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The Lost Disciples to Britain #7

Exterminate Christian Britain!


by George Jowett (1961)


     THE past is so remote it seems inconceivable and perhaps
insignificant to the indifferent Christians of today, basking in
luxury and the comfort of security, that it is nineteen hundred
and fifteen years ago when as the first armed challenge of a
powerful world-conquering nation it was officially decreed to
destroy Christianity at its core by the extermination of the
Island British.
     It was ten years after the Scandal of the Cross had taken
place and less than six years since Joseph, the Noblis Decurio,
had proclaimed the Christ Way throughout Britain from his
sanctuary on the Isle of Avalon.
     The Holy Crusade had spread so rapidly from Avalon to beyond
the seas that Rome was so disturbed it could no longer ignore the
challenge to its own pagan policies and imperial security.
In the year A.D.42 Claudius, Emperor of the Romans, issued the
fateful decree to destroy Christian Britain, man, woman and
child, and its great institutions and burn its libraries. To this
purpose Claudius equipped the largest and most efficient army
ever sent by Rome to conquer a foe and led by its most able
     In this edict, Claudius proclaimed in the Roman Senate that
acceptance of the Druidic or Christian faith was a capital
offence, punishable by death by the sword, the torture chamber,
or to be cast to the devouring lions in the arena of the
Colosseum. It is interesting to note that this ruling also
included "any person descended from David". This meant the Jew,
making no exceptions as to whether he be a converted Jew or one
holding to the orthodox Judean faith. This indeed was a paradox.
While the converted Jew embraced Gentile followers of 'The Way'
as brethren, regardless of race, and died with them with equal
courage, the orthodox Jew perishing in the arena by the side of
the Christian, never relented in his bitter hatred. With his
dying breath he spat on the Christian in malevolent scorn.

