple of god as the church or body of Christ.

I ask the reader to careful look at the comments by a well known
Bible Commentator - ALBERT BARNES - in his "Notes on the NT"
Bible Commentary, and meditate upon what I have said above.

The eleventh chapter of Revelation concerns the true church of
God as does the 12th chapter. The 11th chapter gives us an
overall view of events for God's church during the last three and
a half years of this age. Those that will be measured as
belonging to the true Church of God will come under attack from
the beast power, and during that time God will raise up two
witnesses that will proclaim God's truth to the beast power and
the world.

The twelfth chapter goes into a little more detail about the true
Church and the last 1260 days (time, times, and half a time)
especially. The Dragon - Satan - will go after the woman - true
Church - as the 11th chapter has already told us, but we are told
in the 12th chapter that some of God's people will find safety in
the wilderness - protection from the beast power (Satan's tool to
try and control the world) - while others of the true Church will
face persecution and death. Those who will be measured or not
measured as the case is, those who will be counted as belonging
to the court of the temple will be given into the hands of the
Gentiles - the Satanic beast power. Those who are measured as
part of the temple, or as Jesus said, accounted worthy to escape
all these things that shall come on the earth (Luke 21:36) shall
find protection in the wilderness.


Then there are those you know will argue that the "abomination of
desolation" spoken about by Jesus and Daniel proves that a
physical temple will be built. They say it must be so because the
Antichrist is to desolate and profane this temple and cause the
animal sacrifices to stop. But as we have seen, all that teaching
is based upon a wrong understanding of Daniel 9.

The Bible interprets itself. What Jesus meant when He said "When
you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of
by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place...." is CLEARLY
EXPLAINED to us in another place in the Bible - the Bible
interpreting itself!!

Luke was also inspired to give Jesus' Olivet prophecy - Luke 21:

The clear interpretation of "the abomination of desolation" is
given by Luke as: "And when you shall see Jerusalem compassed
with armies,then know that the desolation thereof is nigh..."
(verse 20).

There it is! Nothing to do with a physical temple at all. Nothing
to do with an Antichrist man desolating a Jewish temple and
stopping the Jewish priesthood from performing animal sacrifices.
The "abomination of desolation" is the DESOLATION OF JERUSALEM BY
ABDOMINAL ARMIES. These will be the armies of the end time BEAST
power under the direction of a political leader and religious
leader. These men in the book of Revelation are called "the
beast" and "false prophet". This end time power is an abomination
to God, yet the Lord will use this power to punish His chosen
people Israel and Judah. They will start this punishment by
desolating the city of Jerusalem, when the prophecy of Jesus
about the temple not having "one stone upon another" (Luke
21:5,6) will be fulfilled, for this prophecy was not fulfilled,
in 70 A.D. when the armies of Titus came against Jerusalem. This
I shall make very clear as we go into the next prophetic topic -
the Olivet Prophecy.

There is an ever increasing number of people and organizations
who with the Church of God (7th Day) out of Denver, Colorado, are
saying "As we shall see from a study of the text, the emphasis of
Matthew 24 is not so much the second coming of Jesus Christ, but
chiefly the historic destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple."
(Bible Advocate - Feb.1990).

Some, such as Ralph Woodrow, claim that the Olivet Prophecy of
Jesus has NOTHING to do with the second return of Christ but has
only to do with 70 A.D. I do not even think Woodrow believes in
the literal return of Christ, if he does, it is very similar to
the SDA teaching, no millennium reign of Jesus on this earth.

The truth of the matter is, as we shall prove, JUST THE DIAMETRIC
OPPOSITE to such a teaching. The Olivet Prophecy has, just about
nothing to do with 70 A.D.

If 70 A.D. and the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple can be
linked up with Jesus' Olivet prophecy, it can be said at best to
be only a type of what is to come at the end of this age.

The proofs that the Olivet prophecy is concerning the SECOND
COMING OF JESUS are many - all of which are contained within the
prophecy itself. So let's get to them!

