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I do not receive but only a few emails from people who disagree
with studies on this Website. It's still a free world in the main
part, and you can agree or disagree. If you are going to disagree
with me or whatever study, you need to be careful that you do not
represent yourself as ignorant of what all is on my Website, for
some subjects are covered in different studies in different parts
of this Website. And do not make yourself as someone looking like
they are from planet Pluto, in not realizing that I have spent
YEARS in knowing and studying all the major teachings of the
Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations, as well as the
Church of God Seventh Day, the Seventh Day Adventists, the
Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses etc. and etc.  


Examples are the best way to illustrate. You may disagree that
the Western World make up the modern nations of Israel, that the
Western people come from the House of Israel after they
disappeared from the Holy Land under the Assyrian armies of
invasion from 745 to 718 B.C. I say this is true, you say it is
not. Then open up your own Website. Do not bother me by sending
me your arguments as to why you think it is not so. I have
probably read those arguments over and over again, over the last
40 years or so. Take your arguments to Websites that "specialize"
in proving the nations of the West are from the very House of
Israel. I do not have time to debate you on the matter. To me the
prophecies of Genesis are as clear as the day without clouds. You
can't see them, that is your problem, not mine, so take your
arguments to another place. I'm not interested in hearing what
I've heard for decades, from those who cannot see the Genesis
prophecies of God being fulfilled before their eyes.

The subject of "hell" and "heaven" - going there when dead, or
that some besides Christ have gone to heaven and are living there
today, is another topic that a few email me, trying to uphold the
popular Roman Catholic and Protestant teaching. Once more they
usual email me in disagreement BEFORE they have ready everything
on the subject on this Website, and in so doing show me they are
obviously not acquainted or have not studied ALL the studies on
the matter, because they would know their arguments are answered
somewhere in those many studies on the subject. They want to say
I am wrong (as they want to uphold the centuries teaching from
the Catholics and Protestants) and so also show they have
answered the matter before they should, which also then shows
they do not practice what is written in Proverbs 18:13 (now will
you take the time to open your Bible and read that verse?) and
they are certainly not doing what the Bereans did when Paul
preached "strange things to them" - they searched the Scriptures
DAILY to see and find if Paul taught the truth. Also, when you
come to me, showing from your words that you have obviously not
studied ALL the studies on that matter that are on this Website,
and studied your Bible daily, your attitude of humbleness shows
me you have very little of it - humbleness that is.
Then mixed with all that, you tell me, no, that is not what was
meant, or that is not what Jesus was meaning, shows your attitude
of "self-interpretation" of Bible passages. Example: this one
fellow emails me and says about Jesus saying "No man has ascended
into heaven but the Son of man, who came down from heaven" (John
3:13) and tells me that is not what Jesus meant, but this is what
Jesus was saying, and proceeds to inform me what Jesus was

When people will not believe the SIMPLE to understand Scriptures
of the Bible, what hope do they have to understand the more
difficult ones? If you do not want to become as a little child in
reading the Bible, then you have the freedom to interpret it any
way you like (and that is one reason we have so many Christian
denominations) but please do not bother to send me your
interpretations, I'm really not interested, nor will I spend time
to try and answer you. I have too many more important things to
spend my time on.

Example three: This man wants to debate about the Holy Spirit
being a literal individual person sitting up in heaven with the
Father and Christ. He wants to use the well known argument of
John 16:7-15. He obviously had not read all the studies from
different places on my Website concerning the "Trinity" doctrine
or the Holy Spirit being a separate individual person from the
Father and Son. If he had read all the studies on the topic, he
would have found those arguments are answered, and he would have
found another truth of the Bible - that PERSONIFICATION is a tool
writers used at times. Now, if you do not know what that word
"personification" means then it's time to look it up in a

My time is valuable to me. Come to me with an attitude of mind
that shows you REALLY DO want truth, but have some problems with
this or that part of the Bible, come to me with a HUMBLE,
TEACHABLE mind-set, and I will give you my time, as much as you
need. Come to me in any other way, and you will probably get
silence - which is telling you to "take your attitude and go some
place else."

Keith Hunt
(January 2009)

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