     In this peculiar manner British Christian and Jew now had
one thing in common, the penalty of death.
     The Romans had not previously held any special enmity to the
British. Actually, and perhaps grudgingly, they had held the
Briton in respect. Association in commerce and culture had drawn
them together for centuries and it was not uncommon for the
children of the nobility on both sides to seek education in the
institutions of each. It was the impetus the British had given to
the new Christian faith that had cast the Roman die.
     The Romans had always despised the Jew, and oppressed though
the Jews were under Roman domination, they hated the Roman with a
burning vehemence which they displayed on the slightest pretext.
They would never willingly break bread with a Roman, nor share
their home, and on the street would not allow their clothing to
touch that of their enemy. When flogged, the unforgiving Jews
would spit out vile epithets at their torturers as they writhed
or died in agony. The Romans could never understand why the
Jewish religion could incite such hatred against members of other
faiths, nor could they understand the disdainful contempt the
Jews held for women. From the time of Abraham the marital life of
the Hebrews was polygamous. While one woman would be named the
wife, and be head of the household, yet Abraham had several
concubines, sometimes referred to as handmaidens. At the time of
our Lord it is stated that marital conditions among the
Jews were at their lowest ebb. Women were regarded as mere 
chattels. Divorce was prevalent and declared at will without
resort to law, with seldom any provision made for the divorced
woman. It is recorded that it was common for Jew to consort with  
several women to the knowledge of his so-called legal wife. It
amused and angered the Romans to note the hypocritical,
puritanical attitude of the Jewish male toward adultery. A woman,
be it one of his own consorts or not, was apt to be stoned to
death if found guilty of adultery. The suspicion of it would
cause her to be branded. The wish brand of adultery was to cause
the woman to wear her hair in braids to be reviled and shunned by
both Jewish sexes. There was no forgiveness in the Jewish male
heart. Realizing these conditions at the time of our Lord, we can
better understand the significance of the test of the cohorts of
the Sanhedrin put to Jesus when they led before Him the
adulteress to be judged. Under the circumstances our hearts can
swell with pride at the courage of Jesus and the magnificent
manner in which He made the decision by writing in the sand with
His finger, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast
a stone at her." With these words Jesus challenged each and every
man present to prove his right to stone the woman to death. They
slunk away. It was Jesus who set women free from this bondage. He
freely forgave the adulteress and simply told her to sin no more.
     Contrary to common belief the Romans, though granted to be 
licentious, abhorred divorce. The wealthy Romans had many con-   
sorts, including the Emperors, but the wife held a sacred place
as  the head of the house which could not be disputed. Consorts
were the common practice of the Romans, which found little
ill-favour in the eyes of the legal wife. For centuries a divorce
could not be obtained. The first record of a Roman divorce
occurred five hundred and twenty years after the founding of the
Roman dynasty. It was obtained by Spurius Carvilius Rugo on the
grounds of sterility. The act so shocked the people that Rugo was
shunned by all and so completely disgraced that he was obliged to
leave Rome. Even though divorce was not recognized long before
Christianity entered Rome, we can understand the attitude of the
Roman Catholic Church towards divorce, being so embedded in the
original Roman law. The attitude of the British Holy Catholic
Church, the Anglican Church, stems from the words of Jesus.
     All this added to the Roman hatred of the Jew. Now a new
hatred had developed, manifested in the Claudian Edict which
accused them of being responsible for the Advent of Christ and
for the rise of the new faith which had found its first converts
among the people of Judea.
     The efforts of the Sanhedrin to eradicate 'The Way', in the
calumny of the Cross and the terrifying persecution of the
Followers by the Saulian Gestapo, was completely overlooked by
the Roman Senate or ignored.
     Further to seek to inflame the populace against Christian
and Jew, the Romans were the first to create the false slander
that Christian and Jew alike practised human sacrifice in their
religion. They knew better. They knew that the burnt offerings of
Judean and Druid were animals, chiefly sheep, goats and doves.
The Romans spread the ridiculous propaganda that the Jews
devoured Gentile babies. Communist distortions of the truth and
insinuating fabrications are not new. They are merely imitating
the vile trickery of the Romans of Caesar's time.
     Probably because the Jews were unorganized and not militant
like the British, the Roman campaign of extermination was not so
widespread, less determined, and never as constant. The Jews were
driven into ghettoes, where they could do no harm. The British
were a dominating problem. They were a warrior nation skilled in
the art of warfare on land and on sea. They were guided by
intelligent rulers and commanders, all of whom were steeped in
the invincibility of the spirit created by the passion in their
faith that declared all men should be free. One of the earliest
battle hymns of the Britons was "Britons never shall be slaves".
The overwhelming rise of Christianity in populous Britain and
Gaul was viewed with grave consternation at Rome. Britain was the
seeding-ground where an ever-flowing stream of neophytes were
tutored and converted by Apostles and disciples of Christ and
sent out into other lands to teach the Gospel. This the Romans
declared had to be stopped. To them, as to all dictatorships,
might alone was right. Nevertheless, from past experience with
British military ability they had good reason to fear this
stubborn, valorous race, now inspired with the zeal of Christ.
Forewarned, Rome built the mightiest army in its history to
enforce the Claudian Edict to destroy Britain.
     The decree of Claudius was inspired by fear and with
sadistic intentions. Rome believed from the experience of her
other conquests that only violent persecutors would terrify the
Briton into ultimate submission.
     How wrongly they judged their opponents they were soon to