1. The disciples had just been admiring the buildings of the
temple when Jesus informed them that all would come tumbling
down. This statement triggered a question from them. It was a
three part question yet it was really only one question, for as I
will prove, all three parts are connected as one whole.
Notice the question!
"Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the SIGN
They did not ask "when will the prophecy of Daniel 9 and the end
of animal sacrifices come?" No! They clearly asked for the SIGN
of Jesus' return AND the end of the age(as the Greek is). Now I
submit to you that nothing could be plainer. To the mind of a
child it is very simple, maybe not so to the educated adult
Christian or the Theological PhD or the technical minded student
of end time events, but to the child - to the uncluttered mind -
to those who can read and understand simple English - IT IS VERY

I am thankful that the Lord brought me up on His word. I started
to read the Bible from about age 7. My parents sent me to a
Church School and I attended Sunday school each week. I would
often just read my little red letter New Testament, and although
I did not understand Matthew 24 like I do today, I knew one thing
for sure - that chapter had everything to do with the last days
and Jesus' return.
I have read lately some WILD FANCIFUL ideas about how the
statement "the sign of your coming and the end of the age" was
fulfilled in 70 A.D. That Jesus somehow returned in 70 A.D. and
that signified an end of an age. Yes, and there are those who
claim Jesus somehow returned in 1914 and that brought an end to
an age as well.
If we would only read and believe the Bible as a child does then
many of our problems in understanding would be over.
Jesus in the Olivet prophecy is giving us the answer to when the
stones of the temple would not be left one on another, the signs
of His return and the end of this present age, just as simple as
that. There was nothing in this prophecy that was directly aimed
at 70 A.D.

2. Jesus said that the time was coming when not one stone of the
temple was going to be left upon another. AH! some will exclaim,
that's it, proof enough that Jesus was talking about what
happened in 70 A.D. For the stones of the temple were cast to the
ground they will go on to say. But IS THAT REALLY SO? Did the
destruction by the armies of Titus against Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
fulfil the prophecy of Jesus that not one stone would be left on
top of another?

If you have thought so - if you have been taught so - if you have

That prophecy of Jesus HAS NOT YET BEEN FULFILLED! Some of those
same temple stones are still standing one on top of another to
this very day in Jerusalem. Those stones still standing on top of
each other - the stones of the temple of Jesus' day - are today
known as the WAILING WALL!!

Those stones left one on top of another - those stones of the
REMAIN ON TOP OF ANOTHER. This will happen when Jerusalem is made
a desolation - when the abomination that makes desolate, the
armies to surround Jerusalem as Luke wrote it, will, under the
direction of the Satanic Beast power, take and plunder Jerusalem
and fulfil the prophecy of Jesus concerning the Temple and its
This prophecy of the stones of the temple was not fulfilled in 70

3. We have seen how Luke gave us the interpretation as to what is
the abomination of desolation (Lk.21:20). Now notice what Luke
went on to say. Read it yourself in verses 22. At this time -
when the city was to be surrounded by armies - when those in
Judea were to flee to the hills - ALL THINGS WHICH ARE WRITTEN
ARE TO BE FULFILLED! Bible prophecy is to come to its climax!
There are literally dozens of prophecies in the Bible that have
to do with the last three and one half years of this age leading
up to the return of Christ.

The book of Revelation was not even written by 70 A.D.
How could "all things which are written" be fulfilled in 70 A.D?
Were all things that were written in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel,
Daniel and the minor prophets, fulfilled when the armies of Titus
came against Jerusalem in 70 A.D?

Are there not many things that are written YET TO BE FULFILLED,
such as the 11th chapter of Isaiah?

This prophecy of Jesus that "all things which are written may be
fulfilled" did not take place in 70 A.D.
This is a part of the Olivet Prophecy that clearly proves this
prophecy is for the future and was not intended for 70 A.D.

4. Now turn to Mark's account of the Olivet Prophecy. Verse 14
talks about the abomination of desolation (Mark 13:14). Those in
Judea are to flee(verses 15-18). Then notice verse 19. The days
that are to follow the desolation of Jerusalem are days "such as
was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto
this time, NEITHER SHALL BE."
The days of 70 A.D. WERE days of affliction but were they days
"such as was not from the beginning of creation, neither shall
Were there no other days before 70 A.D. that were just as
horrible? I think there were! The history of Israel is full of
such days.
What about after 70 A.D. Were there no days as horrible as when
Titus took Jerusalem? To be sure there was!
In all of earths history can there be anything to equal the
horror and affliction suffered by the Jews and mankind in general
as the horror, the atrocity, the suffering, the revulsion, and
abhorrence of the Second World War? Millions of Jews put to
death. 20 or more million lost their lives in Russia. Tens of
thousands suffered death and starvation in Europe. Thousands
endured one form or another of torture from others around the
Surely no one would equate the persecution of the Jews in 70 A.D
with the horror the Jews and the world faced during the days of
So 70 A.D. could not be the fulfilling of this part of the Olivet

5. Verse 20 of Mark 13 gives another proof that this prophecy of
Jesus was not for 70 A.D. but for the days immediately preceding
His return.
Those days to start when the abomination of desolation begins are
days that if not shortened "NO FLESH SHOULD BE SAVED."
This prophecy did not even come close to being fulfilled in 70
It is only in the last 50 years that this verse could have been
brought to fruition.

