Keith Hunt - USA Moral Decline! Restitution of All

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USA votes to Decline!

The Election of November 2008


The USA people were given the write to vote on the TWO evils
before them, on November 4th 2008.

Neither the Republican or Democratic Parties are anywhere close
to serving God and His way of life through His laws,
commandments, statutes, and judgments, yet of the two political
parties it is the Democratic party that is the more liberal when
it comes to issues such as ABORTION and SAME SEX MARRIAGE.

Certainly the USA fell into disaster with an holy war and an
economy hitting the skids, under the 8 years of George Bush
leadership. The spending hit the ceiling, while the debt hit the

Sure enough people had had enough of Bush boy's economics and
holy war battles, so it is not surprising they voted for Obama
and the Democratic party, to hopefully get out of holy war
battles and get the financial beach back to sunny parties once
more. Only time will tell if Obama and his right hand guys can do
either of those two things.

But in so voting for Obama it tells you issues like abortion and
same sex marriage, in line with God's mind, are not on the
priority of a lot of people's wish list.

As we saw from Obama's victory speech, he is a good orator, and
the word "change" was used many times. But if you noticed
carefully, there was NO talk about CHANGE BACK to the laws of God
and serving Him in spirit and in truth. No talk about leading the
people of the USA back to living by every word of God and
spiritual soundness. It just is not there folks. There is no talk
about DEEP REPENTANCE towards God, a humble mind-set before the
Lord. We have now strayed so far from the straight and narrow
pathway of God, it will take nothing but full destruction of the
nations of Israel to bring us to our knees before our God.

Hummmmmm ..... so for you who think God is into politics .... and
put the man in the White House .... well for you who voted for
the McCain and the Republicans, you just voted against God. And
for you who voted for Obama and the Democrats .... you voted for
more liberal laws that are opposite to the laws of God.

The truth of the matter is friends .... God AIN'T INTO THE
POLITICS OF THE USA. He sits by like I do and shakes His head as
the USA sinks deeper into moral decay.

Keith Hunt (November 4th 2008)

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