     Defamers of ancient Britain should turn back the pages of
history and read the works of Geoffrey of Monmouth, who describes
how in the year 390 B.C. Belinus and Brennus, sons of the most
famed British King Dunwall, assaulted and captured Rome with a
British army. And from 113 to 101 B.C. European observers affirm
that the Cimbri-Keltoi of Britain were the terror of Rome and
could have brought that Empire under their own subjection if they
had so desired. They point out with emphasis that British
aggressions were not inspired by wars of conquest but were
punitive expeditions arising out of Roman depredation against
their Gaulish brethren.
     Looking back on the pages of those bloodstained years the
heart recoils in horror at the savagery, murder, massacre, rape
and destruction inflicted upon the inhabitants and the land of
the Sacred Isle.
     The Romans, who had ground so many nations under their
despotic heel, looked upon all other nations with scorn as
inferiors, labelling every enemy as barbarian, no matter how
magnificent their culture. The records attest to the indisputable
fact that the Romans of all people were the most barbarous and
brutal in history. The people of the Christian democracies still
shrink in horror at the blood-chilling viciousness of the
Communistic purges. The soul faints before the terrifying
pictures of the vile concentration camps, the gas ovens and the
fiendish modes of torture inflicted upon the Jews, other peoples,
and the Allied war prisoners by the diabolic Nazis and Japs. It
makes one feel as though the Devil himself had scraped the bottom
of his foul satanic barrel. But vile as it all was, the Nazis,
the Japs and the Reds could have learned more dreadful forms of
torture by studying the methods of Roman persecution during the
pagan centuries.
     The slaughter of the British Kelts was not confined to the
short but too-long period of War II. It endured from the time of
the Claudian invasion, A.D.42, to the close of the horrible,
infamous Diocletian savagery of A.D.320, nearly three hundred
years. Where was the invincibility of the great Roman Caesars?
Numerous as were the lives ravished in the Russian, Nazi, Jap
purges and incredible tortures, the loss of life is small
compared with the total sacrifice of British lives given entirely
in the Cause of Christ during those three hundred years. Strange
as it may seem, though Gaul was at various times invaded by the
Romans and suffered great loss of life, no massed campaign was
ever directed against them and never on religious grounds.
Britain alone was the chief culprit and against them the
vengeance of the bestial Roman knew no bounds. Britain is the
only nation in history ever attacked by the full might of another
powerful people in an effort to purge Christianity off the face
of the earth. Rome sent her very best against the British
legions. As they failed to subdue the British, Rome recalled many
brilliant generals who had gained fame for the double-headed
eagle in other foreign conquests, as she determinedly sought to
wipe out one defeat after another to her armies.
     From the Claudian to the Diocletian persecution,
extermination of Britain and all that was Christian was a Roman
obsession. How satanic it was can be estimated in the brutal act
which touched off the Diocletian campaign. The finest warrior
battalions in the Roman army were the famed Gaulish Legions. On
the order of Maximian, co-ruler with Diocletian, the Christian
Gaulish veterans were slaughtered to a man in cold blood. His
hatred of the Christian is stated to have exceeded that of
Diocletian and to satiate it he butchered his finest soldiers.
The martyrologies state that during the first two hundred years
of Christianity over six million Christians were entombed within
the catacombs of Rome - murdered. How many more were buried
within the other unexplored catacombs is difficult to say. The
total number would be appalling. It is claimed that if the
passages of the catacombs of Rome were measured end to end they
would extend to a length of 550 miles, from the city of Rome into
the Swiss Alps. It seems almost incredible that while only about
one million Christians today walk the streets of Rome, under
their feet are over six million mutilated bodies which had
testified for Christ.
     Let free men and women wherever they may be today, take
stock of the price their Christian ancestors paid to obtain and
make secure the freedom which they now enjoy. The ancient Britons
appear to have better realized than does the present-day shirking
Christian that Christianity sets men free and freedom can only be
maintained in preserving the Christian faith. The present
democracies of the English-speaking world owe all they have or
ever will have to their Christian ancestors.
     Let us remember that, when it seemed as though Christianity
was crushed on the Continent by the murderous Diocletian
persecution, it was a British king with an army of Christian
British warriors who crossed the seas and smashed the
Diocletian-Maximian armies with defeat so catastrophic they never
rose again. That British victory ended for all time Roman
Christian persecution. Following the victory this British king
marched his army of Christian warriors into Rome and there
declared Rome Christian. From thence dates Roman national
acceptance of Christianity.
     It was not Peter who nationally Christianized Rome but
Constantine, the great-grandson of Arviragus, and son of the
famous Empress Helen, a British princess.

     Surely we cannot afford to forget.


Yes indeed the hitsory records show that Constantine came from
Britain, though of Roman stock it was he that came over to Europe
to do battle for the Roman Crown. He is supposed to have seen in
vision, the cross, and was told to fight by that "standard-
bearing" sign. This he did and won the Roman Empire Crown, upon
which he then STOPPED all Christian persecution. Rome became so-
called "Christian" - it was a very mixed truth and error
Christianity, but the popular Christian people at least had no
more persecution upon them. It was the start of the rise of the
Holy Roman Empire.

The true history of Britain and her fight against Rome from AD 42
is found in other studies on this website under this section of

Rome "occupied" Britain for 400 years or so, but NEVER
"conquered" Britain, or her Celtic Christianity. The "picts" and
"scots" of what is now called Scotland, would have nothing to do
with even allowing Rome to occupy that part of the British land.
So strong and mighty were the Scots fighting men Rome suffered
many defeats at their hands, and would have marched down into
what is called today England, and driven the Romans back to the
continent of Europe, but the Roman General Adrian built a wall
right across that northern part of Britain to keep the Scots from
coming south of that wall. It is known in British history as
"Adrian's Wall." 

A recent 2010 movie called "The Eagle" showed the story of a huge
Roman army going into Scotland and never being heard of again,
and the son of its General going after the "standard bearing
Eagle" to bring it back to the Roman world.
Whatever the truth or error of the movie, the fact in history is
that the Romans could not win or defeat the natives of what is
now called Scotland.

It's time you and your family knew the truth of ancient history.
Much of it is on this website.

Keith Hunt

To be continued with "Jesus or Jupiter?"

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