6. Notice another part of this great prophecy that DID NOT HAPPEN
IN 70 A.D.
Mark 13:24,25 says "But in THOSE DAYS, AFTER THAT TRIBULATION "
connecting it with what Jesus has just said, "the sun shall be
darkened, and the moon shall not give her light,and the stars of
heaven shall fall,and the powers that are in heaven shall be
This again shows that Jesus did not have in mind 70 A.D. when He
gave this prophecy on the mount of Olives.
The heavens did not shake, the stars did not fall, the sun was
not darkened, the moon did not cease to shine, when Titus rolled
in with his army against Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Nor did these
things happen after the days when Jerusalem was levelled by

7. More proof yet as Mark continues in verses 26,27. After these
things - the abomination, the greatest affliction to ever come on
the earth, the signs in the sun, moon and stars - JESUS IS TO
Jesus did not return in 70 A.D. although some fanciful minded
people proclaim he did. Certainly the gathering of the elect from
all parts of the earth by the angels did not occur shortly after
70 A.D.

Another nail in the lid of the coffin to bury all the misguided
70 A.D. Olivet Prophecy preachers.

8. The connecting context are the final nails to shut tight the
lid of the coffin to carry all of those who smugly teach a "no
future doctrine" for the Olivet Prophecy.
Verse 4, Jesus begins to answer and give the signs for HIS COMING
Verse 21, the word "for" is connecting verse 15 and 20. The time
of trouble that has never been nor will ever be again - certainly
not 70 A.D. Many will try to say Christ has already come and some
will be able to perform great wonders. Jesus says His coming will
be like lightening, verse 27. The signs of the sun, moon, and
stars in verse 29. Again in verse 30 the coming of Jesus in the
clouds, and verse 31 is the resurrection of the saints that Paul
talked about in 1 Thes.4.

Still speaking about the time of His return and the resurrection,
Jesus says in verse 36 that God the Father only knows the day.
Verse 37 is still "the coming of the Son of man", while verses
39-42 speak again about the resurrection when the saints will be
caught up from what they are doing on earth to meet the Lord in
the clouds as Paul put it in 1 Thes.4.
Verse 44 is still the coming of the Son of man and a warning for
those Christians alive to be ready. Verse 46,and 50, speak of the
Lord's return.
The parable Jesus gave about the wise and foolish virgins is
about the "Day and hour wherein the Son of man cometh", verse 13
of chapter 25. The bridegroom is Christ - the marriage is the
gathering of the saints on resurrection day.
Verse 14 uses a connecting word("for") to further explain the
Kingdom of God and the giving of rewards to the faithful at
Jesus' return - see Rev.22:12.
Notice verse 31 of chapter 25. "When the Son of man shall come in
his GLORY, and all the HOLY ANGELS WITH HIM....." This is still
talking about the same subject, "what shall be the sign of your
coming, and of the end of the age back in chapter 24 :3. Those
found worthy shall be given eternal life(verse 46).
If you have a RED LETTER NT you will see that from chapter 24:4
right through to the end of chapter 25 is all in red - the words
of Jesus. All of this is the OLIVET PROPHECY not just chapter 24.
Notice chapter 26:1 for further proof that the prophecy given by
Jesus on the mount of Olives covers both chapter 24 and 25.

How anyone can say and apply these two chapter to 70 A.D. only,
and not to Christ's second coming - JUST BLOWS MY MIND!!
Some during Jesus' walk on earth could not come to see the
prophecies concerning Him and His first coming. He said to them,
"0 fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have
spoken. Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, AND to
enter into glory."
Some it seems today, can not or will not believe not only what
the prophets have said about the Lord's second coming to earth,
but they do not want to believe the very words that Jesus Himself
spoke about what must come to pass shortly before His glorious
return to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

Some of those who delegate the Olivet Prophecy to 70 A.D. only,
could very well miss the signs that Jesus gave to us so we could
watch for His coming, they could very well miss the day of
Christ's return and find themselves on the outside looking in and
crying, "Open to us, Lord, Lord, open to us" and Jesus will
answer "I know you not!"

Jesus told us to "Watch you therefore, and pray always, that you
may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall
come to pass and to stand before the Son of man." (Luke 21:36).



Written in 1985

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